Thursday, June 4, 2015


Padriwala-the judge of Gujrat High Court, who said that reservation and corruption are pulling the country backwards, has deleted the remarks over a petition filed by the government. Disgruntled leaders of Congress like Diggi Bhaiya have signed a petition for the impeachment of the judge in Rajya Sabha. These politicians of all hue are torturing the upper castes especially the Brahmns. The judge's observations are true and deserve whole hearted appreciation and support. At last some one in judiciary gathered courage to speak the truth. Sooner or later the Swarn-upper caste will have to trow away the politicians who support reservations.[19.12.2105]
Debacle of Bihar for BJP has a lot to do with reservations. Bhagwat desired to scrape them just before the elections and Modi favored them just in between. Bhagwat alienated the lower class and Modi infuriated the upper class.[14.11.2015]
RESERVATION IN PROMOTIONS(II):The Supreme Court has ruled that if there is only one vacancy, it can not be reserved. It has rejected the appeal for review of its order pertaining to reservations in promotions. It ruled that section 3(7) of 1994 and section 8a of 2007 had been dismissed. It rejected the argument that the states are empowered to grant reservations under section 16(4)(a). Sub section "a" was added in 1995 with the motive of granting reservations. Court did not want to go into the merits of this and said that if it had found the these sections illegal in 2012, nothing can be done now. Employees who were promoted on the basis of reservations must be reverted back.[29.09.2015]
This is curious that the NDMC, GNCT, Delhi and the Central Government still promotes the un deserving employees and they failed to revert them. Employees must approach the High Court or CAT. The NDMC has hundreds of such teachers and principals, who deserve to be demoted.
RESERVATION IN PROMOTIONS(I): It has been struck down in at least 3 cases by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. Up has started implementing the judgement and reverting those who were promoted through reservation. Still is practice is going on in the central government offices, MCD, NDMC and the GNCT, Delhi. This menace continues due to extreme corruption and political interference. Sooner or later the political parties will have to face repercussions. 
The general category has to wake up rise, unite and give fitting reply to those who advocate reservations.
मेहनत न करने वाले, मन्दबुद्धि, विवेकहीन को आरक्षण देना कहाँ तक उचित है?!एक बेहद गरीब ब्राह्मण मेधावी छात्र को  नौकरी न देना कहाँ का न्याय है। जो आरक्षण मात्र 10 साल के लिए दिया गया था उसे आज 69 वर्ष बाद भी कायम रखना कहाँ का न्याय है ?!माया, खड़गे, यादव सिंह जैसे बेईमानों को आरक्षण किस लिए!? आरक्षण की वैसाखी से नौकरी पर लगा काम कितना-कैसे करता है, यह किसी से छिपा नहीं है। आरक्षण के आधार पर तरक्की पाने वालों ने अपने से वरिष्ठों के साथ अन्याय-घोर अत्याचार-अनैतिक व्यवहार ही किया है।  मगर वोट की राजनीति  में यह कौन सुनता-देखता-समझता है ?!और ये TV चैनल कब किसके उचित बयान को विवादस्पद बता दे कुछ पता नहीं। [21.09.2015]
आरक्षण :- After Gurjars of Rajasthan, Patels of Gujarat have raised their banner for reservations. Earlier Jats did the same trick. Yadavs were not far behind. Congress supported the move to gain political mileage. The Hon. Supreme Court has been delivering judgments against reservations, repeatedly. Still the political class including the BJP has been vehemently supporting it for gains which never come to them. New POLITICAL AVTARS like BSP of MAYA-Kansi Ram emerge to snatch the fruits of this folly.

This is the most affluent community of Gujrat with 40 MLA's in the assembly in addition to the chief minister, deserve brick bates, for spreading non sense. Almost half: 22,000 motels in US belongs to them. The youngster leading the revolt against Modi and the nation, is below average in studies. He passed his graduation with grace marks. He has been touting guns in public and threatening of snatching reservations if not granted peacefully. The peaceful demonstration led to rioting and several deaths. This menace must be curbed, immediately. Nitish, Kejriwal or Togdia and even Shiv Sena who supports invite the wrath of major-general communities in future.[29.08.2015]
Poorest community in India is that of Brahmns, still surviving on donations, charity, begging alms in 21st century. There is no ends to its bows-difficulties-troubles. Reservations have added another hurdle in their way. They believe in idealism, liberation, relinquishment, detachment and the next abode. Their believe in pardon, purity, virtuousness, righteousness, honesty, asceticism, celibacy may not let them survive in the present world. The present world is pragmatic, materialistic full of tensions, worries, sorrow, pains. Still they will survive, since they survived the on slaught of Aurangzeb and cruel emperors, since the on set this Kalp. Another Parshu Ram may take incarnation as Kalki.

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