PAKISTAN ::  THE HELL HOLE पृथ्वी पर नर्क 

Its turning into a colony of China at a rapid-fast pace. The imprudent Pakistani military commanders and the politicians are trapped by the dragon through the mouth crippling them. Sooner or later Pakistan is certain of losing its identity.[17.11.2016]
Pakistan is a terrorist state. This is the hub of all trouble in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and India. It has more than 80 terrorist training schools, the graduates from which are called IS, ISIS and various other names. The terrorists targeted India twice recently. The attack in Udi left 20 soldiers dead. Its Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif has said in UN yesterday, that his country fully supported the terrorists like Burhan Bani and designated them as martyrs. The following organisations are funded by the US in the name of help and the funds are directly utilised for nurturing the terrorist camps all over Pakistan with the active involvement of ISI-Pakistan intelligence agency and Pakistan Military :- al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Harakat ul-Jihad-i-Islami (HUJI), Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hamas, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.[22.09.2016]
What the Bangla Desh has done in over month; India could do it in just 15 days, had the Congress government allowed the policemen to perform their duty. Instead it laid obstacles in their path. Those who are caught after a gap of 15-20 years could be nabbed and eliminated much earlier. Why this legal drama for the terrorists, Maoists-Naxalites and notorious criminals?![29.08.2916]
CANCER FOR THE WHOLE WORLD :: MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) founder has said that Pakistan is cancer and headache for the entire world. It is the epicentre of terrorism for the whole world. He is considered to be the saviour of Mujahirs-the Urdu speaking community, which settled in Karachi & Hyderabad after migrating from India, after independence. Pakistan ISI butchers these Mujahirs indiscriminately.[24.08.2016]
DAWOOD PAK'S STATE GUEST :: (1). India & UN's notified terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is a state guest in Pakistan. (2). Pakistanis have admitted to providing financial help for terror attack in Mumbai by giving more than Rs. 38 Lakh. (3). America has decided to hold back aid to this terror monger state for the time being.[24.08.2016]
PUPPET PRIME MINISTER :: Pakistan exposed it self by observing a black day in support of a terrorist killed in Kashmir. Nawaj had never been Sharif. He is a person who is in the chair by begging in front of army and the ISI. He has no say in Pakistan's administration & policy making. He is seen in the company of notified terrorists. He is one those who are behind the killing of innocent Mujahirs in Karachi. Human rightists of US can not hear the cries of these Muslims who migrated to Pakistan and are butchered every Sunday in scores. Still the Kashmiri Muslims support Pakistan. They should remember that if even for a second Kashmir is with Pakistan, they will be eliminated.[26.07.2016]
Pakistan has openly come out in support of the terrorists operating in India at the behest of ISI & Pakistan's army. Its unable to recognise its limits. Its provoking India to finish its existence. China is an ally of it, which is creating trouble else where and in India time & again.It should also mind its own business or else...
TERRORIST ATTACK BY PAKISTAN IN PATHANKOT :: It was a well planned-rehearsal ed attack by the Pakistani Terrorists purportedly by JeM. JeM constitutes of the terrorists based in Pakistan enjoying immunity, being a tool in the hands of ISI, Pakistan intelligence agencies & the Army. Its head is the person who was set free when the Indian plane was hijacked to Pakistan by them to seek the release the Sayeed's daughter. One should realise THE GRAVITY of the action taken then, leading to heavily-dearly-expansively payment by India, now.
The attack in Pathankot and the one on Indian consulate in Afghanistan may impact the upcoming Foreign Secretary-level talks between the two neighboring nations. Pakistan has been told flatly that no talks will take unless-until stringent action is taken against the culprits. One do not expect Pakistan to oblige.
India has identified the four handlers of Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), who were in touch with the six terrorists, who stormed the Pathankot airbase early on January 1. Those identified by the Indian agencies are JeM founder Maulana Masood Azhar, his brother Abdul Rauf Asghar, Ashfaq Ahmed and Kashim Jaan. While Azhar oversaw the operations, his brother Asghar and two others were in touch with the terrorists.
India has also given the details of two types of Pakistan-made drugs-Neuro Bedoxine and Dicloran-found on the bodies as evidence. Large ammunition recovered from them is also bearing the stamps of Pakistan. The shoes which the slain terrorists were wearing, were produced in Pakistan. Phone numbers of four handlers are also given as proof to Islamabad.
The central intelligence agencies have also found evidence that the conspiracy to attack the Pathankot airbase was hatched near Lahore and the terrorists were put through a mock drill by erecting a model of the airbase.
The statement of the SP who was abducted as per his own version, is full of ambiguities. He was under transfer and failed to report for his duties to the next assignment. His claim of being a regular visitor to the shrine is full of loopholes, since a Sikh is not supposed to be there and the caretaker has straightly said that he never saw that man there, before. He had been abusing-molesting-sexually, his subordinate female staff. His presence there, is sufficient to raise eye brows. The NIA should seek details of his property, his movements, associates etc. The ease with which the terrorists enjoyed movements in his car too is suspicious. Being a policeman he is aware to be fooling investigating agencies. The intimation given by him to his senior too is not beyond suspicion, since no action took place immediately.
It has been confirmed that some one present in the air base too is deeply involved. The honey trap catches gives proof of the involvement of Pakistanis. Some more suspicious looking persons re under scanner. One can easily link the catches involving issue of fake pass ports, attack on Hindus in Malda, beating of the headmaster of the Bangal Madarsa asking students to recite National Anthem.
LeT was banned in Pakistan way back in 2002. One person-insider has been arrested from the air base in Pathankot.[09.01.2016]
The SP under suspicion has one illegal wife as well. He appears to be a sex manic and such people are generally found deeply involved i various categories of heinous crimes.Those who were arrested from the air base had been in touch with Ranjeet, who was earlier arrested in honey trap spying case. Punjab has the dubious reputation of smugglers in the state cabinet. Another factor which has surfaced is the posting of promotees to the rank of SSP is that 27 out of 30 SSP's are ranker,  in stead of the usual IPS officers who are comparatively young. Complicity-involvement of these promotees in the spying and smuggling cases remain to be ascertained by NIA, CBI and other agencies.[9.1.2016]
Parvez Musharraf exposed Pakistan, along with him self. He has asserted that Osama Bin Laden and Hafiz Sayeed are the heroes of Pakistan. He accepted to have encouraged Taliban to spread unrest in Afghanistan. He admitted-said that terrorists were trained by ISI-Pakistan's intelligence agency. He admitted of his country's hand in targeting Bombay hotels for terrorist attacks. Now there is no doubt-suspicion that Pakistan, its military, ISI and the political leaders are running Nursery schools to Universities for the training in terrorism. A little bit of efforts will prove that ISIS terrorists got their degrees in terrorism from Pakistan. All sorts of aid by America and Europe is wasted in spreading terrorism. Both America and Europe have tasted it. Only Russia and Israel could give a fitting reply to their activities. US diplomacy has always been at lowest levels. American diplomats need a proper bent of mind and prudence. They lack intelligence. Its a habit of US to unnecessarily entangle itself with trouble all over the world. It rose against Syria and Assad quite late. Instead of aligning with Russia, it  preferred to act unwisely.[30.10.2015]
America had again threatened to stop aid if Pakistan does not stop supporting terrorism. In fact a rational person knows it for certain that the policy makers of America will continue helping-supporting Pakistan to create pressure on India. foolishness indeed.
US Administration may not change its attitude-behavior towards the terror monger Pakistan, but  the people in US are awake. Pakistan is recognized as the military dominated, terrorist infested hellhole. ISI the guardian of ISIS, Dawood, Laden etc. is the Pakistan's intelligence agency which is dubious, double dealing, fostering terrorist groups at the cost of the lives of American citizens. Perhaps the US administration never realized that the Maulvies, Ustads, Clerics teach anti America lessons to innocent children.
TTP-Tahreek-a-Taliban has released a video which claims that it was used by the Pakistani army and the ISI for bloody games and war like situations in Kashmir. Adnan Rashid the blood thirsty commander of TTP has said they were cheated. He is accused of attacking former President Musharraf. He has accused Pakistan of waging war against India in 1948. he has corroborated the misdeeds of Pakistan during: 1947-48, 1965, 1971, 1989, 1987, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2013 and 2014. 
Pakistan military and ISI are helping the terrorists to sneak into India and disrupt Republic celebrations, by covering them through repeated-continuous shelling, fire and mortars, over more than 20 posts. Two boats loaded with explosives, which left Karachi were cornered by Indian sea guards. One of them turned back and the other sank into deep water with big bang.[03.01.2015]
बैंगलौर की कोंग्निजेंट कम्पनी का इंजीनियर मेहदी मसरूर रात में ISIS के चीफ आतंकी बगदादी के सम्पर्क में रहकर, उसका ट्विटर हैंडल करता था। उसे स्वप्न में भरोसा नहीं था  कि वो कभी पकड़ा जायेगा। उसके माँ-बाप कहते हैं कि उसे फँसाया जा रहा है। वैसे उसने अपना गुनाह कबूल कर लिया है।  ध्यान रहे वो अकेला नहीं है। पूरे मुल्क में भरे पड़े हैं, ऐसे देाष द्रोही। जब भी कभी ऐसी हरकत करते हुए कोई पकड़ा जाता है, तो कहता है कि, उसे फंसाया जा रहा है और AK & Mulla MSY जैसे लोग तो उसके साथ हैं ही। फिर डर किस बात का?!
RELIGION OF TERRORIST आतंकी का मज़हब :: आतंकवादी शैतान का पुजारी है। वो शैतान को अल्लाह, रसूल ताला, खुदा, परवरदिगार कहकर मासूम जनता को गुमराह करता है-उल्लू, बेवकूफ बनता है। उसने आतंवाद को इस्लाम और इस्लाम को मानने वाले मुसलमानों को आतंकी का पर्याय बना दिया है-दर्जा दे दिया है। उसने कुरान की आयतों का मन-माना तर्जुमा किया है। और उल्टा-पलटा अर्थ निकाल के मुफलिसों को गुमराह किया है। फतवा जारी कर वो किसी भी बेगुनाह को भी मरवा सकता है, जेल भेज सकता है। जेहाद का मतलब उसे खुद तो मालूम नहीं है तो औरों को क्या समझाएगा। धर्म युद्ध का मतलब है अपने रक्षा करना ना कि किसी पर वार-आक्रमण करना, लूटना, बलात्कार करना, अगवा करना, गुलाम बनाना और बेचना, सताना, मारना, प्रताड़ित करना, बच्चों को हथियार की तालीम देना।  
अनपढ़ बहुसंख्यक, तालीम से महरूम निम्न तबके के लोग, मुफलिसों को,आर्थिक रूप से पिछड़े वर्ग को कठमुल्ले, मौलवी, मुफ़्ती बरगलाते हैं, फुसलाते हैं लालच देते हैं, जन्नत का ख्वाव दिखाते हैं। जिसे रोटी भी मुअस्सर न हो उसे बिरयानी खाने का सपना दिखाते हैं। दूसरों को लूटना-कत्ल करना-दंगा फसाद करना उनका शौक भी है और पेशा भी। किसी के माँ-बाप या भाई-बहन को बन्धक बनाकर, उसे फियादीन बना देते हैं। मस्जिदों-मदरसों को पनाहगाह बना लेते हैं। 
पाकिस्तान एक ऐसा मुल्क है, जहाँ आतंकवाद की फैक्ट्री चलती है। आज पूरे जहान में इनका खौफ कायम करने की नापाक हरकत-कोशिश जारी है। LeT. ISI. ISIS, Jama-ud-Dawa, MI, Boko-Haram तालिबान, इनके अलग-अलग नाम है मगर मकसद एक ही है।  इंसानियत का खून। पाकिस्तान की सरकार इन्हें हर मुमकिन-संभव सहायता प्रदान करती है। वो एक ऐसा सांप है जिसके 543 सर-फन हैं। एक को कुचलो तो दूसरा सर उठाने लगता है। बगदादी, हाफिज सईद जैसे इसके सरपरस्त हैं। हाफ़िज़ के सर पर एक करोड़ डॉलर का इनाम है। वो अपने आतंकियों को हर सम्भव फौजी साजो सामान मुहैया कराता है। भारत समेत दुनियाँ के अनेकों मुल्कों में इसने आतंकवादी हमले करवाये है। गीदड़ माँद में घुसा हुआ है, हिजड़ों की तरह। मर्द की औलाद-अपने बाप के औलाद आमने सामने की लड़ाई करते हैं छुप के हमला नहीं करते। 
They have massacred 141 innocent people including 132 school students. Not only should they be condemned-they should be cursed. let us pray to God for their elimination from this earth.[17.12.2014]
भारत में 26/11 आतंकी हमलों के दोषियों-लखवी आदि को  पाकिस्तान में जमानत पर रिहा के दिया गया है, जो उसके दोगलेपन की निशानी है।  बच्चों को हलाक होने पर टीवी पर घड़ियाली आंसू बहाये और अगले ही दिन लखवी को रिहा कर दिया।  पाकिस्तान की सरकार ने उसे जेल में एक फाइव स्टार होटल की फैसिलिटी मुहैया कराई थी। एक मुजरिम जेल में रहकर भी बाप बन जाये, इससे बड़ा सबूत पाकिस्तान के आतंकवादी होने का अमेरिका को और क्या चाहिये। अमेरिका हिंदुस्तान की दोस्ती से फायदा उठा सकता है, परन्तु पाकिस्तान की दोस्ती उसके लिए मुसीबतों की जड़ है और रहेगी; क्योंकि इसकी सरकार को फौज और ISI चलते हैं। प्रजातंत्र का तो पाकिस्तान में नामों निशान तक नहीं है। [19.12.2014]
PAKISTAN-THE REAL TRAITOR-SHAETAN :: Indra Gandhi nourished Bhindrawale-the terrorist turned Khalistani and was killed by them only. Pakistan nourished-nurtured-propagated terrorism throughout the world, sheltered them, harboured them, protected them and now they are acting against its own civilians-innocent children. When will the government of Pakistan wake up?!
When ever and where ever there is a terrorist attack, the name of Pakistan appears behind it automatically, be it America, India, UK or Kenya. The master mind is operating from the soil of Pakistan. This country nurture, nourish, support and rehabilitate the terrorists. Still it continues to receive aid from the developed countries-to be utilized against their own nationals! Its in not going to help them in any way. Its alignment with China is inauspicious for the whole world. The whole world is watching, how they butchered the people of other faith in Kenya and Pakistan, these days in the name of Jihad.Their alliance is unholy-satanic.
Which religion in the world permits killing/murder of innocent-unarmed civilians?  Every one knows that the militants  are cowards and can not stand even for a single day if the world under takes to perish them. Its unfortunate that the foreign policy makers of advanced countries are either impractical or they don't know/understand, what diplomacy is?
Pakistan prints and circulates fake currency notes, to destabilise other economies of the world, through ISI-the notorious secret service of Pakistan. It is the country which is behind sowing, procurement and supply of narcotics.
Nawaj Shrief's (-अपनी हरकतों से न नमाजी दीखता है और ना शरीफ) earlier tenure too, showed continued firing over the boarders. He is neither religious nor innocent. His soldiers are found crossing LOC repeatedly and helping the terrorists to sneak into Kashmir. He is the same person who inducted Parvez Musharraf as the Chief of Army Command.
The residents of this country are wretches-criminal minded. What is their religion, perhaps they too are not aware of. Their intentions are not good. They are revengeful-full of vengeance. They are made up of such a stuff, which takes proper shape only after hitting-beating. They are repeatedly compelling India to remove it from the world map. They are not ashamed of begging and eating the remains-left over food of Americans. अमरीका कि भीख-झूठन पर पलते हैं। They abuse and beg for asylum simultaneously from America.Give shelter to Laden and send the doctor to jail who informed of his where abouts. They sail in two boats simultaneously-China and America. How clever-they have defeated the Britishers and the fox!The Indians who had migrated to Pakistan after partition are called Mujahir-Kafir-out laws and their innocent children are mercilessly slaughtered every now and then, in Karachi and other locations without any fault by the Punjabi Muslims. There is no law to look after these senseless murders!

Pakistan government's involvement in printing and circulation of  FICN (-Fake Indian Currency Notes) has been established by forensic evidence, in a racket which took place in Maharashtr in 2009. FICN features, paper quality and printing perfectly match with that of Pakistani currency notes, which could have been printed only in Pakistani government press. The 6 people involved in the crime have been subjected to life imprisonment. It would have been better if they could be shot in public and their bodies gifted to Pakistan.[2.2.2014]
Alam is a terrorist, a policeman and a narcotics dealer operating in Kashmir, working for Fayyaz who runs terrorists training camps in Abbottabad, where Osama Bin laden was gunned. The drugs are produced, supplied and controlled by a Taliban module. One will not be surprised when it comes out that the gang was pushing FICN (-fake currency) in India. [03.02.2014]

Pakistan's idea of negotiating with Taliban will prove to be disastrous for its own survival in due course of time. It will be in its own interest not to deal with them and handle them with force and eliminate them. Pakistan is moving ahead into the trap laid by the militants at the cost of its sovereignty. Its suicidal for it. One day or the other Talibanies will definitely try to thrust themselves over it-engulf it. They have designs to rule the entire Indian sub continent. Let the God enlighten the Pakistani Hukmran.
The cat is out of the bag. ISI-the spy-intelligence wing of Pakistan army had been maintaining a special desk to cover Osama Bin Laden. Sayeed and Omar are ISI's stooges working as hardcore militants, having connections with Lashkar and Taliban. One must take pity over the US policy makers who spoon feed Pakistan which is bent upon disturbing peace all over the world, with the money received from US, while US population is suffering from spiraling prices at the cost of terrorists.[21.03.2014]
Pakistan is a buffer state between India and Afghanistan. It acts like a shock absorber from the disturbance-turbulence's in Iraq and Iran. If it tightens the noose in the neck of Talibanis it can maintain its sovereignty otherwise not. One more danger is looming over its head that is China. If China can digest Tibet, why not Pakistan.
Pakistan is a nation of Sunnis, the sons and daughters, whose forefathers were Hindus. How can they be liked by the Shiya's who considers themselves to be superior to Sunnis. Same lineage-hierarchy-blood-DNA-chromosomes-genes and still they are Muslims, just because their forefathers were made to Baptize to Islam under force-duress-threat. They were made to eat meat. Over all they are the cousins of Hindu's-Indians. What Indians are for them, Chines can never think of being that.
Can any one explain to Pakistan that its a buffer state between India and China, along with SAARC countries, the reason due to which India wish to keep it secure, from the onslaught of China and the Taliban. And that is the reason US sanctions big aid to it-though it does not deserve it.
Obama has sanctioned 180 million dollars to help Pakistan fight militancy-terrorism. Pakistan is sure to utilize it for disturbing peace in India. Its new found love China has increased its 
budgetary  allocation over defence by about 30%. How can US keep balance by such ill conceived measures.
इस मुल्क के वाशिंदे नापाक हैं। इनका इरादा नेक नहीं है और ये पिटके ही ठीक होते हैं। कहीं ऐसा न हो कि हिंदुस्तानियों को इसका वजूद ही मिटाना  पड़े। 
No one would appreciate blasphemy, but when you use it as a tool to torture the other communities-people of other religions, it becomes unbearable, which is quite common in Pakistan. How a printed paper becomes Godly is wonderful!? At least this is not expected from a HINDU who is most accommodating. A piece of paper will remain a paper, what ever may be the purpose of its use. Its not the first occasions, when the criminals have done this. Earlier as well they did so to settle person scores-enmity. The events of Larkana may trigger the button else where. There is no dearth of bigots-criminals-sycophants-fanatics in India. Such mischievous people are found all over the earth. The police should handle them  with might.
एक हाथ में भीख का कटोरा है और मुहँ-जुबान पर नखरे। अमरीका को गालियाँ भी देते हैं और पनाह भी मांगते हैं। लादेन को छुपा कर  रखते है और मना भी करते हैं की नहीं छुपाया, सुराग देने वाले डाक्टर को बन्द कर रक्खा है क्यों ? एक साथ दो नावों पर-अमरीका और चीन, में पैर रख कर चलते हैं, डूबना तो  निश्चित है।मजहब-ईमान नाम की कोई चीज है ही नहीं। जो मुसलमान भारत से पाकिस्तान गये थे, उन्हें ये मुजाहिर-काफिर कहते हैं और आए दिन उनके बच्चों का कत्ल करते हैं ?क्या यही ईमान है ?  
It has long history of Military rule, tortures on the Muslims who had migrated from Bihar and UP in India. Their murder in Karachi is known all over the world. clashes between Shea and Sunnis are quiet frequent. Politics is dominated by Punjabi's. Production and use of narcotics is very common. 
कोई दिन ऐसा जाता होगा जिस दिन ये लोग सीमा पर फायरिंग न करते हों। 
Pakistan is too harsh with Geo TV. It illustrates lack of freedom there. Unless-until Nawaj does not handle ISI it will attract-earn disrepute-disrespect-criticism.[07.06.2014] Time has come when the politicians have to come out of the shadow of MILITARY AND ISI.
TASTE OF OWN MEDICINE: So far terrorists were trying their techniques. Now they have used them at home. Still Nawaj deserve appreciation for his firm handling of the situation. [10.06.2014]
पाकिस्तान एक ऐसी दुश्चरित्र औरत की तरह है जो कि अपने घर में देवर-जेठ के अलावा बाहर के लोगों से भी जिस्मानी ताल्लुक रखती है। कभी भी सही रास्ते पर नहीं चलती। पिटकर भी नहीं सुधरती। बार-बार लगातार हिन्दुतान की सरहद पर रहने वाले वाशिंदों पर गोलीबारी-जो कि पाकिस्तानियों की तरह ही सुन्नी हैं; क्या कहती है ?!वैसे पाकिस्तान का मज़हब से कोई लेना देना नहीं है। यह एक आतंकवादी मुल्क है जिसने पूरी दुनियाँ में दहशतगर्दी को पाला-पोसा और बढ़ावा दिया है।  इसका एक शौहर अमरीका है तो दूसरा चीन। इसका न कोई धर्म है न ईमान। इसमें कठमुल्ले भरे पड़े हैं, जिनका कौम और मुल्क की भलाई-राजनीति से कोई लेना देना नहीं है। [11.10.2014]
Pakistan's politicians have only one point agenda to bluff its population:KASHMIR. Be it Parvej Musharraf, Nawaj Sharif or Bilawal Bhutto all sing in the same tune. The real question here is: Are the residents of Pakistan who possess the DNA of Indians are really stupid-morons-idiots-duffers?! One will never believe it. The misled-stupid politicians are only testing the patience of the masses. Sooner or later the Pakistanis will surely understand their game plan and reply in the same coin.[19.10.2014]
HAFIZ SAYEED-THE TERROR MONGER :: Hafiz Sayeed-the founder of LeT and Jamaat-ud-Dawa addresses a seminar in Lahore HIGH COURT. He is the master mind of 2008 Mumbai terror attack.He was invited as the chief guest at the Bar association, by one of the premier bar associations in Pakistan The seminar was organised by the Pakistan Justice party. US added the JuD to its list of designated terror organisations, recently.
It expose the mask from the face of US policy makers. They provide  a bounty of aid to Pakistan. They are willing to cooperate with Pakistan under all terrains. They have closed their eyes to the new found love between China and Pakistan. It shows their grudge against India, probably due to its intimacy with Russia, which had been coming to its rescue at a time of need. This is the time the American politicians and policy makers, realize their folly and stop be-fooling their voters and tax payers.
It unmask Pakistan's  intelligentsia as well. If the lawyers cannot think of the repercussions of their action, they should not blame the politicians and Nawaz Sharif. [14.07.2014]
Pakistan is yet again inching towards anarchy-rule by the army officials by proxy. The day is not far off when the terrorists will take it over. साँप पालते हैं-सांप को दूध पिलाते हैं पर जहर के दाँत निकलना नहीं जानते और ना साँप के कटे का इलाज। They nourish-grow the snakes-feed them with milk but neither they know how to remove the fangs of snake nor the treatment for it. [23.08.2014]


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