By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj

SEA SHORE GROUP CHIT FUND SCAM :: CBI raided the homes of an MP, an MLA and an official in the Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik's office. in connection with Sea Shore Group chit fund scam.
MP's HAWALA RACKET :: The unceremonious transfer of IPS officer Gaurav Tiwari from Katni to Chhindwara, saw the public standing behind him. He had been investigating Rs. 500 Crore Hawala racket involving state MSME minister Sanjay Pathak. The case has been being forwarded to CID. Home minister Bhupendr Singh said that he would look into the matter. Shiv Raj's government in MP has many scandals to its credit. Be it jail break or infamous VYAPAM SCAM व्यापम घोटाला. [13.01.2017]
MAYA'S BROTHER ANAND :: The man who could hardly find a job prior to Maya's rule in UP, has a wealth of more than Rs.1,300 crore now. He is the person who used to collect Rs. 1500-2000 per square meters for allotment of industrial plots in sector 58, 62, 63 etc., during Maya's tenure. He has been a conduit for Maya. The case against her was knowingly weakened for her support by the earlier and present regime. Had it not been so, she would have been in jail.[10.01.2017]
SUGAR COOPERATIVE SCAM OF MAHARASHTR :: Anna Hazare, who's support helped Kejriwal to become chief minister of Delhi, has moved the Bombay High Court seeking a CBI inquiry into what he termed as “Rs 25,000 crore sugar cooperative factories scam” filing two civil PILs and a criminal PIL seeking a CBI probe.
The  fraud is said to have been committed in governance by first burdening sugar cooperative factories with debts and thereafter selling these sick units at a throwaway price, causing loss of Rs 25,000 crore to the state, cooperative sector and public. The petitions also requested for appointment of a court receiver to take possession of all the properties held by people against whom a prima facie case exists in the alleged scam.
An inquiry by a Special Investigating Team (SIT) into the alleged role of politicians into the sugar cooperative scam, including NCP President and former Union Agriculture Sharad Pawar and his nephew and former Irrigation Minister Ajit Pawar has been demanded naming both members of the Pawar family as respondents. Sharad's daughter has shown Rs. 100 crore of agricultural income from just 10 acres of land.
The petitions allege that co-operative banks controlled by politicians or their associates from the ruling parties were forced to give loans to co-operative sugar factories even though the factories had committed serious financial and administrative irregularities and also defaulted on their previous debt. This caused huge losses both to the co-operative banks and the factories, the petitions allege. Hazare has alleged that this transaction between banks and factories was carried out by the state government, which stood guarantee for the debt.
Referring to the 26 July, 2006 judgement of the Bombay high court which barred the state government from issuing operating licence to any new co-operative sugar factory, Hazare’s petition claims that as many as 58 new factories were issued licences between 2006 and 2015 in gross violation of the court order. Some of these licences were also issued by the Bhartiy Janata Party (BJP) & Shiv Sena combine government, which came to power in October 2014, the petitions say.
The petitions claim that several government committees and the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) have pointed out these irregularities and furnished circumstantial evidence. The petitions seek HC orders for a CBI inquiry into the irregularities. Hazare has also sought directions from the court cancelling the state government orders for hand over, merger and acquisition of co-operative sugar factories and directions to the state government, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and sugar commissionerate, to initiate measures to revive sick co-operative sugar units.
JET DEAL GRAFT UNDER UPA (2008) :: This is yet another feather in Sonia's cap. Prosecutors in Brazil and US are investigating the aircraft maker Embraer for 3 EMB-145 planes deal for $208 m under her UPA in 2008. The money was paid to UK based defence agent. The modified air crafts were received by DRDO around 2011. Since independence Congress has been deeply involved in purchasing low quality equipment for the defence sector by pocketing huge commissions. Its appetite for money & wealth do not seem to quench.[12.09.2016]
AIR INDIA SCAM UNDER PRAFUL PATEL :: The stalwarts of the Congress Party had made record number of scams & scandals under the UPA. Yet another scandal involving Praful Patel Civil Aviation Minister has been exposed. 
New light has been thrown into the bribe and bid rigging scandal involving him and a contract for Air India’s facial recognition software with Canadian firm Cryptometrics. The Ontario court in Canada in 2014 convicted India-born Canadian businessman Nazir Karigar for offering bribes to Air India officials and Patel to win the contract worth US $ 100 million. Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh in 2012 cleared Patel’s name after examining the matter at the minister’s behest.
Documents reveal that the deal with the Canadian firm was taken forward in meetings and communication, almost a year after the tender in question was allegedly scrapped and that money was paid from foreign shores to Air India officials to influence the contract in favor of the Canadian firm.
The case dates back to 2006, when Air India floated tenders for Bio metrics Passenger Identification System for Air India flights. M/s Cryptometrics, Canada was one of the two parties who qualified in the technical bid and even called for price negotiation discussions with Air India officials.
Contrary to Patel’s defence that the project was scrapped and never followed up, it has been found that the tender in question was recommended by Air India Tender Committee in September 2006 to award the contract to Cryptometrics Canada at the cost of US $105,000,000. A copy of the tender shows that the Cryptometrics was to recover the cost of the $100 million project from flight passengers (approximately 50,000,000 for period of five years) at no extra cost to Air India.
Even before the tender was floated in February 2006, Karigar approached officials from Cryptometrics posing as a businessman whose firm had done business in India and discussed the passenger identification solution for Air India using the company’s technology. Karigar indicated that he and his associates had the necessary connections with Air India management and politicians to win the contract, the judgement by Ontario court notes.
The judgement also points out that after convincing officials at Cryptometrics of the deal, Karigar played his role as an agent between the Canadian firm and Air India officials as well as the minister of civil Aviation to help the firm win the contract. Email communication between Karigar and Mario Bernini, the chief operating officer for Cryptometrics Canada, reveals that as a part of the deal $200,000 were transferred from Cryptometrics USA to the bank account of Deputy Director of Security, Air India Captain Mascarenhas who was also the co-chair of the selection committee for the project in Mumbai on 21 June 2006.
After Cryptometrics was shortlisted in August 2006, Karigar sought another $5000 for the Chairman and Managing Director, Air India who was to be in New York. Vasu Devan Tulsidas who was the CMD at the time, said that he never asked or received any money in New York or elsewhere from Karigar or his representatives. “After a detailed examination (of the bio metric proposal), it was I who decided to not go in for such a system,’’ he said in an email reply.
The project it seems was, however, not dropped. The court judgement further details events in 2007 where Karigar sent an email to the Bernini saying that he had `met with PP’ (Praful Patel) and they discussed the increments’ that the project would be cleared right away.
Around May, Karigar admitted to have paid Minister Patel a bribe through an agent in order to clear the process and obtain the Air India contract for Cryptometrics. Although the amount or the identity of the agent is not known, Karigar has said that government figures would get up to 8 per cent of the value of a contract as a bribe payment. When the file did not move forward, on July 12,2007, in an email sent by Karigar to Bernini, he wrote: "After PP took the money, I thought all was done and went ahead. I guess by now you know why Patel has the Cryptometrics project on hold.’’
Finally in August, Karigar decided to report the case anonymously to the Fraud Section (FCPA) of the US department of Justice informing them about US citizens paying bribes to foreign officers. Karigar was sentenced to three years in prison for arranging bribes to public officials in India by the Ontario court in 2014.
When contacted for his response that contrary to the information given by him that the bio metric project was scrapped and the evidence by the judgement of the Canadian court that bribes were paid to win the contract, Patel dismissed the allegation as "bogus." Once again reinforcing that the tender was scrapped, Patel said that such tenders are dealt by Air India and never come to the ministry. This gentleman (Karigar) has misused my name and may be of others to cheat his company and court verdict says it could not be proved or verified about my involvement.
Patel added that when the matter first came to light in media had written to the PM and asked him to investigate the matter with any agency including the CBI. The PM wrote back to me after due examination that he was satisfied there was no wrongdoing on my part.
This is the fellow who's daughter used to divert flights as per her will, causing losses to government.[10.05.2016]
There is evidence that it was Chidambaram-then finance minister, who OKed the deal as head of the panel for the purchase of 68 air crafts for Air India from Boeing & GE in Rs. 70,000 crore deal. The PMO marked Most Urgent and said that the Prime Minister had seen the note and directed that the ministry of civil aviation might inform CCEA about the finalised transaction. This is sufficient to drag Chidambaram, Praful Patel & Man Mohan into the corrupt deal.How can Man Mohan claim to be honest-innocent?![07.01.2017]
NARCOTICS TRADE IN INDIA :: Actress Mamta Kulkarni's husband,Vicky Goswami, 52, has been found associate with  Rs.2,000 crore worth narcotics racket. He was earlier imprisoned for 25 years in the United Arab Emirates in 1997 for trafficking around 11.50 tonnes of Mandrax but was released in November 2012 on grounds of good conduct.They have come under the scanner of police and enforcement agencies in connection with the racket unearthed in Thane. The Thane police sized 18.50 tonnes of ephedrine and acetic anhydride, both banned party drugs from pharmaceutical factory in Shola Pur and some other locations in Thane & Mumbai.
Large quantities of drugs are smuggled to India via Punjab boarders from Pakistan & Afghanistan. High ranking police personnel, bureaucrats and politicians have been found indulged in this vicious unethical trade spoiling the lives of millions all over the world. The major impact is seen over the population in Punjab.[05.05.2016]

Image result for jp gaur familyImage result for jp gaur family
JP ASSOCIATES had been at No. 10 at one occasion in India sliding down to 32 and still sliding. Mr. Gaur a Junior Engineer initially has amassed wealth beyond proportions. In one of the scandals pertaing to his company the land belonging to forest department, measuring 836 acres was acquired by him, land use was converted, and a total of 1253 acres of land was converted to free hold with convenience of politicians, bureaucrats causing a loss of more than Rs. 409 crores to the government. He had been allotted land at the rate of Rs,436 per meters in residential sectors of Noida-Greater Noida was which resold at the rate Rs.56, 000 per square meter to home buyers. His company has Rs. 88,000 crores of loans from the public sector banks.[01.05.2016] 
AUGUSTA WEST LAND HELICOPTER :: The deal for the purchase of 12 helicopters by India from Augusta Westland has been marred by corruption in the same manner as it happened with the purchase of Bofors guns.
Several Indian politicians and military officials have been accused of accepting bribes from Augusta West land in order to win the Rs.36 billion (US$530 million) Indian contract for the supply of 12 Augusta Westland helicopters; these helicopters are intended to perform VVIP duties for the President of India and other important state officials.
Ahmed Patel political secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi is alleged by Italian prosecutors to have received kickbacks from the deal. And it further asks middleman Peter Hulett to target key advisers to Sonia Gandhi and lists the names of Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Ahmed Patel, Pranab Mukherjee, M. Veerappa Moily, Oscar Fernandez, M. K. Narayanan, Vinay Singh.
On 25 March 2013, India's Defence Minister A.K. Antony confirmed corruption allegations by stating : "Yes, corruption has taken place in the helicopter deal and bribes have been taken. The CBI is pursuing the case very vigorously". As of June 2014, Indian government has recovered a total amount of Rs.2068 crore and has recovered around Rs.1620 crore (45% of total contract value ₹3600 crore) it had paid to Augusta Westland.
The Italian Court investigating the case, acquitted S.P. Tyagi of all charges in an October 2014 verdict. The Italian prosecution also shelved its case of graft charges against Finmeccanica and Augusta Westland. This has led to questions arising if there was a scam at all. On 8th April 2016 the Higher appeals court in Milan overturned the lower court judgement which said no corruption took place and said that corruption did take place and bribes were paid. The court cases in India are still running as of 2016.
In both these cases the country was deprived of good quality guns and helicopters. The names of Gandhi family appeared in both these cases. The CBI soft paddled both these cases under the influence of Sonia's government. Huge chunk of  properties were bought in Italy during the Bofors episode by this family. One after another scandal is being exposed connected with this family.[29.04.2016]
Image result for amitabh bachchan imagesPANAMA PAPERS :: It is biggest ever leak of over 11 million documents of Panama law firm featuring over 500 Indians linked to offshore firms.These include cricket franchise deals and, in several cases, linkages to those who have previously been under CBI or Income Tax scrutiny. As per RBI norms, no Indian citizen could float an overseas entity before 2003. In 2004, for the first time individuals were allowed to remit funds of up to $25,000 a year under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme and this limit stands at $250,000 a year now. But while RBI let individuals buy shares under LRS, it never allowed them to set up companies abroad, having clarified it through an FAQ mid-way in September 2010.In most of the cases in The Panama Papers, companies were set up long before the rules were changed and the purpose, experts said, was to park foreign exchange in a tax haven. It was only in August 2013 that individuals were allowed to set up subsidiaries or invest in joint ventures under the Overseas Direct Investment window.
Authorities in tax havens had no choice but to depend on Mossack Fonseca for information since, unlike India, the government is not a repository of ownership details.
The Panama Papers come at a time when the Special Investigating Team (SIT) on black money headed by former Supreme Court Judge M B Shah is finalizing its new action-taken report. The formation of the SIT was the very first decision taken by the Narendr Modi Government in May 2014.
It covers the period when India began signing tax agreements with other countries to accelerate cooperation on undisclosed and untaxed assets. And the years when tracking black money has become the center of political and economic discourse. The worldwide expose also comes just six months after the 90-day “compliance scheme” for declarations of offshore assets and accounts ended on September 30, 2015 and brought just Rs 3,770 crore from 637 declarants.
The window now closed, strict penalties and a jail term have been announced for anyone found to have undisclosed and undeclared foreign assets and accounts.
Offshore Leaks had 612 Indians in 2013, on that list, which included two politicians who were then Members of Parliament (including Vijay Mallaya) and several top industrialists. The revelations led to several persons getting tax notices and subsequently being prosecuted for non-declaration of the offshore companies.
This was almost double of the 628 names given by the French authorities to the Indian government in 2011 and the scope of the HSBC probe was expanded following the expose.[06.04.2016]
CHHAGAN BHUJ BAL: Once he used to be a vegetable vendor who now owns an empire. The ACB of Maharashtra Police registered the FIRs against Bhujbal last week for alleged irregularities in allotment of a prime plot at Kalina in Mumbai to a developer and for large-scale irregularities in the construction of the new Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi. The ACB raided his properties in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nasik and Pune. Earlier, he was at the center of controversy in the multi-crore stamp paper scam, also known as the Telgi scam. His assets are now believed to be worth over Rs. 2,500 crore. His son Pankaj, nephew Sameer and other relatives are also stakeholders. Seven properties in Mumbai, two in Thane, five in Nasik and two in Pune were searched.
Embattled NCP leader and former public works minister Chhagan Bhujbal assets worth more than Rs.100 crore have been attached by the ED. A number of cases pertaining to various sections are opened against him. He had been a petty labor turned politician having numerous properties in billions earned through corrupt means.[22.12.2015]
Bhujbal & his son Pankaj have been charge sheeted by the ACB. The charge sheet runs into 24,500 pages. His associates too have been charge sheeted. They may be imprisoned for 7 years, if convicted.[25.02.2016]
LALIT: Lalit may well end up alone and in jail, as the biggest casualty of this latest political scandal.He is accusing everyone including. Pranab Mukherjee, P Chidambaram, Shashi Tharoor's and who not. Previous regime helped in escaping the country. Now the same people are accusing Sushma and Sindhiya of helping him. Ridiculous! How can the opposite camp help a person who is sheltered by them?!
The Enforcement Directorate is in the process of readying a red corner notice against Modi. The Times of India reports, as a first step, the ED will send "a letter rogatory (a judicial request for evidence) to Mauritius in connection with its money laundering investigation into television rights of IPL facilitated by Modi. The BCCI had lodged an FIR against Lalit Modi in connection with the Rs 468 crore deal struck between World Sports Group (WSG) and Multi Screen Media (MSM) for television rights of IPL. The complaint in turn led to the ED registering a money laundering case against him, accusing him of being the beneficiary of the money given by MSM to WSG. PMLA allows for criminal charges to be pressed against an individual and ED can press for Modi's arrest and extradition from a foreign country through this after an RCN is issued. Red Corner notice will mean that UK authorities will have to decide on arresting Lalit Modi and extradition proceedings will then be commenced against him. ED sources said that there is enough evidence to nail Modi in the UK courts as well. Lalit had escaped extradition due to the controversial and influential British MP Keith Vaz. Now that Vaz himself is under media scrutiny in the United Kingdom, which is what led to the present fracas involving Sushma Swaraj. It's unlikely that he will stick his neck out for Lalit. He had family and business relations with both Swaraj and Raje. 
During 2015, June, more than two dozen cases of financial irregularities, money laundering and criminal cases have been filed against Lalit by various investigative agencies in the country. ED has issued three show cause notices sent to Lalit in cases of IMG, Cricket South Africa and Performance Deposit issue. (1). He along with, BCCI and few other officials appeared to have contravened the provisions of FEMA, 1999 to the extent of Rs 89 crore, (2). ED has issued show cause notice against Lalit, BCCI, N Shrinivasan and Niranjan Shah under FEMA -by accepting deposit of Rs 20 crore from Emerging Media (IPL) based in UK and (3) Third show cause notice to him, BCCI, Shashank Manohar and other BCCI officials was for the payment of Rs 243 crore made by BCCI to Cricket South Africa for IPL 2009.
Others cases against Lalit: (1) ED probing the $80 million amount paid by Multi Screen Media (MSM) to World Sports Group (WSG) as facilitation fees to withdraw from the telecast rights contract, (2) ED probing whether $25 million of the $80 million paid by MSM to WSG was routed into the illegal accounts of Lalit Modi, his associates and political beneficiaries, (3) ED probing Modi having an allegation that he had told selective bidders how much to bid and win during the first IPL team auction in 2008. The difference in bid amounts of the winner Rajasthan Royals and loser was $300,000; (4) ED probing whether Modi has used illegal money to buy his corporate jet through a Cayman Islands Company, (5) ED is probing Ramesh Govani who owns the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai where Lalit Modi routinely stayed, (6) ED is probing the investment of Rs 10 crore made by Modi's wife in Indian heritage hotel through a Mauritius-based company and (7) Some cases related to FEMA violations, such as ownership of IPL franchisee, nature of foreign investments and valuation of shares and transfers thereof in respect of some franchisees are under ED probe.
Image result for SHANKER SINGH VAGHELA:SHANKER SINGH VAGHELA: CBI has registered an FIR against former Union Textile Minister Shanker Singh Vaghela, former NTC CMD Ram Chandran Pillai and others for allegedly causing a Rs. 1700 crore loss to the exchequer through the sale of NTC land in Parel-a prime property in Mumbai at throw away prices to a private company. Soon after registering the FIR, CBI  started searches at nine locations in four cities-New Delhi, Gandhi Nagar, Mumbai and Kolkata-including the residence of Vaghela and others which are still going on. The FIR comes after over an year-long preliminary inquiry into the matter. He is a senior Congress leader and the Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly. He had been a former chief minister of Gujrat.
VEER BHADR SINGH: The Central Bureau of Investigation on Thursday initiated an inquiry against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and his family members for allegedly amassing wealth of Rs 6.1 crore disproportionate to the known sources of income while serving as Union Minister of Steel. The preliminary inquiry is against Mr. Singh, his wife Pratibha Singh, son Vikramaditya Singh, daughter Aparajita Singh and an LIC agent Anand Chauhan.
MOHAMMAD IQBAL-BSP MLC :: He had earned more than Rs.10 crore in just one year. Think of the booty delivered to his mentor, who used to charge Rs.25 Lakhs just for issuing party ticket. The woman used to wear a neck less worth Rs. 5 crore. Her own property is more than Rs. 25,000 Crore Rupees. still she do not mind calling her a dalit-deprived. She sent a plane to Bombay to fetch a pair of chapples for her, at the expense of government expense. What a fun?! Is there any one who can bell the cat? [10.02.2016]
Iqbal is controlling 400 sq. km. belt from which sand and stones are mined illegally worth Rs. 6 crores daily. ये पाजी खुद को हाजी कहता है। One can see rows of crushers, earth movers and trucks in hundreds. The SSP says that he has not received any complaint. Imaging how can he act of his own?! DM is aware of the fact of illegal mining but unable to stop it! How helpless they pretend to be ?! The legislator has amassed wealth worth Rs. 10,000 Crores in just 5 years, which is impossible, without the collusion of the party in power and the party which was in power. Both parties are political rivals and do not see eye to eye but as far as money is concerned, they sail by the same boat. The rein of terror is so great that no one can speak for the sake of his and his families life. [11.02.2016]

Image result for Pictures of hassan ali stud farm ownerHAVALA DON-HASSAN ALI KHAN :: He own stud farms in Pune. The man is so powerful that the route for laying railways had changed tracks. He has been too close to top Congress brass. The Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation have decided to reopen the investigation into the alleged $8 billion money laundering case against  him. Hassan Ali is believed to have dealings with international arms dealer Khashoggi and allegedly had multi-billion dollar financial transactions in Swiss banks, details of which were recovered by income tax officials during a search operation. Earlier this month, Ali had got bail from a Maharashtra court in the ED's Prevention of Money Laundering Act case. He was arrested under PMLA in 2011 on charges of laundering money to foreign banks.
The income tax department had slapped a tax and penalty notice of Rs 70,000 crore on him based on its findings. Later, the ED questioned his close associate and Kolkata-based businessman Kashi Nath Tapuriah who had allegedly accompanied him to Singapore for opening of bank accounts.
ED also questioned former Puducherry lieutenant governor Iqbal Singh and some senior police officers. Khan was introduced to Singh by a Congress leader from Bihar, Amlendu Pandey, for getting a passport.
Pandey had later told ED officials that he had been in regular contact with Singh and had helped the Pune-based businessman to obtain a passport from Patna under forged documents.
Image result for image chidambaram familyCHIDAMBRAM :: The father, mother & the son all are sailing in the same legendary corruption boat of congress & the TM-congress. Declarations made by Chidambram family are contrary to known sources of their income and the property amassed by Kartik, Chidambram's son speaks volumes about this family's nexus with fraudsters. Lady Chidambram's name appeared in the Ponzi schemes frauds in Bangal.
Kartik's company Advantage Strategic Consulting is said to be deeply involved in the Aircel-Maxis deal. The investigative teams are ready to contact the 14 other countries for more information, as per the United Nation's Convention on prevention of money laundering, the report said. IT and ED officials raided 12 places, including Kartik’s Advantage Strategic Ltd (ED) and Vasan Eye Care (I-I) in Chennai.
The Supreme Court is monitoring the investigation in the Aircel Maxis scam. Clearances were obtained by Maxis for the Aircel deal from the Finance Minister P. Chidambaram then,  illegally.
India’s Enforcement Directorate and investigation wing of the Income Tax Department have unearthed huge wealth acquired by Kartik Chidambaram. The investigation agencies found Kartik had made investments in real estate assets and other businesses in many countries, including England, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Shri Lanka, British Virgin Island, France, USA, Switzerland, Greece and Spain, reported The Pioneer. Black money generated and invested abroad is estimated to be beyond $5000 crore. Hawala route too was invoked.
Chidambram is an MP and yet he pleads the cases of criminals-builders in the Supreme Court. How is it that a man, who is drawing salary from the government exchequer is collecting millions as well as fees?!. If a government servant is not supposed to take up any other job, how is it that he and others of his clan-are practicing side by side?! Is the Supreme Court not aware of this basic feature of Indian constitution.[25.02.2017]
यह है नितीश कुमार का सुशासन :: पहले हत्या, बलात्कार, रंगदारी, अपहरण, लूट और अब आगे 
Bachcha Rai has inter-party political connections including BJP, RJD and the Janata Dal (United). During Bihar’s assembly election campaign, last year, Rai had shared a stage with RJD chief Lalu Prashad Yadav and his son Tej Pratap. Rai had worked hard to ensure the victory of Yadav’s other son Tejeshwar Yadav. Lalu Yadav quickly disowned him. Union minister Giri Raj Singh too indulged in nefarious activities by investing in the institution managed by Bachcha. He is bus partner and family friend of main culprit Bachcha Rai.
Some students in Bihar paid up to Rs 50,000 to secure a 1st division. Candidates do not have to take the exam or even enrol with any college. A boy failed the Class 12 exams twice, but cleared it with a 1st division in the third attempt from the college named after his grandfather, Vishun Roy College, in Bihar's Vaishali district. The V R College into a shop of guaranteed successful results and produced toppers, with help from Bihar School Examination Board officials.
Amit Kumar alias Bachcha Rai, the director-principal of the V R college, is alleged to be at the heart of Bihar's toppers controversy which came to light when four students from the college Ruby Rai, Sourabh Shreshth, Rahul Kumar and Shalini, who topped the state's Class 12 exams were exposed on local television channels for their unfamiliarity with their chosen subjects of study.
Rai became principal of the V R College on the basis of dubious degrees in 1999, when he was just 19. Rai passed the Class 10 exam in 1994 and enrolled himself at the V R College, but failed to pass the Class 12 exam in 1996 and 1997. In the third attempt he passed the exam with a first division in the science stream. Rai passed the Class 12 exam in 1998, then secured a post-graduate degree in just 13 months and subsequently became principal. Later he secured a Ph.D, degree as well in music. 
Rai's father Raj Deo Rai, who is said to be close to some Bihar politicians, unsuccessfully contested elections to the Bihar Legislative Council. The V R college was set up in 1997-98 by Raj Deo Rai in his father's name.Besides the V R College, Raj Deo Rai runs three other educational institutions-two degree colleges and a high school.
During early 2000, the college started producing 1st division results and students with high scores. Its students miracle performances in the mid-2000's brought it both the limelight and controversy. In 2005, then BSEB chairman Nageshwar Sharma ordered the scrutiny of V R College results. 380 students with 1st division results were relegated to the second division; only four first division results were deemed genuine. The V R College results were reviewed again in 2007. The college produced toppers in 2014, 2015 and 2016, which came as a surprise for many government colleges and plus-two schools in Bihar with NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) grading.
The SIT is yet to nab Bihar board chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh, reportedly the kingpin of the scam and his wife Usha Sinha, who is Ex-JD(U) MLA from Hilsa (Nalanda) & officiating principal of Ganga Devi Mahila College. She obtained B.Ed. degree before completing 14 years of age.
2 years back, his daughter topped in 10th board exams and she was studying in the same college.
The college has had many cases in the past. Last year, almost all the students of the college got same marks and the results were cancelled by the board.
Rai's wife Sangita Kumari, brother Jitender Kumar, a sister-in-law, another uncle, a brother-in-law, and two cousins all work for the college.
Bihar earned notoriety last year when photographic evidence of mass cheating in board exams-showing adults scaling walls to pass written answers to students through windows-made national news. This year, when more than 25 Lakh students sat for the Class 10 and 12 board exams in March and April, the Nitish Kumar-led government might have hoped for a scandal-free result, but that was not to be.
Class 12 arts topper Ruby Rai, who scored 90%  answered that political science is a subject about the preparation of food. Saurabh Shreshth couldn’t answer basic questions about the science subjects he topped in. The state ordered a re-exam for 14 toppers on June 3, but Ruby Rai failed to show up. On June 4, the Bihar State Examination Board decided to give Rai one more chance to do a re-test, but Saurabh Shreshth and another science topper, Rahul Kumar, ended up failing the re-exam.


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