SEX EDUCATION (1) काम-शिक्षा

By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj  
कामातुराणां-न लज्जा-न भयम्  :- इस सूक्ति का अर्थ है कि काम-कामनाओं से पीड़ित-आतुर व्यक्ति को न लज्जा आती है एवं न ही उसे भय लगता है। अर्थात काम वासनाओं से पीड़ित-काम पिपासु-कामातुर व्यक्ति विवेकहीन हो जाता है; इसमें लेशमात्र भी संशय नहीं है, एवं अविवेकी व्यक्ति अपनी काम तृष्णा की संतुष्ठी के लिए निर्लज्ज होकर-भयहीन हो कर किसी भी जघन्यतम कार्य के लिए उद्दत रहता है। काम तृष्णा का स्वभाव है कि उसे एक बार तृप्त करने का उपाय अथवा प्रयत्न करने पुनः अतृप्ति की अवस्था को प्राप्त हो जाती है।जिस प्रकार अग्नि में घृत की आहुति देने से अग्नि शांत नहीं होती अपितु अधिक प्रज्वलित होती है, उसी प्रकार काम तृष्णा की सन्तुष्टि भी उसे शांत करने के स्थान पर अधिक उत्तेजित-प्रज्जवलित करती है, पिपासा को जागृत करती है। 
KAAM DEV काम देव :- Kaam Dev is the deity-demigod of love and sexuality. Kam means sensuous love, wish, desire, longing or sexuality.  Atharv-Ved has described Kaam as desire and not sexual enjoyment.
Pradumn Ji got incarnation to provide body to the Kaam Dev who was turned to ashed by Bhagwan Shiv. Pradumn Ji was born as the son of Bhagwan Shri Hari Vishnu in the incarnation of Bhagwan Shri Krashn and Maa Laxmi as Rukmani Devi.  Later during war when Bhagwan Shri Krashn under took to eliminate the remaining wicked-villain-sinner kings-Ashw Medh Yagy, Bhagwan Brahma Ji along with Chandr Dev merged in the body of Pradumn Ji's  body at the occasion of the assimilation of Kaam Dev in the body of Pradumn Ji.
Kaam Dev is the demigod of the heavenly planets that are responsible for inducing lusty desires. Kaam Dev is the son of Brahma Ji-embodiment of Bhagwan Brahma, to activate the humans to reproduce.  Kaam Dev is not worshiped on a larger basis. Kaam Dev is portrayed as young, handsome man with wings carrying a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with a cord of honeybees and arrows of sweet-smelling Ashok tree flowers, white and blue lotus flowers, Jasmine and Mango tree flowers. Kaam Dev is seen sitting on a Parrot.  Kaam Dev is the demigod of love and is the husband of Rati and Preeti. 

KLEEM represents the divine power of attraction creating vibration in the environment to appease the opposite sex. It comprises of K k क, L l ल , ई ee, and M m म्. Kleem is the cause of the perfect union between the gross body dissolving into the causal body. Kleem itself means Maha Kali. The Kleem sound invokes in the individual the desire, movement towards and action of service to Shri Krashn. 
MANTR:: Om Kleem Para Shakti Namah:
The single sound vibration of this Beej Mantr "KLEEM" can bring whatever one desire in the heart.
This Mantr relates to Sundari, the Goddess of love and beauty and also to Bhagwan Shri Krashn-The Kameshwar, 
Kleem carries the "Akrashan Shakti" or the Power of Attraction, and can be used by both men and women to increase the love energy and to fulfill one's wishes.
K क  represents the cause-Kaam Dev and the inborn desires. It moves one closer to Almighty Bhagwan Shri Krashn. the cause
LEE ली  stands for the gross body, manifested existence-Indr, the ruler of Heaven and also the governor of senses and material needs.
Mm म् anuswar  अनुस्वर means perfection-full moon or satisfaction. M m (Naad and bindu) which bring happiness and love. Om Kleem Pra Shakti Namah:. 
TANTRIC-BEEJ MANTR (बीजमंत्र):: These three Matr are a form of prayer, performed by the Tantrik. Any normal-common man can also perform these prayers. Those who recite these Mantr with good intentions, are blessed with might and power.
(1). Om Aim Hreem Klim Chamunday Vichae Phat Swaha. ॐ  ऐं  ह्रीं  क्लीं चामुंडाय  विच्चै  फट  स्वाहा:। 
(2). Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Aim Kamal Vasiney Phat Swaha.ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं कमल वासिन्ये फट स्वाहा:। 
(3). Om  Shreem Hreem Kleem Dakshinayae Phat Swaha. ॐ श्रीं  ह्रीं  क्लीं  दक्षिणायै  फट स्वाहा:। 
OM AIM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHYE NAMAH: is the complete Mantr. It means the worship of Maa Durga, who removes the effect of all types of black magic, unfavorable effect of negative planets, bad luck, health problems or problems posed by enemies. Kleem Mantr help one create harmony in his relationships. This is the beginning of true human emancipation and freedom from the endless cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.This Kleem Mantr is quite powerful in order to get love from the opposite gender-sex. Regular chanting of the third Mantr and praying to Kaam Dev helps in achieving greater sensitivity. It also helps in the awareness of others emotional needs and appreciation of one’s partner.
Chant the Kleem Mantr for 108 times each day in the early hours of morning and evening. The Mantr Siddhi (-fulfillment) is said to be attained after 21 days of chanting. This Kaam Dev Mantr can also be used by lovers to keep their affection evergreen. It is important to maintain pious practices like having only vegetarian food, taking bath before chanting the Mantr and having sincerity in prayers, so that one may gain full benefits from the Mantr.
Gandarbh-Dancers  chant this Mantr, as they need to have charm and grace that can greatly entertain their audience and gather appreciation. It activates the charm, grace and beauty of the dancer and his performance will improve. 
Those who are ascetics-renunciators-released-relinquished are never lured by Kaam Dev. Those who pray to bhagwan Shiv are free from the impact of Kaam Dev.
जो मंगली है, जिसका शुक्र उठा हुआ है, जिसका चन्द्र जरूरत से ज्यादा उठा हुआ हुआ है, वो बड़े आराम से काम देव का शिकार हो सकता है। जो मंगल का व्रत तख्ता है, हनुमान जी की आराधना करता है, वो इस विकार से मुक्त हो सकता है। 
One who worship Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Gouri can not be affected by this evil, provided he indents to be free from sensuality, passions, sexuality, lust.
MADAN KAAM DEV TEMPLE ASSAM: One of the temples which induce humans to reproduction like Khajuraho & Pashupati Nath temple, is present in Assam, as well. The erotic sculptures in the Madan Kaam Dev temple have made it known as the Mini Khajuraho of the North-East. This temple is just 40 km away from Guwahati and is situated atop a hill by the name of Dewan Giri in Kaam Rup district. The Madan Kaam Dev temple is a place of utmost scenic beauty with abundance of greenery all around and carved images and sculptures, that speak volumes of the grandeur of Assam’s architecture in the medieval era.
Ruins of more than 13 temples, dedicated to Bhagwan Shiv, including the main temple in a vast area under the Dewan Giri-hill have been uncovered so far. The main temple is the Madan Kaam Dev temple, which displayed a sculpture of Bhagwan Shiv or Maheshwar with Maa Parvati-Gouri-Uma. The entire region had been built in five sections or Panch Rath. The ruins of the temples displayed images of griffin, a creature with a lion’s body and the head and wings of an eagle, sculptures of nymphs, dancing fairies, Shiv and Shiva-Parvati and other Gods, Goddesses and demigods-deities have been engraved in grandiose appearance. One will find well-decorated and beautifully carved door frames, walls, pillars. Some of these have been engraved with images of flowers and animals, including the Kalp Vraksh-the tree that fulfills all desires. 
Some other interesting architecture seen in this area are the four-headed Bhagwan Shiv, six-sided Bhairav, serpents, demons, and men, women and animals in every form of erotic postures, which made the region look more like the Khajuraho temples. Another highlight of the Kaam Dev temple is the gigantic proportion of the ruin of Madan Kaam Dev. The art and architecture, which vividly depict the acts of love and passion, have a close similarity with the art of Khajuraho temple. 
This is the place of rebirth of Kaam or Madan, after he was turned into ashes by Bhagwan Shiv by opening His third eye. Here Madan united with his wife Rati in this tiny hillock after he was reborn. The place is truly known as the Madan Kaam Dev because of the numerous erotic sculptures.
Madan Kamdev Temple photosIn Madan Kaam Dev temple, devotees pray facing the opposite direction-west. This temple exhibit nudity in the deities to attract the humans to reproduction.. No other temple in Assam exhibit such erotic idols, art work, in the form of idols or sculptures. 
The lush green forests of the Dewan Giri-hill, Madan Kuri river flowing below it, along with the vast expanse of swampy land till the Gopeshwar hill on the west make this region all the more beautiful.
RATI RAHASY-रतिरहस्य :: The Rati Rahasy (-रतिरहस्य, Secrets of Love making), also known as the Kok Shastr (-कोक शास्त्र) is a book written in Sanskrat by Pundit Kok, a sex manual written by Kok-a poet. Rati is the name of the wife of Kam Dev-the deity of sex. Kok described himself in the book as Siddh Pati Pundit.
While Kam Sutr is an ancient sex manual, Rati Rahasy deals with medieval Indian society. During the medieval age, Indian society became more conservative due to the invasion and rule by the Muslims, as compared to ancient India. Premarital and extramarital sex are taboo in India ever since. were frowned upon.
There are fifteen pachi Veds (-chapters) and 800 verses in Rati Rahasy which deal with various topics such as different physiques, lunar calendar, different types of genitals, characteristics of women of various ages, hugs, kisses, sexual intercourse and sex positions, sex with a strange woman, etc. Kok described various stages of love in Rati Rahasy, the fifth stage being weight loss, the ninth is fainting, and the tenth and last stage is death. It makes classifications of women and describes erogenous zones and days that lead to women's easy arousal.
Its the first book to describe in detail Indian feminine beauty. The book classified women into four psycho-physical types, according to their appearance and physical features.
Padmini (-पद्मनी), Chitrini (-चित्रिणी), Shankhini (-शंखनी) & Hastini (-हस्थिनी).
On the basis of the size of the genitals, the text classifies sexual intercourse into nine different types. Aphrodisiacs are also described in the book.
Kok has described at length methods to make the most of sex, how to enjoy it and how to keep a woman happy. Kok cited other authors like Nandi Keshwar, Gonik Putr, and Vatsyayan (-वात्स्यायन).
KISS-चुम्बन: KISS TRANSMITS VIRAL-FUNGAL-MICROBIAL-DISEASES IN ADDITION TO EXCHANGE OF DNA-HORMONES WHICH CAUSES MUTATION. Scientists in London have revealed that a 10 second KISS transfer 80 million bacteria between partners. AIDS VIRUS TOO IS TRANSMITTED THROUGH THIS MEANS. AMERICANS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DEMONSTRATED THIS. Saliva, breath, sweat prepare the cocktail which is dreaded-harmful-dangerous for both the partners. The sweat constitutes of urea main component of urine. The skin functions as the third kidney. Kissing means swallowing excreta. Lips are involved in the game of kiss. The lipstick is made of the flash of some small animals and so has a non vegetarian origin. The other components of lipstick may be harmful since they too find their way tot the stomach.
A group of American girls was selected for a clinical study. They were asked to keep cotton pads in their arm pits. These pads were exchanged. The results were astonishing. The menses period of each girl changed.
During a tour of American cities no such vulgarity-obscenity was observed, other than an airport where a pair was seen busy with this, but they were not Americans. While the people world over are trying to understand-inculcate the culture, moral, values similar to India, there are people in India who are propagating vulgarity-nudity-obscenity.
What we see we do or just follow. This is the outcome of porn posted over the internet. Prohibition will not cure but education will certainly help the polluted minds.
Akash Banerjee's,"expression of solidarity with those demanding KISS (TODAY)  IN PUBLIC & TOMORROW INTERCOURSE IN THE OPEN  BROAD DAY LIGHT" is highly objectionable and against ethics.These people suffer with psychic mentality and need thorough counselling. Could they explain the meaning of expression of vulgarity in the name of freedom for expression. Their freedom ends where others are affected. Indirectly they are poisoning the minds of innocent children and the youth. The place for them is the boundary wall of TIHAR. Can this news paper and its organ radio mirchi cite the law which has said that one is free to kiss-perform sex in the open !? This is not the first instance, when this news paper offended the sentiments-feelings of Indians by targeting Hindu culture-way of life.There not even a single day when this news paper do not publish the pictures of semi nude or scantly clothed women. In the name of art it published nudes earlier.[18/11.2014] 
High and mighty, are often found to advocate introduction of sex education in curriculum, without assigning any- convincing logic argument in its favor.  Those sitting in parliament and assemblies should acquire-gain, sufficient knowledge of juvenile crimes and adolescent psychology before making a statement in public, media or the constitutional houses. Parliament and assemblies are infested with criminals, turning them into lawmakers from law breakers. Constitutional houses have become refuge, for the criminals. So called educationist and bureaucrats toe their line of action without assessing the validity and impact over the society in short or long term.

 As a child, adolescent, grown up and an educator, one experiences the modifications in the behavior of the community-society, from time to time. Many people recognized as educationists in the society are in favor this idea. The impact of media: newspapers, TV, internet, magazines and books, is polluting the innocent minds. Family environment, breaking families, nuclear families, lack of guidance and supervision, are also having their impact on the minds of the adolescents.
A number of chapters pertaining to reproductive and excretory system, family planning and fashion, have been introduced in the text books, worldwide for a long period of time. What was surprising and intriguing that was the lady teachers were not ready/prepared to teach these topics in the class, what to talk of satisfying the quarries of their students. It was extremely difficult to find questions in the examination papers. If someone taught this chapter, he could see mischief in the eyes of his students. Smiling in curious manner to show that, they too had the knowledge of this intriguing subject.
One may argue that World famous temples of Pashupati Nath, Khajuraho, Konark Sun Temples and some temples in south have statues depicting sexual postures pertaining to Kaam Sutr. A piece of art is different as compared to teaching this at the school or even at university level. Still one should desist, from such ideas.

Content of this topic may invite criticism from all quarters of society. Clerics will not be far behind, what to talk of Khap-Panchayats (-rural elected social courts). A number of countries are already offering courses in this alienated chapter. There are countries which have introduced practicals as well.
Sex is a basic need like shelter and food, which each and species experience of its own, as and when urge arises. No one is ever heard of providing training to their young ones.
The most important questions will be:
What will be the content/syllabus/curriculum?
Who will teach this subject?
How much time should be devoted to this subject?
Should the subject be compulsory or optional?
Should it be taught as an independent subject or as a component of sociology/social study/moral education?
Will the parents permit their wards to study the subject, who consider it, a taboo?
Who will guarantee that the educator-instructor-guide will not exploit the young ones?
What will be the moral ethics pertaining to the subject?
Who will evaluate the impact of this teaching on the minds of taught?
How will one find out the effect/impact of this teaching and learning on the society?
How will one decide whether the impact is right or wrong?
How long will it take to assimilate the gains or loss on the minds of young ones?
What is the guarantee that those who have studied it, will become better civilians and not criminals-sycophants-crazy?
Is it not going to promote nudity-vulgarity?
What achievements have been made by the country which has introduced this subject?
Is it not going to become a tool in the hands of anti-socials elements and sycophants looking to exploitation of women?
Will it be possible to check the spread of HIV and VD through this tool?
Is it not a tool to promote immorality in the community?
Are the advocates of this sacred knowledge not voluptuous wicked- people?
What will be the aims and objectives of teaching this subject?
Is there a demand for the teaching this subject?
Who will fund the project?
If there is a demand, then who are the people demanding the teaching this subject?
Won't there be double standards, one for the masses and other for the elite?
Obviously, the aims and objectives will have dual nature: (I) Visible: Teaching for the sake of awareness. (II) Masked: Teaching will be done to generate a segment of dedicated people, who are willing to undertake/adopt illicit trade-who have nothing to do with morality, culture, religion, ethics or values.
What will be the goal of such people who are involved in the masked aims and objectives?
Won't the implementers corrupt the society, distort morals, values and promote vulgarity, immorality, nudity and pushing the civic society to prehistoric stage, when the humans were devoid of cloths.
There may be other questions as well, like:
What will be the medium of instruction?
Will the scheme be implemented state-regional basis/wise or throughout the nation?
In fact one should desist from such nasty wretched vulgar-antisocial proposals and ideas in the larger interest of mankind and resist such moves wholeheartedly.
What is horrible, is the advocacy of porn in the news papers. The newspapers publish nude and semi nude pictures, for increasing-boosting, their sales. They are polluting the innocent minds. Impact of this nonsense is visible in the ever increasing graph of rapes-molestation-moral turpitude. Writ petitions are filed in the Supreme Court to  frame laws to imprison the ones who watches porn. Why no PIL is filed to imprison the person who make it-who forces the woman to this trade-who publish the nude and semi nude photographs-who make Nudes paintings in the name of art!? 
There is an increase of 336% in the reported cases of child rape. Its reported that the rapists watched porn before indulging in such heinous crimes.
Fashion shows are arranged only to spread nudity and encourage girls to wear less and show more. Where is the need for such vulgar affairs?
Films are spreading nudity amongest the girls, who are not willing to follow dress codes implemented by the educational institutions.
Parents needs to be more vigilant and escort the girls as far as possible.Girls and women should resist the temptation of moving unsafely at night.They should not believe any unknown person or take life. 
SEXUALITY काम :: (-Sexuality-sex blindness-lust-sensuality-passions-wanton-lust-amorous). Its really very difficult to overcome-overpower the sex urge. Still one is capable of controlling-diverting this to devotion in God. 
Desire for sex develops-grows-present in almost every organism, including plants & trees. Its a natural process. Animal behavior towards sex is different as compared to the human beings.
Sexuality lies in the mind, which is provoked by the opposite sex and thoughts-ideas-company-desires.
समस्त चराचर-बृह्मांड में सृष्टि का उदय दो प्रकार से हुआ है। दैवीय सृष्टि की उत्पत्ति ब्रह्मा जी से व कायिक-मैथुनी सृष्टि की उत्पत्ति, उनके पुत्र कश्यप से। दोनों ही प्रकार की सृष्टि में काम-वासना का वास है।बृह्मा जी, चन्द्र व काम देव काम का संचालन करते हैं। यह प्रत्येक प्राणी-जीवधारी-पशु-पक्षी-पेड़-पौधे-कीट आदि कि मूल प्रकृति है। इसके आवेग से कोई भी नहीं बच सकता। परन्तु इसके आवेग को नियंत्रित-काबू अवश्य किया जा सकता है। 
कामुक व्यक्ति एक से ज्यादा स्त्रियों से सम्बन्ध बनाता है और आबादी बढ़ाता है। एक से ज्यादा स्त्रियों से सम्बन्ध बनाकर लोग उन सब को बिमारियों का शिकार बना देते हैं। काम एक मानसिक विकृति-विकार  का द्योतक है। यह शरीर को कमजोर बनाता है। शास्त्र के अनुसार व्यक्ति को केवल एक बार रति क्रिया करनी चाहिए और वह भी तब जब कि वह अंडाणु की रचनावश कामासक्त हो। माहवारी के समय तो भूलकर भी रतिक्रिया नहीं करनी चाहिये। 
सरस्वती की उत्पत्ति ब्रह्मा जी से हुई तो वे उन पर मोहित हो गये, यद्यपि उनमें काम विकार नहीं था, तथापि उनके पुत्र मरीचि ने उनकी भर्सत्ना की जिससे उन्होंने उस शरीर को ही त्याग दिया। 
चन्द्र देव ने अपने गुरु वृहस्पति की पत्नी के साथ रति क्रिया की जिसके परिणाम स्वरूप बुद्ध की  उत्पत्ति हुई।
वृहस्पति ने अपने भाई की गर्भवती पत्नी के साथ रति क्रिया की जिसके परिणाम स्वरूप भरद्वाज (-दो पिताओं से उत्पन्न ) की  उत्पत्ति हुई। 
Its present in each and every organism as a basic-inherent instinct, which can be controlled through practice-meditation, by the human beings. It has various names sexuality, sensuality, passion, lust, infatuation, flirtation, intercourse etc. One can not escape from its impact. 
Indr is the king of deities who was cursed for making illicit relations with innocent women, like Ahilya.
Ravan fathered a big army of girls through rape, who were later married to the Vaners in the army of Sugreev and inhabited the 7 islands created by Jalandhar the mighty son of Smudr-Ocean, today's England-Germany etc. 
Dushyant fathered Shakuntla as a love child and forgot her mother. Her son Bharat became a famous icon of Kuru Vansh.
Changej Khan fathered Lakhs of illegitimate children whose genes have been matched scientifically, now and spreaded over Europe and various countries. 
Akbar had married to more than 5000 women, in addition to illicit relations with concubines-whores. Shah Jahan died by taking over doses of sex stimulants, when he was imprisoned in Red Fort.
Assimilation in the Almighty through sex is said to be one of the forms of Yog like Hath Yog, Bhakti Yog, Gyan Gog, Karm Yog. Having read all Purans, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Bhagwat, Ved, thoroughly, the author could not find significant material sufficient enough to be presented before the readers, Still efforts are on to find justifiable text. Kam stands (-means) for  Karm (-work , deeds, endeavor, efforts, labor, industry) as well as sex (-sensuality, sexuality, passion, pleasure, physical contact-intercourse, lust).
Karm has two components:
(I) Work done to earn living, sustenance, service, back up, family/ancestral trade-practices (-according to Vern Dharm-division of duties as Brahmn, Kshatriy, Vaishy, Shudr). This is Karm Yog.
It too has two components: (I-I) Satanic-devil, vicious, vulpturous, criminality, wickedness, vices. (I-II) Pious, virtuous, honesty, righteous, religiosity, rejection of sins, social activities pertaing to the upliftment of poor/down trodden/needy.
(II) This component includes efforts-endeavors-efforts-industriousness, work-labor pertaining to : Tapsya, meditation, sacrifices, rituals, religious congregations, prayers-rituals, Yog  religious ceremonies, remembrances of God, visiting holy places, visiting/bathing in  holy rivers etc. This component of Karm constitutes KAM YOG.

At one point of time, its said that most of the people on earth started craving for Salvation and indulged in panaceas, asceticism, Yog, meditation, rituals, prayers. At this juncture temples were built in India and abroad-all over the world, which depicted sexual postures of demi-gods (-Devtas and Apsaras of heaven) through statues-paintings-cravings over the walls of caves/temples, mountains-hills-rocks, to stop the populations from this exodus and remain confined to family life. Some of them are still available. Yaksh and Yakshi, Gandhrav and their counter parts have been shown in multiple sexual poses. Vatsayayn's Kam Sutr is available through out the world in different forms-pictures-videos, films and what not. Yakshinis are often depicted as beautiful and voluptuous, with wide hips, narrow waists, broad shoulders, and exaggerated, spherical breasts and are also believed to be natural lesbians.
We have a debt burden of ancestors who gave us birth. Kam Yog is probably a means to reduce it, by helping in further perpetuation of the generations.The two partners-socially-legally-married couple-house hold, when make attempts for child bearing, it becomes Kam Yog, since a number of Yog postures, get involved automatically. But this ritual is performed only at night, when visibility is low and no one is watching. Kam (-sex) might be a great reliever, but its out come, at a later stage may turn out to be painful-disgusting-annoying-disturbing. 
Like the Demi Gods of heavens, Gandharvs too are believed to have practiced free sex. But it too, was not meant for Liberation-Salvation.
Sex-passion-sensuality-sexuality-lust-intercourse are related terms. Woman's body has inbuilt features which attract male towards her. Its up to him, whether to drown or not. काम मन में बसता है आँखों से झलकता है मद मस्त करता है, भरमाता है, लुभाता है और डूबाता है।नारी नर्क का द्वार है।    

KAM YOG  becomes a tool to attain Salvation, when  it is utilized to attain the Almighty. In that case one has to subtract lust and add devotion to the Almighty-The KAMESHWAR: SHRI KRASHN. 
There is no doubt that its an essential activity in the life of the organism. It provides vigor  relaxation, motivation, if practiced in a very restricted manner, at night and with own partner.
The feeble-corrupt-unstable mind fail to counter-survive the onslaught-attack of Kam Dev (-deity of sex-lust-passions-sensuality-sexuality)and his wife Rati. But the devotees of Bhagwan Shiv can avert-acquire the potential  through asceticism-devotion-surrender to the Almighty-meditation-determination-self control. This is the key to long life-good health as well.
In fact great Rishis, Munis, Demigods, failed to survive the attack of Kam Dev. Indr the king of Demi Gods utilized the enchantment of Kam Dev, his wife Rati and Vasant ritu (-blooming season) over Bhagwan Shiv. Bhagwan shiv opened his third eye and turned to Kam Dev to ashes.
Shashtr-scriptures prohibits female to occupy-share, the same seat-cushion-sofa-bed, especially when periods-menstrual cycle has begun, be he the father, brother, friend, son or even great grand father. 
The supreme court has observed that "a man can not be prosecuted for rape for being in a sexual relationship with an adult woman, if he is unable to keep his promise to marry her"A person can not be accused of rape if the girl agrees to have sexual intercourse with him on account of her love and passion and he did not have any malafied intention. Rape reduces a woman to an animal, as it shakes the very core of her life. Rape is a crime against entire society. A society in which live in relation has become a fashion, accusation of rape for not marrying, indicated malafied intentions-a means to procure-extract money, through-extortion-character assassination blackmail.Only when such tricks fail, the woman moves to court-to exploit the weak laws-heavily loaded in favor of women. The harassed man agrees to out of court settlement. What is the guarantee that the woman did not have sex with others, before entering this alliance? She might have a history of such adventures, earlier. She visits nightclubs pubs-late night parties, consumes liquor wine narcotics party drugs,dresses scantily and still blames the man of moral turpitude-advances. May the God bless her.
Free availability of porn movies, on internet and otherwise, as well as sale of illicit liquor have contributed to the recent rise in sexual crime against women, says a survey by Delhi police. An earlier survey had  revealed that a large number of girls had sex, while in the college-university-school. In response to a quarry, class IX students (-of the age group of 14 to 16 years) revealed that all of them (-both girls and boys), had seen porn, in cyber cafes.
Instead of making accusations, one should exercise self restraint-control.The parents should become alert-cautious about the movements of their daughters-female members in the family-instead of repenting later.
The carrier conscious woman is willing-ready to offer-sacrifice-sell, her modesty-everything for reaching the highest echelon. She enjoys the game of power and lust.  She want to keep the trophy child born out of this relationship. She has no concern-sympathy for the family of the mate-love bird.The day she entered into this unholy relationship she knew that it will be easy for her to extract money from the mate. She put both the lover and the company into trouble. A win-win situation for the woman with loose character-morals-ethics. Still one has to remember that, for clapping, both hands are essential.
It has turned into a menace. Frequent misuse of rape laws by "women for vengeance and vendetta to harass and blackmail their boy friend for extorting money and even to force the help less man to marry them." A woman first has consensual sex but later files a case of rape, against boy friend, after they break up to force him to marry her, making a mockery of the marriage-out of anger and frustration, defeating the very purpose of the (penal) provisions.
False rape cases by helps: 82 year old resident acquitted of rape charges by the maid, for extraction of money. Copy of the order is being sent to the Secretary, Union Ministry of Law and Justice, Delhi Government, Chairperson, National Commission for Women and Commissioner (West) of Delhi Police. Antecedents of such women must be verified and they should be sent to Prison for 7 years, at least.
The woman first alleged that she has been raped by her former boss, but later compromised. The judge asked the police to investigate, if she has lodged complaints of this nature against others as well. Prosecution urged to court  not to quash the FIR stating that the criminal justice machinery had been misused by the woman and curiously requested the court to fine both the accused and the so called victim. [Delhi HC-27.07.2013]
The judge wondered from the very day, the accused-a frail old man of 75 unable to stand erect, would rape a young woman in mid 30's, jhaving more strength than the accused. It was said  that the rape cases are taken as gossip, leading to labeling of Delhi  for its notoriety, as the rape capital. [Delhi-ASJ, 27.07.2013]
On Nov.03, National Published "The Assam Rape Festival in India Begins This Week". A  stupid thing which is un heard off by those who were born and brought up on this soil. Attempts have been made to dilute the story by calling it a satire(-form of writing holding up a person or society to ridicule or showing the foolishness or wickedness of an idea).
Italy's highest court has overturned the conviction of a 60 year old man for having sex with an 11 year old girl because the lower court's verdict failed to take into account their amorphous relationship. The lower court failed to appreciate the consensus and absence of physical force in addition to the girl's feeling of love.[31.12.2013]
Dylan Farrow, now 28, adopted daughter of Allen, has said that she was abused as a seven year old child, by him. At this stage, the accusations sound to be disgraceful and untrue. The motive behind the allegations needs to be probed. What does she gain by this episode: publicity, wealth or even more.बदनाम होंगे तो क्या नाम न होगा ?बद अच्छा बदनाम बुरा । It good to be bad than defamed.[New York 03.02.2014]
Tougher rape laws are leading to increase in false cases. In 2013 out of 318 cases 237 acquittals were there. Common reasons cites for filing false rape charges are: Un kept promises, soured relations, recovery of dues from the accused & other disputes along with extra marital affairs. Experts feel that the new law is widely-worded and ambiguous and lands itself to misuse.[Delhi 22.02.2014]
MOHAN DASS KARAM CHAND GANDHI'S grand daughter Manu, daughter of Hari Lal revealed to him that her father had raped her 8 years ago, when she visited Saber Mati Ashram. She was so severely injured that she had to take medical treatment. This is the content of three letters written to Hira Lal by Bapu in Gujrati in 1935.[15.05.2014]
तुषार गांधी का कहना है ट्रांसलेशन गलत किया गया है। रेप मनु का नहीं, बल्कि साली-sister in law का हुआ था। [16.05.2014]
The Hon. Supreme Court asked the question, "whether  a failed consensual relationship between adults lead to filing of rape charges against the man"? Though it did not pass an order, yet it expressed its anxiety over the recent spurt in such cases. The case pertains to a banker and former air hostess. The man is married with two children. The woman is highly qualified and net savvy. The woman threatened to circulate a an indecent video of her, calling it selfie of whole body. What type of relationship is it; Peculiar, cupid or stupid?![29.06.2014]

Some people believe that homosexuality is a mental disease  and can be treated. This practice is grossly un natural and condemned world over. Initially the child is sexually abused-sodomized and there after he become habitual and accepts it.Transgenders adopts them selves to it, easily. Those who claim to treat it, prescribe Oleanz 5 mg tablet, which is used to treat various mental disorders. Some administer male hormones-testosterone to the affected.
Human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes, but a number of people are found, who possess 44 to 50 chromosomes leading to various disorders like breasts in males, pennies in females, ovary in males etc. Male having soft body like female is quite common. Presence of hair over female body too is common. All these disorders leads to shift in behavior of the affected.
A number of boys are found, who  like-prefer wearing cloths like girls. There are others who's voice is soft just like the girls. Some boys never grow beard and mustache over their face. Such children get them selves hooked to stout-strong males, further developing into gayism. Those children who are sent to hostels in their child hood hooks to this personality defect easily, in need of psychological attachment.
Those who had been females in their previous incarnations, too behave like this.
Supreme Court has ruled that gayism is crime under section 377 of IPC and has asked the government to do away with the relevant provisions which makes it a crime, if it desires so.
This is an un natural act which inflicts mental-social injury and agony over the child-person subjected to this horror-torture, initially. Soon he becomes habitual and welcome-involves-initiates others, as well. There are hundreds of cases in schools which go unreported because of the social stigma attached to it. The abused remain silent and bears the pain quietly. Negligibly few, find joy-pleasure in it.
The menace which deserve to be curved find sponsors-followers-supporters world wide including India. Those who are demanding this do not constitute even 0.0001% of Indian population. Parliament should go for referendum before making a law in its support.
Media has given undue coverage to gayism-a taboo, all over the world. 4-5 pages are lost in reporting this menace, by the news papers. 
Good looking-girlish-feminist boys are lured-antinced to secluded places/remote/deserted places, where they are sodomized-sexually abused by the wretched boys/grown ups to satisfy lust and spoil the life of the victim. There are instances where own family members-friends-relatives are responsible for this behaviour. Those who victimize others might themselves be victims, at one stage. These people have the impact of internet-films-porn over them.Hostels are the places where the children fall pray to such criminals. The injuries are inflicted over the personality of the child, who may be exploited through out his life, if he remain silent or fail to report the matter to police, in time.Some times the lonely child-away from his parents, find solace in these vulgarities.
Those who favor it are crazy-mentally sick-nervous -wrecks.
Once this menace find support from the law, it will jump in leaps and bounds.
Gay-lesbian census is a must before the bill is put before the parliament for debate. If a few people close to the government want this, it should not be taken up at all. All those who claim to be gay must declare it.
There are the people who are born with genital defects  turning gay, including third/trans genders .
Australia's highest court has turned down gay marriages on Thursday; that had begun after the land mark law was enacted. [12.12.2013]
Russian president Vladimir Putin defended conservative values referring to governments anti gay stance.West was chided for treating "good and evil" equally.[12.12.2013]
Political overtones forced Obama to sign off the law in favor of Gayism because of over 20% gay population. Is there  a proof which show that 20% voters in US ae gay-Lesbians?[12.12.2013]
Where is the need for a law when consensual relationship of two individuals is behind the closed doors?!Where is the need for marriage when no one is obstructing you for your acts behind the closed door.
PREGNANCY गर्वाधान  
*As soon as its noticed that pregnancy is there-no menses, the husband and wife must not indulge in sex for up to 2 years.
*Wine, drugs, smoking, narcotics, meat-non veg of any kind must be rejected out right.
*Long travels specially in tough terrains should be avoided. Avoid driving as well.
*Tight cloths should be avoided.
*Longer working hours should be avoided.
*Jerks, dance, tough-rigorous exercise should be avoided.
*Yogasan in sitting or standing posture may be performed. Those postures which involve bending like Sury Namaskar should be avoided.
*Stress, strain, fatigue, tensions, arguments, anxiety should be avoided. TV serials which exhibit weeping, treachery-cheating-fighting etc. must be discarded. Do not watch TV for longer hours.
*Light nutritious food should be consumed. Balanced diet should be preferred. Stale-junk food must be avoided. Sufficient quantity of pulses, fruits & vegetables must constitutes the diet.
*Sexy literature, images-pictures. porn must be discarded. 
*Excitement must be avoided.
*One must listen the stories pertaining to the deities-Almighty pertaing to Dharm, from scriptures. Listen to religious-devotional-light, instrumental-vocal music.
Pregnant woman holding belly Royalty Free Stock Images*Light movement in the house or parks should be continued especially in morning hours. Its good to have morning walk.
*Quarrels-in fighting in the family or office-place of work must be avoided.
*Cold drinks, ice cream must be avoided.
*Sufficient quantity of milk, butter, Ghee, cheese may be consumed.
*Regular check ups should be there from a properly trained doctor-nurses-hospitals-mid wife etc.
*Sufficient-proper sleep is essential.
*Always opt for cross ventilation in the house and natural lighting. Avoid bright light.
*Take regular timely wash in the morning.
*Observe cleanliness, but avoid smelling chemicals in toilets and bathroom.
*One should bot be over weight.
*Mosquito repellents are toxic and dangerous.
*Avid high heels shoes.
*Always pray to God & Maa Bhagwati.
*Try to avoid such tasks-jobs-assignments-deeds, which lead to exertion, boredom, tiredness, fatigue, guilty feeling, shame.
*Be courageous & bold.
*Soon after the pragnancy the woman should desist from riding bike, driving.
*One should not eat beyond the limit. Too much eating-feeding is harmful.
Failure to take these precautions may lead to abortion. 
DELIVERY OF CHILD: Extreme care is essential the mother and child to protect them from infections. The mother should be fed with nutritious balanced food. Milk is essential. She should be served butter, cheese and ghee. Laddoos made of wheat flour fried in pure deshi ghee, dry fruits, sounth (-सौंठ, dried and crushed-powered dried ginger), azwain (-अज़वाइन, carom seeds) gound (-गौंद, sticky mass which comes out of the tree's bark) and gud-jaggery are of extreme help to her. she should not be allowed to do domestic jobs for at least 40 days.
गौंद: इसका प्रयोग प्रसूताओं के लिए होता है। ये नारी के प्रजनन अंगों को शक्ति पदान करने  का काम करता है। गोंद को घी में भूनते हैं तो ये फूल कर बड़ा हो जाता है फिर उसका चूरा  करके मेवों के साथ मिला कर लड्डू बनाए जाते हैं . यह भी इसे खाने का एक तरीका है ,यह अक्सर प्रसूताओं के लिए बनाया जाता है। बबूल के गोंद में-गैलेक्टोज, एरेबिक एसिड, कैल्शियम तथा मैग्नीशियम के लवण उपस्थित होते हैं।आयुर्वेद के अनुसार यह  मुँह के छालों, गले के सूखने में, मूत्र के अवरोध में, अतिसार और मधुमेह में उपयोगी है। 


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