POLITICS WORLD OVER अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय राजनीति :: FOREIGN POLICY विदेश नीति

POLITICS WORLD OVER अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय राजनीति 
 FOREIGN POLICY विदेश नीति 
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj 
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Longest stint in power, longer than some Tsars and challenges before Putin :: Removal of corruption, poverty, upliftment of indigenous industry, enhancing agricultural-farming out put, innovations & research without stealing, checking prostitution-pushing girls into Europe due to poverty, stopping undue interference in others affairs, withdrawing undue support to China, North Korea, Syria. Maintaining harmonious relations with all weather friends. Realisation-understanding of causes of criticism-opposition and their solution-eradication.[09.05.2018]
Kim is imprudent, Putin is prudent and wise, Jinping is average but can be counselled, Trump is better than any of his predecessors during the last 50 years, but failed on economic front and promises. Modi is impressive abroad but facing stiff opposition from disgruntled Kafirs-seculars at home. To win 2019 elections he should negotiate with his followers, RSS workers, grass root workers of BJP.[08.05.2018]
Victoria's intimacy with Munshi an Indian Muslim from Jhansi, proved costly for India. It was divided. At present its proving to be a costlier affair for England and Australia. The citizens-tax payers of both these countries are paying heavily for unlimited progeny of Muslims from 4 wives. They keep on designing terror all over the world not to worry about earning and the both these governments take care of their families. [19.03.2018]
Putin's victory ensures a smooth Russia. He is prudent as compared to Stalin who too ruled Russia for 25 years. However, it will not be possible for him to eradicate corruption and boost economic growth. He should clip the wings of Muslims. His association with Asad of Syria, Kim of North Korea and the Chinese president Xi Jinping is not good Russia. His capability to negotiate with America can rebuild Russia. CONGRATULATIONS PUTIN.[19.03.2018]
At last America has got the president who has spine, is prudent, blessed with wisdom and indomitable will.His action against Pakistan is essential and over due. Pakistan is a terrorist state, which trains, harbour and encourage terrorism. Terrorists of all hue are nurtured there. Mexicans infiltrate and over burden USA. They bring drugs to America. Hillary Clinton was incapable of controlling Muslim terrorism and Obama was soft towards Muslims. Putin was used as pawn to win elections without sift in policy, by him. He has metal in his words. He wish to curtail entry of Indians to USA which will favour India in long term, when these young boys will rise for their rights against the incapable and corrupt spoiling India, blessed & backed with reservations! Kin Jong Un can also be disciplined by him, if he negotiate with Russia & China, which are willing & eager to listen to him.[03.01.2018]
Vladimir Putin's speech-SHORTEST SPEECH EVER :: Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia: "In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim's then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law.
"Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland, and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.
"When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians."
The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.
If this is, what he has said, he deserve whole hearted appreciation and felicitation. Indians politicians do not sufficient courage to counter the traitors residing in India.[28.07.2017]
If you keep this to yourself, you are part of the problem!Time is ripe for Putin, Trump and Modi to sit together and make a final assault over the Muslim traitors, North Korea and China. Muslim migrants should not be allowed to observe Muslim religious practices. Chinese goods should be by-quoted all over the world. Pakistan should be handed over back to India.[25.07.2017]
AMERICA'S SELL OUT TO PUTIN :: Removal of FBI chief by Trump is irrefutable clinching evidence against Trump. FBI chief Comey was probing Trump's aide's links with Russia. He is the sixth officer fired by Trump so far.To add fire to the dismissal, he met Russian foreign minister, just a few hours later.[11.05.2017]
Trump is the most unpopular, rather hated President of America over the last 64 years. He is not a diplomat but-
(1). He successfully roped in Putin to support him, during elections, in his favour.
(2). He extracted favours from China in terms of business, for his daughter.
(3). He succeeded in persuading China to cation-oppose North Korea, against its atomic-nuclear missiles programs.
(4). He threatens North Korea of dire consequences on one hand and wants to meet its dictator Kim as well. He expressed his desire to see Kim during elections as well. He is working on "carrot and stick policy" simultaneously.
(5.1). He successfully created terror in the minds of Muslim terrorists.
(5.2). He showed his opposition to Pakistan sponsored terrorism and is willing to block aid to Pakistan.
(5.3). He is trying to rein Pakistan, which is the "Base and Head Quarter" of all terrorist net works, all over the world.
(5.4). He is inching towards bringing Baghdadi out of his hide out. He ordered the shelling of the caves in Afghanistan where the terrorists were hiding, killing at least 96 of them.
(5.5). He is creating pressure over Assad side by side. He has expressed his desire to discuss the matter with Putin as well. May be he is able to convince Putin to remove Assad.
(6). He is right, when he says that the meals served to the children were thrown away by them for lack of proper taste. This has happened in India as well where the children in MCD schools preferred not to eat the biscuits served to them, due to bad taste.
(7). He is successful in scrapping Obama Care; but without suggesting its substitute?![07.05.2017]
North Korea's Kim and Syria's Assad are dangerous dictators, who are responsible for the murder of millions of people and migration of Syrians to Europe. They have the backing of Russia's President Putin. North Korea enjoys the support and military alliance of China. Putin played a game by supporting Trump. Now, it appears that Trump tricked him. Trump opposed China and has made her daughter's business with China, flourish. This all makes America number one and Russia number two in diplomacy. Putin lacks prudence, diplomacy and shrewdness, he needed as the president of Russia. Both China and Russia are well known for poor quality good all over the world. Aeroplane components made in China can send any plane into tail spin, any moment. Its mobile phones and laptops are designed to steal secret-sensitive information of the user.
Though, a grossly immoral and virtue-less person, Trump deserve appreciation for his desire to curb terrorism. He seems to handle Russia and China along with terrorism nicely. If Russia comes to help North Korea, it will be harmed more by its atomic arsenal, than America. 
China's expansionist designs may lure it to over power Kim's Korea in the name of help.
China, Russia and North Korea belongs to erstwhile communist block.
These three countries may become instrumental in third world war.
Russia has to be wise, use its wisdom and reject Assad. It may find a suitable stooge from amongest the rebels. However, Kim must be laid to rest at the earliest.[23.05.2017]
TRUMP :: (6). Racist killer regime of Trump has led to the murder of an innocent Indian Hindu engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla in America. Trump had been invoking racist sentiments during his election campaign. Whites seems to have forgotten their own roots. They are very much out siders in America. Indians have at least the solace that they are in a land which had Hinduism spreaded over the entire continent called America. There are sufficient proofs that Hindu demigods-deities were worshipped all over this land whether it was in Maya or Aztec civilisation.[25.02.2017]
(5). Hindus tilted the scales in favour of Trump to make their own lives miserable. He is going to cut visas to half, impose 20% tax and elongate the waiting period for green card up to 35 years. हिंदु "अबकी बाकी बार ट्रम्प सरकार" के झांसे में आ गया। उसका हिंदु प्रेम वोट के लिये था न कि उनके भले के लिये। He is using his office to promote his daughter's garment business. His opposition to China was to bluff the voters.[12.02.2017]
(4). He got the jerk from the court and his orders have turned null & void pertaining to the visitors from 7 countries. Students from India are turning their back to US and moving to Canada & European countries. 100 companies including google and face book are moving court against his actions. American companies are eager to out outsourcing and shift their base else where. US does not belong to whites only. Its original inhabitants are Red Indians who are butchered selectively to reduce their population. He is a true replica of Arvind Kejriwal, for which Arvind may seek copy right.[08.02.2017]
(3). Imposing restrictions over Indian IT companies is sure to make America a looser (3.1). Indian companies may prefer to pay higher salaries to the Indian experts as compared to inexperienced unsuitable-immature Greedy Americans. (3.2). American may prefer to base their companies in India, Mexico. Canada,  or China where IT experts are available at comparatively low salaries. (3.3). US may loose several other business opportunities, if India prefer to retaliate. Indian students who rush to America for higher studies may not find it a suitable place for higher learning. (3.4). US is sure to loose the Indian expertise in the field of IT, software development.[02.02.2017]
(2.1). Trump announced ban over the citizens of 7 countries from entering US, which is quite reasonable, but arresting those who had already obtained visa is illogical-disgraceful. Why he did not include Pakistan in this list is really unthoughtful-undesirable if he wish to curtail terrorism. Criticism in this regard from Germany etc. is wrong-unmindful. Germany has paid the price of its folly. Obama & Clintons were in reality soft towards them. Huge grants to Pakistan and Philistine  regime by them create doubts towards their intentions. (2.2). His desire to build a wall across US and Mexico is not based on sound fundamentals.If he imposes 20% tax over Mexican goods he will be harming only the Americans & not Mexico. He forgot that numerous US companies have their factories across Mexico. Why the American labour charges more for the same job as compared to Indians and Chinese, he should realise. He should not forget the contribution of Indians and Indian companies in the growth of America. Unemployment in America is voluntary not forced. India raised fences between Pakistan and Bagla Desh at its own expense, why he don't do this!? In spite of this, India has not been able to obtain 100% success-control over infiltration, smuggling and terrorism.[30.01.2017]
(1). His oath taking ceremony was attended by 7 Lakh people compared to 17 Lakh people who participated in Obama's oath taking ceremony. The day witnessed protests throughout America against him. He has caused percussion (ठेस, टकराव, प्रहार, चोट-मार-आघात-ठोकर-टक्कर, collision, conflict, clash, friction, bump, poke, thump, jab, strike, dub, injury, damage, harm, boner, hit, percussion, planter, percussion, wallop, welt, clobber, Kick, mortification) in the minds of China, Pakistan, Muslims, terrorists and the Indian IT companies in addition to Indians who wish to migrate to US. He scrapped Obama care on the very first day. [22.01.2017]
(14). A master piece stroke by Putin:-  nourished & nurtured Trump for 5 years, caught him in vulgar postures, helped him win, to break European union successfully and rule the world.[12.01.2017]
(13). RUSSIAN GAMBLE ::  Russia and China have some similarities:- Both of them had been communist countries following capitalist designs. Both are engaged in expansionist policies. Both believe in repression  and do not allow freedom of speech, press and the media. Both produce low quality goods and dump them in India & else where. Russia has been dumping its obsolete technology in India with the connivance former pro Russia rulers from Nehru-Gandhi family. It was Russia which led to the murder of Shastri Ji and return of territories to Pakistan won by India and bring back Gandhi icons to power in India. China has gained expertise-notoriety in dumping copied, inferior-fake goods in India, Pakistan, US and Europe. Both of them are expert in stealing latest technology from America and Europe. Both believe in hacking and interfering in sovereign countries affairs. The latest is that both of them are enemies of US but friends of Pakistan, just to sell their merchandise in Pakistan. Russian alignment with China is not only dangerous for the world but for Russia as well.[23.12.2016]
(1). There is a tilt in Russian policy towards India, recently. It has grouped itself with China and Pakistan. Its support of Assad in Syria is unfortunate and dangerous. Putin may recollect his memories of Afghanistan. His current allies are dangerous, notorious, terror propagators, wretched and unbelievable.[24.09.2016]
(2). India's closeness with US is not appreciated by Russia. India is buying warfare from Europe. Russia had been a supplier of obsolete goods to India including aeroplanes like MiG-20. Russia stands isolated with Europe. China is buying oil from it. Both China and Pakistan are India's traditional enemies. Russia's shift to China and Pakistan means the loss of a big market. India is slowly but gradually gaining strength and power to strike both of its neighbours. Most of the Indians have not forgotten the untimely death-murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent. By joining China in its military drills it has conceded its third rank in the world politics. Putin is an intelligent person, who can see the repercussions of this new born love.[25.09.2016]
(3). International prosecutors held Russia guilty of bringing down Malaysian plane MH17. The conclusion was based on thousands of wiretaps, witness statements and forensic tests during more than 2 years of investigations.[29.09.2016]
(4). Putin has gambled over wrong horses : Assad in Syria, China & now Pakistan. It might be error of judgement or his irrationality. [02.10.2016]
(5). Support to Assad is against humanity and indicates failure of diplomacy. Millions of people have been uprooted and millions killed. Even if you wish to create trouble for Europe, it should not be at the cost of humanity like the barbarians of ISIS, IS, ISI and Muslim terrorists. You have the image of a statesman, maintain it.[03.10.2016]
(6). Russia finds logic with surgical strikes-India has right to defend itself.
(7). Nothing is wrong as far as Russia devolves it nuclear power, but what when it falls into wrong hands in future. It's self destructive. India quietly developed power to generate more than 100 nuclear weapons but never threatens Pakistan. Pakistan insurgents can go berserk any moment, creating trouble for the whole world. However India should locate the strategic points in Pakistan and put them on target much before use, by the unholy Pakistanis & this is not difficult. 04.10.2016]
(8). Putin might have calculated-weighed the situation before advising Russians to return back. He is expecting world war due to the deteriorating situation in Syria. He is facing criticism from European countries for supporting Assad. The scriptures advise not to kill millions for the sake of one i.e., Assad. However, if there is war as per Putin, it will tremble his countries economy which is already shaky and forcing him to be at terms with rogue countries like China  and Pakistan.[13.10.2016]
(9). The Russian cocktail with Chinese ingredients and Pakistan's spices clearly brews ( शराब बनाना) of the harassed new block formed by them. Both Pakistan and Russia talk of nuclear-atomic war, which shows their financial breakdown, desperation and defeat. 20.10.2016]
(10). Having sensed the shift in the policy of Russia towards China, Pakistan and India US has threatened of destroying the terrorist's training camps run, financed & monitored by ISI in Pakistan with US aid. It may turn out to be poll gimmick by Obama. [25.10.2016]
(11). Russia is passing through resource crunch and low demand for its products all over the world. Its toeing China line now. To be precise like communism its own doom's day might be frightening it.[27.10.2016]
(12). So far it was US, which used to destabilise elected governments all over the world through CIA and support terrorist net works & people like Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden IS, ISIS and ISI; of Pakistan for its dominance. Putin has really done a remarkable job treading (क़दम रखना, पांव रखना, पैर उठाना) into US domain by playing its card to support a puppet President.[18.12.2016]
US General Election-Trump VClinton :: Trump is a tainted person with the guilt of Russian support for winning elections. The CIA has confirmed its findings.[10.01.2017]
The white house & the CIA have expressed concern over Russia & Putin meddling with the presidential elections. Hillary's emails were hacked and misused.[16.12.2016]
Hillary lost the elections in spite of highest ever popular votes! What a tragedy! The CIA believes the Russian government intervened to help President-elect Donald Trump win the election. American intelligence and law enforcement officials have circumstantial, though voluminous, evidence pointing to Russian influence. The matter is so serious that even Republican leaders have called for a congressional investigation into the matter.[13.12.2016]
Hillary lost, since it was not in her stars. Still FBI probe into Emails scandal inserted last nail in her coffin.There is evidence that polls were rigged in key states as was expected from DON. अमेरिकन्स के अच्छे दिन खत्म हो गए। [24.11.2016]
(62). The FBI has exonerated (बरी, दोषमुक्त) Hillary of the email scandal proving it to be poll prank (शरारत, चाल); but TRUMP will never be able to prove his innocence against all accusations by the 18 women. He is such a rascal that he claimed TRUMP to have been copy righted by him all over the world. Americans would be lucky if they are saved from this man by the mercy of the God. BEST OF LUCK AMERICANS. [08.11.2016]
(61). Don's links with Putin are almost clear, now. Email fiasco (रंग-भंग) has badly shattered Hillary's position currently. The time of opening of email scandal is proving inauspicious for her, at least for the time being, since Don has made a marginal leads as for now.[02.11.2016]
(60). FBI probe into Emails scandal of Hillary Clinton (6,50,000) in the Abedin-Weiner laptop, has eroded her gains drastically. Don is just one point behind her. There is wide suspicion in the mind of the voters that she might have done something illegal and compromised national security.[01.11.2016]

(59). Don is playing dirty tricks to win Indians in America by appreciating Modi, visiting Temples & Deepawali celebration by his daughter. Indians view him as "Incapable, self centred, without vision, no insight, no intuition, no creativity, no capacity to offer hope, trust, stability or compassion. He has resentment, grievances, fear, hostility, guilt, shame, and depression. He is talking of a world war under Hillary. What a nonsense he has created all over the world.[27.10.2016]
(58). At least 12 women including porn stars have come out in open facing threats of court cases against them, from the wretched & livid (बदरंग, भद्दे रंग का) Don and yet he hopes to win the elections![25.10.2016]
(57). Only a miracle will elect the Don, other vise he is sure to lose the election![22.10.2016]
(56). The third round of bout (मुकाबला) humiliated the Don-Putin's puppet, miserably. He called Hilary a nasty woman. Hilary reminded him that his hotel was built with Chinese steel and that he used undocumented workers to build Trump tower threatening the workers of deportations continuously. Trump was defanged and reduced to a dwarf the defensive. He left shrouded by the women.[21,10.2016]
(55). The vulturous sycophant called Don has taken US presidential election to low ebb (भाटा, उतार, अवनति). that media has published Obama's mothers nude pictures recently. Now he has talked of Hilary being a lesbian. His third wife Melania Trump being the daughter of a former Russian Communist clearly shows his links with Russia and China. He is sure to mortgage America's interests to Putin. instantly, this all clearly shows Americans gross disregard for values, morals, ethics, virtues since America has no culture of its own. [20.10.2016]  
PORN-MOM-ann-dunham1(54). The Don seems to have successfully be fooled the Asians with the false promise of early green cards. Most of them are against Hilary for supporting Pakistan.[18.10.2016]
(53). The Don is over his toes to lure (be fool) Indian community by appreciating Modi. No doubt the crooked is over clever, but imprudent. [17.10.2016]
(52.1). Almost 70% of Mexicans, Muslims, Hindus and the blacks living in US, have almost decided to vote against Donald Trump. The line of action adopted the US media is prudent. He is graceless becoming uglier day by day with women. The Apprentice came forward on Friday to accuse him of predatory behaviour. 2004 recordings of him concerning Lilo-Lindsey Lohan are even more vulgar. What a nasty beast he is?! [16.10.2016]
(52.1). Having sensed his defeat 5 women have come out in the open to expose obnoxious Don. A Russian aide has repeated the threat that Putin gave yesterday that there may be world war over Syria & a nuclear war if Don looses the election exposing him further as a stooge of Russia. Hilary is leading at present by over 15 points.[14.10.2016]

(1). Both these candidates are not much suited for US, due to their back ground knowledge of politics and prudence. If one has to select out of these two, he should go with Clinton. Democrats have not been able to distance themselves from the love and affection for Muslim terrorists of Pakistan. They have been pumping funds into the hands of Pakistani terrorists in the name of aid. Trump's statements pertaining to China, North Korea and Russia clearly show his bent of mind. He is a racist and talks against them at leisure. Many business houses are so much scared of him that they wish to migrate to Mexico or else where, in case of his victory. His statements pertaining to Pakistan and Muslims too are not very clear. His statements against Indians in US too are of dubious-suspicious nature. More often he talks like a psychic or mentally unstable person. His past too is not too good to prove him to be an ideal choice for the citizens of US. One should not be misguided by the speeches in the media or else where. The voter should exercise his brain & prudence before casting his precious vote.
In the past, Obama and Clinton had been able to create report with India and especially Modi, which might be good for mutual welfare.

(2).Hillary Rodham Clinton is hilarious while Trump is nude, devil, Russian double agent as per US media reports. [03.08.2016]
(3). Trump is anti Indians, anti Muslims, anti Negros, anti Mexicans, pro China & Russia.[04.08.2016]
(4.1). Trump is crude, immature, unrefined, lacks diplomacy. (4.2). The rapist runs casinos, want to use nukes but against whom and what for. ?! A great danger is looming over the world in his form. [05.08.2016]
(5). Melania Trump the present wife of Presidency aspirant, too entered US illegally and stayed there for over one and a half year, with one of her mates. What if a characterless woman becomes first US lady ?! Trump too had his ancestors, who were aliens to US. (5.1). Trump could not manage his company and terminated the services of 3,000 employees. How would he generate employment in US ?! He is against migrations forgetting the fact that America is a country of migrants from all over the world. [07.08.2016]
(6). Trumps sons are engaged in merciless killing of animals including the endangered species.[09.08.2016]
(7.1). Psychiatrists in America have found Don Trump a mentally unfit and unstable person, capable of harming America beyond recovery. He is a potential disaster for the whole world.
(7.2). Maverick (आवारा, पर्यटक, लावारिस आदमी, घुमक्कड, tramp, maverick, drifter, vagabond, stroller, tourist, hobo, camper, sun downerRepublican presidential nominee Don Trump promised massive tax breaks without explaining the source of finance America will provide to the terrorists in Pakistan and else where supported by it! The tax payer seek answer from Hillary as well if she would finance terrorist in Pakistan?![10.08.2016]
(8.1). Don trump has given a veiled assassination threat to Hillary Clinton. He deserve to be interrogated and put behind the bars for such a grave criminal offence. 
(8.2). For the Don all Mexicans & Muslims are terrorists, drug paddlers, criminals, intruders and wretched people. He wish erect a huge wall between america and Mexico.[11.08.2016]

(9). Motor mouth Don Trump, who is suffering from Kejriwal syndrome, has made wild, livid accusations against Obama & Hilary Clinton which are sufficient to disqualify him for he august house of president ship. Still if there is even a slightest bit of truth in them, one has the right to know the truth. There is no doubt that US under Clinton & Obama had been financing ISI & Pakistan terrorists, but one can nor imagine that either Obama or Clinton can be behind IS.[12.08.2016]
(10). There are clear indications that the Don may be laughed out of this election. He says that he wanted to say ISIS instead of IS, the day before.The descent of the Don's campaign into idiocy and farce has made more than 70 Republicans to ask the party to save funds for future instead of waiting over him. They have identified him as reckless, unpopular person. In fact the Don too has conceded his defeat & land slide victory for Democrats.[13.08.2016]
(11). Murder of 2 Bangla Desi clerics in US clearly shows the impact of Don's in-citation for guns and hatred for Muslim community.[15.08.2016]
(12). आतंकी संगठन इस्लामिक स्टेट को हथियार बेचने की बात को लेकर डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी की उम्मीदवार हिलेरी क्लिंटन अब तक इनकार करती रही हैं, लेकिन विकीलिक्स ने इसको लेकर बड़ा खुलासा किया है। विकीलिक्स के संस्थापक जूलियन अंसाजे ने दावा किया है कि ओबामा के शासनकाल में हिलेरी जब स्टेट सेक्रेटरी थीं तब उन्होने इस्लामिक स्टेट को हथियार बांटे। अंसाजे ने कहा यह साबित करने के लिए उनके पास पर्याप्त सबूत हैं। Let the proof come forward, before its too late.[15.08.2016]
Image result for Naked Donald trump images(13). A frequently asked question is "Was Donald's campaign chief paid $13 m by pro-Russian party in Ukraine?"[16.08.016]
(14). Will the Don pass citizenship test?![17.08.2016]
(15). The Don is suffering from hatred for other communities, rigidity-bigotry (धर्माधता, कट्टरपन, हठ, पक्षपात, discrimination, favour, disrespect of persons, inequity, one-sidedness) & intolerance-strictness. He is unfair. He needs psychiatric treatment immediately.[18.08.2016]
(16). His wife was Nude and now he is naked. He has left the people in 5 cities to laugh (-giggle, grin, खीस, दांत निकालना, मूर्ख की तरह हंसना, खिसियाना, फूहड़पन से हंसना) at him. What a wonderful President US is going to have![20.08.2016]
(17.1). The Don is suffering from racial stigma. Brown skinned Indians are turned out of his rally, where all bigot-radical whites are present. 90% black population has alienated from him. Broad-open minded American may abstain from voting in his favour. 
(17.2). Trump's companies owe more than $650 million. In addition to that 3 companies in partnership with him owe more than $2 billion. He too belongs to the category of Vijay Mallya. In case he fails to pay & win this election he may run away from US. [21.08.2016]
(18). The Don lacks morals, ethics, virtues and honesty. Compared to Putin he scores just 10%. He is slightly better than China, North Korea and Pakistan premiers in dishonesty. Compared to Obama or Modi he scores 9-10%. [22.08.2016]
(19.1). The imprudent is changing his stand now to bluff the public by offering to legalise the 11 million illegal migrants. Earlier he had threatened to deport them en-mass & build a wall across US-Mexico border. A large Latino population in US will decide the fortunes of many Republican law makers. He him self is bound to lose in Florida and Colorado, on this account. 
(19.2). Hillary's no-white foreigner aide Adebin, born in America, from Indian father and Pakistani Mother, her personal assistant is projected as future white house chief of staff to the first female US president. She is said to have been associated with a radical Muslim Publication with Islamic sympathisers, who may be a security risk.[23.08.2016]
(20.1). In the American history, Don would become the first ever candidate who is charging for his own campaign from the Republican Party. What an absurd choice! (20.2). 60% of the voters dislike both Don and Hilary. (20.3). Email ghost is giving sleepless nights to Hilary & haunting her. (20.4). In India even the street dog is ready to eat the Turkey (voters). The American Turkey is really lucky as she has two choices to be swallowed by the tiger or the tigress. The Turkey would be more fortunate if spared by the tigress like her preceder Obama, which she may not prefer. (20.5). Its alleged that Clinton Foundation and the state department intermingled. Don calls it Criminal enterprise, but him self donated $1,00,000 to it. (20.6). This election has one thing in common with India and that is :: Both the candidates are growing old and suffering from various aliments. Don is physically as well as mentally sick. [25.08.2016]
(21.1). US saw two Bush who brought turmoil for the world. Now its Hilary after Bill and next you will find Chelsea contesting for US president ship leading to Dynastic rule. (21.2). The Don pointed to Hilary's coughing but what about him self suffering from various diseases. (21.3). India is a country of the youth ruled by the aged & so are the prospects of America. In India there is a saying "सठिया गया है"; i.e., turned 60+, meaning there by :: His memory has become weak, he is crazy, nostalgic and boring; fits the Don, most appropriately. (2.4). One thing is sure :: Don's business has started shinning and more and more people are becoming familiar with his brands around the world. कहते हैं बदनाम हुए तो क्या; नाम हो रहा है! What if one has earned a bad name-reputation, more and more people are knowing him! [26.08.2016]
(22.1). He is a racist with dislike for Indians. (22.2). In India it takes 3-4 days for thorough health check ups. But he got the health certificate in just 5 minutes without any check up. This is how he will manage US. It shows that he has the traits of a psycho criminal. The US government should thoroughly examine his criminal past before the country goes for polls. The US citizens should deport him before he tries to deport them. As a matter of fact the illegal migrants are engaged in petty jobs which a normal American hates to do.[29.08.2016]
Image result for Image danger mark crossbones with skull(23). There are millions of Muslim voters in US who would prefer to vote for one who is sympathetic to them. They knew Obama's Muslim origin and now they are aware the chief aide of Hillary Huma is a Muslim. In spite of being a Muslim Obama eliminated Osama Bin Laden. Politics do not see religion or blood relation when it comes to victory or defeat. Aurangzeb imprisoned his father. Syrians, IS, ISI, ISIS are all Muslim organisations butchering Muslims for the sake of power, only. [31.08.2016]

(24). With his flickering-wavering mind, the Don will prove to be a liability for the citizens of America. He is a state guest of the Mexicans, whom he branded as RAPISTS, CRIMINALS, INTRUDERS, DRUG DEALERS etc. for the sake of votes. After becoming President, he can easily sell America to Militants-Terrorists, ISIS, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, China or North Korea for money.[01.09.2016]
Photo: (25). The Don is a bluff master too. He wants the public to believe him that Mexico will erect the boundary with its own money. You have the grudge, not Mexico. Mexicans are like millions of Nepalies residing in India while maintaining their roots in Nepal but unable to affect the government formation in Nepal. Mexican have their colonies in America and employed as low paid workers. They bear all sorts of atrocities inflicted by the bigot whites-Christians over them, unable to report the matter to police as well, since they are aware that they are illegal migrants. Either they would be jailed or repatriated back.[02.09.2016]
(26.1). This Pundit in agreement with other political Pundits forecast a land slide victory for Hilarious-Hilary Clinton provided, some thing happen which is unforeseen-unfortunate.[03.09.2016]
(26.2). Having viewed her Palm print earlier it was predicted that she may never become US president. Still the things are in molten pot.[25.09.2016]
(27). The Don has achieved notoriety & expertise in blaming others like Kejriwal. Now, he is bending in front of black population now; which is nothing more than a gimmick and a trick to be-fool them. One who believes him is playing with his own future.[04.09.2016]
(28). Don is grossly obnoxious person (अप्रिय, घृणित, आपत्तिजनक, बेहूदा, disagreeable, vexing, unloved, distasteful, displeasing, play guy, ridiculous, plague some, messy, hideous, abhorrent, despicable, heinous, repellent, demurral, exceptionable, ill favoured, open to objection, stunk, distasteful, shocking) in the public eyes.
(29). Don's wife has filed a multi million dollar defamation suit against two media houses for labelling her as an escort (prostitute). Her entry in US reminds of the female spies-secret double agents who used their body to entice the victims for extracting confidential-classified information. Don has been alleged to have been working in favour of Russia. [05.09.2016]
(30). The Don says that he would increase military expenditure. 9 TV channels predict his defeat except CNN/ORC poll, which says that he is ahead of Hilary by 45% to 43% votes.
(31). HILARY'S TRUMP CARD :: Republicans have choosan a half mad, who praise Putin just to confirm his league with him. This is an unpatriotic and scary act. In front of audience in a live show Clinton proved to be precise, detail oriented and lawyerly, while Don was vague, vapid and breezy, throwing out a series of odd & incoherent remarks and claims.
(32). FACE BOOK CO-FOUNDER COMES OUT IN THE OPEN TO DEFEAT DON :: Dustin has donated $20 million to ensure Don's defeat.
(33). Its a common belief all over the world that Don's supporters are deplorables, racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.
(34). One thing surely and certainly go against the democrats :: Their support to terrorists of IS, ISI & ISIS including Pakistan a hell hole & terrorist state. In spite of conclusive evidence that Pakistan butchered their army personnel in Afghanistan they continued supporting Pakistan financially. US panel too virtually call Pak a terrorist state. Senators openly accuse Pak of killing US soldiers. Obama and Hilary should apologise for this mistake and promise to take corrective measures immediately after elections and victory.
(35). Clinton has pneumonia but don is suffering from multiple diseases including dreaded MOUTH PILES. He is a supporter of Kim who tested nuclear bomb yesterday to target Washington. 
(36). Brand value of Don's companies has started sliding badly. People are aware of his gimmicks and character now. Its going to affect his voters as well.[15.09.2016]
(37). Its a common perception that the Don poisoned Hilary with the help of KGB-under Putin. The doctor more or less confirmed the hypotheses.[15.09.2016]
(38). Now the Don says that Obama was born in America. Was he present at the time of delivery?! Almost every sensible man today agrees that the Don is a psychic and deserve to be in mental asylum. If he wins he will turn entire US into a mental asylum.[17.09.2016]
(39). The Don has suggested removal of Hilary's security so that he can manage her assassination, while referring to the use of fire arms-guns.[19.09.2016]
(40). Only thing good about the Don is his hatred for the Muslims & Islam. There presence any where in the world is full of dangers.[20.09.2016]
(41). The rogue (दुष्ट, शठ, कपटी मनुष्य, धूर्त) Don used charity funds to settle his legal matters & business disputes! After victory he is sure to use state funds for expanding his businesses empire abroad. He has land in multiple countries even now.[22.09.2016]
(42.1). 82 years old Saul Friedlander, Israeli-American writer has described Don Trump as dangerous crazy person, who might win due to the tendency of Hilary to lie and hide things. He says that he would quit USA in such a case, like so many others who have lined up to migrate else where in the event of Don's victory.[24.09.2016]
(42.2). The Don has again hit under the belly of Indians, who are serving America. The stupid perhaps does not know that the government of India spends a lot money to train an Indian at the IIM or IIT. The expenditure might turn out to be more than what the US grants to Pakistani and ISI, IS, ISIS terrorists as aid. It will thousands of years for the US to develop the inborn intelligence Indian have. Those who are posted abroad by Indian companies work for longer hours as compared to Americans without being compensated. The unmatched dedication of Indians can not be grown in the residents of US who shirk work and prefer white-colour jobs.[24.09.2016]
Image result for Monica Lewinsky.
(43). Allan Lichman-a forecaster has said that Don will be the next American President. He says that the people of America have never seen a candidate who spent his life enriching himself at the expense of others. He would become the first ever candidate to to be a fabricator. Making up things Earlier in the week 75 retired diplomats wrote a letter, saying trump was unqualified to be a president. Singer Bruce called him a moron.[25.09.2016]

(44.1). The American voter is curious about the outsider-non politician candidate for President ship. Most of the former Presidents could not fulfil their promises. Trump may prove to be a winning candidate if the voters find a person who is different than the traditional candidates.
(44.2). Though the scales are in favour of Hilary at present but they may tilt any moment since the voter is undecided yet. The debate proved Don to be inferior to Hilary. [28.09.2016]
(45.1). Hilary fears coup in Pak-unholy army and indicates, mild threat to India of suicide N-bombers.
Image result for ormer Miss Universe Alicia MachadoImage result for ormer Miss Universe Alicia Machado
(45.2). USA today broke the tradition and took sides on Friday in the upcoming Presidential election election, warning readers to resists the siren of a dangerous demagogue and reject Don.

(45.3). Us threatens to scrap Syria talks with Russia due to strikes by Russia in Aleppo causing Humanitarian Catastrophe. 96 children and hundreds of civilians died in the strike.
(45.4). If Don wins, he will become the first ever most indecent occupant of white house. He had been a porn star and is well known for infidelity. His pictures amused the readers of Play boy. He is critical of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, but is not ashamed of himself.[02.10.2016]
(46). The Don is not ready to make his income tax returns public, since he had shown undue losses since 1995 on wards even though he was earning high volumes of profits.Does the American deserve this?! [03.10.2016]
(47). Donald Trump's videotapes of 2005, when he was 50, clearly show that he had been a womaniser and one suspect him of blackmailing the target women side by side. He is a grossly indecent person. Except a few exceptions US had been ruled by rogues like Bush, Reagan, Nixon etc. Bills sexual endeavours are known to every one. How can any one expect Americans to be virtuous or pious. The battle is between the more wretched and lesser evil. [9.10.2016]
(48). Don Trump has nothing like morals in him. He proved to be a real bastard, a born beast.He did not spare his own daughter (Any one can suspect him of developing sex relations with her.).His party's 24 legislatures are sure to desert him along with the vice present nominee. He questions that if a woman who could not satisfy her husband (sexually), could satisfy the Americans?! He is the one who entered backstage to see the naked girls in miss universe pageant in 2005. Do the Americans afford to elect such a rogue?! [10.10.2016]
(49). Don Trump successfully dragged Hilary into MUD SLINGING ROUND TWO and lost to her by a big margin of 27% to 68% popular votes.He accused bill of having extra marital affairs with 3 women and blamed him of raping a minor-12 year old girl.Where have these women come from?! Why did they not speak up during Monica Lewinsky episode?!Don is accusing Bill Clinton, who is not contesting elections.Don has blurred the image of America to a new low as far as moral-virtues are concerned.US House Speaker Paul Ryan, the nation's top elected Republican, told law makers that he will no longer support Don.[11.10.2016]
(50.1). The Republicans may have to dump Donald Trump to save their vote bank. He might be left to contest as an independent candidate. Hilary is inching to double digit gain. 
Warren Buffett KU Visit.jpg
(50.2).Don has said that he would send her to jail if he wins. 
(50.3). In the mean while Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway & one of the richest men in the world, released his tax data since 1944, calls Trump's bluff, after being called out on Sunday's debate. Trump had accused him of declaring $873 millions in losses. Donald had cheated the treasury throughout by claiming losses and donations in charitable disguise, which needs registration. 
(50.4). Incidentally Donald Trump is the same rascal, who had defended Bill Clinton for his extra marital affairs earlier, with Monica Lewinsky.[12.10.2016]
(51.1). Now, the rogue Don has roped in prostitutes to allege having links with Bill Clinton. A black called Dannie William has claimed that Bill Clinton is his biological father. Don is soft on Hilary by not labelling infidelity charges against her.
(51.2). Republican stalwarts believe that Don is bent upon destroying the party leading to Democrats land slide win.
(51.3). UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has said that victory of Don is dangerous for the whole world.[13.10.2016]
SUPPORT & AID TO TERRORISTS :: Pakistan's Khyber-Paktunkhwa government has allocated 300 million rupees in its budget to a Madarssa-school imparting TERRORISM BASED education in Islam, known as the University of Jihad, which has produced top Afghanistan Taliban leaders. Recently US announced an aid of rupees 34,00 crore to Pakistan, which is used only to expand its terrorist net works all over the world.  Its of no use explaining to America that the money will be used against it, sooner or later. The congenital idiots who frame foreign policy of US do not wish to understand the repercussions of their folly. Same is the case of European Union which sell arms and ammunition to the terrorist net work all over the world, including UK. They find an easy target in Putin for their problems. Perhaps one can explain the futility of his support to Assad who must be sacked-eliminated with out delay.[21.06.2016]
AID TO PAKISTAN BY US :: Imprudent policy makers of US have sanctioned a grant of more than $860 million to Pakistan to control terrorism (TO PROMOTE TERRORISM). Pakistan is in league with China and is a born enemy of India. Us aid is unjustified in the back drop of the difficulties faced by Americans, due to poverty and lack of facilities like toilets, urinals by the road side. One can urinate in the pent but not by the road side in the absence of public facilities!How shameful!!America finds it important to aid terrorism in stead of helping its citizen's welfare and employment.
UN security Council has okayed Syria peace plan, set to begin next month. Mean while US has adopted a pragmatic approach which might help in holding elections next year. Putin is willing to toe US line of action. But it may not be too easy to eliminate Assad from Syria without firm  determination. Diplomacy calls for elimination of one person instead of butchering millions.[2012.2015]
Putin deserve to be called a rational thinker and practical person. He has supported Trumps candidature for the next Presidential elections. A number of voters found a right person in Trump when he said that the Muslims should not be allowed to enter US. The Muslim terrorist are icon to the demons-giants-Rakshas, who killed humans indiscriminately.[18.12.2105]
Its better late than never. The British, the French, Americans, Russians all are feeling the pinch-sting of the Muslim terror, generated by the Pakistanis, ISI, IS, ISIS. India is the worst sufferer. This is the time to negotiate amongest the sufferers and strike unitedly by eliminating the back stabbers. Pakistan, Turkey, Syria deserve no mercy. If you can not untie in crisis, when will you come to the common platform?!. The humanity is at stake. Where are you humanitarians.?![04.12.2015]
Killing of 14 innocents  by the Pakistanis in US is not enough for its government. The woman had been associated with the DREADED LAL MASJID of Pakistan. The due was in contact with ISIS bosses. Its dangerous to be in the company of a Muslim especially Pakistanis promoting terrorism. The imprudent policy makers of US need refresher courses in diplomacy.[06.12.2015]
13/11 PARIS ATTACK BY ISLAMIC FANATICS-TERRORISTS :: 26/11 in India was a wake up call which was ignored by European countries, Russia and the US. A series of coordinated terrorist attacks, consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings and hostage taking, occurred in Paris and in the northern suburb of Saint Denis on 13.11.2015.The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.129 victims were killed, 89 of them at the Bataclan theatre. Another 433 people were admitted to hospital with injuries sustained in the attacks, including 80 described as being critically injured. In addition to the victims, seven attackers died and the authorities continued to search for any accomplices remaining at large. The attacks were the deadliest in France since World War II,and the deadliest in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.
What is common in ISI, IS, ISIS & ISIL?! It is IS. The mother of all troubles lies in Pakistan under the ISI-which is the intelligence of Pakistan. Initially it trained Talibanies and then extended the facility to IS, ISIS and ISIL now. It trained HAMAS and BOKO HARAM terrorists as well. A lot of add pour in to Pakistan from the US government, so that India is always under constant trouble without realizing that one day or the other it will affect them as well. Putin has rightly pointed that at least 40 countries of which 20 are from the G-20 are funding the ISLAMIC TERRORIST. They have a religion called ISLAM. They are Muslims. Russian guns, Syrian passport, French nationality, infiltrators constitute the modus operendy. 
Illicit money, narcotics, drugs constitute the major funding sources. Pakistan grow a lot of opium and converts it into heroin & banned drugs to sell all over the world. Mexicans do help them a lot since they retain most of the profit. Money through HAWALA reach these terrorists. They are in full control of some oil wells as wells. They sell women and girls of all ages. Dons like Dawood, criminals and smugglers are manipulating the affairs as per their own will, whims and fancy.
US has virtually failed to coordinate attacks over ISIS hide out, which does not seem very difficult. US, Russia and the entire Europe has Christian population. They should understand that they are under sewer attack.
They made the population of the entire region to migrate to neighbouring countries, so that their trained terrorist could sneak-infiltrate along with them, And now the ball is your court.
Putin has done commendable-laudable job by attacking them from a distance. Now let the artillery inch closer to the target.
Russia had earlier taught a lesson to them by eliminating their families. At least one of them survived who is now recognized as an Egyptian cleric, who masterminded the blowing of Russian plane. Those who blamed Russia of blowing Malaysian plane may also be behind the blowing of its plane. Who so ever they are, they are closely knit with ISI, IS, ISIS & ISIL.[17.11.2015]
ASYLUM :: Asylum seekers from Syria and neighbouring countries are moving to Europe beyond proportions. Unrest caused by terrorists-ISIS is horrific. Thousands of migrants have died on their way to safe place. They deserve sympathy, shelter, jobs, protection. More than 10 million people have been displaced from their roots. Even if they are allowed to live and earn, they should not be allowed to follow the religion, which teach terrorism-distraction. Every effort should be made to employ the tough-young to be sent back as fighters to combat the destructive forces, from amongest them. The pious-faithful should resolve to perish-vanish those responsible for uprooting the innocents, as early as possible. This is a God sanctioned opportunity for US and Russia to join hands. Let the God fearing virtuous Muslims join the fight against terrorism.
Putin has done well by joining the fight against ISIS. Humanitarian grounds invite him to unseat Assad and save Syria and the millions of refugees flooding European countries to save the world from turmoil.[17.10.2015]

HANDLING MUSLIM-ISLAMIC TERROR :: Japanese are not swayed by outside influences easily. Influence of Islam is being spread across the globe through Muslim evangelism and immigration. Easy money obtained by selling oil at exorbitant prices is making them rich & vulgar. One after another group of Muslims is dreaming of ruling the world in the name of Islam-Jihad through terror techniques. Almost all countries specially Europe, Canada, Australia and America are unable to check the ill effects-menace of these notorious groups of Muslims. So called secular Indians are the worst lot. However, the Japanese remain uninfluenced by these adventurists. 
Japan strives to maintain civil relationships with Islamic countries for economic reasons. Inside the country, Muslims are required to practice their religion quietly in their own homes and are prohibited from overtly endeavouring to convert anyone to Islam. There is complete ban on Islamic evangelism & Muslim immigrants. America and other countries are importing Muslims in droves. Japan discourages their entrance into it. It allows only those who are of some use for it. Japanese as a whole are uneasy with the Muslims. China is not far behind it has ascertained that their population does not grow further. Islamist-Muslims have the reputation of radical, closed-minded, bigots, egoist and low intelligence people with a strange religious practices. There are very few mosques or Islamic institutions in Japan and only one imam in Tokyo.
Islam has produced intolerant radicals with violent intent. Clerics misled the majority of illiterate community by giving wrong explanations-interpretations of the Quran. Pakistan-ISIS-Hamas-Boko Haram are crude examples of it.ISIS has attacked Egypt. Its design are clear. It should not be taken lightly. The whole world must act against it. [31.01,2015]
बैंगलौर की कोंग्निजेंट कम्पनी का इंजीनियर मेहदी मसरूर रात में ISIS के चीफ आतंकी बगदादी के सम्पर्क में रहकर, उसका ट्विटर हैंडल करता था। उसे स्वप्न में भरोसा नहीं था  कि वो कभी पकड़ा जायेगा। उसके माँ-बाप कहते हैं कि उसे फँसाया जा रहा है। वैसे उसने अपना गुनाह कबूल कर लिया है।  ध्यान रहे वो अकेला नहीं है। पूरे मुल्क में भरे पड़े हैं, ऐसे देाष द्रोही। जब भी कभी ऐसी हरकत करते हुए कोई पकड़ा जाता है, तो कहता है कि, उसे फंसाया जा रहा है; और AK & Mulla MSY जैसे लोग तो उसके साथ हैं ही। फिर डर किस बात का?!
LESSONS FROM ISRAEL:: इजराइल एक ऐसा छोटा सा देश जिसकी जनसँख्या 80 लाख के आस पास है पर 150 करोड़ से अधिक 56 मुस्लिम देश इजराइल से खौफ खाते हैं - ताजा उदहारण ISIS पूरे अरब में आतंक मचाये हुए है, लोगों का कत्लेआम कर रहा है, पर अब तक इजराइल की तरफ एक गोली भी नहीं चलाई है, जबकि इजराइल सीरिया का पडोसी ही देश है, एक भी इजराइल के नागरिक को छुआ भी नहीं, क्योंकि उनको पता है जहाँ इजराइल को थोडा भी छेड़ा, उनके यहाँ कोई मानवाधिकार वाला बकवास करने के लिए नहीं अगले ही पल या तो इजराइल की ओर से मिसाइल दाग दिया जायेगा या इसरायली सेना चढ़ाई कर देगी। 
हिटलर से जान बचाकर यहूदी लोग अपने मूल निवास इजराइल जक्रब्स गए। अरब के मुस्लिमों-फ़िलिस्तीनियों ने पहली बार इजराइल पर 1948 में हमला किया था उस समय बस इजराइल बना ही था, उसके पास कोई बड़ी सेना या धन गोला बारूद नहीं था, परन्तु फिर भी इजराइल ने अरब को 1948 में बड़े आसानी से हरा दिया तब से लेकर अब तक अरब देशों ने 6 बाद इजराइल से युद्ध लड़े हैं और इजराइल ने हर बार मुस्लिम देशो को हराया है।1948 से अब तक अरब-इजराइल युद्धों में इजराइल के 22000 सैनिक शहीद हुए हैं, वहीँ मुस्लिम देशों के 91000 से अधिक। For Israel its a mater of survival.
इजराइल चारो ओर से मुस्लिम देशों से घिरा हुआ है फिर भी किसी मुस्लिम देश, या ISIS की मजाल नहीं की इजराइल को छेड सके अगर यूँ कहा जाए की इजराइल, मुस्लिम देशों का काल है तो अतिशयोक्ति नहीं होगी इजराइल इसलिए इतना ताकतवर है क्योंकि वहाँ मानवाधिकार जैसे गाल-बजाने वाले नहीं हैं। उसे अमेरिका, इंग्लैंड और यूरोप का समर्थन प्राप्त है। बकवास चीजे नहीं हैं। इजराइल खुद पहले हमला नहीं करता, बस अपना बचाव करता है। उसको कोई छेड़े तो वह उसे छोड़ता नहीं। इजराइल की मोसाद का तो ऐसा खौफ है की मोसाद के डर से किसी आतंकी संगठन के मुखिया या किसी मुस्लिम देश के नेता की औकात नहीं की इजराइल की तरफ टेढ़ी आँख करके देखे मित्रो म्युनिक ओलिंपिक में जिहादी तत्वों ने इजराइल के खिलाडियों की जर्मनी में हत्या कर दी थी और वो जिहादी तत्व किसी मुस्लिम देश में जा छुपे थे, जिनकी संख्या सैंकड़ो में थी। इजराइल की मोसाद के 30 जवान उस मुस्लिम देश में घुसकर उन जिहादियों को मार आये थे इजराइल की मोसाद का सिर्फ एक जवान शहीद हुआ था। यही हाल उन्होंने पाकिस्तान में छुपे आतंकवादियों का किया। इस से सबक लेकर अमेरिका ने बिन लादेन को मारा। 
एक बार एक मुस्लिम संगठन के लोगो ने कुछ इसरायली लोगो की हत्या कर दी फिर सब फरार हो गए सबसे अपना देश और नाम हुलिया बदल दिया, पर इजराइल की मोसाद इतनी खौफनाक है, 25 साल बाद उन कातिलों को दक्षिण अमरीका के होटल में जाकर ख़त्म कर दिया। भारत को इजराइल से सीखने की जरुरत है, अगर इजराइल का 10% गुण भी भारत में आ जाये तो पाकिस्तान क्या हर जिहादी देश दुनिया के नक़्शे से मिट जाएँ।
RELIGION OF TERRORIST आतंकी का मज़हब :: आतंकवादी शैतान का पुजारी है। वो शैतान को अल्लाह, रसूल ताला, खुदा, परवरदिगार कहकर मासूम जनता को गुमराह करता है-उल्लू, बेवकूफ बनता है। उसने आतंवाद को इस्लाम और इस्लाम को मानने वाले मुसलमानों को आतंकी का पर्याय बना दिया है-दर्जा दे दिया है। उसने कुरान की आयतों का मन-माना तर्जुमा किया है। और उल्टा-पलटा अर्थ निकाल के मुफलिसों को गुमराह किया है। फतवा जारी कर वो किसी भी बेगुनाह को भी मरवा सकता है, जेल भेज सकता है। जेहाद का मतलब उसे खुद तो मालूम नहीं है तो औरों को क्या समझाएगा। धर्म युद्ध का मतलब है अपने रक्षा करना ना कि किसी पर वार-आक्रमण करना, लूटना, बलात्कार करना, अगवा करना, गुलाम बनाना और बेचना, सताना, मारना, प्रताड़ित करना, बच्चों को हथियार की तालीम देना।  
अनपढ़ बहुसंख्यक, तालीम से महरूम निम्न तबके के लोग, मुफलिसों को,आर्थिक रूप से पिछड़े वर्ग को कठमुल्ले, मौलवी, मुफ़्ती बरगलाते हैं, फुसलाते हैं लालच देते हैं, जन्नत का ख्वाव दिखाते हैं। जिसे रोटी भी मुअस्सर न हो उसे बिरयानी खाने का सपना दिखाते हैं। दूसरों को लूटना-कत्ल करना-दंगा फसाद करना उनका शौक भी है और पेशा भी। किसी के माँ-बाप या भाई-बहन को बन्धक बनाकर, उसे फियादीन बना देते हैं। मस्जिदों-मदरसों को पनाहगाह बना लेते हैं। 
पाकिस्तान एक ऐसा मुल्क है, जहाँ आतंकवाद की फैक्ट्री चलती है। आज पूरे जहान में इनका खौफ कायम करने की नापाक हरकत-कोशिश जारी है। LeT. ISI. ISIS, Jama-ud-Dawa, MI, Boko-Haram तालिबान, इनके अलग-अलग नाम है मगर मकसद एक ही है।  इंसानियत का खून। पाकिस्तान की सरकार इन्हें हर मुमकिन-संभव सहायता प्रदान करती है। वो एक ऐसा सांप है जिसके 543 सर-फन हैं। एक को कुचलो तो दूसरा सर उठाने लगता है। बगदादी, हाफिज सईद जैसे इसके सरपरस्त हैं। हाफ़िज़ के सर पर एक करोड़ डॉलर का इनाम है। वो अपने आतंकियों को हर सम्भव फौजी साजो सामान मुहैया कराता है। भारत समेत दुनियाँ के अनेकों मुल्कों में इसने आतंकवादी हमले करवाये है। गीदड़ माँद में घुसा हुआ है, हिजड़ों की तरह। मर्द की औलाद-अपने बाप के औलाद आमने सामने की लड़ाई करते हैं छुप के हमला नहीं करते। 
They have massacred 141 innocent people including 132 school students. Not only should they be condemned-they should be cursed. let us pray to God for their elimination from this earth.[17.12.2014]
भारत में 26/11 आतंकी हमलों के दोषियों-लखवी आदि को  पाकिस्तान में जमानत पर रिहा के दिया गया है, जो उसके दोगलेपन की निशानी है।  बच्चों को हलाक होने पर टीवी पर घड़ियाली आंसू बहाये और अगले ही दिन लखवी को रिहा कर दिया।  पाकिस्तान की सरकार ने उसे जेल में एक फाइव स्टार होटल की फैसिलिटी मुहैया कराई थी। एक मुजरिम जेल में रहकर भी बाप बन जाये, इससे बड़ा सबूत पाकिस्तान के आतंकवादी होने का अमेरिका को और क्या चाहिये। अमेरिका हिंदुस्तान की दोस्ती से फायदा उठा सकता है, परन्तु पाकिस्तान की दोस्ती उसके लिए मुसीबतों की जड़ है और रहेगी; क्योंकि इसकी सरकार को फौज और ISI चलते हैं। प्रजातंत्र का तो पाकिस्तान में नामों निशान तक नहीं है। [19.12.2014]
Well done OBAMA. May the God help you and give courage to carryout the drive against the dreaded ISIS terrorists. You will be successful in your mission. Review your healthcare scheme and don't neglect the poor-middle class if you, really need success in next election for yourself-your party. 
OBAMA is touring China. Is it intended to grow US market or for procuring fake triplicate-low quality-sub standard components for its rockets-aeroplanes?! Have the Americans developed taste for cheap goods?[10.11.2014]
US administration has granted an aid, worth one billion dollars to Pakistan, fully aware of the fact that this money will be used to fan terrorism. It appears that US is utilising Pakistan as a laboratory for testing skills in terrorism. The world is aware that Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and even Baghdadi are the creations of US. Taliban evolved-nourished-nurtured in Afghanistan due to the undue, unwarranted, undesirable, unnecessary interference by US and its spy agencies. ISIS too evolved as a result-reaction to of US policies. Boko Haram is yet another example of the retaliation against US. Horizons are widening and the world no more need US patronage. [21.12.2014]
US has declared an award of one million dollars, over the head of Hafiz Saeed who is roaming freely instigating people against India.  Bin laden was present in Pakistan and the dreaded Indian terrorist Dawood Ibrahim too is sheltered by Pakistan.Is this not sufficient to expose US policy makers, dubious character. [22.12.2014]
Release of US aid of more than $532 million to Pakistan raises serious questions about US administration's prudence. Kerry is grossly unfit for such a high profile office. The administration is nursed with the idea of surrounding India through its new found love for China and terrorists in Pakistan. In reality & principle the administration in it self is the worlds greatest terrorist organisation.The administration is planning Chakr Vyuh for Arjun, not for Abhimanyu. Had this money been used for the welfare of its own citizens, US would have turned more powerful than before. Its slowly but gradually slipping from its number one position in world politics.It may soon turn into a laughing stock, if things continue like this.[06.01.2015]
INTERFERENCE दखलन्दाजी :: अमरीका या किसी भी अन्य देश के किसी भी न्यायालय द्वारा स्वतंत्र भारत के किसी भी नागरिक को नोटिस जारी करना अनैतिक-गैर क़ानूनी है।  भारत सरकार को इसका पुरजोर विरोध करना चाहिये। भारत में क्या हुआ-कैसे हुआ-कब हुआ, यह भारत के न्यायालय देख रहे हैं। दंगों में 2,500  लोग मारे गये बिलकुल ठीक है, मगर उससे पहले जो 7,000 बेकसूर लोगों को बलि चढ़ाया गया, उसका क्या ?! For every action there is ans equal and opposite reaction. One who patronised the terrorists was punished by them only-none else. ये कैसा ह्यूमन राइट्स है ?! जो लोग इंग्लैंड, कनाडा, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, अमरीका जाकर बस गए हैं, उनका भारतीयों से क्या-कैसा सरोकार ?! ये हमदर्दी है या बेदर्द राजनीति ? क्या ये वही लोग नहीं हैं जो, भारत में आतंकवाद को फैलाना चाहते थे और उसके लिये धन, हथियार मुहैया करा रहे थे ? These people are back again with different name-trick-technique. However their motive is still same-DIVIDE AND RULE. उनके इरादे नेक नहीं हैं।  सावधान !
Masked ISIS terrorists killed 250 Syrian unarmed naked soldiers, sold the abducted women for 25 dollars each, massacred each & every one including children, who was visible to them. Is Obama waiting for them to return back and spread terror on the streets?! Let every one who has gone to Syria & Iraq be interrogated before letting them in. In the mean while their pass ports should be cancelled.Their families residing in US can not be beyond suspicion. Where are the US people who talk loud of HUMAN RIGHTS? Send them to Syria-Iraq-Afghanistan-Iran.[30.08.2014]
ISIS :: Ultimately, Obama has shown his willingness to target ISIS. US need not pay heed to Syrian government. Russia should desist from it's demand for UN mandate. Russia has bitter experience of terrorist attacks. It should not forget the past. ISIS has no sympathy with Russia either. It's on their line of attack sooner or later, if Putin is clever-prudent enough to analyse the events of the recent past. Activities in Kiev-Ukraine are the fall out of the repression of Russians by the Muslims terrorists-traitors.
Both US & Russia should prepare for the tackling-handling of the situation in an effective manner. This is a crime against the humanity.
The US should cut off the food, arms, ammunition, money supplies to ISIS base. Let their air waves be jammed, instantaneously. All airports in the region should be monitored carefully. All roads leading to this region should be brought under surveillance. All think alike may be requested for help. Sympathisers within Syria and Iraq-Iran be alerted-cautioned-prepared to give inputs. All inputs should be carefully studied-analysed.The dam-petroleum wells under their control should be taken back.
Major roads under seize should be bombed and cut off from main land. Spy satellites should be activated-monitored over specific regions. GPS should be carefully utilized to bomb their hide outs-shelters, mainly hotels-posh buildings.
All those who migrated to this patch of land in near past should be thoroughly investigated and their calls to their families be intercepted. The families-sympathisers of these people should be brought under surveillance, immediately. Their connection too, be investigated. The money transactions made by these people to their families or else where should be blocked through internet. Global warning-red corner notices-warrants should be issued against these people.
Google-face book-social sites must block any pro ISIS-terrorist propaganda loaded over them.
All out concerted efforts are essential to maroon the terrorists army. Their connection from rest of the world can be switched off by disconnecting them from internet, telephone, mobile, satellite phones. All their financial transactions should be blocked with immediate effect. Strict vigil should be kept over their donors, who may be arrested for the sympathy shown to the dreaded killers. Their sympathisers should be expelled from the country of their present inhabitable. Satellite links of the channels which are pro ISIS should be closed immediately.
Army constituted of all affected countries may be formed and deployed to make pressure from out side & each and every masked/terrorist insight be shot at once.  [12.09.2014]
Block all escape routes-approach roads and let them be holed up. This is a God gifted opportunity to eliminate 31, 000 dreaded killers-tyrants. Obama Putin combine can do this with ease. China too has tasted terrorists attacks. Let it come forward and end the menace.[14.09.2014]
Pakistani Taliban has joined ranks of ISIS-a clear signal for Pakistan to loss its title of the first terrorist state-country in the world. Pakistan has been the breeding ground of terrorists. Now UK will repent its decision of dividing India.[05.10.2014]
Baghdadi is initiating the new male recruits into gayism by sodomising them and video graphing them. These boys never thought of this dimension-definition of Jihad. The girl recruits are pushed into sexual relations with as many as 15 people at the time of initiation into terrorism. Their video films are sold for profit as porn. ISIS is eyeing the nuclear facilities of Iran.  [06.10.2014]
धर्म युद्ध-जिहाद-TRUE JIHAD :: भगवान् परशुराम ने 21 बार पृथ्वी को क्षत्रियों के त्रास के मुक्त किया। भगवान् श्री कृष्ण ने जरासन्ध द्वारा लाई गई सेना का बार-बार संहार किया। जरासंध बार-बार दुराचारियों-आतताइयों को एकत्र करके मथुरा लाता था और भगवान् उसकी सेना का संहार कर उसे जीवित छोड़ देते थे ताकि वह फिर से पापियों को इकट्ठा करके ला सके। उसे उन्होंने उसके राज्य में जाकर भीमसेन से मरवाया। 
आज की परिस्थिति में बगदादी का चरित्र जरासंध के समान है। उसने दुनिया भर के चोर-डाकू-लुटेरे-दुराचारी-अत्यचारी-व्याभिचारी-डरपोक किस्म के लोगों को एक जगह इकट्ठा कर दिया है। उसके गुर्गे पूरी दुनिया में फैले हुए हैं। नक्बपोशों को पहचानना असंभव भले ही न हो मुश्किल जरूर है। ऐसा मौंका जब कि 31,000 दहशत गर्द एक ही जगह इकट्ठे हों आसानी से नहीं मिलेगा। उन्हें धेरने-तबाह करने का ऐसा मौंका अमरीका को हाथ से नहीं जाने देना चाहिए। या तो कार्यवाही करो अन्यथा जानते ही हो वो क्या करना चाह रहे हैं। 
This is the most appropriate time, situation and set up. Jihad means a battle fought for the enforcement of order. The world has the most dreaded extremists-terrorists gathered at one place. These people are former outlaws, who needed godfathers-patrons. US has the opportunity to eliminate all them without hesitation. Those who think that they are safe and will act only when the situation arises, are imprudent & surely committing the worst blunder of their life. Russia's Putin is unable to assess the real danger. Iran is trying to show neutrality without going into the depth of the grave situation.Its neither Iraq nor Syria who are facing the problem. They are just the training ground-laboratory for the hardened criminals. To be very sure and precise Iran is definitely their next target along with Pakistan & Afghanistan.
There are many countries in Europe whose economy is surviving over the sale of arms to these terrorist networks like ISIS, al Qaeda, SIMI etc.They have two tongues. They incite the rebels-terrorists in Ukraine and keep Russia occupied there. Let them face a tough situation.Its a wonderful opportunity for France, Germany, England, US etc. to use their war planes which were rusting in the yard for a noble cause. Scottish wish to remain with the main land. Let Scotland yard use its might to tear then up in their hideout. There is no place-chance for diplomacy now. The early you crush then safer you are.
China should join the mission ISIS in the light of the reports in its media about the terrorist training imparted to the Uighur rebels. [24.09.2014]
Area specific images aided by moles will help target the terrorists. GPS & satellite images along with the maps prepared by Google will be extremely useful. Efforts should be made to segregate the population.[26.9.2014]
Target & shall-bomb their communication towers, land Lines and introduce multiple virus into their internet asses. Hack their programs-China & Russia have plenty of hackers, who can easily identify their exact location. Jam their mobile net work, if you are eager to get success. [28.09.2014]
ISIS has butchered-eliminated more than 100 soldiers on its side, who were foreigners and disillusioned with the ideology of ISIS. This is an eye opener for those who are misled by the propaganda in favor of the terrorists abroad. One should know that its an organisation of thugs, criminals, cheats, black mailers, fraudsters, anti socials, devilish-Shaitanik elements who wish to rule the whole world.[22.12.2014]
SCOT LAND :: Who do not want liberation?! Almost every country under the British rule, wish to attain freedom, including Scot land and Iyar Land. Australia may join the band wagon at a later stage. its good to be free. But will Scot Land be able to maintain its economic freedom. In the present scenario its extremely difficult to isolate oneself or to live in water tight compartments. There are many countries which are facing economic crises. Germany united to overcome practical difficulties. Britain may offer the post of Prime Minister to the Scottish to assuage their feelings. None of the two will gain by this split. In fact both of them will suffer great losses. let them sit and solve the issues in a friendly atmosphere. Let the grievances be rectified. Remember UNION IS STRENGTH. UNITED BE STAND-DIVIDED WE FALL.[18.08.2014]
A country should adopt the policy of non interference in the internal affairs of other countries unless until, there is a potential danger in its own territory due to the mishappenings there.
Now that the Scottish have decided to remain in England, its the pious duty of David Cameroon to fulfil all the promises-commitments  made by him. It will help England to come out of red in near future & improve its always sagging image world wide.[24.09.2014]
TENSION IN IRAQ :: One after another US presidents have been interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq for a long period of time, without any reason. Initially they did their best to unseat the emperor. Then, they nourished the dreaded terrorists including Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden. They posted their armies there, time and again without showing any proof of their claims of chemical weapons. BUT THIS TIME THE CONDITION OF IRAQ, REALLY DEMANDS-NEEDS-DESERVES ITS INTERVENTION, IMMEDIATELY TO TACKLE THE TERRORISTS. Obama must consult Putin immediately, otherwise the things will be out of control and out of proportion. These events are indicative of fear for the whole world and economies in general.[14.06.2014]
None is a permanent friend or foe-enemy in politics. Time is ripe when US and Iran are ready-willing to co-operate once again to resolve the Iraq crises.US shift is due to the discovery of vast energy reserves through shale gas. Iran has already sent 2,000 troupes from its elite Qurds force to help the Shia dominated government to stop the Sunni advance. Forces have also strengthen to secure embassy in Baghdad. India has appealed for peace. But the terrorist have abducted Indians, instead of listening-paying heed to the appeal. [18.06.2014]
Iraq is witnessing a very typical situation.
US is hesitant in intervening.
Russia is busy with Ukraine-Kiev.
Saddam loyalists are struggling to gain ground. Sunnis are not happy with the Shia Prime-minister.
The rebels are terrorists in the grab of Jihadies-Sunni depressed class.
The Sunnis are opening fronts with with the neutrals like India-perhaps without realizing the gravity of their game plan with the change of guards in Delhi.
the rebels are now hunting for young women to satisfy their lust. They are torturing the innocent women for not wearing Nikab-Burka (बुर्का ) on one hand and are bent upon unclothing them.
BURNING IRAQ :: Its oil, which is involving the whole world, in Iraq. Iraq has world's 5th largest oil reserves and it’s the 8th largest producer. British discovered oil in 1919. Britishers demarcated this region due to their own convenience and appointed a pliant ruler-dethroned by US.
Baath party of Saddam Hussein (-A Sunni in majority Shia country) took over the reins of power in 1963 and nationalised the oil industry along with building a strong military base. He was a secular person. Sunnis are divided into two sects. The other one is Kurd with Arabic origin. More than 5,00,000 Kurds were slaughtered during the Saddam regime.
Former deputy of Saddam-Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, is the key figure behind ISIS (-Islamic State in Iraq and Syria-an off shoot of al-Qaeda, headed by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi) campaign, capturing Mosul. The outfit is preparing to install Islamic Caliphate. It has desire of conquering Syria and Iran. Gulf States are funding their movement.
Nouri Al-Maliki is a Shia and maintained relations with Iran over issues pertaining to Syria.
US are not willing to intervene but are ready to provide logistic support. US Special Forces and intelligence analysts are already there. A new government has to take over on the basis of April elections.
Apparently there is no shift in the Us policy towards current situation in Iraq. Yet its armed drones are flying over Baghdad to defend its diplomats and 180 troops there. It has been stressing over the removal of Nouri al-Maliki. Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has asked the leaders to choose next PM within 4 days.[28.06.2014]
Obama has sought 500 million to train and equip rebels in Syria. This is a part of 1.5 billion Regional Stabilisation initiative in Syrian neighbours Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.[28.06.2014]
They have declared Baghdadi as the Caliph (KHALIPHA, खलीफा), the institution that vanished with ottoman empire. No one except the Ahmadiya's (अहमदिया) is supposed to have this title, from the lineage of Prophet Mohammad. Earlier attempts to have a Caliph had failed 100 years ago miserably. 
Iraq has been able to acquire Russian fighter planes and logistic support from them. [01.07.2014]
They have made a call to take revenge, to the Muslims where ever they are. The Muslims have been asked to migrate to the Caliphat-Khalifat-Islamic state as their duty. They are bound to destroy Karbala and other holi shrines belonging to Shia's. US has deployed 300 more troupes to guard its embassy in Baghdad-Iraq.
[02.07.2014]  Its sending yet another 200 troupes there. Those who are deployed there are specialists in war operations including spying-aren't they?
Release of nurses shows that still some humanity is present in the hearts of cruel-brutal-inhuman terrorists.[05.07.2014]
ISIS has butchered thousands of Christians, since they refused to convert to Islam along with civilians defying them. America wants to save its petroleum installations and its employees in Iraq. It did not pay heed to the wake up call by Iran. Certainly the fault lies with in the minds of the policy makers of US, including Obama. They always fought for their own narrow interests and gains, bringing slur to the name of Americans. They are the most insensitive people, world over. They are crossing swords over the Ukraine and Kiev only to insult Russia.[09.08.2014] 
ISIS burnt more than 500 people alive, killed hundreds of children, abducted-enslaved 300 women and girls and are on a mass murder spree.They are forcing conversions to Islam and no one is protesting against them. WHERE IS THE SO CALLED WORLD OPINION!? But the shameless people come out in support of HAMAS which is hand in glove with them. Hamas comes to negotiation table for a moment and immediately there after start shelling Israel.[12.08.2014]
ISIS-Muslim-Islamist-extremists-terrorists have massacred 80 Yazidis and abducted their children and wives. 
HUMAN RIGHT GROUPS-ACTIVISTS based in NY-US made a lot of hue and cry over the death of some Muslim brotherhood terrorists-extremists in Egypt. They found wrong with the killing of LTT extremists in Shri Lanka.They want probes to harass the legitimate governments there. But they have no concern for the ruthless murder of millions in Syria-Iraq-Iran-Palestine-Afghanistan-Ukraine-Kiev. Are they are myopic?![17.08.2014]
Time is ripe for Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to bury their differences and eliminate the dangerous ISIS-HAMAS with the remote in the hands of Pakistanis. Britain is able to recognize the potential danger due the survival of ISIS. Splinters will soon be falling over US if it fail to take stern action, immediately.[18.08.2014]
ISIS has butchered an American reporter. There are 400-500 Britishers, who have joined the ranks of ISIS. Various sections of Muslim organisations in India have assailed-called the ISIS a real monster-devil-a blot on the name Islam. 
The fire is warming up Pakistan as well. Propagators of terrorism based-housed here are trying to turn the tables on Nawaj Sharif. The ISI & Pak Army who have been patronising-nurturing  the terrorists all over the world are forcing him to follow their dictates. Probably he may agree to them. [21.08.2014]
Diplomatic Immunity राजनैयिक  संरक्षण :: All are equal but some are more equal.The more equals live in glass houses and yet dare through stones over others. It has embassies in 171 countries, where it pays below one dollar to its local employees. One can find the family members of these embassies begging alms for subsistence by the roadside.
It has been inflicting insult over the high ups enjoying enjoying diplomatic amnesty-immunity, forgetting the fact that a number of its own employees not covered by diplomatic immunity having direct links with the spies indulging in espionage at the place of their posting, under radar-constant vigil. There were occasions in the past when such employees were allowed to leave the country without a scratch, though they were facing arrest and rigorous imprisonment.
In fact the big brother is willing to strip any one, howsoever high or important he is, in the name of security!Perhaps this is so because of lack of intelligence of its intelligence wing.
UKRAINE ::  It has been a part of USSR. Its undergoing tension due to ethnic rift with 58.5% Russians, 24.4% ethnic Ukrainians and 12.1% Muslim Tatars. Its the pious duty of Russia to protect the Russians there and Uncle Sam is not supposed to poke his nose, every where. The crises in Kiev is building tension in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 1783.
Crimea has seen repeated fierce battles, during the last three centuries. First restore peace and then go for re elections under supervision of UN. The matter deserve to be addressed by UN Security Council and none other.
Fugitive Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich, who was compelled to flee last week after three months of anti government protests, do not want military assistance. Those who dislodged him are not saints. They do have the support of western  countries who always wish to destabilise the democratically elected governments for their gains. These are the same people who believe in divide and rule. Moscow has vowed to protect Russian speaking population in Crimea. 
Who is after this game, over all-England-France, Germany or US?! Its a well knows and established fact that the US had been after the fall of one after another elected governments and the royal families, all over the world, due to its own unwise-foolish-narrow interests of controlling the world economy. If the Us economy sneezes the whole world start picking fever of various hues and colours.
It will be interest of all to maintain the autonomy of Crimea-supported by Russia, which had been a dominant power in Crimea for over 200 years. Its transfer to Ukraine by Russia in 1954 was not liked by the masses. Russia should guard the territories of Crimea.
West along with America should realise that its Ukraine not Afghanistan. Russia is on its own turf, helping Russian speaking population. It do not intend to invade. They should realise that  the root cause of conflict is economic melt down-failure. Ousting it from G-8, will not be able to contain Russia.Punitive measures will only prove to be stupidity-thoughtless measures, like the economic blockade of India and Iran. How ever the present conflict is sufficient to prove that America has lost its might.
Events of Kiev refers to anti constitutional coup and armed seizure of power by Tatars-Terrorists-Muslims, synonyms of terrorism. Today its Kiev, tomorrow it may be Afghanistan or Pakistan. Next may be UK+France+Germany, there is no end. Remember you will have to reap what you sowed centuries ago. Russia in not inclined to use force. The Government with armed terrorists in control of Ukraine, is not legitimate and thereafter even if elections are held again, that Government will again not be legitimate, since that will be under the control of the terrorists. 
Crimea's autonomous Parliament has anomalously voted-resolved for its assession (-with the rights of a subject of the Russian Federation) with Russia. West-US and the illegitimate government of Ukraine is calling this action as illegitimate.
BANKRUPTCY :: Ukraine is nearly bankrupt. It owes nearly 440 dollars towards the payment of gas bills, with arrears worth 1.89 billion dollars. US owned shale has interest in Ukraine and near by countries. Probably it might be looking to en cash the opportunity by creating a rift and destabilising Ukraine.
Europe Commission could provide a loan worth 15 billion dollars provided Ukraine enters into agreement with IMF. Russia may retaliate by freezing US military inspection under arm control treaties.
Law maker in Crimea voted for independence from Ukraine  ahead of referendum, on Tuesday. Pro Kremlin gun men seized air traffic control tower at Crimea's main international airport and cancelled all flights expect those to and fro from Moscow. The region's self proclaimed rulers are recruiting volunteers to fight Ukraine troops, while Russian parliament prepared legislation for the annexation of Kremlin after next Sunday's vote.[12.03.2014]
If the wall of Berlin can fall; why can't the Russians reunite!?
There is fear in the minds of Russians by the escalation of tension.Stock exchange is showing sign of nervousness due to expected sanctions from US and EU. Russians forces are moving towards Ukraine leading to the worries of Tatars.
The illegitimate government of the traitors-terrorists-extremist is ready to mobilise volunteers to repel Russia.This illegitimate government could not be installed without the collusion of western powers, who have a stake in this government. German Chancellor is remanding the politics of 19th and 20th century without realizing the aftereffects of its own follies.
Russia vetoed UN resolution on Crimea brought forward by US and its allies, the so called developed nations G-8. China abstained isolating Russia. US warned Russia of global isolation, sanctions thinking that it does not know what is next?! Crimea went into polls bi-coted-abstained from voting, by 25,000 Tatars unable to forgot the exodus of Tatars by Stalin.[17.03.2014]
Tuesday saw the annexation of Crimea in Russia when 97% population voted for it. Those who are opposed to it are the same people, who endorsed Kosovo's independence from Serbia.Putin has sought India and China's aid to beat the embargo and called his actions, a result of Western arrogance and hypocrisy. G-8 has been eclipsed by the formation of G 20 which includes China and emerging economies.Its certain that Russia will not be deterred by the Western sanctions.The liberal Gorbachev has hailed the events as happy.[19.03.2014]
Russia has pledged not to attack Ukraine. Putin had a conversation with Obama showing slight -improvement in diffusion of tensions. Russia may be willing to diplomatic channels for defusing the conflict.The demand made by Russia is that Ukraine should remain a federation  and commit not to join NATO.Putin drew Obama's attention to the rampage done by the extremists and subsequent intimidation of the peaceful residents. What Obama and Europeans  have failed to understand is "the gravity of threat by the Muslim extremists and terrorists to each and every person every where in the world, who are trying to force a new order"!?[30.03.2014]
ONE SHOULD NOT BITE MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW-DIGEST. AFTER RASPUTIN HE IS THE SECOND PUTIN KNOWN THE WORLD OVER. A former adviser to Vladimir Putin has said after the annexation of Crimea, the Russian president will not stop until he's conquered Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland. Andrej Illarionov, Putin's chief economic adviser from 2000 to 2005, said claims the ultimate aim is return to the days of Czar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, he said: "Putin’s view is that he protects what belongs to him and his predecessors."Parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland are states where Putin claims to have ownership. [31.03.2014] 
US, G-8, G-20, NATO have threatened Russia of economic blocked and Russia is just reciprocating by threatening  Eastern European and Central Asian states, if they vote in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution declaring Crimea's referendum-annexation invalid.Russia might expel migrant workers stop natural gas supplies or ban imports to Russia. Russia has no dearth of friends, who are willing to help it, since they too suffered and are still suffering from the actions of US and European countries sanctions, earlier.[02.04.2014]

NATO forces are inching towards Ukraine, which shows their interest in its present illegal leadership and sufficient to prove that they were behind the dethroning-ousting of the legitimate government.Consequences will prove to be too harsh for them, if they fail to control them selves. Today's Russia is different from the one which was there during the second world war.[06.04.2014]
Two cities of eastern Ukraine-heartland of ousted President Victor Yanukovich, where half of the region's residents are ethnic Russians; witnessed demonstrations by pro Russian secessionists protesters. Russia is also moving its troops near the border. Russia had already raised the prices of gas supplied by it, to Ukraine and neighbouring countries by more than 83%, which is sufficient to raise prices and induce inflation.[07.04.2014]
Vladimir Putin admitted on live television that the militants in Crimea are Russian soldiers and Russia had the right to send troops into eastern Ukraine and  threatened to stop gas supplies to Europe.[19.04.2014]
Annexation of Kiev with Russia appears to be merely  a formality in the light of the desire of the ethnic Russian majority. US sanctions may not be able to prohibit the peoples mandate.[24.04.2014]
The terrorists who captured power through unlawful means are calling the Russian speaking people terrorists. Now they are tasting their own medicine. On the one hand UK is asking the world to be cautious against the radicals and contrary to it standing by the side of the radical-Islamic terrorists in Kiev.[26.04.2014]
Germans have not forgotten their defeat in Russia. They are supporting the Islamist terrorists turned rulers, labelling the civilians as terrorists. In fact they are inciting-provoking Russia to act with firm will-hand and determination instead of lingering on the the conflict. One must not forget the terrorism has a religion. [07-05-2014]
The situation is grim-fluid. Newly elected government-President is not clean as for as voting is concerned. There were reports of rigging and malafied practices during poles. They are labelling the ethnic Russians to be terrorists-though they themselves deserve this label.[31.05.2014]
Russia ultimately cut the supply of gas to Ukraine after failed attempts to broker deal. This is a fitting reply to the economic blocked by G-8, reduced to G-7. Ukraine was siphoning off the supplies to European countries without clearing dues.[18.06.2014]
There is no logic in blaming either Russia or Kiev for shelling down Malaysian aircraft. This is second aircraft which has doomed. There is every possibility of a third party, behind the episodes. The rebels are helping the world in reaching the truth. The have handed over the bodies to Netherlands and the black boxes to Malaysia. [23.07.2014]
UKRAINE CRISIS: Merkel & Hollande, respectively the presidents of Germany and France are meeting Putin to resolve Ukraine crisis. They will represent Europe's interest in stead of mediation to resolve the conflict. The crisis has taken economic tole in Europe & Russia, simultaneously.The cease fire and with drawl of forces may help in resolving the crises a bit early. The initiative follows fierce fighting and territorial gains by Pro Russian separatists.
The conflict has killed more than 5000 people so far. 
Putin should take stoke of the situation and handle the issue diplomatically, carefully & sympathetically, since Russia has also started feeling the heat, due to the crises. Two foot forward and one foot back approach, might help Russia in short as well as long run.[07.02.2015]
Presidents of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany announced a peace deal for eastern Ukraine and the pro-Russian rebels. Putin kept smiling throughout, while Poroshenco was tense. Ceasefire will be effective from Monday.IMF okayed $ 17.5 bn bailout package for Kiev. Even as peace talks were in progress missiles systems, Armoured vehicles crossed overnight into east Ukraine from Russia, crossing into Luhansk region.[13.02.2015]

SYRIAN CONFLICT सीरियाई गृह युद्ध  :: The conflict has gone beyond the dimensions of civil/home war. The government might be using chemical weapons against its own people/rebels. Haven't you heard of "every thing is fair in love and war". If atom/neutron/hydrogen bombs can be used in the wars, what is wrong with chemical/biological weapons? Weapons are weapons, ultimately.
Why should one poke its nose, in other's tussle/affairs? Sure, to get its youth killed just  as it did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq etc.etc. Ultimately, super powers are super powers. They have the God's sanction-mandate for doing this! By the time its intentions are to maintain peace, its OK. But there are still many-many options open to it, to do the desirable. It has thousands and thousands of moles world over, including Syria. It could easily handle the situation, just by using its secret services/net work/spies/agents including CIA. Has it not been using CIA to throw away legitimate governments for its own needs/requirements/designs. If it could contain terrorists in Pakistan, why not in Syria!?
Poisonous gases used in Syria were supplied by UK. This is ridiculous, on the one hand you supply the gases to be used  and then threaten military action. UK and its allies have been playing dirty policy of division. Now, the UK it self is facing the same dilemma. Scotland wish to be out of its dragnet. Irish people will not be far behind. Its economy is in tatters leading to earning from unconventional sources like selling land, imposition of heavy taxes over those who wish to migrate to UK.
Dreaded criminals have infiltrated the revolutionaries and killing people/forces mercilessly. Do they deserve to take up the reins of Government later? Certainly not. Why should they be helped any way? They will definitely create trouble for America along with Russia, as was the case with Iran, Iraq, Asama Bin Laden. Won't they?
Let the Syrian President understand the ground realities. Let Russia tackle the issue. Let referendum take place under the supervision of UNO. Till then, USA must not strike. USA and Russia should come to the negotiation table, pertaining to issues, involving third world. Any unilateral decision is harmful to both of them. infighting is of no use except satisfactions of ones ego-supremacy, which is not going to remain stable-as such for ever. Rise and falls are always cyclic in nature.
HAMAS is one of the most notorious-dreaded terrorist groups over the world. Those who are sympathetic to its or show allegiance to it, needs to be treated as terrorists in every nook and corner of the world. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not not new. Israel is a reality and one can not wipe it off the world map. They have been displaced from Europe-Germany. They have been resettled over their own soil having historical evidence.
There are the separatist groups who made a lot of noise in Kashmir over the safety measures taken by the Israelis. Why do not they go and join the Palestinians?! Why do't they cry when millions of Muslims are killed in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?! Why do they forget that India is the only country, where they are living peacefully in spite of the daily violence generated by them without logic-reason?! Why don't they condemn when the terrorists kill innocent Indians?! Why do they bring up motions related to third party in Indian parliament without justification, especially those, who were in power up till now and who have been responsible for policy frame up, in the past?![24.07.2014]
They do not deserve any sympathy from any quarter. These are the people who digged up hundreds of trenches and tunnels through Gaza to Israelis villages killing thousands of soldiers and civilians by diverting the aid sent for reconstruction. Today's conflict has resulted in Palestinian casualties. To be certain those who were killed were terrorists, hiding in tunnels connected to high density residential localities of Gaza. However if any one is killed along with them does not deserve any sympathy, since he is closely connected in their maneuvers, be it a child or women.[03.08.2014]
There is a lot of slogan shouting-marches-parades and criticism by UNO officials every where, including India against Israel for its retaliation in Gaza. Why don't they try to discipline-restraint HAMAS?! Why are they pouring aid, which is reaching the hands of HAMAS for wicked-criminal purposes. Will they ever realise that its HAMAS who had begun the game? What is war crime-war is war-why do you expect one sided cease fire? You want the Israelis to be be humanitarian against the barbarians-brutals?[05.08.2014]
Egypt's efforts to resolve the issue-cease fire, between Israel and Hamas is laudable. With drawl of forces by Israel is indicative of its goodwill, if Hamas understands it-gives it weightage. However, the tendency of Hamas is full of suspicion-one can not believe them. Israel should respect the world opinion but remain vigilant and alert to counter any move by them, in short or long term.[08.08.2014]
Hamas fugitives fired more than 45 rockets over Israel to provoke them. Israel had to defend it self. Where are the slogan shouting-peace loving demonstrators now?![09.08.2014]
THE CHINESE DRAGON :: They built the great wall which shows its boundary line. The dragon should keep within the limits of this wall. It can not claim control over any other territory out side this wall. Its presence in Tibet is unjustified and against all diplomatic policies-norms. Its expansionist policy is sure to rebound one day or the other. You can press the spring beyond a certain level. Its sure to recoil. It has been hurting the religious sentiments of Buddhists all over the world.
The dragon is raising its multiple hoods over India. Its in control of the Mansrover an integral part of India. It has taken over-occupied Tibet under its control against all norms-ethics. During the recent times, it has crossed Indian boarders a number of times. It claims Parts of Arunachal Pradesh, without any significant reason. It has been bulling Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Maldives and even Shri Lanka. It has been building basis in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Now it wants to build roads through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Its designs for building dams over Brahm Putr river are unjustified and mischievous. Its intentions are alarming. 
China has become the base-hub of pirated goods. Whatever duplicate good, one ask for is, immediately available in China. Almost all American brands are copied and sold in America it self, without any hitch. Chinese goods lack quality and durability. Almost all products of MNC's manufactured in China are of extremely poor quality. These MNC's based in China are doing more harm to American business  for the cheap labor than any thing else. In the era of machines American MNC's are looking to cheap labor-cheap products, at the cost of quality-durability.
They are most fearless-dreaded Internet criminals-hackers patronised by the Chinese government itself. They import obsolete computers and withdraw millions of dollars from the accounts of Innocent Americans by detecting their pass words.
This is the breed of people which has engulfed the business of Pak born small traders in New York and adjoining cities. Their cabs-trolleys do business adjacent to white house, in Washington DC, putting the whole of America at risk. Chinese migrants have free asses to almost all regions of America, as the tourism industry-business is in their hands.
Chinese people who can murder thousands of their own innocent children, can do it any where, all over the globe-else where.
Beware of their designs, else one will be left to repent in future.
Those who protected themselves by building great wall of China are posing danger to the whole world, now. They can not satisfy-pacify their own population-citizens. So they do  all these dirty  things-tricks to divert their attention.
They belong to the breed of people who used to consume (addicted to) opium. Now they want the entire world to become addicted to drugs. They are turning out to be the biggest supplier of narcotics, party drugs, LSD, marijuana, heroin etc. The consignments are procured from Afghanistan via Pakistan and distributed the world over. Pakistan is it's associate in this trade. Internet, social net working sites are freely used for this trade.
Chinese belong to that breed of people who can not be believed.
The tentacles of the dragon have started reaching the UK and the Arab (-Turkey) world. There is need for cation and anxiety. Its bound to snatch business from America, if it does not awake.
Dragons new found love/friendship with Pakistan has brought terrorism to its door step. Ultimately, Pakistan should also gift some thing to strengthen its friendship. [06.11.2013]
TAME THE DRAGON :: Now is the time to show your might. This is time to test the diplomatic skills. India and Russia may become silent spectators. None of the two, would like the dragon to spread its tentacles beyond its limits. Pakistan is incapable to become an alley. Japan and  Korea need protection and help. Japan had been helping India. There is nothing like communism, left over in China. Chinese population too need reprieve from the present day rulers. There is need for multi party democracy in China. The world should rise to the moment and help US resolve the latest issues.
China wants to have head on collision with India to divert the attention of its population, from the grave issues facing it, including one party system of governance, and reduce population by waging a war. This is one of the reasons, it issues stapled visas to the residents of Arunachal Pradesh and objects to the visit of the President. It has forgotten that entire Mansrover belongs to India and Tibet has to be liberated sooner or later, being a buffer state.
Dragon's tail is reaching Indian boarder in the form of rail link. It will be easier for the Indian troops to reach Beijing comfortably, to relieve the citizens of the present cruel-dictators.
Now, the dragon is planning to spread its tentacles to US, France, Germany, England, Russia, Alaska, Canada, through the sea link-route by laying railway lines to run bullet trains. It wishes to spread its network through 13,000 Km. The trains will be designed to run at 350 Km/hr. A distance of more than 200 Km. will be travelled, through the under sea tunnel. It has acquired technique to do so. If it is successful in its endeavours it will be a potential danger for whole of the world, having acquired capacities to move to any part of the world quite quickly. It has already become a trouble for Vietnam, India, Japan etc.[11-05-2014]
CHINA is knitting a web, which will make it impossible for it to come out. Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indian Ocean-Shri Lanka, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal, POK and what not. It laying a net work of rail-roads and making in roads into Myanmar, Maldives etc. Its intentions are malafied. Its motive is beyond business-occupation of others territories.Spider web weaving by China is sure to make it struck with its own follies.[02.10.2014]
Chinese are too mean pretending to be clever. They are greedy-notorious and without morals-ethics-values-culture. They keep on describing the other part of the world as their own territory. The day is not far off when they will say that the entire Europe and America are their territories. they are eyeing parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as  their property. They threaten India not to build roads over the 1800 Km of Indian territory. Probably they consider them selves to be mightier than India on the basis of the equipment in their possession. But from where will they bring the strength-will power of the Indians? It would be better they keep enjoying opium.[19.10.2014]
Chinese businessmen are trying to sneak into Indian business scenario by pushing their obsolete-polluting technology. They are grossly unreliable. One can see the bridge under construction over river Yamuna for over 6 years, which had to be completed in 2010 before the commencement of common wealth games. Their technique and technology in railways comes third or even fourth as compared to the other developed nations, especially Japan & Germany. The businessmen and the public should have a watchful eye over them. The government should be cautious about their each and every move. their adventures in Indian waters and dam over Brahm Putr are no secret. They are perfect liars and unreliable people unfit for friendship.[30.11.2014]
China react adversely, when ever America or India meets HH Dalai Lama. It is practically trying to build colonies all over the world by intruding into the territories of sovereign countries. Tibet is already occupied by it. India's good relations with America or HH  Dalai Lama are like thorns in its eyes. It flourishing-progressing on the foundation of duplicate-fake-low quality, in genuine products. It will be interest of American companies to utilise China as a base of production, as early as possible.[07.02.2015]
CHINA can be squarely blamed for the present conflict between North Korea & the USA. It had been either supporting or ignoring North Korea's nuclear programmes time and again, due to its business interests. It wants America to be preoccupied with Korea, so that it can control the trade oceanic routes in South China Sea which is a free corridor at present, because of the petroleum present beneath the sea.  
Control of the South China Sea is the most contentious and explosive diplomatic issue in east Asia, with China trying to assert its sovereignty over 3.5 sq. km of ocean, which is also claimed by Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Japan. America too has business interest in this zone and that's why it is backing those against China and conducting military patrols.
China's greed is increasing day by day. It occupied Tibet, attacked India, felt its presence in Pakistan and now in Shri Lanka, by acquiring the port on lease for 99 years. Its forces are stationed in Doklam in Sikkim. It tried to extend its fangs in Myanmar as well. Nepal too is slowly and gradually entrapped by China. As a matter of fact it wish to sandwich India which was very weak diplomatically and strategically under Congress leadership.
PhotoChina has perhaps forgotten that entire region till Kaelash Mansrovar and hundreds of km thereafter belongs to India. It should stop interfering-meddling in Arunachal Pradesh in its own interest.
Inferior-low quality, pirated, duplicate and over priced Chinese good are sold freely all over the world over. If it does not mend its ways and behave, perhaps one day, it will meet the same fate as was met by the British due to the boycott of their merchandise.[13.12.2017]
NEPAL A FUTURE CAUSE OF TENSION FOR INDIA ::  Culture, religion, life style, ethics, way of living of Nepal and India-Bharat can not be separated. Two countries have common boarder. Political system too had been similar. It forms a buffer state between India and China-a rough country of today. Some people in Nepal love to be communists-Maoist, which has been almost abandoned-rejected almost every where in the world. Nearly half of Nepal's population reside in India and earn its livelihood. Gorkha's of Nepal form an army battalion here. 
Smugglers, murderers, terrorists, drug-women traffickers of India, counterfeit note circulators-printers of Indian currency, intruders from Pakistan and Bangla  Desh find asylum in Nepal. Nepal is the base of women traffickers, who are trafficked to Indian brothels-prostitution trade, Arab countries and else where with ease. 
India had been helpful to Nepal at all times in distress. Pro-Chinese Nepalis are bent upon creating tension-trouble between the two countries without realizing the gravity of their folly. They should understand that China has unethnic control over Tibet. Its trying to expand its base to Pakistan, Myanmar and the ocean along the boarders of Japan and Vietnam. It will not be able to harm India but will swallow Nepal if India does not come to its rescue.
Its behavior with Madhesis is derogatory-unethnic-torturous-insulting. As unrest continues, Nepal's Madhesis are outsiders in their own country. Madhesis have adopted the tactics of blockade of Indian goods in Nepal, for which the Nepal's Maoists-communists are spiting venom. They are concerned with their own welfare like the communists world over. They believe in massacre of their own population like China. Their ideology has nothing to do with reason. The communists have no concern for poverty, hunger, the shelter-less, deaths of close to 9,000 people after devastating earthquakes. 
Madhesis and the Tharu ethnic communities in southern Nepal (-the Terai region) and some western districts are opposed to the new Constitution, since it fails to address their concerns. The Terai region constitutes a fifth of Nepal’s landmass but accounts for over half the nation's population. The newly framed constitution do not grant genuine representation to them in the Parliament. However the burning of Indian trucks and blockade of India goods by Madhesis deserve condemnation.
Among some of the most contentious clauses in the constitution are ones over citizenship in the country of 28 million people. The protesting communities feel that these clauses discriminate against women marrying foreigners and deny their children equal access to citizenship. Estimates of the number of stateless people in Nepal range from 8,00,000 to 4 million.
Barely 10 years have passed, when the Maoists had killed 17,000 Nepalis and security personnel. 5,000 policemen, 1,100 Nepal army soldiers and 1000 APF soldiers were also killed by them. As such they are murderers and do not deserve to be in power. Insane people like Prachand need to be put behind bars prosecuted and executed. Modi should think twice before extending help for the rouges in power in Nepal, for whom its important to remain in power by hook or crook, instead of poverty stricken Nepalis.[07.01.2016]
Prachand's visit to India led to sanction of aid worth Rs. 5,000 crore to Nepal.India insisted that Nepal should listen to all parties and make suitable changes in the constitution. It has to be seen whether Prachand can keep his country men happy?![18.09.2016]
Oli had to resign, due to his inability to solve Madhesi issue, constituting 51% of the population of Nepal. India should not feel happy with the chances of installation of pro China Prachand government.The situation may aggravate with the failure to give proper representation to Madhesis in the Parliament and protection of their rights. India can not be a silent spectator since, its boarders are attached with Nepal and more than half of its population has its bread & butter in India. China has ulterior motives and is ready to grab, Pakistan, Nepal and Burma. It has its eyes on Shri Lanka, Japan and Vietnam etc. In today's situation China is the worst traitor in the whole world. Sooner or later it will be a tough issue to be tackled by US and Russia, if not curbed, now. [25.07.2016].
Incapable to rule and manage Oli-Nepalese Prime Minister blames India for all its troubles. Let him understand ground realities and act.[16.07.2016]
Nepalis are sure to loss their sympathisers, friends and closest neighbours if they prefer to continue playing in the hands of Prachand and China. China's designs pertaining to Nepal are full of conspiracy leading to same fate as Tibet if India prefers to withdraw its support in future. Perhaps it can not be explained to the citizens of Nepal that their future is going to eclipsed by Chine-Rahu and Prachand Ketu or to conclude the Communists-Marxists.[08.05.2016]
Culture, religion, life style, ethics, way of living of Nepal and India-Bharat can not be separated. Two countries have common boarder. Political system too had been similar. It forms a buffer state between India and China-a rough country of today. Some people in Nepal love to be communists-Maoist, which has been almost abandoned-rejected almost every where in the world. Nearly half of Nepal's population reside in India and earn its livelihood. Gorkha's of Nepal form an army battalion here. 
Smugglers, murderers, terrorists, drug-women traffickers of India, counterfeit note circulators-printers of Indian currency, intruders from Pakistan and Bangla  Desh find asylum in Nepal. Nepal is the base of women traffickers, who are trafficked to Indian brothels-prostitution trade, Arab countries and else where with ease. 
India had been helpful to Nepal at all times in distress. Pro-Chinese Nepalis are bent upon creating tension-trouble between the two countries without realizing the gravity of their folly. They should understand that China has unethnic control over Tibet. Its trying to expand its base to Pakistan, Myanmar and the ocean along the boarders of Japan and Vietnam. It will not be able to harm India but will swallow Nepal if India does not come to its rescue.
Its behavior with Madhesis is derogatory-unethnic, torturous, insulting. As unrest continues, Nepal's Madhesis are outsiders in their own country. Madhesis have adopted the tactics of blockade of Indian goods in Nepal, for which the Nepal's Maoists-communists are spiting venom. They are concerned with their own welfare like the communists world over. They believe in massacre of their own population like China. Their ideology has nothing to do with reason. The communists have no concern for poverty, hunger, the shelter-less, deaths of close to 9,000 people after devastating earthquakes. 
Madhesis and the Tharu ethnic communities in southern Nepal (the Terai region) and some western districts are opposed to the new Constitution, since it fails to address their concerns. The Terai region constitutes a fifth of Nepal’s landmass but accounts for over half the nation's population. The newly framed constitution do not grant genuine representation to them in the Parliament. However the burning of Indian trucks and blockade of India goods by Madhesis deserve condemnation.
Among some of the most contentious clauses in the constitution are ones over citizenship in the country of 28 million people. The protesting communities feel that these clauses discriminate against women marrying foreigners and deny their children equal access to citizenship. Estimates of the number of stateless people in Nepal range from 8,00,000 to 4 million. Madhesis constitutes 55% of Nepal's population. 
Barely 10 years have passed, when the Maoists had killed 17,000 Nepalis and security personnel. 5,000 policemen, 1,100 Nepal army soldiers and 1000 APF soldiers were also killed by them. As such they are murderers and do not deserve to be in power. Insane people like Prachand need to be put behind bars prosecuted and executed. Modi should think twice before extending help for the rouges in power in Nepal, for whom its important to remain in power by hook or crook, instead of poverty stricken Nepalis. [07.01.2016]
The traders both from India and Nepal showed strength and thwarted the Madhesis blocked over the boarders. They could earlier as well. Government could also act of its own but it preferred to put the blame over India due to its newly found love of dragon, who is just waiting to engulf it, like Tibet. Present regime in Nepal belongs to thankless-imprudent (अहसान फरामोश) people. They deserve no sympathy. however the government should be vigilant over the moves of the Nepali government.[10.02.2016]
Installation of Communist government in Nepal is not a good omen for India.[13.12.2017]


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