NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION (DOE) नई दिल्ली नगर पालिका परिषद (शिक्षा विभाग)

नई दिल्ली  नगर पालिका परिषद (शिक्षा विभाग) 
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj 
Hon. Chief Minister, GNCT-Delhi & Member-NDMC, New Delhi.
REFERENCE :: Hon. Delhi High court has quashed the OM of DOPT, dt. the 13 August 1997 No.36012/18/95-Estt./(RES) Pt.II pertaining to reservations in promotions. Hon. Supreme Court had already quashed reservations in promotions.
I was deprived of promotion at least 5 times due to the SC/ST candidates. (1). Babu Ram Kain who was a primary teacher, was promoted as a TGT after 1979 and became a PGT History and later became a Vice Principal, (2). Kanhaiya Lal became PGT Economics & later a Vice Principal. (3). H.R.Meena became PGT Economics through direct recruitment, though I was selected for the post, as a general candidate and the post was meant for general category. (4). Bhopal Singh was promoted as Senior Lecturer Humanities, though he was neither qualified not competent for the post ignoring me & (5). Lakhmi Chand was promoted as a Vice Principal.
Earlier Nand Lal Arora was promoted as a Senior Lecturer ignoring me, much more qualified than him, on that date. Later Mr. Batra became Sr. Lecturer Humanities twice, though he was unfit for the post at the moment and a Hindi teacher.
NDMC's education department has been a store house of visible corruption all these years, headed by grossly incompetent personael.
Honourable Delhi HC has also directed to all non SC/ST employees to submit a representation to appropriate authority on the basis of above judgement to get promoted from back date in place of any junior SC/ST employee promoted earlier. I have made representation to this effect, but in vain.
I hereby request to ask NDMC to promote me from back date as a lecturer, Vice Principal and Principal & extend all relevant benefits.
Thanking you.
Yours Faithfully, 
Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj, (Retd. Vice Principal)
Emp. Code 222000, PPO 8066/3/6/NDMC.
Dt. 05.02.2018.

QUASHING DOPT ORDER ON RESERVATION IN PROMOTION BY HIGH COURT DELHI :: The Delhi High Court has quashed the government order extending reservation in promotion to the employees belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes beyond five years from November 16, 1992.
The Delhi High Court has quashed the government-DOPT order extending reservation in promotion to the employees belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes beyond five years from November 16, 1992. A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar set aside the office memorandum issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) in this regard in August 1997. Regarding the prayer of petitioners, including an NGO All India Equality Forum, to quash all promotions made after the office memorandum, the bench said the Supreme Court in an interim order had said that all promotions made would be subject to the outcome of the challenge before the high court. It said no further order was required to be passed by it as the prayer “consequently stands allowed to the extent that all promotions effected on the basis of the memorandum would stand quashed.” The bench restrained the government from granting reservation in promotion without first collecting the data on inadequate representation. It said reservation was being “blindly extended” beyond the five-year period since November 16, 1992, without any supporting data on inadequate representation of SC and ST employees.
“Any reservation (as also consequential seniority) extended to SCs and STs, without, in the first instance, conducting the requisite exercise of garnering quantifiable data, indicating inadequate representation, and juxtaposing, they’re against the considerations of backwardness and overall efficiency of administration, would necessarily infract Articles 16(1) and 335 of the Constitution and, consequently, be liable to be quashed,” it said. “The impugned office memorandum of August 13, 1997, issued by the DOPT cannot, therefore, sustain in view of the law laid down in the decisions…,” the bench said.
The nine-judge bench of Supreme Court had, in the Indira Sawhney case in 1992, permitted reservation for the SCs and STs in promotion to continue for a period of five years from November 16, 1992.
The Chairperson NDMC, New Delhi.
(1). This is to bring to your kind notice that the Hon. Delhi High court has quashed the OM of DOPT, dt. the 13 August 1997 No.36012/18/95-Estt./(RES) Pt.II pertaining to reservations in promotions. Hon. Supreme Court had already quashed reservations in promotions.
(2). Further, Delhi HC has also quashed all promotion orders of SC/ST issued on the basis of above OM dated 13.08.1997.
(3). Delhi HC has also directed to all non SC/ST employees to submit a representation to appropriate authority on the basis of above judgement to get promoted from back date in place of any junior SC/ST employee promoted earlier.
I hereby request to promote me from back date as a lecturer and Vice Principal and extend all relevant benefits.
Thanking you.
Yours Faithfully, 
Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj, (Retd. Vice Principal)

(1). You might be aware that Delhi HC has quashed the DOPT OM dated 13.08.1997, meaning thereby reservation in promotion is stopped from this date because this basic OM has been quashed.
(2). Further, Delhi HC has also quashed all promotion orders of SC, ST issued on the basis of above OM dated 13.08.1997.
(3). Delhi HC has also directed to all non SC-ST employees to submit a representation to appropriate authority on the basis of above judgement to get promoted from back date in place of any junior SC-ST employee promoted earlier.
(4). Now, it is quite clear that all SC-ST employees promoted on the basis of reservation in promotion after 13.08.1997 are to be reverted and other eligible non SC-ST i.e, general category,  employees are to be promoted from back date.
(5). So, it is my request to all aggrieved employees of any Central Govt dept. kindly submit  a representation to appropriate authority at the earliest. Active employees of Income Tax dept has submitted more than 1000 representation in Delhi alone.[19.09.2017]
COMPETENCE OF DIRECTORS :: For more than 30 years it continued to happen and is still happening. You just hold an M.Com. degree and get promoted as Lecturer commerce whether you have studied Accountancy/Business studies or not! Its just like asking M.Sc. Chemistry to teach Physics or Maths to class twelfth students An M.A. in History of Arts is asked to teach History to senior secondary classes. If the senior officials up to the rank of Chairperson or Secretary are unable to distinguish, their competence level can be understood easily.[15.09.2017]
GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS-PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN AUSTRALIA :: One can find the rows of cars of the parents who come to drop their children in the school in Oran park, Camden, NSW, Sydney. The parents are well to do and have monthly incomes ranging up to 10,000 $ per month. One had the opportunity to find the difference on 12.09.2017, when the school was visited in the evening around 7 PM, to witness an art exhibition of the drawings, prepared by the kids. The school is a primary school. Most of the parents visited the school. It was a fine gathering. The paintings were displayed in extremely good manner. The teachers were found in uniform. It was a wonderful experience in contrast to the schools of GNCT, Delhi government schools, MCD schools and the schools run by the NDMC. The government schools in Delhi are meant for the poor section of the society, some of them much below the poverty line. The parents are class four employees, jhuggi-jhonpri dwellers or from the unauthorised colonies. Some of them just come for the sake of mid day meals. The girls get Rs 1.25 Lakh deposited in their names in their bank accounts from the government. The students get numerous facilitates like free books, free uniform, no fee. Occasionally, some charitable societies do distribute free gifts to children. The students are seldom neat and clean, bunk classes unless one is strict with them. They may be late with numerous apologies. You call the parents, they will never come. The parents are always ready to quarrel with the teachers. They do not mind abusing, man handling the teachers. Parents do not mind visiting or enquiring about their ward even if he is absent for 30 days or his name is struck off. It was really wonderful to find the Chief Minister's office asking to readmit a girl who was a regular absentee. Her name was struck. Then, two TV reporters came to seek her readmission twice. They even threatened to show the episode over the news channel. They were told to proceed and face the consequences. Yet another boy having short attendance had two reporters from a national daily to his help. They asked to show the boy present in the school, who was working in their office canteen. They too were flatly told to return back and write what ever they wanted.[15.09.2017]
The officials are muting-planning a change in the names of its schools, seriously. The names suggested by them are Eklavy... International Schools etc. During the last 60 years the NDMC changed the names of its schools at least trice from M.B. to N.P. Boys/Girls-Bangali, to N.P. Model... No effort has ever been made to improve the quality of teaching, administration, environment, stuff etc. The NDMC grants promotions to non-deserving against the Hon. supreme Court's ruling. It promote Ex-cadre teachers like work experience, language, music, Urdu, Home science, physical education etc. to the post of Vice-Principal, Principal against rules-regulations. The post of Joint director goes to most corrupt most of the time. What one need is jack and greasing the palms of the officials. Hard working honest, qualified, diligent and competent teachers, with proven merit-efficiency are discarded, time and again. During the last 30 years NDMC did not have even a single Director of Education, who could run the department efficiently. Most of them were grossly incompetent. Why not retain the name PALIKA VIDYALAY and improve quality. गधे पर कुरान रख देने से वह आलिम-फालिज नहीं हो जाता। गधे को घोड़ा कहो तो भी वो रहेगा तो गधा ही। [17.08.2017]

Honourable Chief Minister Shri Kejriwal,
The NDMC has not replied the RTI No. 2152, Dt. 10.04.2017. The Secretary (Appellate Authority) too has not responded the appeal Dt. 10.05.2017.
The request pertains to Shiv Shankran scales granted to all employees of the NDMC. The Hon. Supreme Court, the Delhi High Court, The Labour Court and the Labour Ministry issued orders in teachers favour, but the official are still adamant not to give my due to me.
I am not getting any other pay-pension scales, other than the Central Pay Commission scales.
I most humbly request you to intervene and help me obtain my right and justice.
I shall remain obliged to you.
Thanking you.
Yours faith fully,
Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj (Retd. Vice Principal)

The chairperson, NDMC, New Delhi.
PhotoI wish to draw your kind attention to the freezing of my pension and DA as per 7th pay commission by the revengeful officials. (1). Mr. Harish-dealing clerk and Mr. Arora acting SO, kept the file moving from High court, to Director Law, to Director Education and then to Patiala House Court, just to harass and do as desired by them, without any logic-reason. The petition has to be disposed off on March 10, 2017. Details of the payment made, have not been disclosed to me even after approaching several times. (2). My gratuity was not calculated as per rule and they again compelled me to go the court, to seek redress. Now, the pension department officials are at their toes to torture me and several others. (3). My pay was never fixed according to any other pay commission. I have all the fixation slips. Chattopadhyay Commission was never accepted by the government. The NDMC never had a resolution of having it adopted. The GNCT never paid the teachers accept the Central Pay Commissions. The Supreme Court, High Court, Labour Court and labour Ministry's decisions are clearly in my favour. Still the officials blocked the fixation of pay as per Shiv Shankran Scales. The do not mind discarding former Chairperson's orders. This is gross contempt of Court and I may again be compelled to move a CONTEMPT PETITION AGAINST THE OFFICIALS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. (4). The greedy-corrupt  official blocked my promotion as lecture humanities in 1997 in spite of being the only qualified & competent applicant. The vigilance department kept sitting over the complaint even after my retirement.
Kindly help.
Faithfully Yours, 
Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj, 
Retd. vice Principal, 
PPO 8066/3/6/NDMC; Emp. Code 222000.
Dated. 22.02.2017.
Honourable Supreme Court of India has given its verdict that "SC/ST can't claim quotas for government jobs promotions. The states are not obliged to give preferential treatment to any of these categories, under article 16 (4), 16 (4-A) and 16 (4-B)". Recently the NDMC has granted promotion to an individual from back date. Hence, all those who were deprived of promotions due to this non sense or other vise may claim promotions from the back date and press the NDMC to wipe out this evil. All those who had been promoted under quotas deserve to be demoted like UP-INDIA, immediately.[12.03.2016]
BABUDOM :: The NDMC Babu-brass is so much against the teachers that it has restricted the grant of 66%-SHIV SHANKARAN SCALES to teachers,m while clearing the payments to doctors, malis, nurses etc.  It reflects the bias-hatred, anguish in the minds of the ministerial staff-babudom, who owe to them  a lot having being educated and enabled them to earn their livelihood. What a thankless class of creatures-species!? 
It shows their indifference to the orders of Delhi High Court, Labour Ministry, Labour Court etc. How daring they are?! No fear of contempt of court?! The teachers too has to be blamed, since they do not knock the doors of the Supreme Court. [22.02.2016]
TEACHERS STRIKE: It was the 21st of March in 1979, when NDMC was joined as a TGT in Laxmi Bai Nagar. It was a typical school with no discipline. Some of the teachers who had come primary schools never tried to teach. Not only were they incompetent, they were not willing to go to the classes, what to talk of teaching. Sugam Chand was more interested in teachers politics than student-teacher welfare. Suddenly teachers association made a call for teachers strike and compelled those who were on ad-hoc basis, to join it. If one on ad-hoc basis joined strike, he was sure to loose hos job. The head master Mr. B.S. Jain too joined strike handing the charge of the school to one who had barely one month's services to his credit in NDMC. The school was run during the strike period must better than when the strikers were on duty. They made each & every bid to derail teaching, but met with failure. The strike failed.They joined duties with a bias against one and then started an fierce struggle. They made each & every effort so that one's services could be terminated. But hard work, student-parent cooperation showed its impact. A number of complaint exposed the complainants & they were transferred to other schools.
UP GRADATION OF SCHOOLS: One had no option except to join the middle school assigned to him. A period of 7 years was enough to prove one's worth in the NDMC which had only 3 senior secondary and 10 middle schools. A seminar was held at N.P. Boys Senior secondary School, Mandir Marg. During this period a number of opportunities came to show one's mantle-ability. One proved to be a distinguished teacher with highest results in Maths, Science and History. The teachers asked him to speak at the end of the session. The small lecture pleased the Education Officer Dr. Q. L. Bagga so much that he asked if he could help the teachers in any way. It was an opportunity and one requested with folded hands to up grade the 10 middle schools under his control.The process started and continued with Sita ram Sharma.
Mr. Lal Krashn Adwani was keen to see the NDMC schools upgraded to senior secondary since they all were part of his constituency. Teachers helped him win his New Delhi Lok Sabha seat. He was also helpful to the teacher cause. When ever one went to him for help to some teacher, he always did his best. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was an excellent leader, who personally helped one in coming out of great difficulty pertaining to his property. One personally convassed  door to door for Mr. Adwani and took part in Mr. Madan Lal Khurana's protest-demonstrations at boat club.
At Tilak Marg middle school the things were not that fine for one. The headmaster quarreled with Rajendr nick named Indar, a close associate of Mrs. Tajdar Babbar, popularly called Mummi Ji by the teachers, Vice chairman of NDMC and very-very helping by nature. One was friendly and intimate with Indar. Indar had to be tutored for presenting the case of up-gradation of NDMC schools before Mrs. Babbar. Who so ever went to her, was always helped. Indar was quick to meet her with Yadav, Balbeer and some more employees of the NSCI-National Sports Club Of India, Mathura Road, joined him. She took the initiative and met the LG who obliged and the 10 middle schools were upgraded to secondary level in single stroke. 
One was promoted as a lecturer and vice principal and was transferred to Tilak Marg as vice Principal. From the very day of his joining duties at Tilak Marg one started the move to upgrade the remaining schools to senior secondary school level. Mummy Ji obliged this time as well. On 31.03.2011, the schools were upgraded to senior secondary level. Though grade and salary of Principal was not given but the wish to work as the Principal of a senior secondary school was fulfilled. This was the last session of one's tenure and this time as well the mantle : role, burden, onus, duty, responsibility, function, position, capacity, task, job-"the mantle of leadership"was proved. This leadership proved to be a very-very costly affair for one as he was always punished by not granting his due, as a DEO-mid day meals, senior lecturer in Humanities and principal. The school which had just 40% result previous years showed 100% result. The teachers of NDMC should be obliged to Mrs. Taj Dar Babar without her it would have been impossible to achieve the fete. One will remain obliged to her through out his life. Her son too had been helpful to the cause of teachers.
TEACHERS DEMANDS :: 1979 strike by the teacher was a flop show, since it was not well planned and properly organised. GESTA-the government school teachers association could not coordinate with the teachers of NDMC and the MCD. The so called leaders forced it upon the ad-hoc, temporary teachers who could be terminated without notice for participating in the strike. One found time to meet the general secretary of the NDMC Teachers Welfare association (Regd.)at Lodhi Estate school, which was more or less defunct. Mr. R.D. Jindal was its secretary who was never elected by the teachers. He was never a recognized or popular leader. He was never praised for teaching, since he always avoided teaching or taking classes. He often met one at Tilak Marg school. Slowly but gradually intimacy turned into working relation. Jindal handed over the charge of the association to one for two months. At this juncture NDMC employees federation met the former prime minister V.P. Singh at his residence at Lodhi estate. More than 65 people were called inside to be heard to settle the demand for Shiv Shankran scales, with sympathy. Employees planned a demonstration at the NDMC head quarters at Jantar Mantar. One got the opportunity to lead the gathering. Next day Mr. Subhash Sharma President-Chairperson of the NDMC invited one for talks. Time was fixed and more than 43 teachers were accommodated by him in his chamber. He patiently heard the demands and accepted 14 of them instantaneously and the remainder 4 after a gap of 2 months. Still the demand for Shiv Shankaran scales (-nick named 66%), to teachers is gaining dust-dirt. All employees have been granted Shiv Shankaran scales as per orders of the Hon. Supreme Court of India and Labour Tribunal & Labour Ministry. But the teachers are still unable to get their demand fulfilled, due to the undivided lot and acute bias against the teachers.
Later one formed another wing of Adhyapak Parishad by the name of NDMC Adhyapak Parishad and successfully got numerous demands resolved like fixation of pay scales, removal of anomalies in teachers pays, bonus, payment through ECS, school working hours from 10 AM to 7.30 AM., dumping of the posting of NDMC teachers for election duties in JK, promotion of laboratory assistants as TGT, correction of seniority list of  TGT's, Lecturers & the vice principals. 10 schools were upgraded from middle to secondary and then to senior secondary in 2011 just before one's retirement, due to consistent efforts. The list is long. Whenever a demand was met, a number of unscrupulous elements came forward to claim the credit for the same, though they never had a role in the deed accomplished. One was denied promotions due to the corrupt ministerial staff, at least thrice. Promotions were granted to juniors by taking bribes and the complaints were discarded due to the net work still playing-working in the NDMC, otherwise a number of SC/ST juniors could not be promoted, against Supreme Courts at least 3 rulings.
RESERVATION IN PROMOTIONS(II):The Supreme Court has ruled that if there is only one vacancy, it can not be reserved. It has rejected the appeal for review of its order pertaining to reservations in promotions. It ruled that section 3(7) of 1994 and section 8a of 2007 had been dismissed. It rejected the argument that the states are empowered to grant reservations under section 16(4)(a). Sub section "a" was added in 1995 with the motive of granting reservations. Court did not want to go into the merits of this and said that if it had found the these sections illegal in 2012, nothing can be done now. Employees who were promoted on the basis of reservations must be reverted back. This is curious that the NDMC, GNCT, Delhi and the Central Government still promotes the undeserving employees and they failed to revert them. Employees must approach the High Court or CAT. The NDMC has hundreds of such teachers and principals, who deserve to be demoted.[29.09.2015]
RESERVATION IN PROMOTIONS(I): It has been struck down in at least 3 cases by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. Up has started implementing the judgement and reverting those who were promoted through reservation. Still is practice is going on in the central government offices, MCD, NDMC and the GNCT, Delhi. This menace continues due to extreme corruption and political interference. Sooner or later the political parties will have to face repercussions. The general category has to wake up rise, unite and give fitting reply to those who advocate reservations.[05.09.2015]
It preferred not to clear the dues granted by the CAT to the appellants. It has forced them to move CAT again, to implement-execute the order. This shows the apathy of the NDMC to teacher's cause. It preferred not to pay 66%: Shiv Shankaran Scales to teachers only, while clearing the dues of all left over categories. It included laboratory assistants and librarians to the fold of the beneficiaries. Why this discrimination-mind block?! As a matter of fact the attitude of NDMC high ups has always been negative-anti teacher.[10'08.2015]
NDMC prefers to appoint woman as the director of education, who are young (immature, inexperienced with low qualification and from lower posts-cadre). NDMC has highly qualified, experienced and versatile lectures, vice principals and principals, who take take care of the department in a way much better than these ladies. Still the choice of the bosses for ladies is intriguing. The selection is grossly un fare.[04.12.2014]
NDMC has  discarded the Supreme Court's order pertaining to reservation in promotions and made numerous promotions. Its a case of corruption and need CBI inquiry, since the vigilance officials are hand in glove with the promotees and those who are promoting them. Those who are promoted  have bribed the establishment officials. RR's are wilfully discarded. The genuine & deserving candidates are over looked from promotions hampering their future & retirement benefits. There are three orders in this context. NDMC is knowingly-wilfully discarding these orders.[03.12.2014]
There is acute shortage of teachers. Atal Bihari government pushed the policy of hire and fire leading to appointment in schools and colleges on contract-ad hoc basis. The services of teachers are not regularized. Its impact over the system is going to be deterioration in education standards. The NDMC is unique in its policies. Some teachers say the head of school are not forwarding their applications for re employment. Even if the application is forwarded, there are various hurdles like establishment branch,  personal department etc.[29.10.2014]
NDMC prefers to appoint ladies as the Director of Education. Is it because they are obedient-ready-willing-submissive to follow the dictates of the bosses?! Ever since Mrs. Tyagi joined this post, the seniors understood how to run this department.[29.10.2014]

The NDMC has awarded the benefit of Shiv Shankran Scales to all employees other than teacher and doctors. Probably no one can explain to the administrator-secretary that teachers do not get any other scale other than the ones granted by the subsequent pay commissions. The slabs in their scales are merely time scales, like the ones granted to other employees. One takes pity over the unmindful bureaucrats heading the NDMC. They are not only discarding the orders of the Hon. Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and the Labor Court-commission-ministry.[14.06.2014]
A circular has surfaced, which shows that the NDMC has issued orders for the award of 66% to all employees-left out categories. It says that the 1st instalment of arrears would be paid up to August, 2014 and the second by the end of December. Group B, C and D employees are covered by this order.[27.07.2014]
31st August has passed and the NDMC has not paid anything to the teachers in accordance with the above circular, though the original order from electric department has clear reference of teachers up to the level of head mistress of middle school-equivalent to the vice principal of a senior secondary school. It has paid some money to its employees on the eve of completing 100 years but the retired employees-pensioners got nothing![30.09.2014]
CBI has found clinching evidence against the officials of civil department of the NDMC and investigating cases pertaining to commonwealth games. The Vigilance Department will not wake up unless-until it is compelled to do so, in the cases reported against the education department officials.[07.06.2014]
The Vigilance Department asks for the proof against the guilty-accused. Why can't it find the proof in the files in the education department?! There are several RTI replies, which forms the basis of the proof of the guilt of these officials. In fact the department is not ready-willing to move even a single inch. No wonder these officials have served with the accused and might be guilty, them selves. These are the officials who denied having received the complaint from the CVC, though they obtained inputs from the education department and then suddenly every thing got silent.[30.09.2014]
IMPACT OF CONTEMPT PETITION :: The out come of this petition is negative. The high court said that the posting of retired Principals and Vice Principals in the GNCT Delhi is wrong in the same capacity. If any one of them turn up to them, they will issue adverse orders. They upheld the verdict of CAT pertaining to wages and asked for filing contempt proceedings in CAT.
The NDMC released payment in December, 2017 ultimately.[28.06.2017]
नई दिल्ली नगर पालिका  परिषद  के  शिक्षा  विभाग में  घोटाले  और बेईमानी 
Unabated corruption in the Department of Education, NDMC, New Delhi
आलम ये है कि ग्रह मंत्रालय का एक दफ्तर पालिका केंद्र में है, फिर भी घोटालों पर घोटाले-चिराग तले अँधेरा इसे कहतें हैं। कोई सुनने वाला नहीं है। जैसा राजा वैसी प्रजा-टके सेर भाजी टेक सेर खाजा। 
Nana, Dada, Mama, Cha-cha, a close relative, a friend or a sympathiser, if one had any of these working in the NDMC; he could easily get a job in it. There was no room for selection. With right connections, job could be obtained by bribing officials, as well. With changing times approach and money too played prominent role in appointments. After emergency, there was a breath of fresh air and the doors were opened for job seekers from other categories as well. Insiders continued with the dirty games of manipulations.
NDMC was administered by Punjab Municipal Act. Officials, continuously ignored Delhi Education act 1973, unless Mr. R. B. Saxena nailed them in the court .Even after losing battle in court autocracy dominated day- today functioning of the Department of Education, which used to be headed by an Education Officer from amongest the cadres of Delhi Administration. It was only in the NDMC, that Physical Education Teachers were promoted to the rank of Education Officers, spoiling the quality of education. Post of Education Officer was upgraded to that of Director of Education and people from Haryana, Bihar, Delhi etc. were imposed upon the teachers, having no experience, knowledge of teaching or Education Department. At present any Tom or Harry can become Director of Education. It was not surprising to have a clerk or a pilot promoted to this post. A clerk elevated to the rank of Director of Education, got 19 relatives of NDMC officials, appointed including his own daughter and sister. Repeated complaints of malpractices with intelligence and vigilance agencies, ultimately compelled the officials to divert teachers vacancies to Delhi Services Selection Board. Appointments of Bhai Bhatija, still prevails in Navyug Schools, unabated with the active connivance of insiders, diluting the quality and standard of teaching considerably, below par even in comparison to Delhi Govt. schools.
Filling of teacher’s posts through promotions still continues to be fishy. There are hundreds of instances, where the clerks manipulated the seniority list, tempered them as per their own will, for favors-cash, kind, service, even sex and what not! Visible proofs, evidences did not deter them, since the booty was shared by all. The guilty always went Scot free unless the God himself intervened. Responses to RTI’s have completely exposed the NDMC. Replies to RTI’s often contradict one another, delayed, gives incorrect and misleading information; leading to imposition of penalties over the officials, which are not recorded in the service books of the guilty.
Vacancies to be filled through promotions were converted to selection mode, as per own whims by the Establishment and Personnel Department officials. Here are some instances:
1. Junior TGTs were, appointed as Head Masters, Middle School ignoring their seniors.
2. S.C.Ahuja, appointed as PGT Drawing and Painting, having degree in Sculpture, ignoring Mr. H.S.Dhiman, who was senior to him, who was deprived of the post of PGT and Vice Principal, as well.3 .B.M.Gupta being senior most TGT, had to be promoted as PGT (Eco.). This post was converted to selection mode, interviews for Gen. Categories were held, but an ST was appointed instead. There is no recognized ST in Delhi. Hon. Supreme Court’s ruling too, has fallen on deaf ears. Still such promotions are on. The same teacher has been promoted twice, since then, on the basis of unconstitutional reservations in promotions. At least two rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court of India, in cases pertaining to states of Punjab and UP are available.
4. Mr. Rastogi, a PET was promoted as an Education Officer and another PET Mr. Bhandari was also promoted as a DEO against existing RR’s.
5. Post of AEO Mid Day Meals Scheme, meant for TGTs was filled through a PGT, who not only miserably failed, but brought a bad name to the department as well.
6. Batra, a PGT (Hindi), was selected and posted as Sr. Lecturer (Humanities), a post meant for Economics, History, Geography or Political Science teachers. A teacher who was a M.Sc. (Physics) too was considered for it. The only qualified and competent person was placed on no. 2, in the  DPC approved panel. This post too was meant for the TGT’s. Batra did not possess M.Ed. degree. When complaint was made, Batra returned, dealing clerk Mr. Single transferred and the post was kept vacant wilfully to deny promotion to the deserving candidate even after numerous representations. The next clerk Mr. Negi, demanded Rs. 25000 from the No. 2, on the panel, on being refused to oblige, post was kept vacant for long to dissolve the panel intentionally. Repeated complaints and proofs against Single and Negi went unheard, down the drain.
7. Mr. Monga, an Ex- cadre Sr. Lecture (Science) was promoted as Principal by manipulating Rules and Regulations (RR’s), UPSC did not give approval to his elevation.
8. Mr. Bhopal Singh was promoted as Sr. Lecturer (Humanities) and Mr. Suresh Kaushik was also promoted as Coordinator/Sr.Lecturer (Computer) by manipulating the RR’s, which were neither approved by UPSC nor notified in Delhi Gazette, out of turn. This time again the person having requisite qualifications, experience as per RR’s was ignored. Both of them have been promoted as Principals again by manipulating the RR’s.
9. Arjun Singh, Dharmander Khanna and many more Ex-cadre Work Experience Teachers were promoted to the post of PGT, fraudulently by tempering RR’s, adopted for promotions of TGT’s. It was claimed that the RR’s were not adopted, if not, then how these promotions took place? Complaints were ignored and the promotes still continue, claiming their right to the post of  Vice Principal.
10. Kataria was promoted without sufficient qualification as PGT drawing, ignoring Brejesh, is now a Vice Principal.
11. A lady teacher having degree in History, was promoted as PGT drawing.
12. Suman, a Science teacher was promoted to the post of PGT Sanskrit, meant for Language teachers and is now ready to join as a Vice Principal, encroaching upon the rights of General Category candidates.
13. At one point of time 9 PGTs from SC cadre, were in excess than the 15% (unconstitutional) quota, fixed for them. Not only they got illegal and disproportionate promotions, they claimed seniority in general pool and gained promotions, yet again. The whole affair is fishy and malafide.
14. Laxmi Chand was promoted as Vice Principal, out of turn. He was nowhere in the seniority list as a SC or a General candidate. The post of Vice principal is    a gazetted post.
15. Ather, a TGT from Urdu Cadre was promoted as a PGT against the general pool. He proved grossly inefficient, incapable and is now being promoted as a Vice Principal.
16. Rakesh Chilana was deprived of Promotion as PGT (English) and the post was kept vacant to promote another teacher, trying to acquire a PG degree.
17. Under the present Director of Education, NDMC has added one more feather in its Corruption Crown, scaling new heights, for which higher ups are equally responsible.
On 28.02.2012 GNCT, Delhi affirmed the policy of extension to the retired Vice Principals, yet DPC for 12 posts was held and all of them were made to join on 16.03.2012. The affected Vice Principals have moved the Hon. Delhi High Court. The case was transferred to CAT 5 months ago. Though each and every paper was submitted in time, yet the case has not come up for argument, till today i.e.,28.01.2013. Next date fixed is 12.02.2013. 
Ultimately, today argument started, the dilemma is that the learned judge did not see merit in the acceptance that the NDMC is granting extensions to all teachers till PGT level. he directed that written arguments should be produced and fixed the next date of hearing as 26.04.2013. What is surprising, is the tendency of the law, which is not caring for the time lost : 20 months out of 24! No doubt that a common man can never get justice under the current set up and regime and will hesitate approaching law, even for genuine problems! If the litigant can not claim extension in service as a right, the NDMC also can not be allowed to discriminate or act arbitrarily.
Out of the 04 personnel promoted as Principals, three do not deserve to hold the post by any yard stick. The post of Sr. Lecturer  (Computers) is an Ex-cadre post, since notification has not been issued in Delhi Gazette, so far. Post of Sr. Lecture (Comp.) was created and filled through tailor made RR’s on ad-hoc basis, by the NDMC -which are yet to be notified. Revised RR's were sent to DOPT, for approval, which have been returned, without approval. The Dir. Edn., not only regularized this fellow, promoted him as Principal, as well.
Bhopal Singh, promoted as Sr. Lecturer (Humanities), an Ex-cadre post, did not possess requisite qualification for this post. He too is promoted as Principal. Yet again, the person, who fully matched the qualification and experience, was ignored.
3rd person promoted as Principal had fraudulently withdrawn money from school account and has not accounted for the money received from the NDMC by him in contingency account for two years, leading to audit objections. Clear cut evidences have not been able to mobilize the vigilance officials against him.
In Nov. 2002, S.S.Gill, Director (P-II) filed an affidavit in the Hon. Delhi High Court, vide C.W.P. No. 4621, in the matter of Rohtas Singh versus NDMC & others, vide Para 2.11:“NDMC has adopted the RR’s of Directorate of Education in Toto”.
In response to, RTI, ID No. 057, Dt. 11.10.2006, NDMC’s reply to Q. No 2: There is a resolution 3(i), dt. 30.08.97, vide which the RR’s of Lectures (various subjects) were amended. Reply to Q.1: Three PET’s have been promoted as Lecturer (Physical Education). Three Work Experience Teachers have been promoted as PGTs. One Dom. Sc. Teacher has been promoted as PGT. On the basis of amended RR’s these promotions were made.Reply to Q.4 is Yes, the NDMC follows the RR’s of GNCT, Delhi for recruitment & and promotions of teachers.
In response to RTI No. R-992/RTI/Edn., Dt. 16/03/2009, reply at S.No.2: The Recruitment rules of the Directorate of Govt. of NCT of Delhi are not followed in all cases. Under section 43(1)C of the NDMC Act. 1994 the qualifications of candidates for appointment to posts specified in section 33 and to posts dealt with in the Schedule of posts referred to in sub-section (1) of section 34 (namely all category “A” and category “B” posts) and the manner of selection for appointments to such posts are required to be provided by regulations made by the Council. No such regulation shall be made except after consultation with the UPSC vide section 43(2) of the Act. These regulations are also required to be approved by the central Govt. under section 387(2) of the Act and thereafter published in the Delhi Gazette. As regards category “C” posts the appointing authority (namely the Chairperson) may prescribe these matters. None of the officials in NDMC has statuary power to make appointments.
The verdict in R. B. Saxena Vs NDMC reported at 2000 (3) A.D. (DELHI) 94, R.S.A. No. 70/83, (K.RAMAMOORTHY.J.), by the Hon. Delhi high court : :The NDMC is a part of government, therefore, once  the director of education, had issued directions that would apply to all schools, they are applicable to it as well.
NDMC vide its resolution No. 32(m-5) dated 17.10.07 resolved that re-employment of all retiring teachers up to PGT level, subject to fitness, vigilance clearance and clear vacancy, till they attain the age of 62 years, is approved strictly as per Delhi Govt. Scheme.
Those who secured illegal/unconstitutional promotions are successful again. They have been promoted as Vice Principals and Principals. The department is in hands and globe with them and is bent upon defying the Hon. Delhi High Court order, granting two years of extension in service to the retired and retiring Vice Principals. The highest authority in seat too is bent upon defying RR’s. Every time an individual meets them, he is directed to go to the Court or continue suffering. The officials discard the Court orders since, they are never punished, though they deserve exemplary punishment.
Here is the letter sent to the CBI to seek help and action against the guilty law breakers. Till today no action/reply is there.
The Director,
CBI,Plot 5 B, 6th floor, CGO complex, New Delhi.
Please refer to my mail dated.29.01.2013, pertaining to unabated corruption in the Education Department of the New Delhi Municipal Council, with the active connivance of senior officials at the level of Director, Secretary and the Chairperson. Vigilance department of the NDMC functions under the Sectary/Chairperson, without whose consent, corrupt can’t be shielded. Sufficient proof is available in the concerned files. Entanglement of these personnel is beyond doubt-suspicion. When the Director of Education becomes a party, in conspiracy-corruption, who is mainly guilty of the corruption in the department at various levels, things go out of control and free for all. The Director Vigilance too, becomes helpless, being a person of the same status, having friendly relations with him. Each and every complaint made against the guilty, was ignored due to obvious reasons.
I retired as a Vice Principle from N. P. Coed. Sr. Sec. School, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110001 on 31.07.2011.I should have been a Principle for at least 5 years, had the corrupt activities not prevailed.
I have been Gen. Sec./President of Teachers Association for over 32 years and witnessed numerable scandals, one after another. Complaints made to various levels yielded no result, as is the case with the current complaint, made to the CVC, which was in turn, transferred back to NDMC. At this juncture former Director of Vigilance department of the NDMC was posted with the CVC. He himself worked, under the Secretary/Chairperson NDMC.
I was the only eligible, qualified and experienced person, with requisite expertise, for the post of Senior Lecturer (Humanities) in the year 1997, but post was given to a person grossly unfit, for the post. He relinquished office in just 10 months, still I was not promoted. At last Mr Bhopal Singh was elevated without desired qualification and experience, by the then Director of Education Mr Meena. In repeated complaints, I specifically named the person guilty for the offence, but no action was ever initiated against him. It’s not all, I was mentally tortured and my juniors were promoted against RR’s.
Somehow, I managed to get promoted as a Vice Principal, but a conspiracy was hatched by Mr S.C.Kaushik and the Director of Education to deny extension in service for 2 years as per Hon. Delhi High Courts –Supreme Courts-GNCT, Delhi’s orders.
This Mr S.C.Kaushik is the person, who along with others was able to get promoted firstly as Senior Lecturer (Computer Science) and now as the Principal of N.P. Boys Senior Secondary School, Mandir Marg, New Delhi.110001. The post of Senior Lecture was created without mandatory sanction from UPSC, DOPT and the GNCT, Delhi. It’s on record that he could not be promoted as a Principal.
Its most humbly requested to book the guilty and prevent-protect the teaching community, from such scandals.
With regards,
Yours faithfully,
(Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj)
B-21, Sector-19, Noida (201301) Mobile: 9818025009.
Two letters which were sent to the CBI were forwarded to the Vigilance Department of NDMC, by it. These letters were further sent to the Director of Education for her comments. She has not sent them back, probably to save the skin of the guilty, as they include the former Secretary, NDMC; Director of Education and the Deputy Director of Education.[As per the information received from the PIO-vig. dt. 18.09.13]
Above content has been sent to, through email today i.e.,11.02.2013 with the expectation of help. Either the email address is incorrect-fake or they have no guts to take up the matter.
CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL :: (CAT) Case Dated.28.01.2013 in respect of S.K.Bhardwaj and others
1. It’s already settled that the NDMC is a Govt. body and it has to implement the circulars issued by the GNCT, Delhi from time to time, in the matter pertaining to R.B. Saxena Vs. NDMC way back on 22.12.99,R.S.A. No.70/83 vide 2000 III  (DELHI) 94. The order came only after the implementation of NDMC Act 1994.(1-1) NDMC vide its resolution No. 32(m-5) dated 17.10.07 resolved that re-employment of all retiring teachers up to PGT level, subject to fitness, vigilance clearance and clear vacancy, till they attain the age of 62 years, is approved strictly as per Delhi Govt. Scheme.
(1-2) The Director of Education, NDMC, sent letters to the Director of Education, GNCT, Delhi seeking clarifications regarding extension policy, another letter signed by DD, Edn. was also sent.
2. NDMC schools are recognized by GNCT, Delhi and are bound to follow its dictates. Delhi Education Act, 1973 is in force and the NDMC has its nominees on board, deciding policy matters.
3.  NDMC in its affidavits filed in Hon. Delhi High Court said that it follows the RR’s of GNCT, Delhi in to-to.
4.Director of Education, NDMC sought intimation regarding change of policy in the matter pertaining to reemployment of Vice Principals and Principals stating that reemployment was granted to teachers up to PGT level on 07.07.2011. Reply was received in the affirmative on 28.02.2012. DPC for promotions was held only after that, granting promotions to certain people who were not qualified for these posts under existing RR’s.
5. Provisions of  NDMC Act 1994 :  NDMC is vested with the power to frame its own RR’s under section 43 (1) C of the NDMC Act 1994 under section 33, 34, 43 (2), 387 (2) to be notified in Delhi Gazette. As such approval of the Department of Education, GNCT, Delhi, is essential. None of the officials of the NDMC has statutory to make appointments.
5 (1)Separate Education Act governing NDMC is not there.
5(2)Chapter III , Sec.11- NDMC has no obligatory powers pertaining to education-no mention.
5(3( Chapter III , Sec.12-) Discretionary functions of  the Council Subject to any general or special order of the government (-Delhi) or the Central Government from time to time the council may provide either wholly or in part for all or any of the part of :(a) the furtherance of education including cultural and physical education, by measure other than the establishment and maintenance of, and aid to, schools for primary education.
5(4) Section 388 J (2) the maintenance of schools and the furtherance of education generally.
6. Chief Minister and 3 MLA’s of Delhi assembly are members of the governing council of NDMC. (Chapter II Section 4(1)a,b,c,d. Sec.2, sec.4 of NDMC Act 1994)
7. We applied for reemployment only after the verdict of Hon. Sup. Court and Delhi High Court. Orders of Delhi Govt. followed thereafter.
8. Argument that NDMC has a few Senior Secondary Schools fails in the light of the Aided Schools, where there is just one school. Order pertaining to Dr. Shiv Dutta is related to single school.
Each and every effort has been made by the lawyer of the NDMC to evade the hearing of the case. He evaded 28th Jan. by saying that he was ill. 12 Feb. was avoid by saying that he had some personal problem. Next date is 06 03.2013. Let us see what he says on that day. He was able to obtain adjournments repeatedly. Case remains partly heard and listed to 04.07.2013.
Mr. Ravi Tomar, the hostile lawyer Mobile No. 9810259384 representing the aggrieved, showed his inability to argue the case in the honorable CAT, without assigning any reason.  He switched off his mobile, did not answer SMS and email as well. It seems he does not want to return the papers pertaining to the case. He was always late, unprepared, allowed the opposite party to obtain date after date, might be in league with the opposite-interested people. The learned lawyer (?) should have filed the case in the CAT, instead of the honorable Delhi High Court. He did not care for what we told him to do! What will he do with the money-Rs.50,000/=, paid to him?  THE PERSON IS UNREPENTANT AND SHAME LESS. May the God help him in becoming a good law abiding citizen.
Another counsel had to be hired. He was quick to learn the matter and represent. What is curious is that the bench did not hear the case fully and left it in the lurch. On 04.07.2013 the partly heard case was again listed at the tail end, not to be heard and a new date has been give i.e,.01.08.2013. A series of adjournments clearly show that there is a lot to suspect.
This judicial system is a curse (-अभिशाप)  for the clients. It leads to delay and justice delayed is no justice. There are 3,00,00,000 pending cases in courts just because of the menace of adjournment and courts un willingness- lack of desire to settle them.
At last today, the time to put arguments before the learned (?) judges came. None of them was willing to hear the counsel and see the documents, which shows the facts-truth. Is this judiciary really worthy of confidence?[03.10.2013]
THE COUNSEL-LAWYER  वकील  :: One (Lawyer, barrister, attorney) is hired to represent you, in the court. He is supposed to plead on your behalf. He charged hefty sums for the job. He did not file the suit in appropriate court and was always late, allowed the opposite  advocate to get one date/adjournment after another. He betrayed you and turned hostile. He talked of principles, he follows in life-practice, as a lawyer-big/absolute liar.
Did his consciousness-inner self-morals, allowed him to deceive the clients, and swallow their hard earned money, they were spending on a social cause, against injustice, inflicted by an organ of the government? 
Perhaps, he forgot about the court beyond-above the earth, where each and every endeavor of the individual is accounted for. He will have to undergo punishment there, for his Tamsik deeds and languish in the hells and lower life forms for unspecified period. Let the God help him.
What is surprising, is the tendency of the law, which is not caring for the time lost: 20 months out of 24! No doubt that a common man can never get justice under the current set up and regime and will hesitate approaching law, even for genuine problems! If the litigant can not claim extension in service as a right, the NDMC also can not be allowed to discriminate or act arbitrarily.
The NDMC is not willing to pay Shiv Shankaran scales to teachers in spite of Labor Ministry's Gazetted orders, having the sanction of Honorable Supreme-Delhi high Court. The teachers are not in receipt of any other scales other than the pay commission.
Yet another pertaining to enhancement of gratuity is deliberately scuttled by the officials of the NDMC. matter has been put before the Labor Court at parliament street, New Delhi.
Retired teachers who availed health services at hospitals like Max and Kailash are subjected to great hardship.These and some other hospitals have been removed from the panel, since they failed to meet the undue demands of the seniors.
Some of them have no one to look after. Somehow, they managed to reach the hospitals and avail the care, which they may not be able to obtain, since the distance has increased by 10 to 15 times from their residences.
Their is no use going to vigilance or CBI, SINCE NO ONE IS WILLING TO LISTEN because of the prevailing atmosphere.
The Delhi School Education Act, 1973
(Act no.18 of 1973, 9th April, 1973, Relevant clause pertaining to NDMC New Delhi)
Chapter I
 Sec. 1-2: It extends to whole of the Union Territory of Delhi.
Sec.2 l (ii) Local Authority, means- in relation to an area within the local limits of the New Delhi Municipal Committee, that Committee (-now corporation)
Sec.2 l (w) Teacher includes the Head of school.
Chapter II
Sec.2 The Administrator may establish and maintain any school In Delhi or may permit any person or local authority to establish and maintain any school in Delhi, subject to compliance with the provisions of this act and the rules made there under.
Chapter VIII
Sec.22 (2) The Advisory Board shall be constituted by the Administrator and shall consist of a Chairman and fourteen other members, to be nominated by Administrator.
Sec.28 Power to make rules-(1) The Administrator may, with the previous approval of the Central Government and subject to the condition of previous publication, by notification , make rules to carry out the provisions of the this Act.
Sec.28 (2) In particular, without prejudice to the generality of foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-
(a)    The manner in which education may be regulated by the Administrator in Delhi.
(g)  The minimum qualifications for and method of recruitment and the terms and conditions of service of employees,
(o)  The code of conduct for employees and disciplinary action to be taken for the violation thereof.
The Delhi Education Rules, 1973
Chapter II 4 (v) senior secondary schools, that is to say, schools imparting senior secondary stage of education , whether or not in addition to education below the senior secondary stage; whether any such school is run by :
(A)   Any individual, group of individuals, trust or society either with aid , from the Administration or any local authority, or
(B)    Any local authority or the Director.
(6)(2) The administration may direct the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Committee  or Delhi cantonment Board to make, as for as practicable, arrangements , within their respective jurisdiction, for imparting education in the mother-tongue of the children.
22 (3) (ix) One representative of the New Delhi Municipal Committee to be nominated by the President of that Committee.
110 (2) Notwithstanding anything contained I sub-rule (1), every teacher laboratory assistant, Principal or Vice Principal employed in such school shall continue to hold office until he attains the age of 60 years:
Provided that where a teacher, principal or vice Principal attains the age of superannuation on or after the 1st day of November of any year, such teacher, Principal or Vice Principal shall be re-employed up to the 30th day of April of the year immediately following.
110 (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1) and sub-rule (92), where a teacher or Principal or Vice Principal has obtained National or State award for rendering meritorious service as a teacher, Principal or vice Principal or where he has received both National and State awards as fore said, the period of service of such teacher, Principal or Vice principal may be extended by such period as the Administrator may, by general or special or, specify in this behalf.
196. Provisions of certain acts to apply to government Schools-(1) The provisions of these rules, in as far as they relate to the matters specified in sub-rule(2) shall also apply to Government schools and to schools  run by local authorities.
(2) the matters referred to in sub-rule (1) are 
(a) regulation of education;
(b) admission to recognized schools,
(c) fees and other charges to be levied in recognized aided schools, including fee concessions
(d) pupils funds
(e) inspection and supervision of schools.
Separate Education Act governing NDMC Schools is not there.
The Secretary,
New Delhi -110001.
Subject: Payment of emoluments from 1.08.2011 to 31.07.2013 as per award by the Central Administrative Panel, New Delhi, vide its judgement dated.09.10.2013 in the case No. TA.30/2012.
The NDMC has already received the copy of the judgment, which directed the NDMC “to grant all consequential benefits in addition to 20% compensatory allowance” [(Gross Salary on 31.07.2011 + 20% of GS) + next increment on 1.07.2012 and 1.07.2013]. The applicant drew his last salary without any benefit by virtue of promotion to the post of Vice Principal, though duties had increased drastically from teaching to teaching and administration & supervision, including longer working hours. The NDMC has failed to release enhanced salary with one increment of 3% in spite of the orders from the Central and State Governments, due to the biased clerks.
The applicant quoted the case No. 2000 III AD (Delhi) in R.S.A. No. 70/83 decided by the order dated 22.12.99 by justice K. Ramamurthy of Hon. Delhi High Court, pertaining to Mr R. B. Saxena Vs NDMC, regarding the circular of Directorate of Education for promotion of TGT, which held that “Once the Directorate of Education represent, the government had issued directions that would apply to all schools. The NDMC is a part of Government, hence it was concluded that the circular would apply to NDMC as well.”
Another judgement:  No. WP (C) No. 4703/2011 by the Hon. Delhi High Court dated.14.11.2011 pertaining to the re-employment of Vice Principals up to the age of 62 years (-the Delhi Government has further extended it to 65 years 05.09.2013), readsThis plea of the respondents/applicants is erroneous as a PGT does not cease to be a PGT, while occupying the post of Vice Principal, which is a ratio laid down in the various judgement referred to aforesaid and forms the basis of our order dated 08.07.2011.” We make is clear that respondents should not compel similarly situated persons to approach this court unnecessarily when the legal principle is settled and circular qua the PGT would, thus apply to the principals and Vice Principals, wherever the original circular is applicable. There is no error apparent on the face of the record of the order dated 08.07.2011.
These orders are significant in the light of the fact that a number of posts were lying vacant there on the 3rd of October, 2013 when the case was finally heard. Prior to this, posts were filled with malafied intentions on the plea of those who secured promotions through dubious means.
Now, that the case is disposed, the NDMC should make the payments within one month from the receipt of this letter, failing which legal notice/review-contempt petition in CAT/appeal in the Hon. High Court may be filed with costs and fixation of responsibility.
Kindly do the needful and oblige.
Yours faithfully,
(Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj - Retd. Vice Principal) Dt. 01.11.2013
MID DAY MEALS :- Death of children in Bihar after consuming MID DAY MEALS reveals-exposes the nexus between the officials and the NGO's doing this job.  So far 31 deaths have occurred and more than 50 children are serious.  The head mistress of the school wife of apolitical person is absconding. Eye witness-a child has reported that she forced to cook-who too has died to prepare vegetables in the drums of insecticide. Cooking oil was also filled in the insecticide drums. The store in her house had food items and insecticides piled together, at the same place. Its also reported that all food items were bought from her husband's shop.
THESE INCIDENTS, ALONG WITH ATTACK ON BODH GAYA, EXPOSES NITISH'S SURAJ. He boasts /airs too high of himself. Rs. 462.78 meant for building mid day meals kitchens and to purchase service utensils/equipment  after sitting over it for 5 years, under pressure from audit, being un utilized money received from the center. 
Similar incident has occurred at other place in Bihar again. This is not new, as it is happening almost each and every where in the country, but the quantum of deaths is astonishing. Children were reported to have become ill, after consuming the stale/decaying/infected/contaminated food supplied by some contractors. The greed for more and profits is clear at the cost of human lives and the guilty escape unpunished because each and every effort is made to suppress the tragedy.
It was ordered that the meals be cooked in the school premises leading to wastage of time meant for teaching.
The government charge education cess from the citizens for this and other schemes.
A number of observations were made pertaining to mid day meals in the Mid Day Meals department of the NDMC-New Delhi.
*Quantity and quality of the food was never up to the mark.
*Contractors were not willing to certify the hygienic conditions of their kitchen.
*Good quality food grain  given by the government was misappropriated.
*Lunch box/tiff inn box/plate and spoon were not supplied, in spite of written agreement.
*Officials who cleared the bills of the contractors charged up to 4% of the bill.
*Officials, who awarded the contract were bribed.
*A number of children were to come to school for meals only and disappear there after.
*Most of students in New Delhi area schools, refused to accept meals. Students were assured of the quality and quantity by the head of school and things had to  be stream lined.
*Soy bean/gram  distributed was found to be laced with fungus. Laboratory report confirmed it. The contractor stated that he had paid Rs. 3/= Lakh to the then Director of Education and Rs. 30,000/= to the AEO-mid day meals. The contract was cancelled. The contractor, a neighbour of the then Director of Education refused to accept the payment of balance amount and dragged the authority to court for arbitration. The person deputed as OSD & who represented the matter for arbitration was deprived of promotion to favor the contractor and sent back. He was deprived of promotion at least thrice, later by the corrupt officials. The Director of Education this time  too, was  a neighbour of the contractor from the same city.
*Servants of the contractor were found to with held 4-5 drums of the meals to sell them in the adjoining JJ clusters.
*Only 40% quantity was served to the students, which was raised only after screening the copies of contract and raising issue with the concerned authorities.
*Contractors enjoyed immunity to complaints, being hand in glob with the politicians and higher ups. 
*At one stage biscuits and fruity bread were served, which were liked by the students. 
*Fruity bread was of excellent quality, but some times undesirable goods were found in it, like hair, rage pieces, glass pieces. 
*Biscuit supplier was selling the product for Rs. 2.34 P in the open market through distributors but asking Rs. 2.83 P from the authorities, plan had to be shelved due to this reason.
*Supply of fruits and vegetables was substituted for bread and biscuits, but a gap of Rs. 5/= was observed between the supply price and the retail price at the booths, due to corruption. The guilty was never punished because of her connections to the highest officer in the authority. 
*Fully mechanised and automatic kitchens are operating in India. Why can not the government in Delhi/New Delhi improvise such services of its own or through some non profit organisation/charitable organisation?
*Nitish failed to visit the sufferers, instead he talked of some conspiracy. No doubt conspiracy may be there but to entangle the main opposition by him and his mentors.
*Teacher is under pressure to perform his duties when he is made gunia pig by eating these sub slandered meals. he is forced to conduct elections, census at the cost of teaching and his carrier.
*As a matter of fact complaints of this nature are suppressed. Since when this tragedy has come to light; complaints from all over the country are coming forward/surfacing almost every day.  
During the period 1.4.2013-18-2-2014 the department had received Rs. 64,19,14,000 as grant in-aid and yet it refuses to obey the orders issued by GNCT, Delhi.[Ref. No.D/157/S.O.(INVEST) Dated.24-02-14.] RTI ID 9208/2014 (Account).
The NDMC is neither entitled to open nor close the schools of its own without the sanction of LG, Delhi. 
It was Karn Singh Tanwar, who helped me in meeting Hon. Shri Lal Krashn Adwani to seek resolutions of teachers demands, successfully. Shri Adwani could not help in the implementation of Hon. Supreme Court's orders followed by High & Labour Court's orders pertaining to Shiv Shankran-66%-DTL scales. Tanwar helped 60 other categories this time but skipped teachers, even though he is Vice Chairperson of NDMC. Some teachers have approached CAT, though a contempt case is sufficient to get the release.[03.09.2017]

New Health Scheme



  1. I am really feel proud to have a guide/ mentor like you who is guiding this blind world with his endless transformation of positive energy. I also believe that one day your mission to educate people using the energy of four indestructible VEDAS and GEETA will start flowing like Ganga water.

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