SEX EDUCATION (4) काम-शिक्षा :: KOK SHASTR-RATI RAHASAY कोक शास्त्र-रति रहस्य

  कोक शास्त्र-रति रहस्य
By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj  
The Rati Rahasay (रतिरहस्य, Secrets of Love making), also known as the Kok Shastr (कोक शास्त्र) is a book written in Sanskrat by Pandit Kok, a sex manual written by Kok-a poet. Rati is the name of the wife of Kam Dev-the deity of sex. Kok described himself in the book as Siddh Pati Pundit.
While Kam Sutr is an ancient sex manual, Rati Rahasay deals with medieval Indian society. During the medieval age, Indian society became more conservative due to the invasion and rule by the Muslims, as compared to ancient India. Premarital and extramarital sex are taboo in India ever since. were frowned upon.
There are fifteen Pachi Veds (chapters) and 800 verses in Rati Rahasay which deal with various topics such as different physiques, lunar calendar, different types of genitals, characteristics of women of various ages, hugs, kisses, sexual intercourse and sex positions, sex with a strange woman, etc. Kok described various stages of love in Rati Rahasay, the fifth stage being weight loss, the ninth is fainting, and the tenth and last stage is death. It makes classifications of women and describes erogenous zones and days that lead to women's easy arousal.
Its the first book to describe in detail Indian feminine beauty. The book classified women into four psycho-physical types, according to their appearance and physical features.
Padmini (पद्मनी), Chitrini (चित्रिणी), Shankhini (शंखनी) & Hastini (हस्थिनी).
On the basis of the size of the genitals, the text classifies sexual intercourse into nine different types. Aphrodisiacs are also described in the book.
Kok has described at length methods to make the most of sex, how to enjoy it and how to keep a woman happy. Kok cited other authors like Nandi Keshwar, Gonik Putr, and Vatsyayan. The Illustrated Kok Shastr explores all matters sexual, from setting the mood to explicit instruction on technique. In this edition, Comfort's translation is supplemented with explanatory notes and commentary. Explicit images drawn from a collection of ancient Indian paintings and sculptures - many never before published - complement and augment the classic text. This collection of instruction for intimate relations includes the complete text of the Kok Shastr and Rati Manjari, along with other significant medieval Indian writings on love such as the Anang Rang (the Stage of Love-God) and the Panch Saiyaka (the Five Arrows). This celebration of sex and sexuality is an invitation to explore a state of mind that accepts physical intimacy as a positive good and its elaboration as a natural part of life.
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