SOLUTION समस्या का समाधान-निवारण

SOLUTION समस्या का समाधान-निवारण 
  CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj
IFCN :: The reserve bank should ensure that the ATMs which issue the currency notes should put its invisible mark in the form of indelible ink to stay over either the front or the back of the note, for ever. This can be done thousands of times without harming-destroying the notes, horizontally, vertically or at various angles and then it will become impossible to circulate FAKE CURRENCY NOTES, since the bank will at once find the fake currency notes.[17.11.2016]
UNDER PASS :: New Okhla industrial Development Authority is struggling with the problems like parking space. It has built under passes at Rajni Gandha Chowk adjacent to Metro Sector-16 station. The need of the hour is to utilize every inch of space in developed sectors like 19, 27, 37, 32 or else where ever the authority plans to built under passes. This precious land can be utilized for two floor parking site. The upper floors can simultaneously be used for building restaurants, offices, malls or even creches. This place being close to metro station can be used to built one room flats or even guest houses-hostels.
ELEVATED ROAD OVER MP-1 CONNECTING DND AND SECTOR 22: The Noida authority has done well by cancelling-scrapping the ill advised-conceived project to make it signal free. In his very first meeting with the Authority officials as the President of RWA of Sector-XIX, one requested them to bring Metro Rail to Noida and the idea was not only accepted but implemented. It has been found that if the Authority design the elevated road from the toll booths passing over the planned elevated road over Shahdra drain, scrap the foot over bridge by the side of the DTC depot, where there is no chance of its its utility, in the next 100 years and then crossing the metro rail through the sector 16, 3, 19, 17 crossing over the adjacent to the foot over bride to be constructed by the side of the railway track without disturbing any thing else is feasible.[12.08.2015]
(XXIII)KNEE REPLACEMENT: The doctors are using steel plates to compensate for the erosion in the knees to relieve the patient of the grave pain, caused while moving, standing and some times, when the sufferer is lying down in the bed. The operation is extremely painful, costly, time consuming and keep the patent bed ridden for weeks. It takes one months to walk on his legs.
In the modern day world when the scientific advancement is taking new strides every day, the researchers could apply their knowledge to this segment as well. Its known today that regeneration of limbs (-both skin and boons) is possible. If the limb can be generated, why not the little portion of the decayed-distorted boon?!
The 3-D technique can very easily be applied to reduce the pain and repair the bones, without causing extreme-un bearable pain to the patient. Just a little puncture in the skin and the computer aided technology will compensate for the lost fragment of the boon. A number of materials, which are substitutes of bones can be used or easily developed, in the laboratory. Will any one take the challenge and proceed to evolve this pain free, cost effective technology?
(XXII) WATER SUPPLY IN NOIDANoida is facing acute shortage of water due to the wastage by the builders who directly discharge the ground water in to storm drains, while constructing basements up to a depth of 60-70 feet. This water can be supplied to underground water reservoirs. Water level has touched  a new low of 200-300 feet, in the absence of water harvesting. Rain water is allowed to flow down the drain freely. The authority should bore-dig holes in each and every drain from the streets up to the depth of 10-20 feet.
Noida lies between Yumuna, Hindon and Ganga rivers. Yet this acute-unimaginable shortage of water, forcing household to buy water for drinking and other purposes-which in turn is drawn from bore wells-illegally.
Hindon River, a tributary of Yamuna river,  which originates in the Saharan Pur District, from Upper Shivalik in Lower Himalayan Range. The river is entirely rain-fed and has a catchment area of 7,083 square km.
It flows between Ganges and Yamuna rivers, for 400  km through Muzaffar Nagar District, Meerut District, Baghpat District, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida before it joins Yamuna river just outside Delhi.
Kali river, which originates in the Doon Valley and travels about 150 km passing through Saharan Pur, Muzaffar Nagar, Meerut and Bagpat districts, merges with Hindon River, before it merges with the Yamuna River. 
Ghaziabad, Noida & Greater Noida have built a water treatment plant in Vijay Nagar for which the Ganga water is brought through pipes. The supply is cut off during rainy season due to the heavy discharge of silt in Ganga water due to floods.
Its easy to convert the region around Raj Nagar, Vaishali, Vasundhra into a perennial lake to obtain water for drinking through out the year, by pouring the Ganga water directly into Hindon near Murad Nagar, which can be regulated as per need, there after. It will recharge-replenish the ground sources as well.
Its proposed to build a barrage over Ganga canal to have water throughout the year. Its real stupidity-foolishness and wastage of the public money, most of which (-up to 70%) will go into the pockets of officers. The simplest method is to employ dredgers, which can clean the canal 
without holding the water at any point. This is how the drains are cleaned in Delhi. Increase the depth of the canal to increase the holding capacity of the canal. Depth of Panama canal has been increased without any impact over climate or surroundings. In fact the government should undertake the cleaning & increasing the depth of rivers, simultaneously.

Over 10,000 illegal packaged water bottling units are operating in Noida with the connivance of the officials. There are the units which are drawing water directly from the supply made by the Noida authorities water supply department. Almost every shop in sector 19 is selling water in addition to the bulk supplier handling it directly to the residents.

The supervisor of authorities water supply department is unaware of the fact that pressure is directly proportional to the height of the water level and that water finds its own level. Its really amazing how he got this job! Water does not reach the first floor of the houses. Almost all residents are compelled to install motors and bear heavy electricity bills. They are under constent threat of the officials simultaneously, that the motor is illegal and they are empowered to remove it and levy fine.
The quality of water is so poor that the pipes gets either chocked or rusted within 2-3 years. No effort is made by the officials to clean them even after frequent requests. The officials talk in threatening tone if one makes a complaint. It has been observed that a large quantity of water is flushed through one valve to facilitate one individual. At least one valve is continuously leaking.
Sector 19 has more than 8 tube wells and 2 reservoirs in addition to an over head storage tank. It has a non functional unit, installed 6 year ago at a cost of 5 crore, for cleaning of water as well. It has been observed that most of the tube wells are not operating. Tube well operators are found missing from duty. Motors are silent at 6-7 AM. Water used to be supplied from 6-10 AM, in the morning, 1-2 PM at noon and between 6-9 PM in the evening. At present there is no water at noon and taps become dry at 9 AM. No electricity no water this is what is happening in NOIDA, though heavy duty generators have been installed at the main units. Where does the diesel for running them go?!
Almost all pumping houses are the residents of a number of people. Some of the pumping houses have given direct connections to the residents. There are the people who have multiple illegal connections in their homes. Its not enough-the LIG-DS-II houses have added two floors illegally and taping enormous quantity of water illegally.The authority must install meters like electricity and gas supply. Each and every house in America has water meters. Delhi's population too pays bills through the meters. [08.09.2014]
(I) WATER HARVESTING-वाटर हार्वेस्टिंग: Water table in large cities has gone down considerably. In Delhi and adjoining areas, it has down to 200-400 feet. New buildings should be constructed over pillars in a manner which is icon-similar to erecting bridges in sea/rivers. Entire space at the ground level should be used as a pond/reservoir/pool, with bore wells. Rain water should be stored here for the lean season. Space may be used for breeding fish, lotus etc. Multi storied buildings on the model of Dubai or Airports in Japan, will be ideal.
Mohan Jodro and Haddapa had a beautifully designed drainage system to harvest water during all seasons. A careful systematic study will prove that all ancient cities had this system, unlike the present Indian cities, where municipalities are white elephants and a real burden over the tax payer. Huge societies are coming up each and every day without real concern for water harvesting. In fact the ground below the buildings can be efficiently utilized for this purpose. All drains made of bricks, moving out of the periphery of the town had pits measuring 4 x 4 x 6 to collect mud-silt in all seasons. They were cleaned regularly. why can't Delhi and the Metros have this system?!In fact all human settlements should have this system.

All drains in Delhi are the canals, used earlier for harvesting crops in Delhi. These drains can be used for erecting multi level parking, roads, railway-metro tracks, office/shopping/residential-housing complexes, overs pillars, as described above. Water may be made to move in forward and back ward directions in specially built tanks with bore wells. Sediments may be removed regularly. The building complex should have chimneys at the highest point of the towers, for eliminating foul smell/fumes/waste gases. Exhaust fans will not be needed. Channels in the drain can be used for breeding fish. Soil/sediments collected can be used for land fill sites/manure.

A lot of pain muscular appeared below the knees.It became very difficult to sit and stand thereafter. The doctor prescribed combination of multi mineral-multi vitamin and a combination of calcium-magnesium with vitamin D-3. The pain is identical to arthritis. A number of medicines, dietary support system were tried and they all failed. The pain becomes unbearable at times. On analyzing the events during the last 5-6 years it struck the mind a RO-System was installed at home, because of very poor quality  of water. RO rejects more than 80% of water and bring down the ph level considerably low levels. This water which has been rejected by the RO is extremely good for cleaning and washing purpose. One should see that its not allowed to down the drain, unused. As a matter of fact RO system is good for cleansing water from the sea, which has a extremely high content of salts in it.
During this process most of the minerals are removed considerably. Calcium and magnesium salts present in well-river water, essential for the muscles and bones are almost completely removed from it. One should not be lured by the advertisements and convincing by the agents-salesmen.
Na+1, Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions are essential for the human body and the blood circulatory system. RO prevents these ions from reaching the drinking water, leading to various deficiency diseases, which become incurable ultimately.
Some countries have developed technology to desalinate the ocean water. Countries like Israel too have home grown expertise in the cleaning of mighty rivers like Ganga.

Select some deserted-baron site/vast open space up to 50 acres, along the railway tracks. Let the waste move to this site, initially in trucks. This waste can be burnt directly to produce steam/gas after drying up. Turbines/generators can be used for producing electricity for running trains  Initially, one engine with 2-4 bogies will suffice. Let the waste produced be used to lay/spread/fill along the railways tracks. Waste can be segregated to recover paper/cloths for cycling. Stones/pebbles can be mixed with ash to lay tracks and spreading this by the side of the track or making designer bricks for foot paths. Rubber-plastic-polythene-cloth mix, can be used for making material like coal to be used as fuel. Second phase may have multiple points for collecting waste and disposing ash, along the track-both ways.


Obtain satellite images of Ganga for the last few years. Mark its regular course/flow area.Mark the catchment areas. Select portions of it for dredging/desilting. Excavate the river course as deep as you can,  or till all of the sand is removed, say 20-40 feet, enough/sufficient for a medium class ship to sail through it, from bay of Bangal to Rishikesh. Start building embankments quite away from the regular course. Keep the major course un changed. Deposit the silt over the embankments. The exercise of desilting should be taken over every year, putting the silt on the other side of the embankment.   Make protecting walls using stones/boulders from the hills/mountains of Uttrakhand, in boats. Strengthen them  with thick wire mash and RCC to make carriage ways  for 6 lanes on each side. Connect the two sides with bridges. Use these embankments for rail and road transportation. Plant both side of the embankments with perennial trees (-a mix of fruit, fire wood and timber like Saal, Teak Deodar), plants, shrubs and Hathi Ghas (-grass which grows in the catchments areas of river Ymuna). Make use of this carriage way for magnetic leviation trains connecting Patna and Kolkata. Don't forget to install water treatment /refuse plants at regular intervals neat the cities like Kanpur.
This module can help the villagers of Bihar and Assam in a great way.

A lot of water goes waste back into the ocean or flood the low lying areas of UP and Bihar. This water can easily be diverted to Thar region in Rajasthan and Saurashtr in Gujrat. It just need will power and engaging the unemployed willing unskilled labour over, which billions are spent for filling the coffers-pockets of the politicians-bureaucrats-contractors. Whole region can be converted into an industrial hub for manufacturing aero planes like Boeing and Airbus. Water can be stored in huge lakes-ponds, built over the arid zone around the factories and all over the route of the canals. These canals will convert the entire zone-region into greenery-crops-residential colonies.

Identify the relatives/progeny of those who were killed by the terrorists. Give them training, security, financial assistance and employ in devoted squads to fight the menace. Seek the help of USA ans Israel to equip and train them as commandos. They should be placed under dedicated officers under the PM directly. They should be licensed to kill the traitors. Now identify the location of the guilty/murderers and strike at once. No hitch -No guilty feeling. Keep a note of those who make hue and cry and analyse their contacts. These people will definitely take one to the gang leaders-operatives.
Alam is a terrorist, a policeman and a narcotics dealer operating in Kashmir, working for Fayyaz who runs terrorists training camps in Abbottabad, where Osama Bin laden was gunned. The drugs are produced, supplied and controlled by a Taliban module. One will not be surprised when it comes out that the gang was pushing FICN (-fake currency) in India. [03.02.2014]


Before freedom the value of rupee and dollar was equal. After freedom it has slided 62 times in comparison to the dollar. There are innumerable causes for the devaluation of the Indian currency, but the main cause is mismanagement. India is ruled by incompetent people, who are merely puppets in the hands of foreign powers. Its not difficult to check the down fall  of rupee provided the government takes remedial measures which are based on practical  not the theoretical concepts which are almost discarded all over the world except India. Some of the measures are listed below:
  1. Stop trading in rupee immediately-forget treaties.
  2. Allow the import of essential commodities.
  3. Ask the MNC manufactures to Indianize the products to 100%, level within one year, or/else leave.
  4. Cancel the licences of coke/breweries/distillery operating in India importing raw material from abroad.
  5. Confiscate the property of all MNC's operating in India and are involved in tax evasion.
  6. Stop investments of foreign funds in Indian stock market immediately.
  7. Enhance the rate of interest on small savings and charge interest from the industry at market rates i.e., 18%-24%.
  8. Compel the jewelers to issue cash receipts and to receive payments through cheque/ rtgs/e-banking. 
  9. Compel the jewelers to make sales on production of ID/ADHAR cards.
  10. Fix the rupee parity with the other countries on the strength of the prices of essential commodities in their retail market. Method should be identical to the one which is used to calculate whole sale/retail price indices in India or abroad.
  11. Stop all luxuries in government expenditure.
  12. Stop all subsidies at all levels-at once.
  13. Stop all free-ships/freebies/charities at government level.
  14. Acquire/attach the property of all corrupt officials/ministers at once.
  15. Make it compulsory to declare stocks, maintain ledgers,m issue receipt for the shop keepers a compulsory phenomenon.
  16. RBI should fix price of foreign currencies. Stop free floating of rupee.
  17. Confiscate the properties of all those found printing/circulating Indian currency along with filing of cases of treason/revolt against the nation.
  18. Withdraw all subsidies/dolls/aid.
  19. Vote (-food) security bill, is sure to push the rupee to further deterioration.  This government and its allies are bent upon pushing it further. Opposition is left with no alternative to support albeit with amendments.
  20. Vote (-food) security bill loaded a burden of Rs.1.3 Lakh Crore on the tax payer/economy leading to loss of Rs.2 Lakh Crores in one day's trading on the stock exchanges, pushing the price of Gold to 32585/10 gram. the government should have learnt from its follies of 1970. Food bill is a bad idea and does no service to the poor.
  21. Prime minister should stop making absurd statements in the parliament to misguide/mislead the country and blaming other for his/party head's guilt.
  22. Reduce external debit. Stop external grants.
  23. Curb, restraint, check the wasteful expenditure by the peoples representatives on travel, luxuries, housing-renovations, perks. 
  24. Recover each and every penny from fraudulent businessmen and their associates involved in scams during the last and present decade. All contracts, business licences, freight, mining, telephoning ventures of the corrupt should be cancelled immediately. heavy penalties should be imposed upon them along with jail term.They should be debarred from government business for ever.
  25. Pensions of representatives must be stopped along with the facilities extended to them once they cease to be members of any house.
  26. Dollar has been used by the hoarders as a commodity for trading successfully. They have made fortunes and are still busy with the tricks. How ever this is not possible without patronage from the high and mighty in the government.Those, who indulge in such trade practices must be booked. 
  27. World wide tenders should be floated for the supply of crude to refineries at the door step. Long term agreements should be signed at the lowest rates and pre condition to negotiate the rates if they fall in the international market. All payments should be made in Rupees not dollars.
  28. Employ honest-dedicated-hard working officers, free from political links-strains.

Free the securities agencies, by providing autonomy, to perform their job judiciously-efficiently with in a given frame work of time, without fear.
Anyone who has crime record, should not be allowed to contest elections, till the cases are settled.
Corrupt bureaucrat's services should be terminated at once along with confiscation of their properties, including Benami (-properties registered in fictitious names) and jail term for their entire life, till death.
ये है हमारे देश कि व्यवस्था....जहां बेईमानों को तरक्की और ईमानदारों को सजाए मिलती है....पेश है कुछ ऐसे ही उदाहरण जहाँ...देश के होनहारकर्तव्यनिष्ठ और ईमानदार अफसरों को इस भ्रष्ट व्यवस्था कि बलि चढ़ना पड़ा। The present Up Government is bent upon creating hell to justify its devotion to the cause of Muslims, who themselves have certified that the SDM-Durga was actually helping them and was acting upon the mafia headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav and his family. They are now black mailing the Central Government to drop cases against them. It has come up now that it was not only sand mafia but land mafia as well which was trying to take over the property of wakf board. The SDM did her best to stop the nonsense. It’s possible that the land mafia might be working under the patronage of Mulayam and company. The government which was formed by the support of Muslims saw at least 29 cases pertaining to infighting-tension-quarrels due to the mishandling of situation.
अभी एक ऐसे सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता को बंद कर दिया गयाजो कि  इनकी पोल पट्टी फेस बुक पर खोल रहा था। 
दुर्गा शक्ति नागपाल (उत्तर प्रदेश): नौयडा मे रेत माफिया से मोर्चा लेने वाली आईएएस अधिकारी दुर्गा शक्ति नागपाल का अखिलेश सरकार द्वारा निलंबन।
यूपी में खनन माफिया कितना ताकतवर हैइसका अंदाजा आप इस बात से लगा सकते हैं कि जिस महिला आईएस अधिकारी ने रेत और खनन माफिया की नकेल कसने की कोशिश कीउसे ही अंजाम भुगतना पड़ा। नौयडा में खनन माफिया के खिलाफ अभियान छेड़ने वाली महिला आईएएस अधिकारी दुर्गा शक्ति नागपाल को सस्पेंड कर दिया गया। IAS अफसर दुर्गा जीकी नियत इमानदारी और निडरता सिर्फ इस बात से जाहिर होती है कि  सिर्फ 3 दिनों में 24 डम्पर और 17 व्यक्तियों को गिरफ्तार कियाजो अवैध खनन में लिप्त थे   इनकी इस कार्यवाही से तिलमिलाएसूबे के प्रमुखइतने घबराये कि, सीधे सस्पेंड ही कर दिया। 
अशोक खेमका (हरयाणा): पिछले साल अक्टूबर में सोनिया गांधी के दामाद रॉबर्ट वाड्रा और DLF के बीच ज़मीन कि अवैध डील को रद्द किआबदले में मिला ट्रान्सफर।
विकास कुमार (राजस्थान):पिछले साल कि शुरुआत में भरतपुर के अवैध खनन माफिया का भंडाफोड़ किया। पुलिस जांच पूरी होने वाली थीतभी ट्रान्सफर किया।
संजीव चतुर्वेदी (हरियाणा): सात साल कि सर्विस के दौरान कई घोटालों का खुलाशा किआइसके बदले उनके खिलाफ पांच आपराधिक मामले दर्ज किये गएउन्होंने सितम्बर 2012 में सुप्रीम कोर्ट में याचिका दायर कर उजागर किये गए घोटालों कि सीबीआई जांच कि मांग कि है। 
मुग्धा सिन्हा (राजस्थान): स्थानीय माफिया से टक्कर लेने के कारण ट्रान्सफर का दिया गया।  इसके खिलाफ स्थानीय लोग उनके समर्थन में आये।  
दमयन्ति सेन (बंगाल): कोलकाता पुलिस क्राइम ब्रांच कि पहली महिला चीफइस आईपीएस अधिकारी ने फ़रवरी 2012 में पार्क स्ट्रीट गेंगरेप केस की जांच कीउसमे उन्होंने मुख्यमंत्री ममता बेनर्जी के दावे को गलत साबित किआदो महीने बाद ट्रान्सफर हुआ। 
 समित शर्मा (राजस्थान): इनसे सिर्फ इसलिए हटा दिया गया क्योंकि उन्होंने एक कांग्रेस विधायक की बात मानने से इनकार कर दिया। विधायक के कहने के बावजूदउन्होंने एक क्लर्क को नहीं हटाया था।  लिहाज़ा डीएम साहब को ही हटा दिया गया। 
उमाशंकर (तमिलनाडु): ज्योइंट विजिलेंस कमिश्नर रहते हुए मारन बंधुओं के खिलाफ कार्यवाही की। इसके चलते निलंबित किया  गया। 

नई दिल्ली नगर पालिका परिषद  के  शिक्षा विभाग में  घोटाले  और बेईमानी 
Unabated corruption in the Department of Education, NDMC, New Delhi.
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 Concepts and Extracts in Hinduism:  By Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj 
आलम ये है कि ग्रह मंत्रालय का एक दफ्तर पालिका केंद्र में हैफिर भी घोटालों पर घोटाले-चिराग तले अँधेरा इसे कहतें हैं। कोई सुनने वाला नहीं है। जैसा राजा वैसी प्रजा -टके सेर भाजी टेक सेर खाजा।.... This is the true story of a person, who was more qualified-competent-versatile and hard working as compared to the juniors, who were promoted, through corrupt and dubious means. Promotions were denied thrice due to rampant corruption in the New Delhi Municipal Corporation.
Sufficient documentary evidence is available to prove that the Education Department is engaged in unlawful appointments-promotion through corrupt means, with the connivance of the present and former Director of Education.
1  1. No work-Experience, Home Science, Music, Drawing, Physical Education, can be promoted as a Vice principal, Sr. Lecturer, DEO Principal as per exiting RR’s.2.  NDMC cannot modify, update, prepare RR”s without the consent of UPSC, GNCT, Delhi Govt., DOPT which should be subsequently published in Delhi Gazette. 3. Post of Work Experience Teacher is Ex-Cadre post. These teachers cannot be promoted to any other faculty even after acquiring requisite qualification in other subjects. 4. TGT (Gen.) /Sc. Teachers cannot be promote to the post of Lecturer Sanskrit or Hindi. Reservation in promotions is illegal and unconstitutional. 5. Reservation of posts to Scheduled tribes belonging to any other state is illegal and unconstitutional, since Delhi’s population do not have such category. 6.  Information provided through RTI is vague, incomplete and held back. 7. Director Education files incorrect information in the CAT and Hon. Delhi High Court. 8. Director of Education must be appointed from amongest the serving principals, as there is no rule preventing these promotions. 9. The Director of Education is willfully suppressing action over the complaint filed to The Director, CBI, New Delhi, in April-2013 and June 2013.

Rapists deserve to be castrated. He should be injected with estrogen-the female hormone. Having turned into a CHHAKKA-HIZRA-IMPOTENT let him serve the community throughout the life, till death. But what about the women/girls who rape man?!

India should stop buying/importing paper and ink used for printing currency. It should utilize its own resources. Country is capable to provide currency grade paper. Most of the counterfeit notes are printed on the paper prepared in the country itself. Indian currency should not be procured from elsewhere.
India has competency in manufacturing currency grade paper and ink. It’s capable to export it as well.
Every time a new series is printed and introduced strainers should be changed. Ink which uses gold for writing and em-bossing should be used for forming the core of the notes. This type of ink was in use in India and still hand written books are available in which this ink has been used.
Printing, circulation, carriage of these notes should be treated at par with revolt against the Nation and toughest punishment should be given to these anti nationals. The staff members of the bank branches who had been found stuffing the ATM'S with fake currency should be removed from the job instantaneously and treated as anti national.
The company which sold this paper to ISI should be black listed immediately. India should flood Pakistan with its fake currency as a matter/means of retaliation-counter measure. Tit for tat is a must.
Indian government should appoint dealers worldwide, who can print and circulate Fake Pakistani Currency Notes in Pakistan leading to crippling-failure of its economy. Unless until Government strike back these jokers won't be contained. घुस के मारो। इजराइल और अमरीका से कुछ सीखो। 
Pakistan government's involvement in printing and circulation of FICN (-Fake Indian Currency Notes) has been established by forensic evidence, in a racket which took place in Maharashtr in 2009. FICN features, paper quality and printing perfectly matches with that of Pakistani currency notes, which could have been printed only in Pakistani government press. The 6 people involved in the crime have been subjected to life imprisonment. It would have been better if they could be shot in public and their bodies gifted to Pakistan. [2.2.2014]
(XI) PREVENTION OF CAR VEHICLE THEFT  :: All vehicle registration authorities must be interconnected. Who so ever wants to buy the vehicle must apply for registration side by side, when ever he books the vehicle. The manufacturer should seek the number in advance and emboss the number on the doors, body, hood, chassis, glasses etc. along with the chassis number, before painting. The number has to be visible, when grazing light falls over it. This number should be allotted only once. Owner's identification marks, address, finger prints, photographs, address, phone-mobile numbers must be preserved and protected.
Police must trace the records as soon as the vehicle is recovered and hand it over back to the owner in the presence of the insurance company.
Devices must be fitted in the car which will lock it as soon as the owner removes the keys.
The vehicle's ignition system should be synchronized with the pass words available in the mobile phone of the owner.
Change of number should not be allowed under any circumstances.
Vehicle owner may be fined for the carelessness.
STAMPEDES :: One must avoid visiting such places (-religious/political gatherings/functions)-where large crowds are expected to gather-assemble, since stampedes are quite common-frequent in India. They occur purely due to mis management-negligence-corruption in the administrative machinery-police-bureaucracy.  The tragedies occur very frequently at temples, fares, congregation, ceremonies.The devotees-religious people suffer the most.
What has happened in Madhy Pradesh is un imaginable. The small bridge was blocked due to the foolishness and lathi-stick-baton charge by the policemen on duty. They allowed tractors-trucks to pass over the bridge, when huge crowd was passing through it, by taking money. They are reported to have flung children in the river-an un humanly behaviour. More than 125 people have died. Instead of helping the victims families political parties are busy in blame game-slender.[13.10.2013]
Stampedes hound the memories which occurred at Kutub Minar, Kumbh Mela at Haridwr, Kumbh at Allahabad-Pryag.
SMOG: Felling of trees has resulted in the change of the direction of convection currents of winds, all over the world, associated with rising pollution levels. This is the basic cause behind smog-bronchitis-lung diseases-cancer-hyper tensions. Countries like America/Australia should adopt housing by using cement, bricks, RCC. This will check deforestation-cyclones-hurricanes.
Pollution control, use of clear fuel, discarding Freon in the refrigeration, protection of ozone layer in the sky are some of the essentials which must be adopted before its too late. Tree plantation, protection of forests, development of small-segregated cities, maintenance of water bodies, burning of human bodies (-all germs, bacteria, fungus, virus remains in the soil with the buried human carcasses and moves to ground water channels with rain waters), maintenance of ground water table is essential.
ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION IN DELHI वायु प्रदूषण :: Delhi has acquired the status of having most polluted air in the world according to WHO, which carried studies in 1600 cities of 91 countries. Concentration of fine repairable particles-PM 2.5 stands at 153 micro gram per cubic meter. These particles are considered to be most dangerous health. Concentration of course particles stands at 286 micro gram per cubic meter. Delhi is followed by Gwalior, Lucknow and Raipur. People in Delhi suffer from ailments of lungs and cancer due to this phenomenon.
One remembers a phase when he witnessed a sheet of dust-black mass over the seat of his scooter parked in a school at Tilak Marg in Delhi. The face use to acquire black color due to the huge content of smoke present in the air. Eyes use to itch and become sore while driving. It followed coughing, phlegm-mucus-running of nose-irritation-choking of nose and difficulty in breathing. A number of power house running at Raj Ghat, Indr Prasth, Badar Pur had to be shut down and switched over to gas mode. Buses and trucks and cars were made to run over gas only after the interference of Honorable Supreme Court. Still one finds that a large number of cars-trucks running over diesel run in Delhi. Delhi has more than 70,00, 000 registered vehicles and an equal number of vehicles pass through it every day. Delhi and NCR has thousands of generators running on diesel. NCR has thousands of tractors running on diesel. Delhi is surrounded by ever growing nucleus cities like Noida, Farida Bad, Gurgaon, Soni Pat etc. which contribute to its bows further. Burning of waste adds to it. Delhi and NCR town have a large number of polluting industries which not only pollute air but discharge huge quantities of waste in Yamuna River tainting its holiness. One can see hundreds of trucks-three wheelers polluting the air in Noida every day. One notice that heavy duty vehicles, buses, trucks, tractors, three wheelers run over diesel continuously polluting the air with black smoke. The home guard-traffic police constable will quickly ask the cars two wheelers to stop without reason to extract money but never ask the polluted vehicles to obtain no pollution certificate, forget check-up of these vehicles, since they belong to high and mighty of UP-dons-criminals-gangsters-sand mafia.
At present Delhi is following euro-4 pollution norms while there is need for the strict implementation of euro-6 norms. The worst possible thing in Delhi is to pass responsibility to others, sometimes those who are not responsible for it at all.
The central government should enact laws to bring entire NCR under its control and enforce pollution laws to implement euro-6 standards. All polluting industries should be transferred to suitable regions with the strict laws to govern pollution side by side.
COWS :: Most of the Indian cities/towns are plagued with this problem. One can find cows blocking the main roads/highways. This is due to the apathy of the local bodies which are indifferent to this menace. Most the cows continues to breed without any control check over them. In some cities like Delhi they are caught and the owners are fined. A lot of money is spent over the maintenance of cow herds caught from the cities. Most of the roads ae defaced-littered with cow dung.
Some people are found catching them and exporting to small towns, where they are slaughtered. They are found searching and eating food, left over/thrown in the garbage by the house hold. On the occasion of festivals Hindus offer them food-sweets but forget them soon after that. There are the people who catch them,  when they start yielding milk. They catch them just to collect milk and release soon there after. 
MONKEY MENACE :: This is the breed of animals which is not scared of humans. They enter the houses and steal what ever they catch off-find. They tear off cloths and spoil other valuable articles. The pious Hindu fails to muster courage to kill them. The hire langurs to scare them. On Tuesday they feed them with great respect. Those who pray Shri Hanuman offer them regular feeds. They are often killed while playing/crossing with electric live wires.
DOGS :: Most of the Indian cities are suffering due to the undesirable presence of  large number of stray dogs . They do not let the people sleep at night . Their continued barking is grossly dis pleasing. Entire street is covered by their shit. Then there are the people who do not allow the government to kill them by using different laws and taking the battle to courts. They talk about cruelty to the animals though they them selves are meat eaters. Why these people do not clean the streets them selves? Then their is another breed of people who bring their dogs to shit in front of others houses.
The government should compulsorily sterilise all such animals. Castration is another alternative. Tough laws should be enacted to control such people, who allow their domesticated animals to roam freely on the roads/streets. At least, these dogs can be used as feed for the leopards in the zoos. Monkeys may be donated to zoo's all over the world. 
(XIV). BAD LUCK :: Go through the contents of (1). Palmistry, (2). Mantropchar of this blog, grasp them and practice them. For further guidance remain in touch.
(XV). POOR HEALTH :: Go through the contents of (1). Longevity, (2). Miracle herbs, (3) Mantropchar and (4). Peeple tree of this blog, grasp them and practice them. For further guidance remain in touch.
One must regulate his diet, mode of living, sitting posture, working hours. A sound sleep is essential. Avoid wine-women-meat products. Avoid too much travel. Prefer freshly prepared food at home.
(XVI). Marital Discord-Disturbed Family Life :: Always try to help and understand the spouse. Never try to be extravagant and save some money for the lean season-difficult period. Have faith in each other and try to confide. Never expose your family discord in front of others. Seek the advice of elders-family friends-parents-in laws. respect and honor the in laws. Never betray each other. One must not develop extra marital relations-since they always poison-distort the family life. Never try to dig the pre-marriage past of your spouse. Never reveal your affairs before your spouse. Spare some time for prayers, service of elders and children. Never boast before each other. Don't let penetrate out siders in your affairs. Never let a guest to over stay in your house or intermingle with the spouse. Never do business from your residence-house.
Remain in touch for counselling-cure.
(XVII). ADJOURNMENT IN COURTS :: It is an evil, which is plaguing the judiciary in India. Billions of cases are pending in courts. Most of them are for minor petty offences. There are cases in which the accused can be discharged due to the change in law. There are the accused who are languishing in jails for a period which is many times higher than the one, for which they could be housed there, had they been proved guilty. Adjournments which have become routine and shows understanding between the judges and the counsels, should be banned completely. Adjournments should not be permissible under any circumstance. Issue of receipt for the payment made by the client to the lawyer  should be made mandatory. The counsel who tries to prolong the case should be debarred. The counsel who cheat and refuse to plead the case sincerely, should be debarred for ever. The counsel who fail to appear before the court on the due date, should be warned and after three warnings he should be made in eligible for argument before the court. All cases must be heard and decided within a time bound period, extended to three months, at the most; including charge sheet, argument, hearing. Appointments the benches be made on the lines of IAS/IPS/IRS through UPSC for the whole country and the job should be made transferable after a tenure of three years all over the country. All promotions should be made strictly on the basis of seniority, only. Reservation of all types should be made inapplicable to this job.
(XVIII) DMRC :: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is increasing the length of track and connectivity substantially, which is praiseworthy. How ever its planning is myopic. The track could be employed for running high speed limited stop double Decker trains, along with normal trains, with sitting in stead of standing space for passengers. This could ease the burden substantially. Only constraint was space for change over-junctions, which can be solved quite easily. What needs to be done is the addition of two platforms, only at the junctions-change over points. The DMRC should make modification in each compartment by making entry and exit through separate doors, to protect the riders from pick pockets and making entry and exit easy.
Line III should be extended up to Indra Puram and there after connected to Vaishali forming a loop-ring, while another loop can be created by connecting Vaishali  to Ghaziabad, new bus terminal.
(XIX) STADIUMS :: Stadiums were renovated for common wealth games by spending more than 20,000 crores Rupees, against the initial budget of Rs.200 crore. Rest of the money has been pocked by the stalwarts of the Congress Governments. They are in shambles-taters today, due to neglect, improper maintenance, theft and corruption, in spite of a hefty budget for maintenance. There is space crunch in Delhi for holding marriages, functions, celebrations and public meetings. This space can be utilized by segregation into compartments, for such purposes against fee, through auction to the highest bidders like the process adopted by airlines for ticketing. The government can allow entry from different gates to different parties for optimum utilisation of space. This will help the government in recovering the cost in addition to maintaining them in a nice way.
(XX). EDUCATION MINISTER'S QUALIFICATION :: A number of accusing fingers have been raised to the low qualification of education minister. The qualification of one of the former prime minister was quite low as compared to her. There is nothing to worry. One or the other university will award her with some honorary doctorate degree.
(XXI). MAGNETIC LEVITATION :: Maglev stands for magnetic levitation, a mechanism used for train propulsion. The train moves over the magnetic field created by opposite poles of magnetic field by eliminating wheelsaxles, noise.It moves slightly over the track say 5-6 cm. A phenomenal speed of 580 km/hr has been achieved though in practice its run over a speed of 300 km/hr, only. At present Japan, Germany, China and South Korea are using this technique. Though there is basic difference in the methods of levitation yet principle is same.
Its possible to achieve super speeds in levitation trains by using opposite charges: Positive-positrons and Negative-electrons. The train  will be able to produce electricity as and when its made to run,side by side.


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