CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM  By :: Pt. Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj 
PhotoVisiting temples is a kind of penance-prayer devoted to the Almighty. Sweeping the flour, painting the walls, offering of fruits, cloths, money, flowers; pouring water-milk, curd, honey, ghee over the statue are some alternate forms of prayer. Sitting in front the deity's statue and concentrating-creating a mental image, of the God in one's mind, too is prayer. Sanatan Dharm-Hinduism has a rich heritage, culture and tradition. There are thousand's of mesmerising Hindu temples across the country & else where with different distinguished design, shape, locations. Vastu Shastr has been utilized and the knowledge of scriptures-Ved, Puran is applied. Visiting temples grant blessing, boons, fulfilment of desires, calm, better mind set and peace of mind. It gives power to face the difficult phases of life. 
why-visit-temples(1) LOCATION, DESIGN& STRUCTURE: Temples are deliberately built at a place where the positive energy is available abundantly from the the magnetic and electric field conveyances of north-south poles. The idol of God is set in the core center of the temple, known as Garbh Grah or Mool Sthan. Ideally, the structure of the temple is built after the idol has been placed in a high positive wave eccentric place. This Mool Sthan is the place where earth’s magnetic field-waves are discovered to be extreme.
(2) REMOVAL OF FOOT WEAR: Temples are the sacred places where magnetic and electric fields with positive energy exists. Temples were used to be built in such a manner that the floor at the center of the temple were good conductors of positive vibrations allowing them to pass through one's feet to the earth. Hence, it is essential to walk bare footed, while one enter the core center of the temple. Shoes and chappals are used everywhere and they tend to acquire impurities in the form of dust, garbage, germs, virus, harmful enzymes, bacteria, fungus and protozoans. 
(3) RINGING OF BELLS: It activates the senses specially the hearing. People who are visiting the temple should and will Ring the bell before entering the inner temple (-Garbh Gudi, Garbh Grah, Mool Sthan or womb-chamber) where the main idols are placed. These bells were fixed in such a manner that they produce a sound in unison to create resonance-echo symmetrically, on either side i.e., left and the right.  The bells produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for minimum of 7 seconds, in echo mode. The duration of echo is good enough to activate all the seven healing centres in one's body. This results in emptying our brain from tensions. This bell sound is also absorbed by the idol and vibrated within the Garbh Gudi for a certain period of time.
Lighting Camphor(4) VASTU-ANCIENT HINDU ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING: Temples are engineering marbles employing excellent techniques-blue prints, skills, architecture, resonance, echo, vibrations, symmetry, orientation with the 10 directions connected with the walls & the foundation. They create soothing impact over the visitors if they enter the temples with pure thoughts, ideas, desires. The idols too have mesmerising impact over the devotees. As a matter of fact gathering of a large number of people seeking renunciation make the environment religious, pious, virtuous, righteous. 
(5) LIGHTING OF CAMPHOR, GUGAL, AGARBATTI, DHOOPBATTI, MUSTERED OIL-GHEE, EARTHEN-METAL (GOLD-SILVER) LAMPS IN FRONT OF THE IDOL: All these articles have the properties of disinfectants. Most of these articles liberate pleasant smells which develop good mood, happiness and congenital environment all around. One never experienced suffocation inside the chambers of the temples. In fact most of the substances which are allowed to ignite inside, contains medicinal properties which enters the lungs and gets mixed with the blood re leaving the devotees of a number of diseases. Soothing impact of Gold, Silver and copper over the human body is universally recognised.
(6) OFFERING FLOWERS, SCENTS, FRAGRANCES: These are the articles admired by each and every one. They creates pleasant environment there. Mind experiences calmness , freshness and improved energy levels. 
(7) DRINKING CHARNAMRAT चरणामृत: Charnamrat is prepared by mixing Ganga Jal, cow urine, curd, honey, milk, Tulsi (-Basil) leaves. 5-10 grams of charnamrat is offered to the devotees as Prasad. This is an Ayurvedic composition which cures a number of diseases automatically, like soar throats, fever & common cold, coughs, respiratory disorders-ailments, formation of kidney stone & heart disorders. Normally the preparation is stored in silver, copper or gold vessels which have curative impact over one's body.
banana temple(8) PRADAKSHINA प्रदक्षिणा : This is a process in which the devotees moves round the temple or the idol 7-9 times in clockwise order. The walk involved in the process activates the blood vessels inside the lungs, which smoothly absorbs the medicinal properties of offerings to the God, present in the air of the temple.
 (9) APPLICATION OF KUMKUM-VERMILION-TURMERIC (-हल्दी, Haldi) SAFFRON, SANDALWOOD PASTE  (-Chandan, चन्दन) MARK OVER THE FOREHEAD: It leads to automatic activation of the Agya Nadi Chakr over the fore head. This is the place where the energies of the humans are radiated or absorbed in either positive or negative manner. It relaxes one by facilitating smoother flow of blood in the brain. Agya: Order, Command. 

Location of Agya Chakr: It’s based-housed at the upper end of the spinal cord-vertebral column, at the point of transition, from the spine to the brain. Development of one's wisdom and humanity is completed here, bridging the divine consciousness. Its energy is experienced in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows, just over the nose.
(10) OFFERING OF BANANA-COCONUT FRUITS: These are termed as sacred fruits due to their composition. Generally they remain un eaten by the birds, insects etc. 
(11) RITUALS, PRAYERS, RHYMES, MANTR & SHLOK: Recitation of these has purifying impact over one due to the waves-vibrations generated in the atmosphere of the temple, which are so devised that the curative effect is observed soon there after.


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