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The media's telecast & News paper's wide coverage given to a person dying on the road as a victim of road accident, is really horrible. The pictures in media clearly show that the reporters of these channels were there but did nothing except cursing the public of Delhi, forgetting that the ruthless Delhi police will ask hundreds of questions and torture one who would come forward for help, later for many months.[12.08.2016]
The moment a responsible MP/MLA/leader makes a statement he invite err from the TV channels. Some call is irresponsible, other says it untimely and there are those who says its unwarranted-unfortunate-undesirable-unnecessary. All political parties opposed to his faith, start opposing him without going through pros & cons of his statement.There are occasions when the news item generate undue heat-violence, being irresponsible behaviour. The TV channels propagate-nourish the ideology-interests of its owners. They become over critical, too.
Its really surprising to see the TV channels and the news papers along with some vested agencies are deeply involved declaring the results of future Lok Sabha set up on the basis of contacting just 18,000 people out of a robust population of 144 crore people. It is a fact the the news papers and TV channels are owned by people who have interest in politics or they wish to extract gains from the politicians. This nothing more than a gimmick. They are just be fooling the general population specially those those who are educated and have studied statistics. One should be careful-cautious while analysing these predictions.
Nagpur: Arvind Kejriwal has once again launched a scathing attack on media, saying that they have been paid “heavy amount” to promote Narendra Modi. AAM ADMI (AAP) chief said he will send media to jail, as and when his party comes to power.[14.03.2014]
Displeasure in reading news paper:One wonders if innovations are always for  the good. It's contrary to the common belief, when one picks up any of the two national dailies for reading. The cover leaf is cut to half of it's regular size. A small cut appears-peeps through some other portion from inside, showing small advertisement. Front page is nothing more than a leaf let, used for advertisements. A full leaf appears as a single entity and needs your attention because it drops suddenly if you are not extra careful in  holding the news paper.
National/popular news papers have formed a habit of posting nude paintings/semi nude pictures of models-socialites-actresses, just to sell their paper in large volumes. They select such articles which are related to sex and sensuality-passions. One may call them vulgar. In fact they are promoting nudity through pictures-photographs and articles written in bad taste. Its not the mature only who read-looks at the news paper, children below the age of 10 do read them.
Shri Krishan Janm Ashtmi was celebrated all over the world. None of the Delhi's English News papers cared to cover the event. Do they really serve us?! Are they serving the interest of Indians? They give more importance-coverage to the western world!
A Delhi based news paper has supported governments move to appeal against section 377 in the Supreme Court pertaining to the LGBT. The news papers are not supposed to show their opinion. They must remain neutral while reporting. They are not expected, either to criticise or favor the government. Once they do it, they try to to influence the general public and young immature minds. The news papers goes to hands of the children of all ages. Restraint is desirable and mandatory.[21.12.2013]
The Home Minister has threatened to crush TV channels for provoking Congress by indulging in false propaganda against it.The burst came after a number of opinion polls predicting its poor show in Lok Sabha elections. Editors Guild has slammed Kejriwal and formal army chief not to level vague and unsubstantiated charges against the media.[25.02.2014{
Flop show :: TV serials, generally watched by the women-house wives, show women in bad taste. She is a villain-wretched person. One after another, confused serials end up no where. Their desire is to make a record of longest television serial. They crook TRP's to obtain more and more advertisements, during prime time- hours. Some times, one think of the story writer-producer-director; if any one of them is really aware of the law-rules. Why are they be fooling the fickle minded and showing them the wrong direction? During the last 30 years, it has been observed that most of them were abandoned in between.
The government should make rules to fix the maximum number  of episodes and the time devoted to advertisements. As a matter of fact public is paying for viewing the show. Then why should any advertisement be there?
May the God bless them and let their souls rest in peace there after.
HOLD YOUR TONGUE जुबान  संभाल के  :: Last week the news over TV was that the monsoon will be late by 15 days, as per the reference to a private organisation working over weather modules. Its a fact that the sales of ACs and coolers were sagging. Then the news was that monsoon will reach earlier by 15 days. In fact Purva hawa-eastern winds were blowing over the northern region for over 3 weeks and satellite picture showed cyclone over the Bay of Bangal. The combination of the two generated havoc in Uttra Khand which was not at all ready for such a phenomenon in spite of earlier incidents. The rivers have been choked, dams have been built, course of rivers has been diverted, deforestation is on the rise, unplanned development is taking place. The result was obvious. Cloud bursts, heavy rains , land slides, down ward movement of glaciers broke records of over 80 years.
There is no doubt that its tragic. The reporters said that dooms day has come-half of Delhi will be submerged. प्रलय आ गया है-आधी दिल्ली पानी में डूब जाएगी।  These clips create panic, confusion, break havoc, unrest and torpedoes the already sagging morals of the people.
The reporter-news reader and the editor should be extremely cautious while reporting.
The reporters/editors/readers, should better know-understand the meaning of doom's day.
The interviewer first pursue one to make statement on some rape, then criticize him for saying that the women-girls should be properly dressed. There must be a code of conduct for TV crew to behave in descent manner.
PAID NEWS :: It was shocking to find that a number of news items, which appear in news papers are paid for. This can mislead the readers. How can one rely on the reports, which appear in these well known news papers any more. Their already sagging reputation for biased reporting has been hurting the sentiments of the readers. 
TV NEWS CHANNELS :: They resort to bullying/threatening the eminent and common people equally. They try to put words in the mouth of the people, interfere in their private life and spy illegally. These channels resort to threats/black mails/extraction of money. They unnecessarily poke their nose into the affairs of others. Not only they create news, they sensationalise them as well. Why should they chase/follow some one/compel one to make statements?
One wonders, why they get struck with one single incident/event only and fail to cover the entire country. Often they are found to use derogatory language against reputed people and do every thing to distort the public image/perception, as well.
They are potentially harming the national broadcasters/telecasters and putting them to losses. Their sources of income/expenditure must be brought under audit/examination of central government agencies.
The government should bring legislation to regulate their working. A code of conduct is essential for them to be followed, essentially-compulsorily-mandatory.
If they are telecasting news, why should they poke their nose into amusements programs on other channels?
They should not be allowed to make statements or air their own views.
They should be allowed to come into the picture only when, some thing has happened, not before it is going to happen.
Stalking/chasing/following constitute yellow journalism. It involves spying/threatening and lack of professional ethics.Censorship is not advocated, under any circumstances.
One find thousands of vehicles having the stickers "PRESS" pasted over them, and you will find that they are news paper hawkers or petty criminals, utilising ignorance/be fooling every one, just as they paste sticker bearing the word POLICE. Common man is afraid of the police not the press. For criminals press or police, there is no difference.
MEDIA TRIAL :: The impostor is behind the bars. His son is on the run.The matter is in the court. Its usual that no one make comments, once the matter goes before the court. Media in India has surpassed its limits in leaps and bounds. TV news-channels are busy in debates, putting words in the mouths of those, who frequent these channels. They make news. Earlier also they were behind a number of people, who refused to oblige them by placing advertisements. Its not curious, they are just behind the blood of the Hindus, as if they are the care taker of this religion-community. They don't have courage to expose the misdeeds of other (-minority) communities.
This is amazing, they do not have licences for spying-detective services, still they chase-shadow the people. They show the pictures of those regions of the properties-houses of the absconding people, where one would never be allowed to enter. How do they manage to sneak into the premises of any one, without permission-its immaterial whether one is guilty or not? Should not these people be arrested and put behind the bars, along with the cancellation of the licenses of their TV channels?
They are notorious for their opinion polls. A sample survey can never revel the truth. In fact they are imposing-thrusting upon their own opinion, over the majority population. One has found that most confident forecasts, proved wrong in the past, repeatedly.
Media trial has sent many innocents to jail spoiling their future and forcing some to commit suicide.
शीशे के मकान  में तहलका :: पुरानी कहावत है "शीशे के मकान में रहने वालों को दूसरों के मकान में रहने वालों पर पत्थर नहीं फैंकने चाहिये "और तहलका के मालिक ने ठीक उल्टा किया। अब वो खुद मुजरिम-आरोपी है, "बलात्कार का"। स्टिंग ऑपरेशन करने वाले सोचते हैं कि वो बेदाग हैं या प्रेस से जुड़े होने की वजह से बच निकलेंगे, पर जरूरी नहीं है कि हर बार ऐसा ही हो । स्टिंग ऑपरेशन दूसरे की आजादी में दखल देकर पैसा ऐंठने का जरिया मात्र है। जो वीडिओ जारी किये जाते हैं, वो ज्यादातर डॉक्टर्ड होते हैं और काट-छाँट, तोड़-मरोड़, जोड़-तोड़  कर  तैयार किये जाते हैं। ज्यादातर आरोपी कोर्ट से छूट जाते हैं, हाँ उन्हें मानसिक-सामाजिक-व्यक्तिगत प्रताड़ना से  अवश्य गुजरना पड़ता है। शुरू में कठिनाई भले ही हो परन्तु बाद में वे उसके आदि हो जाते हैं। सरकार को इसके लिए नियम-कानून-पालिसी का निर्धारण करना चाहिये। अगर आरोपी बेदाग छूटे तो स्टिंग करने वाले को सजा-जुर्माना अवश्य हो। 
तहलका के शरीरों की खरीद फरोख्त भारी घोटाले-गड़बड़ी की  ओर इशारा करती है, जिसकी जाँच अत्यावश्यक है।  तेजपाल के नॉन बेलेबल वारण्ट जारी हो गये हैं, और वो अरेस्ट  भी हो गया है।  उसकी मैनेजिंग एडिटर ने इस्तीफा दे दिया है। 
उसकी कम्पनी में कर्मचरियौं को मेडिकल, GPF, इनशोरैंस जैसी सुविधाओं से महरूम रखा जाता था; जिसके लिए उस पर नियमानुसार  कड़ी कर्यवाही कि जानी चाहिये। 
उसने दुसरों के लिए गड्ढ़े खोदे थे और अब खुद भी गड्ढ़े मैं गिर गया। 
GAYISM: Media has given undue coverage to gayism-a taboo, all over the world.4-5 pages are lost in reporting this menace.
OPINION POLLS :: Most the survey reports coming via media are concocted, manipulated, rigged and doctored to help the clients. At least 11 poll agencies are found to be willing to manipulate the opinion polls in favor of those who are willing to pay the price. It has been observed that the result-out come of the elections were just opposite of projections made by the so called surveyors. Only the God knows whether they really know how to use statistics for predicting future, on the strength of a razor thin sample. An astrologer sitting on the pavement of the street can predict better than them! Isn't it?

The media inclined to Kejriwal after Anna's agitation, which led to his victory in Delhi Assembly elections. But soon, it recognised its folly and withdrew support to the Don Quixote of Delhi. Except one, all TV channels were either negative to Modi or neutral to his campaign. But now every one is singing songs in his support-favor. One must remember that these TV channels are the property of big business houses. Mukesh Ambani's Reliance has ultimately bought-purchased TV-18 to record his say -in the making public opinion in favor of the politicians of his choice.
Most of the TV channels show old-late news. Some of them are as old as 3-5 days. The news which appear in the news papers is copied after a few days from news papres. In fact the coverage of TV channels is very limited-restricted to some pockets only. They are unable to form a pool till date. They keep tracking an item for a number of days ignoring the entire country.[05.08.2014]
SPEED NEWS: 15 मिनट में 50 खबरें जो कि ज्यादातर 40 ही रह जाती हैं। और वे  दिन बासी। इलेक्शन से पहले बहुत कोसा मोदी को-बहुत उल्टा-पलटा बोला BJP को अब साँस ऊपर नीचे है। फ्रीडम ऑफ़ स्पीच का नाजायज फायदा तो केवल मीडिया को होता है आम आदमी को तो पकड़ कर तुरन्त FIR ठोक देंगे। [09.08.2014] 
KISS OF LOVE ::  It failed to stop the 'Kiss of Love' campaign at Jhandewalan  but Hindu Sena managed to pull the plug on a Radio Mirchi event that had been scheduled for Saturday-Sunday. The radio station had planned to have a 'Kiss of Love Wall' or 'Pyaar ki Deewar' at DLF Place Mall at Saket. Though inspired by the 'Kiss of Love' campaign that began in Kochi, the station's programming head, Akash Banerjee, says it wasn't meant to be a repeat of Jhandewalan but an event to "express solidarity with those demanding right of expression." But it raised the hackles of the self-appointed guardians of public morality. 
Radio Mirchi had been promoting its programme on air since Monday. "We got a lot of positive and negative response too. But yesterday, when a team from the event management company went to the mall to set up the fabrications, the mall management told them they couldn't and that the police have told them not to allow it," Banerjee said. 
Officials from both the event management company and Radio Mirchi tried to talk to the police but the programme was scuttled in the way these usually are — "unofficially but firmly", as one member of the organizing team put it. Consequently, there's no denial of permission on paper but a whole lot of verbal instructions, which the organizers clearly couldn't disregard. "The police said 'aapke liye problem ho jayegi aur hamare se koi ummeed mat karna'," an organizer said. 
Hindu Sena is gloating over it. "I called the station's office in Noida two-three times during the week while they were promoting the event on their channel," said Vishnu Gupta, national president, Hindu Sena, "Then yesterday (Friday) I called the police — the DCP South's office and even Saket thana — to complain. I told them if they didn't take action, we will, in Hindu Sena style. We said the organizers should take care that their campaign doesn't end up doing more damage than good." By Friday, Gupta added, "the police informed us that they had cancelled permission."
 (Members of various Hindu right-wing organizations shout slogans as they try to prevent the 'Kiss of Love' campaign in New Delhi on November 8, 2014. )
The police are denying this. "The police arrangement was in place but the event didn't happen. We have no knowledge of why it was cancelled. We didn't stop it," said a senior police officer of south district. Mall authorities don't want to pin it on the cops either and blame the event management company. "They didn't have all the permits," said an official who handles events for the mall, "and it's always the client who gets the permissions." She wasn't, however, able to say exactly which permits were missing. 
In response, a representative from the event management company said: "The only permission usually required for such events is music royalty and we weren't using music. Also, the mall management did not advise us about any other permission." Banerjee added: "We weren't asking people to come and kiss each other but just show solidarity. If we can't do that in the national capital, we're heading for very dangerous times." 
Akash Banerjee's,"expression of solidarity with those demanding KISS (TODAY)  IN PUBLIC & TOMORROW INTERCOURSE IN THE OPEN  BROAD DAY LIGHT" is highly objectionable  and against ethics.These people suffer with psychic mentality and need thorough counselling. Could they explain the meaning of expression of vulgarity in the name of freedom for expression. Their freedom ends where others are affected. Indirectly they are poisoning the minds of innocent children and the youth. The place for them is the boundary wall of TIHAR. Can this news paper and its organ radio mirchi cite the law which has said that one is free to kiss-perform sex in the open !? This is not the first instance, when this news paper offended the sentiments-feelings of Indians by targeting Hindu culture-way of life.There not even a single day when this news paper do not publish the pictures of semi nude or scantly clothed women. In the name of art it published nudes earlier.[18/11.2014]
Section 292, 293 & 294 of IPC deal with obscenity, immorality, vulgarity, nudity without clearly defining these terms. Supreme Court has defined it, but that definition is quite confusing and in sufficient like other laws. The government should frame strict and clear laws to check the nonsense spread by the misguided and the crooked.[30.11.2014]


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