POLITICS IN INDIA (3) भारतीय राजनीति (आम आदमी)

 POLITICS IN INDIA (3) भारतीय राजनीति (आम आदमी)
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj  
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Anna Hajare's demand for Lokayukt is illogical and misleading. Prime Minister's post is highest in a democracy which is lowered to second position as soon the Lokayukt assumes office. A biased Lokayukt can caused irreparable damage to republic structure of the country. His earlier stint led to promotion of a crooked to the post chief minister of Delhi.[23.03.2018]
Some leaders of BJP-RSS combine saw a threat in Yogi whom the public started seeing as a future prime minister of India to hatch conspiracy and worked for his (BJP's) defeat in Gorakh Pur and Phool Pur bi elections.[21.03.2018]
BLUFF MASTER KEJRIWAL :: पहले तो वह अन्य नेताओं-व्यक्तियों पर भद्दे, गंदे, तथ्यहीन आरोप लगाता है, फिर सरकारी पैसे से वकील नियुक्त करता है चौड़े में; फिर माँफी माँगता है, अकेले में। क्या यही राजनीति वो सिखाना चाहता था!? [2003.2018]
Kejriwal's interest in the politics of Punjab is not unfounded. He is getting financial aid-support from the Khalistan separatists and this is a very serious matter, which need immediate investigation and a close eye on Kejriwal's movements. Supreme Court has constituted a division bench to decide the boss of Delhi. If the decision goes in favour of Kejriwal, it will lead to constitutional crises in near future. The court should remember that one can not keep two swords in one sheath (scabbard, म्यान, मियान, खोल, कोश). [16.02.2017]
He is solely responsible for turning DELHI and NCR for turning into a gas chamber. He spent his time in Goa, Gujrat, Punjab, Noida and JNU instigating the public against LG, MODI and BJP. He was like of Pakistan's news channels for criticising surgical strike. He failed to deliver the promises made to the IMPRUDENT public of Delhi. Most of his ministers and MLA's are criminals.He is good for nothing.[08.11.2016]
The wretched salutes Modi with one hand and demand proof of surgical strike with the other. His minister Misra is a step ahead of him. What a cocktail of crookedness, indecency and stupidity AAM ADMI PARTY is?! [07.10.2016]
There is yet another feather in the AAP's crown. At least 52 women were sexually exploited by its leaders. Most of them have filed cases with police, which is investigating them. This wold give solace to Anna Hajare who pleaded for Kejriwal and his wagon of goons. [08.09.2016]
Ashutosh rightly compared Sandeep with Gandhi & Nehru. Gandhi used to sleep with young naked women to test his vigour. Nehru had sexual relations with numerous women. The woman who was raped by Sandeep has come forward and has lodged a case of rape against Sandeep. Kejriwal is hiding in Rome to avoid the naked truth that his party is a band of criminals, fraudsters, lairs. Ashutosh, who used to be  a reporter in media is well known for his bad manners and thrashing innocent people. He advocated a criminal standing by his side.[04.09.2016]
Image result for aap minister sandeep imageWhile distributing tickets Yogendr & Prashant asked Kejriwal not to give tickets to criminal elements, but their advice was discarded. Sandeep Kumar is a habitual womaniser. He is a man of low morals & virtues. He not only photographed women but used them at will. One should not be surprised if he happen to know that Sandeep used to supply women (to his bosses-Arvind, Vishwas, Sisodia) and others. The doubts creep in since the CD was withheld for 20 days and efforts were made to hush up (रफा-दफा करना) the matter. Had Delhi been a full fledged state, Arvind would have succeed in his designs. The police should investigate the case with these things in mind. One of MLA's has been convicted by the court.[02.09.2016]
3 ministers of the bluff master Kejriwal had to resign due to sufficient proof against them. His secretaries are booked under corruption cases. His MLA's too are having numerous cases registered against them. Still, he calls himself Mr. clean. He is leading a team of corrupt, criminal minded people. All knows that the leader of thieves is a thief, the head of the dacoits is a dacoit, him self. One should not be surprised if his past come to hound-expose him. The LG had found at least 40 instances when he went against law and precedents-well settled norms. His lieutenants Manish & Vishwas too, do not enjoy good reputation.[01.09.2016]
Kejriwal is well known for making wild, livid accusations against Modi. He is grossly incompetent and obstruct the centre from discharging its duties. The stupid knew it well that Delhi is a union territory and can not be given full statehood, especially control over the police. Had it been so he would arrested Modi many times along with the cabinet ministers. He is grossly against Muslims as is seen by his behaviour against Jung. The learned, educated, thoughtful has the duty of removing him power for ever. Want to root out reservations and corrupt politicians like Kejriwal, join PPI. Please refer to :: PPI-PEOPLES PARTY OF INDIA  bhartiyshiksha.blogspot.com  [12.08.2016]
AAP leader and close aide of Arvind Kejriwal behind Dadri lynching case? Social media users have blasted the media for adopting a muted response to the news  on  
Dadri, Oct 4: Social media was abuzz with sensational reports accusing an Aam Admi Party (AAP) worker of allegedly being responsible for the Dadri lynching case. Following a news alert carried by ABP News, twitteratis launched an attack on the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal along with a number of media channels for choosing to ignore the report.
This report is an eye opener, establishing the conspiracy against BJP by Kejriwal, Nitish and Mulayam, Lalu and Rahul-Sonia.[30.01.2016]
IAS officer Chetan Sanghi who headed the three member panel appointed by Kejriwal government to probe corruption in DDCA alleged corruption; has exposed Kejriwal by writing a letter to home secretary. He has said that he was under considerable pressure to name Arun Jaitley in the scam. Two  FIR's have been filed against him for not towing the line of Kejriwal and his associates. One thing remains to be explained : Can the President be accused for the corruption by the UPA government, if not; how and why Arun's name is dragged in the DDCA scam?![12.01.2016]
He is bent upon controversies with the central government. He invents one or the other tactics to blame Modi. The whole world is watching the worthy-good deeds of Modi & misdeeds of Kejriwal. Perhaps this is style of functioning developed by him as an IRS officer-repression of subordinates! He suspended DANICS officers without approval of the LG-Home Ministry. He said government will not tolerate corruption and insubordination. The reality stands that he was compelling the officers to what he said against the rules, so that they could be held guilty later for his faults. One wonders if there is a provision in law to make him inactive?! He belong to the breed of politicians who believe in unnecessary-undue confrontation like Nitish, Mamta, Maya, to extract maximum personal gains. [31.12.2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR]
He is Bundal Baj (बण्डल बाज), Phaenku (फैंकू) congenital lair. His habit is to speak a lair 100 times so that it appears true to the common man-Aam Admi. He is expert in deviating the attention of public from key problems. His sins are accumulating day by day. Modi has introduced free wi-fi in many places in Delhi, but he failed to keep his promise. He did his best to implicate Arun Jaitley in association with Congress, Keerti Azad and detractors in BJP. The committee appointed by him exonerated Jetly, but he is still bent upon levelling fake-false charges one after another, the same way he did with Sheila Dixit. THIS IS LESSON FOR THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TO DOWN GRADE THE DELHI ASSEMBLY TO JUST A COUNCIL LIKE NDMC WITH LIMITED POWERS.[30.12.2015]
CBI raids on two of his senior officials has unnerved Kejriwal. he is under the fear of being exposed.
Facts on Rajender Kumar :: He too from IIT, Delhi like Kejriwal. Rajender Kumar, the principal secretary to the Chief Minister, has been accused of corruption in the purchase of computers. CBI has registered a case against him for alleged criminal conspiracy. The CBI claimed that it searched Rajender Kumar's next door room. CBI said that Rs. 13 Lakh cash was found in raids on Rajender Kumar and another person. Rs. 3 Lakh in foreign currency and Rs. 2.4 Lakh was allegedly found from Rajender Kumar's home.He is one of our most trusted & tainted favorite officer of Kejriwal. A complaint was filed against him by Ashish Joshi, who was sacked by Mr Kejriwal in May as member-secretary of the Delhi Dialogue Commission. Ashish Joshi's complaint said the CBI should investigate Rajender Kumar's dealings when he was with the departments of education, IT and health in the Delhi government. Kumar has been accused of setting up various companies to give work contracts without tenders, at a huge loss to the Delhi government. He allegedly formed a company that was impanelled with Public Sector Units to get government work without tenders, the complaint alleged.[18.12.2015]
KING OF ODDS KEJRIWAL is talking of EVEN in terms of pollution in Delhi, which has not reduced by even a single point, indicating that the reasons which contribute to it are different. The major contributory to pollution are (1). Motor cycle-bikes, (2). Diesel driven cars, trucks and buses & Gen sets of course which are operating in millions unchecked, (3). burning of garbage by JJ dwellers, (4). thousands of buses and trucks PLYING, as old as 20-25 years in the NCR and the Jugads created by re assembling motor bikes and scooters in three wheeler rickshaws in addition to diesel driven three wheelers. What the government agencies have forgotten to notice is the fallout of charged particles in space, which comes to the outer space from neighbouring states & countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. It may be possible to reduce pollution in Delhi but what about the polluted brain of AAM ADMI PARTY and its KEJRIWAL ?!
Kejriwal kicked off one of his ministers for accepting bribes. He himself is corrupt, his team is corrupt. where is the Lokayukt for which he cursed Congress?! Where is that 700 page charge sheet against Sheila Dixit he talked about?! What is wrong with his law ministers?! He accuses BJP & the center for troubles in Delhi?!What a fickle minded person?![10.10.2015]
Its not possible to educate the citizens of Delhi, who were fooled by this duo. He ditched Anna, kicked Ravi Shankar and Ram Dev. Parted off  company with Kiran Bedi & V.K. Singh. He expelled Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendr. He developed anonymity with Jung and declared JUNG-war with him. His ministers hold fake degrees. His MLA's are involved in beating the people-officers on duty. His 100 days tenure is a big flop show. he failed to provide water, electricity and Wi-Fi to the AAM-ADMI. What next?!He considers him self to the king of Delhi-elected by Delhites. He favour the auto-rickshaw wallahs who ditch common man almost every day. He goes to court with the sneezing of opponents. He is unable to bear criticism. What next?!
आप विधायक ने लगवाई 15 हजार की लाइट 1 लाख में, 10 हजार का सीसीटीवी 6 लाख में: बीजेपीदिल्ली में आम आदमी पार्टी की सरकार बनने के करीब चार महीने बाद भारतीय जनता पार्टी के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष सतीश उपाध्याय ने एक लिखित बयान जारी कर, आम आदमी पार्टी की मंगोलपुरी से विधायक राखी बिड़लान पर भ्रष्टाचार का आरोप लगाया है।एक आरटीआई के हवाले से दावा किया गया है कि है कि मंगोलपुरी इलाके में 15 हजार रुपये की सोलर स्ट्रीट लाइट को एक लाख रुपये में खरीद कर लगाई गई है और  10 हजार रुपये में लगने वाले सीसीटीवी कैमरे के लिए छह लाख रुपये का भुगतान किया गया है।उपाध्याय ने इसे हेराफेरी का मामला बताया है और कहा है कि बीजेपी इस मामले की प्राथमिकी दिल्ली पुलिस में दर्ज कराने पर गंभीरता से विचार कर रही है। विचार कैसा FIR करो यदि सबूत है तो! राखी ने अपनी सफाई में कहा कि जो भी खरीद हुई है, वह सरकारी दर पर हुई है। 
अब तक सरकार और सरकारी कर्मचारियों पर इसी तरह के आरोप लगाने वाली आम आदमी पार्टी और उनके शीर्ष नेता और दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल अब कार्रवाई करने में देरी क्यों कर रहे हैं?! 
His Law Minister-Tomar possessed fake degrees. He is behind bars. He may turn out to be the kingpin of a big fake degree racket.
His MLA from Karol Bagh-Vishesh Ravi, too has fake certificates. He did not pass an intermediate examination from UP. He never passed B.Com. from Meerut University. He Was never enrolled for B.A with IGNOU. He claimed that he passed 10th from IGNOU. Universities do not impart education at the secondary level. 
His MLA from Cantonment area-constituency-commando Surendar too has fake degrees.
His Law Minister-Mr. Som Nath in previous government, duped his wife and tortured her, demanded dowry. His atrocities took her to the women's cell for filing a complaint. His mother and brother too were involved in the turmoil-episode. 
His deputy's childhood friend-Kumar Vishwas, has no control over his tongue. Not only had he been making indecent comments against women, he is blamed for illicit relations as well.
He him self was blamed for concealing Rs. 8 lakh he had to return to the government. He is revengeful to the IAS, who might be his one time bosses. His daughter was found bribing the motor licencing authority personnel. He received around Rs. 200 crore by way of donations. where is that money? He wants the officers of his choice! Why can't he handle the affairs with the existing staff. Will he provide the subordinates of the choice of his senior officials. He is bent upon spoiling the carrier of many officials due to his personality defects, is not he?! The property earned by him, his wife and brother in law, needs thorough investigation by impartial officials.
What is the credibility of this government?! He committed free wi-fi, free water, cheap electricity, LOKAYUKT-where are these?! He is always at JUNG with the Lieutenant governor and the central government, Is this what for you voted him to power?
केजरीवाल ने चुन-चुन कर नमूने पाले है। कोई पत्नी पीटने में मास्टर डिग्री रखता है, तो किसी की मास्टर डिग्री ही फर्जी है कोई फर्जी डिग्री का कारोबार करता है, तो कोई फर्जी डिग्री वाले कॉलेज का प्रिन्सिपल है। कोई लिखता है 8वां पास, तो कोई 10वां कई तो शपथ पत्र भी नहीं पढ़ पते।कोई Spam किंग है, तो कई porn साइट का मालिक है। कोई आतंकवादी है तो कोई NGO के भेस में आतंकवाद फैलता है। कोई Greenpeace का सदस्य बन कर देश तोड़ता है, तो कोई Amnesty International का सदस्य बनकर सेना के खिलाफ आतंक फैलता है।कोई बलात्कारी है, तो कोई अवैध संबंध रखता है। कोई दारू का कारोबार करता है तो कोई जुआ का अड्डा चलाता है।कोई हत्यायारा है तो कोई हत्यारे को बचाने वाला है। इन 66 नमूनों का मालिक तो दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा झूठ बोलने वाला इंसान है जो इन सब बेइमानो को ईमानदारी का सर्टिफिकेट बाँटता है। 
He has 30 air conditioners in his house and the government pays Rs.1,25,000 per month for his electricity bills. He is spending Rs.2,500 crore of the tax payers money, on the publicity of his party and still he claims to be a AAM ADMI. HE IS GETTING FREE PUBLICITY.
The Delhi Police on Wednesday began filing a charge sheet against 21 AAP MLAs, including the Delhi Chief Minister. Kejriwal has been named in the charge sheet being filed by the Delhi police.Delhi  He has been named in the charge sheet being filed by the Delhi police. He has been named in 6 cases out of 25 cases in which the police is filing the charge sheet. The police is also probing two other cases against Kejriwal. [19.06.2015]
Top sources in Delhi government revealed to AAP that Pioneer was given the multi-million publicity contract of AAP government recently. Pioneer Publicity is owned by Naresh and Sunil Vasudeva. The Vasudeva family is said to be close to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and other senior leaders of AAP. It was Pioneer which projected the PAANCH SAL KEJRIWAL in the NCT Delhi in the recent Assembly polls.
Would the Kejriwal government please clarify the following questions raised by India Samvad.
(1) What was the criteria of awarding the contract to Pioneer Publicity?
(2) Whether any tender was floated for this contract?
(3) If a tender was not floated then on what basis was such a massive contract running into millions given to a select company?
(4) If a company impanelled with the government can be obliged with a contract then why were the other publicity companies impanelled with the Delhi government ignored?
(5) Can only an art work be the criteria for awarding such a large contract?
(6) Will the government make public the work order given to Pioneer and sanctions for the publicity contract?
(7). Would AAP as a party, make public the amount and total work given to Pioneer Publicity in the elections? Please also clarify the rates given by the Pioneer for the work done for the party and the rates at which work is being done for the state government.
(8).Were the sites where hoardings were installed, duly approved by the concerned authorities?
(9). Would AAP also release the contract of the TV commercials?
(10). Would the entire money released for outdoor and visual/print advertisement till date would be released by the AAP Government?[24.06.2015]
6 MLA's of his party are accused of fake degrees-certificates. Manoj Kumar from Kondli has already been arrested for cheating-forgery.[11.07.2015]
Akhilesh Pati Tripathi-Model Town MLA of AAP is charged with assault and molestation. Bandana Kumari, yet another MLA's husband threatened the principal of a government school of dire consequences, if he did not admit a child in class X directly against the rules. Kejriwal & Co. claims to give corruption free governance in Delhi. Now the big question is: Where is the Lokayukt to probes frauds-scams-misadventures of AAP?![12.07.2015]
He along with his party members is creating new standards in distorting the society playing the politics of confrontation at a time when he himself is holding a constitutional authority-ridiculous!
POLITICS KEJRIWAL STYLE :: They asked the chief secretary of Delhi Government to come to Chief Minister's residence then pressurised him to sign bills-orders for releasing funds for advertising. Having refused to do so, one of his stooge MLA called Jarwal who proclaims to be a scheduled caste and controversial MLA Amanullah Khan attacked Anshu Prakash. Kapil Misra has accused that all this happened due to instigation by Kejriwal. Six disqualified MLA's were also present in the team which manhandled Ansh Praksh. [21.02.2018]
Kejriwal has mastered the art of saying something and doing just opposite of it. He has donations in his party's accounts in millions from those who do not have sufficient money to do business. It clearly shows black money-money laundering-money earned through inauspicious-fraudulent means. He and his associates are sure of be fooling the masses in Delhi. But the responsibility lies over those who are be fooled.[04.02.2015]
Kumar Vishwas is using foul language in his speeches against BJP stalwarts. He is an educated person. He should not behave like the other three comedians-clones  of Indian politics i.e., Raj Narayan, Lalu and Diggi Raja. People have already started identifying him with these people. [31.01.2015]
Kejriwal's minister Sandeep says that he is a Dalit-Balmiki. Does it mean that he can exploit women at will. He had been picturing women in sexual explicit poses. He had had sex with more than 12 women earlier, the pictures of which are available with media. Its a farce (स्वांग, तमाशा, मज़ाक, affectation, guise, mockery, mummery, disguise, skit, comedy, satire, spectacle, pageant, farce, slapstick, show, fun, joke) that even after becoming a law graduate, lawyer and a minister he people call him self a Dalits. You call them by their caste them and they would file a case against you. They are becoming fat due to the reservation obtained on the basis of caste. [02.09.2106]


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