INFERIOR BRANDED GOODS AND SERVICES निम्न-हीन कोटि की वस्तुएँ और सुविधाएँ

निम्न-हीन कोटि की वस्तुएँ और सुविधाएँ 
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj

Coca Cola/Pepsi Cola :: It has certain chemical in it which destroys the cartilage in the leg joints. A tooth kept in a beaker in the laboratory for 14 days in Hydra Bad got dissolved automatically proving its bad effect over the bones. Indian farmers are using Pepsi and Coke as insecticides, successfully. Some people use them for cleaning toilets. All those who used to drink these are facing acute-extreme pain in their knee joints. It boasts of having a secret formula. As per rules every food product in India should have the ingredients printed over the product. How is it happening and with who's permission?! [12.10.2016]
Limca :: It claims of having Lemon in it. This year the August proved to be abnormally hot. After having a stroll in the evening one thought it better to consume 200 ml of Limca. Regular consumption led one to suffer from breathlessness-gasping.[12.10.2016]
VODAFONE INDIA :: Its essential to add that Vodafone in India-Delhi, NCR is not reliable. Poor signal, interruptions are quite common here. The government of India has to recover a lot of money from it, which it has misappropriated. Poor laws are helping it significantly. Still one should be very very careful while dealing with it.
VODAFONE AUSTRALIA ::  My credit cards were used in fraudulent activities, my bank accounts were compromised, my whole day was wasted because I was running between the bank, and the police station, and on phone with Vodafone Australia... Why? Because
1. Anyone can report a lost phone, and Vodafone Australia would block the services (I activated the services in the morning, used both data and voice for a few hours and even then Vodafone went ahead with activating a new SIM against my number)
2. Anyone can walk-in to a Vodafone store, and take a duplicate sim (Vodafone in India refused to give my father with a Power of Attorney a duplicate SIM)
3. Its apparently super easy to activate a number on a new sim (Probably because its super easy to find out what customer data is available on Vodafone records for confirmation)
I asked the Voda Customer Care about how come they re-issued a SIM without checking if the phone is really stolen or if its the actual customer getting a duplicate SIM, and how did they activate a new SIM without check if the old one is really inactive/misused! No answers
Ask for a paper/audit trail.. No answers!
No mobile data for the last 30 minutes or so! 2145-Wentworthville
Restarted the phone, checked unchecked the mobile data settings on iPhone 6 plus.
Vodafone Australia’s Credit and Fraud department’s response…
March 24, 2016
Here is a link to timeline of events :
And here is a response from Vodafone Australia’s response to my Fraud Escalation Report. They simply dismissed the case in less than 30 minutes.
Complete text below
Hi Prashant
Thank you for your email.
After reading your attached documents regarding your existing Vodafone service, Vodafone can confirm it’s not a case of identity fraud.
From my understanding as this is a sim swap issue on your Vodafone account, the only advice I can provide to you from this department is to ensure that you keep all of your personal information secure and do not release your Vodafone PIN number to anyone. I can also see that you have lodged it with the police for them to investigate.
To do a sim swap on the Vodafone network, the caller/customer must be able to confirm the PIN # on the Vodafone account, if the PIN is not known or the person cannot be identified then no action will be taken. It would appear that in this case regarding your unauthorised sim swap, the caller has had your details previously.
I’m sorry that there isn’t anything else that we are able to assist you with.
Thank you and kind regards,
Credit & Fraud Prevention Analyst
According to them, they cannot do anything! I don’t really know if I should be furious, or disappointed… Its a shame I am still in a contract with Vodafone Australia, and cannot throw these phones in the bin!
Next step : The Telephone Ombudsman
MOTHER DAIRY: Its a public sector undertaking suffering-plagued by all sorts of defects, which the public sector entrepreneurship  has in India. It not long, when a full container was found to contain synthetic milk, at the Patpar Ganj plant of the dairy. It keep on raising the prices of milk from 16 Rs. to 48 rupees as and when the prices of petroleum went up, by 2 rupees. But it did not care to reduce, when the prices of petroleum products were reduced by the government. The executives of mother dairy came with with ridiculous apologies, when they were complained of the supply of double toned milk in the full cream milk pouches. They said that the supply of milk from the vendors had been reduced. Since then at least 4 laboratory reports have confirmed what was complained about 2 years ago. The quality of vegetables and fruits is low and the freezing-air conditioning  facilities have been stopped completely in Sector-19 of Noida. The vendors do not mind charging for the sacks they provide for carrying milk, vegetables etc. There is deep rooted corruption in the rotting dairy. It needs thorough audit at the earliest. Sooner or later it will the course of Delhi Milk Scheme.
AMUL MILK: It has become a popular and respected brand name in India. Its a price setter, in dairy industry. It also kept on raising the prices of milk from 16 Rs. to 48 rupees as and when the prices of petroleum went up, by 2 rupees. But it did not care to reduce the prices as and when the prices of petroleum products were reduced by the government. One has been drinking pure buffalo and cow milk from infancy, having roots in a village of Buland Shahr just 50 Km away from Delhi. The taste of milk supplied by the dairy is much lower than that of the fresh-pure milk. Fat content has gone down considerably just like the mothers dairy. The fat which surface the milk after heating changes its color to yellow, which is a sure sign of contamination. Its samples too have failed. It surprising that more than 10,000 buffalo are butchered in Delhi and NCR every day for meat and still the supply of milk is maintained. It has been reported that dairies are mixing imported milk power in the milk along with some oils. Amul management is under the control of Congress-the most corrupt political party of India. 
So, far 21 samples of milk from Amul, mother dairy and other vendors have failed in just one month. [10.09.2015]
DELL LAP TOP: Some years ago a Lap Top manufactured by DELL was purchased under warranty for one year. It stopped working just before one year was going to be completed. The service centre changed its mother board. Next time same problem appeared. It did not change but demanded Rs. 18,000 to change the mother board. The mother board and the Lap Top it self was manufactured in China-infamous for its worst quality of goods all over the world. Why do one buy such sub standard goods?!Its easy to find that current-voltage in the carrier wires goes up occasionally which destroys the instruments leading to expenses, harassment and torture. The apathy-indifference shown by the ground staff is un imaginable!
AIR TEL :It deactivate-close the mobile numbers without notice, warning reminders under rules which are unilateral, against the users.
A mobile number is is in fact a virtual asset-property of the user unless-until, he surrenders it, of his own.
All essential documents, records like property registration-lease, rent, Pass Port, Visa, travel documents-tickets, travel insurance, medical card, insurance, bank accounts, ATM cards, PAN cards, Voter ID cards, Adhar card, Gas connection, Google account, Twitter, Face Book, payment of pension, refund of medical funds etc. etc are connected with it. Switching it off without notice, amounts to great inconvenience, harassment, mental torture, agony. Only Air tel will be responsible for financial losses incurred by one whose mobile services have been terminated without caution.
A senior citizen who lives alone, always need it in emergency. It may lead to his untimely death., for which only it has to be blamed.
Whether a holder talks or not, send messages or not, uses data or not, depends upon his circumstances, you cannot compel him to do so. You should be bothered about the service charges, recharge only. [28.06.2018]

I kept sitting by the side of the laptop waiting for OTP for more than one hour, it did not come. It has come after one and half hour. No calls are received and message shows calls after one to two hours. Stop calling your net work a robust one. In fact its not functioning at all. All your claims are fake-false-worthless.
Ping 42, Down Load Speed :: 3.03, Up load speed :: 8.38 PM, This is how airtel Broad Band is performing.[18.01.2018]
It is the largest telephone and broadband-internet service provider company in India. The instruments provided by it are of extremely poor quality, whether they are hand sets for telephone or the wi-fi. they do not remove the fault for weeks. The mobile signal does not work inside the house and often breaks down during the conversation. There is loss of sound in between the conversation a number of times. 
What is agonizing-antagonizing is that they do not care to fix the fault; repair their network. At occasions it appeared that the staff was almost un trained-unfamiliar with the system. 
The current flowing through the wires is one of the culprits for damaging the instrument which is company is reluctant to replace.As per companies officials  the current should vary between 24 to 53 volts. But in practice it reaches as high as 220-240 volts burning valuable instruments and the cards at the servers-towers. Upload speed which is miserably .42 to .75 Mbps, while in developed countries the upload and download speed is same  at least 16 Mbps. 
It claims to be the third largest telephone company of the world, but its service is grossly deficient. There is frequent call drop, low broad band speed, upload speed is as low as 42 and frequent break downs.The worst possible is that they do not entertain the request for compensation of deficient service. No connectivity for 9 days and still one is forced to pay for the full month.
The company fails to gurantee. Service providers are providing 40 GB-unlimited, 40 Mbps Wi-Fi, just for Rs. 560/=month. Why can't airtel do it.[28.09.2015]
Image result for airtel logoThanks for contacting. I have been informed that the slow speed is a pan India problem due to fault in the cables laid by the server. The BB remained closed-dead for more than 8 hours during the last 3 months at least twice. This is the third occasion I have been told the same story.The connection breaks down too frequently. The engineers who had visited my house during the last 3 months every time found this problem here, but manipulated the system to run for a few moments. At least twice I called them back to find the recurrence, but they avoided. I always requested them to send snap shots of the net showing extremely low speed. But they preferred to send the snap shots only when the speed was OK to their superiors.If you want to see the condition of wiring please see the same in front of my house adjacent to the market.This is no way better than BSNL. I am still hopeful that you will be able to maintain speed and prevent too frequent breakdowns. Ping:15, download speed:5.04, Up load speed:0.71 at 19.43 hrs.[14.03.2016]
 I have observed that more than 200 crore people are using window 10 world wide and more than 100 people are using other networks in my neighbour hood.
(1). The issues faced by me pertaining to repeated breakdown might be related to your soft ware which has been used for window 7 & 8 and is obsolete now.
(2). The line connecting my house with the pillar might be damaged due to the digging by the IGL since they too digged parallel to airtel's line.
(3). You are still using copper in stead of optical fibre & 
(4). The modem used by airtel are of inferior quality since they do not carry the signal to another room or the roof and even the ground floor of the house. Modem supplied earlier had a proper range.
Comparing your rates with the other service providers::  Your rates are quite high since others are proving services of 40 Mbps and more than 100 GB and unlimited data for just Rs. 850 in my area. [09.05.2016]
You punished me by disconnecting from the rest of the world for full 44 hours. No one would praise you for this move. I praise your endeavour to reach the bottom of the trouble but assail the criminal misconduct as well.[18.05.2016]
(1). Slash broad band charges, (2). increase minimum speed to 50 Mbps, (3). provide unlimited asses to users, (4). carry forward unused data till you make it unlimited, (5). replace all existing sluggish wi-fi modems with the latest quick to start modems, increase the salaries of your field staff & more quick action soon after the complaint, (6). make airtel TV complementary with free set top box; as all local internet-TV cable connection providers are using this technique, charge below Rs. 100 for 100 channels, including HD channels, (7). provide routine high level training to your field and supporting staff in addition to updating your soft ware, (8). replace all cables with optical fibre.
Some employee (technician, line man, engineer) of Air-tel Noida Sector-19, has been tempering my land line telephone and broad band connection intentionally, since Nov. 2015. Complaints went unheard. The latest sequence started on 28 January, 2017 when the broad band started developing snags-frequent disconnection. On March 10 the line developed echo. The mobile too had echo since march 10. One 25 April the disturbance became unbearable. On March 27, 2017, the line was intentionally snapped. Complaints made over 198 resulted in false promises. Mails sent to 121 too proved fruitless compelling me to decide to seek disconnection. None at Air tel cared to visit and sort out the trouble. [30.04.2017]
HP-LAP TOP-PAVILION-6, i 5: The Lap Top was expansive. The day, on which this laptop was purchased, Window 8 was available. But the seller did not care to install the program. The camera did not work soon after purchase. A number of complaint failed to mobilise the HP personnel to repair the Lap Top. Some more defects were discovered but none turned up during the guarantee-warranty period. It had one years extended warranty. Still no one cared to rectify the defects.
I was compelled to write to you since ::
(1). Before the lapse of one year from the purchase of the PC, the camera stopped working-a case of poor workmanship.
(2) A lot of heat was generated by the machine and still it produce a lot of heat.
(3). One of the USB was not working.Now all the 3 USB's stop working at will.
(4). The mouse did not respond occasionally.
I made several calls to your service centers before the expiry of warranty but nothing materialized & no one turned up for fixing the problems. One year passed. I had one year warranty from United India insurance company, your service center did not honor it.When the machine stopped responding after loading window 10, I took the machine to your service center named Jabil in Sector-18, Noida. These people failed to fix the problem in 6 visits and after the 7th visit I stopped visiting them with the machine.They deleted almost every thing on it which was extremely valuable for me. I know that each and every data on the PC could be saved and retrieved without fuss. The mechanic at the service center did not pay heed to me and my repeated requests filed to turn their attitude.I had mentioned all the troubles with the PC at the time of handing it over to them.I spent more Rs.950 and remained dissatisfied with the poor service. I kept sending you mails till the last one materialized and the issue was highlighted. What if I waste money with these people again and get the machine spoiled for ever.
In fact you should repair the faults without burdening me.[15.05.2016]
to HPSupport_Glob. 
Image result for logo hp laptopsI reached the service center at 9 AM and kept waiting for my  turn for 25 minutes. They took the old job card (photocopy, they had given me earlier). They said that it was ready at 11. They tried to install the driver for USB ports unsuccessfully.I told them that the trouble was the same as was shown in the job card. I paid them for this job earlier. As I said it was my 9th visit. There was nothing to cheer up, since they asked me to pay Rs. 860. I have written some remarks over the new job card. Now Rabia has a copy of the old job card, with her. Please ask her to send you the copy of both the job cards.This time too I have been charged for cleaning of the PC-machine.
This is a case of cheating. There is nothing ethical on the part of the service center. Old boys managing the desk, were still there.
I am thankful to you for your keen interest and help.But the computer is still the same.I wasted almost 4 hours paying them Rs.859 for this.Now you have sufficient proof against them and their working. Thanks again and goodbye.[19.05.2016]
I asked Jabil to send you the copy of the job card which you have already obtained. Ask them for the second job card and compare them. Same old issues.Then why was I charged for the issues which persisted from the time of the purchase of this PC. Why was asked to visit them & waste time and money?! I have been told that HP laptops heat up quickly and it affect their working and durability as well. You are asking for documentary proof of my visit to service center 9 times (7+2). These people issued me the receipt only after sitting, insisting and pressing for it for full one and half hour. Still, I have the token in my bag proving my visits to service center. Call records can easily prove that I had called numerous times for the in born defects in the PC well within the warranty period. It shows that the company is passing off defective PC to innocent buyers. The tele-callers kept on saying some thing which I do not understand as for as serving a PC is concerned. No one ever turned during the warranty period 1+ 1 from the purchase.[21.05.2016]
EXPERIENCE WITH HP :: One year of warranty passed. I had extended from United Insurance. They did not honor it. Two years passed. I went to Jabil service center in Noida sector-18. I quoted the issues. Only two were resolved after visiting it 7 times. I paid them service charges when I finally got the PC at the 7th occasion. It did not work properly. They blamed it on window 10, but preferred not to up grade their own soft ware. I went to them again after persuasion from Nidhi, your employee. But the issue remained un resolved and I was charged again for service. I felt cheated. Having paid twice issues remain as such. They removed every thing from my machine, a great loss to me.They issued receipt this time only and that is after waiting for one and half an hour.
SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT :: 1. Upgrade software.2. Give proper and thorough training to your workers.3. refund the money charged from the customers without correcting the fault.4. Honor the warranty and attend to it immediately.5. Terminate the entire team of cheats at Jabil, sector-18, Noida. 6. Do the job within a reasonable time frame.Do not force the customers to revisit again and again. Believe the customers.
Since when I bought this PC, I started facing trouble. It used to get heated very soon.  One USB port did not work. The Camera did not work.I reported the matter to the seller. He did not respond. I made frantic called to service center. They told me to do this and that but preferred not to send mechanic. [25.05.2016]
Driven by profit motive you source inferior components, computer parts like mother board, batteries from China made out of condemned-discarded and recycled materials.China is assailed world over for it low quality, inferior goods.Lap tops, mobile phones manufactured in China are fitted at the source, with bugging devices which interfere with the working of the machine and pass on sensitive information to Chines spy agencies. The quality of your products and after sales service is extremely poor and needs condemnation. You do not honor your warranty and fail to manage to keep the lap tops in good health. Your soft ware is also obsolete; unable to keep pace with changing times.Your service personnel are dishonest-disloyal, incapable and un trained.[27.05.2016]
My experience with HP :: Horrible, traumatic and I wish to forget it as a nightmare. This time information from my laptop was stolen by the service personnel. I wish to advise the customers to be cautious while dealing with it.[09.06.2016]
WINDOW 10 : It was really good but it was infected with bugs. As soon as it was down loaded it started troubling the PC unless until it stopped booting and taken to HP service center in sector-18 Noida. The trouble might be due to the reason that it asked to remove  symantic end point protection an anti virus. The PC HP-LAP TOP-PAVILION-6, i 5 had to be taken at least 7 times to bring it back to working state. The boys at HP service center have advised to wait for at least one month since the updates are corrupting the PC's. People have discovered that it eats into the space over the hard drive. Microsoft loaded it without removing the drawbacks.[05.11.2015]
Image result for LOGO INDRAPRASTHA GAS LIMITEDINDRA PRASTH GAS: This Delhi government owned company has monopoly in field of the supply of piped natural gas in Delhi and NCR. It has raised the prices 7 fold since inception. The services are grossly unsatisfactory-poor. It does not listen to the consumer. It's net based compliant center do not respond. Its land lined based costumer service center give absurd replies. The pipe line raised to second floor has more than 7 bands and the gas is leaking continuously. The contractor and the engineer installing the connection did not listen when they were told that the pressure reduces from 3.2 kg to just 2 in 12 hours. They said that its quite natural and there is no need to bother. The boy who came to start supply asked to sign a paper which would have granted him a credit pf Rs.170 just for nothing-for touching the stove. The nozzles of the stove were already fit for PNG. When the gas line can straight way reach first floor by drilling a small hole why disfigure the whole house?! The company put the consumer to a loss of Rs. 20,000 when the contractor broke the marble flooring and left without repairing it.[10.09.2015]
I seek the refund of Rs. 255.90 P made to you earlier and Rs. 116.78 P  paid through this cheque. Neither you asked me this condition at the time of extending gas connection at my residence nor I agreed. The current payment is made under protest and you are liable to refund this amount with 18% interest. This is unethical and amounts to cheating specifically so when its a government agency.
Payment for Rs. 116.78 P has been made vide cheque no. 763129 payable at SBI. Please find the cheque in drop box at Sector-19, Noida community center. [Dt. 27.05.2016].
INDIAN POSTS AND TELEGRAPH: The Rakhis posted in the letter boxes have not been reaching the destination for over 30 years. The registered letter sent to Assam took 10 days to reach. Letters sent to US through registered mail, took one and a half month to be delivered.Services in Gautom Buddh Nagar post office are far from satisfactory. It is suffering from gross mismanagement.The parcels containing precious goods are opened and cartons thrown in waste, adjoining the post office. In stead of delivering adhar card by hand the post man preferred to throw it in the open, which was found accidentally after 30 days of delivery. the post man demand Baksheesh every festival.[10.09.2015]


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