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Jeevam Sharade Shatam, meaning there by: Let us live a long and happy life for 100 years.India has been the hub of the Saints/Rishi/Muni's who have been practicing Yog and other methods for surviving a long period of time. Here are some tried and trusted means for Longevity.
Life span in Sat/Kret Yug; 400 years, Treta: 300 years, Dwaper: 200 Years, Kal Yug: 100 years.
There is a long list of people with life span of 100 to millions of years like Pralad, Bahu Bali, Markanday, Lomash, Hanuman, Sugreev, Vibhishan, Ved Vyas, Krapacharya, Kapil, Ashawasthama.
Longevity depends on the quantum of air inhaled or exhaled i.e., no of breaths per minute.More you breathe respire, less years you survive.
Even though, life span is predestined, yet blessings, prayers, devotion to God can enhance it,  though in rarest of rare cases. Mysterious are the ways of God. Miracles are always possible.
A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Early marriage is harmful for the body as it checks physical growth/development of mind and hinders in studies.
Avoid too much of travel, extreme-rough terrains, desert, mountainous / sloppy regions, trenches, marshy lands.
Enchantment, recitation of Mratunjay/Maha Mratunjay Mantra with devotion and concentration on the right notes–cords, purity at heart are found to cure incurable diseases and boost life; after bathing-facing East in the morning and North in the evening. After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile.
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. 
Keep the head in South direction while sleeping.
Chastity, asceticism, less and timely eating, proper sleep, disciplined lifestyle contributes to health, vigor, vitality and long life.
Masturbation/ejection is too bad for health, as it causes giddiness, weakness, impotency and disinterest/loss of concentration in studies.

For longevity and good health recite these Mantr:
(1) Om Mratunjayay Mahadevay Namostute. ॐ मृतुन्ज्याय महादेवाय नमोस्तुते। 
(2) Om Trayabkam Yeja Mahe Sugandhim Pusti Vardhnamur Urvaruk Miv Bandhnan Mrtyo Mukshi Mam Tat. ॐ त्रयम्बकं य़जामहे सुगंधिम पुष्टि वर्ध्नम उर्वारुक मिव बन्धनान् मृत्यो मुक्षिय माम्रतात्। 
Gayatri Mantr (-for male only): Om Bhu Bhuwasvh Tat Switur Varenium Bhrago Devsy Dhi Mahi Dhiyo Yonh Prechodyat. ॐ भू भुवस्व: तत सवितुर वरेनियम भर्गो देवेस्य धीमहि धियों योन: प्रचोदयात्। 

Women should not recite Gayatri Mantr as it creates vibrations which are harmful to them. Anyone, who is born, must die. Once the time of death has come, no medicine/prayer can protect except the ALMIGHTY.

Thought or commitment of suicide is worst possible sin. Soul has to stay in Hell for the sin for millions of years.

Recitation of this Mantr provides longevity to son. ॐ नमोस्तुते कार्त्विर्याय ते। Om Namostute Kartviryay.
Too much of hard/harsh work-physical labor ,irregular/ tough lifestyle can reduce life expectancy.

Never cross the speed limit while driving. Have a sound sleep, become fresh, have tea or coffee, before driving. Drinking alcohol and driving don't mix.

Protect the body from stress and strain. Avoid tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion. Become fresh before a light exercise session. Relax and dry sweat before taking bath .It’s good to have exercise in the morning. Walking is a good exercise, especially in the morning. After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile.

Body massage helps in relaxation and proper movement of blood in the body.

Use of Indian sheet should be preferred to European, for easing. It helps in preventing leg joint/knee pain. Facing South, while easing is useful.

Bathing in the morning is a must, as it helps in proper circulation of blood, body massage, removal of sweat and germs present on the skin.

Teeth must be cleaned twice, once in the morning and later at night before sleeping.

Tight cloths are harmful as they obstruct the blood circulation in the body. Cloths made of artificial fiber may cause rashes and skin diseases.Dyes and artificial colours too, may cause itching/skin cancer.

Never spit or urinate in water bodies: Ponds, Lakes, Wells, Rivers, and Oceans etc.

Knees should be exposed to sunlight and air at moderate temperatures. Sun bathing in moderate weather keeps it fit and fine. It helps in tanning of skin color, as well.

Pranayam-Deep breathing with crossed legs, while sitting on the floor/mat/carpet comfortably, having an erect posture, always help in relaxation, regulation of blood pressure, hypertension and good health.

Wine, women, drugs, narcotics etc., reduces lifespan  physical strength, health ,vigor and vitality. Smoking is injurious to health. It may lead to lung cancer.

A man who maintains sexual relations with women other than his wife-causes reduction in longevity, venereal diseases, HIV, AIDS, high blood pressure, heart ailments to self and spouse.Visiting brothels/red light areas/nightclubs, sex with prostitutes/whores is extremely dangerous as it exposes to venereal diseases, HIV, AID's, blackmailing and disturbed family life, including frustration.

Life is reduced considerably, if the wife calls her husband by name, shows her supremacy, opposes the husband unreasonably, quarrels with him, create trouble in family relations, has loose character/morals/values.

Naked bathing–in the open, sex during the day, sex more than once, in a month, reading, writing, publishing: wretched, indecent sex related books, magazines, papers have evil effects on body, mind and soul reducing, health, vigor, vitality and life span considerably.
Acting, preparing, watching, selling, distributing, screening, telecasting, earning from Porn leads to short lifespan and hell, after death.

Using comb, socks, handkerchief, toothbrush  cloths etc., belonging to others, have negative impact on health and life expectancy.

Intense heat and light are dangerous for eyes. Too little light for reading is also bad. A 40 watt lamp or equivalent, in table lamp is good.

Protect the body from extreme weather conditions i.e., extreme hot or cold, sun stroke etc.

Sudden exposure to heat or cold is dangerous. Proper dress as per weather conditions is essential.

Worries/tensions eat away life, so cheer up.Be happy. Its no use repenting over the past. Forget the dead and painful events in the past.

Melodious, soft, low intensity, rhythmic sounds of bells (Ghanta/ Ghanti) and conch enhances/boosts health, vitality, vigor and longevity.

Clapping activates pressure points in the hand and fingers leading to prevention/protection from many diseases.

Light Indian music (vocal and instrumental) not only eases tensions, it relaxes mind and brings back happiness to life. Volume should be moderate.

Pleasure, pleasure-trips, laughter, jokes, music, cinema, humor  comedy, enjoyment etc., have positive impact on health and life span age.

Fasting is good, feasting is bad. Navratri Vrat occurs twice in a year at a time when change of weather takes place, which helps maintain health, vigor, vitality and long life. After attaining the age of 40 years, one meal is sufficient, that’s too at night. Either milk added with water or toned milk,should be consumed, after this age.

Clean the teeth twice, in the morning and before sleeping at night.

Drink 3-5 liters of water in a day. It is popular belief in India that one should drink at least one liter of water empty stomach in the morning as soon he awake. Chanky said that one should not drink water soon after taking meals.It relieves during heart attack and help in reducing BP. During meals sip water after 3-4 bites, regularly. Chew the food properly.

Attend to nature’s call without delay. Easing and bathing in the morning must be followed strictly. Avoid sex if there is nature's call. First ease out and only then proceed further.

Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables, only after thorough washing. Green leafy vegetables, salad constituting of: (1-2 pieces of reddish, tomatoes, green chilly, beat, cucumber, lemon-without seeds) should be a part of regular diet. Eating of too much, tomatoes cause joint pain. Its more beneficial to consume properly ripe fruits as compared to juices. Avoid juice with added sugar. Avoid citrus fruits during change of weather and winters.

Low level of spices, salt, sugar, fats is good.

Avoid over eating/junk food.

Avoid eating in a narrow/congested place. Never move head sideways, while eating.

Always take light vegetarian meals at night, without curd. Don’t consume curd, throughout the rainy season.

Avoid talking while taking food. Face east or north while taking food. Sip water during meals, at regular intervals.
MEAT EATING माँसाहार:Eating meat invites various communicable diseases carried by the animals & birds. There is not even a single year when millions of people do not die, due to this single reason. Bird flue & meningitis  are the most common-dreaded diseases. The stomach of animals like cow, pig are infested with worms as a primary host. This is one of the reason that religion describe it as a taboo-sin to protect the innocent people. High blood pressure, sugar, anemia, heart attack too are caused by eating of flesh, meat, eggs, fish etc. There are the people who advocate non cruelty against animals and yet eat meat-eggs. Hindu scriptures preach sacrifice which is restricted to sweets, grains, herbs, oils, ghee, scents, fruits except meat & non veg products.
गरुड़ पुराण :- इन 5 कामों से कम होती है उम्र
Garuda Puran- In 5 kam se kam hoti hai umar (1). रात में दही खाना :- रात में दही खाने से भी मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है। वैसे तो दही खाना शरीर के लिए फायदेमंद होता है, लेकिन रात के समय दही का सेवन करने से कई प्रकार के रोग होने की संभावना बढ़ जाती है जैसे- पेट के रोग आदि। आयुर्वेद में भी रात को दही खाने की मनानी है क्योंकि रात को भोजन करने के बाद हम अधिक मेहनत नहीं करते और कुछ देर बाद सो जाते हैं, जिसके कारण भोजन ठीक से पच नहीं पाता। पेट में दही के ठीक से न पच पाने के अनेक साइट इफेक्ट होते हैं, जिसके कारण शरीर में अनेक प्रकार के रोग हो सकते हैं। इसलिए रात के समय दही का सेवन नहीं करना चाहिए।
(2). शुष्क मांस का सेवन :- शुष्क यानी सूखे हुए मांस का सेवन करने से भी मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है। सूखे मांस से यहां तात्पर्य है बासी या कुछ दिन पुराना मांस। जब मांस कुछ दिन पुराना हो जाता है तो वह सूख जाता है और उस पर कई प्रकार के खतरनाक बैक्टीरिया व वायरसों का संक्रमण हो जाता है। जब कोई व्यक्ति यह मांस खाता है तो मांस के साथ बैक्टीरिया तथा वायरस भी उसके पेट में चले जाते हैं और कई प्रकार के रोग उत्पन्न करते हैं। ये रोग मनुष्य की आयु कम करते हैं।
(3). सुबह देर तक सोना :- सुबह देर तक सोने से भी मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है। आयुर्वेद की दृष्टि से देखा जाए तो पूरे दिन की अपेक्षा सुबह ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में शुद्ध वायु अधिक होती है। ब्रह्म मुहूर्त की वायु का सेवन करने से शरीर के अनेक रोग स्वत: ही ठीक हो जाते हैं और श्वसन तंत्र भी स्वस्थ रहता है। जब आप देर तक सोते हैं तो ब्रह्म मुहूर्त की शुद्ध वायु का सेवन नहीं कर पाते और अनेक प्रकार के रोग आपको घेर लेते हैं। इसलिए सुबह देर तक सोने से मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है।
(4). श्मशान के धुएं का सेवन :- श्मशान में शवों का दाह संस्कार किया जाता है। शरीर के मृत होते ही उस पर अनेक प्रकार के बैक्टीरिया व वायरसों का संक्रमण हो जाता है। ऐसे न जाने कितने शवों को प्रतिदिन श्मशान लाकर जलाया जाता है। जब इन शवों का दाह संस्कार किया जाता है, तब कुछ बैक्टीरिया-वायरस तो शव के साथ ही नष्ट हो जाते हैं और कुछ वायुमंडल में धुएं के साथ फैल जाते हैं। जब कोई व्यक्ति उस धुएं के संपर्क में आता है तो ये बैक्टीरिया-वायरस उसके शरीर से चिपक जाते हैं और विभिन्न प्रकार के रोग फैलाते हैं। इन रोगों से मनुष्य की आयु कम हो सकती है।

(5).  सुबह व अत्यधिक मैथुन करना :- सुबह के समय मैथुन करने तथा अत्यधिक मैथुन करने से भी मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है। हमारे महापुरुषों ने सुबह का समय योग, प्राणायाम आदि के लिए निश्चित किया है। इस समय यदि कोई मनुष्य मैथुन (स्त्री से शारीरिक संबंध) करता है तो इससे उसका शरीर कमजोर होता है। अत्यधिक मैथुन के कारण शरीर लगातार कमजोर होता जाता है और एक समय ऐसा भी आता है जब शरीर में रोगों से लडऩे की ताकत ही समाप्त हो जाती है। उस स्थिति में अनेक घातक रोग शरीर को अंदर तक खोखला कर देते हैं। इसलिए सुबह के समय व अत्यधिक मैथुन नहीं करना चाहिए, इससे मनुष्यों की आयु कम होती है।
Rig Ved prohibits sacrifice of animals-birds-humans.[ऋगवेद 5/51/12] It asks the ruler to extradite-expel the meat eaters from the kingdom.[ऋगवेद 8/101/15]
Atharv Ved desires the protection of animals.[अथर्ववेद 19/48/5]. It asks for the punishment to the violent.[अथर्ववेद 8/3/16]
Yjur Ved forbade killing of any organism and teaches non violence. [यजुर्वेद 12/32, 16/3]
Bhagwan Ram was a pure vegetarian.[सुंदर कांड स्कन्द 36 श्लोक 41]

Meat, fish, eggs are not meant for humans. The formation of the teeth of humans clearly shows that they are different from cannibals-canine animals. The length of cannibals intestine is 20 feet as compared to that of herbivorous and humans. the length of the intestine is just 14 feet. Animals roam 40 to 120 kilometers in a day, consume red meat; while humans eat cooked meat and do not walk at all. Animals and humans both suffer from common disease. Animals are carriers of diseases, worms, germs, virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoan’s etc. They are found to spread brain fever, flue, plague chicken pox etc. Eating Beef or Pork invite infestation by parasites-worms.
Males should avoid regular consumption of sweets and female should avoid sour fruits, vegetables and pickles.
Talking less, less eating, patience and control over the anger always helps.

Eat dry fruits in cold weather conditions (maximum temperature below 20 degrees centigrade), in small quantities only. Almonds soaked in water overnight  chewed in the morning, not only alert the brain, have nourishing effect on the body as well.

Aerated soft drinks, generally the black ones, make the bones soft and brittle, causing knee/ back pain,and tooth decay .They make the thirsty person prone to cold, cough, sneezing, bronchitis, viral fever, chest pain, tuberculosis etc.

It has been established that Vinegar has curative effect on cancer. It has been used to treat skin diseases since ages.
Tulsi, neem (fresh new red leaves), Ashwgandha leaves, have curative effect on mind and body. Sarp gandhand (-smelling like snake) bark of Arjun tree  regulates blood pressure.Haldi prevents pain,cancer and heals the wounds faster. Mathi helps in relieving joint pain. Jamun helps in reducing blood sugar. Ginger and Kali Mirch helps in fighting cold and cough.All spices used in Indian kitchen are Ayurvedic medicines and have preventive/curative effect on the body, if used in controlled quantities. Amla retards ageing if taken at regular intervals. Chavan Prash, Keseri Jeewan, Kaya Kalp, too retards ageing, in men if used during winters with warm milk. Pomegranates are extremely good for increasing potency-substitute for Viagra, libido, re jubilation, production of sperms/ovulation etc. There is a saying: Ek Anar (-Pomegranate) sou -one hundred, beemar-ill, hundred people are desirous of eating one Pomegranate. Its rich in oxidants and iron-carriers of oxygen in the body, along with extremely good taste. It's a natural Aphrodite.
Half tea spoon coffee, prepared in milk, alerts and enhances brain power. A cup of tea too alerts the brain. Milk, butter, clarified butter, especially cow’s; not only nourishes the body, increases the brain power also. Cow’s milk is good for the infants/aging people. One should not consume tea or coffee before sleeping, at night. Milk and milk products keep one fit in the old age as well.
There is no substitute for mother's milk for the infant. It keep the mother in perfect shape and size. The mothers who nourish their child with their milk are protected from breast cancer at a later stage.
Homes must have cross ventilation and sufficient sun light.House must be neat and clean. Dirty/unclean water must not be allowed to stagnate in the surroundings.Mosquitoes breeding, must be prevented in or around the house.
House should be properly ventilated. It should have cross ventilation.Proper illumination is a must.Floor should be even.
Ad hare to Vastu Shashtr while designing buildings/houses. North/East/North-East facing house is good. Avoid south as main entrance to the house. Kitchen should be located in South-East, toilets should be away from the entrance, in South. Prayers should be held facing East in the morning and North in the evening.

Never reside in a house in which doors and the roof have not been fixed. Before residing in it, carry out purification, hawan, pooja, sacrifices and look for auspicious occasion-Muhurt, to live with the blessings of the Almighty-deities. Make charity-donations, feeds to poors-needy-Virtuous Brahmns. Never plant trees like Mango, Neem, Peepal, Goolar, Milk yielding or the one having thorns in it. Ensure that the house map is according to Vastu Shastr-specially is entry.
Heart is a perpetual machine which keeps buzzing through out the life. One must make endeavors to keep it fit and fine. Heart is vulnerable to heart attacks, due to some reason listed below:
One is in a habit of remaining/enjoying the company of opposite sex, specially younger than own age.
Mounting tensions, inability to control the situations/circumstances.
Drinking of water less than 5 liters each day.
Utilization of too much spices in the food.
Taking/consumption of alcohol/narcotics.
Lack of exercise in daily routine/morning walk. Too much exercise is also bad. It generates fatigue and tired ness.
6-8 hours of sleep is essential for normal human body.
erratic daily routine.
Consumption of fast food/eating in restaurants-hotels-food joints.
Inability to use small quantity of honey+milk+butter; the ingredients essential to boost longevity. Consumption of too much fat, without physical work/exercise is deadly. Consumption of too much almonds-dry especially, nuts is dangerous.
Non vegetarian diet-specially red meat and fish.
Lack of body massage now and then, if not regularly.
Inclination towards too much sex.
Lack of rest and entertainment-pleasure-amusement-joy-enjoyment-leisure hours in daily routine.
Inability to come out of sorrow-pain-turmoil and to remember the deceased continuously. 
Absence of cross ventilation at the place of work and home. Living in the air conditioned space for long is potentially dangerous.
Rising sugar levels in the body-diabetes, giddiness.
Exposure to high intensity/decibels of sound levels. Ever increasing pollution and city life.
Failure to remember the Almighty.

Can aspirin-baby aspirin, once a day, preferably at night, with the advice of the doctor only.
Symptoms of heart attack, besides the pain in the left arm: 
1. Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting,
 2. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line-chin.
3. One may never have chest pain first during the course of a heart attack.
4. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.
5. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.
6. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep.
Majority of people, who had a heart attack, during their sleep, did not wake up. 
Dissolve two aspirins in water and drink it, immediately, if you experience chest pain. If it happens, phone a neighbor or a family member, who lives nearby. Call the doctor at once.
Take a seat on a chair or sofa near the front door, and wait for their arrival. 
There may not be a pain in the chest, during a heart attack.
Consume one liter of water after waking up. It will help activate internal organs. Sip water in between the meals. As soon as the throat becomes dry take some water.
Indians are habitual of taking milk at night before sleeping. Modify this habit by consuming milk, earlier by 1-2 hours.

The task cleansing of the toxins stored in the body is performed by the liver. It can be spruced up.
1. AVOCADOS: Avocados contain compounds that can protect the liver from damage as compared to 21 other fruits, from galactosamine.
2. BATHING: It stimulates blood circulation throughout the body added with gentle message.
3. CILANTRO: This herb removes heavy metals from the body.
4. GARLIC: Thinly sliced Garlic added to vegetables while cooking helps in improving the functioning of liver and keeps blood pressure under control. Raw garlic with a clove too helps a lot taken in salad. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that can help activate enzymes in the liver. It contains allicin and selenium, which are both good for liver protection.
5. GREEN TEA: Cleanse and protect the liver. Green tea with lemon in hot water stimulates liver cleansing. Herbs such as dandelion root, burdock and milk thistle are also safe and effective.
6. HUMOR: Stress leads to release of hormones which increase the toxin levels in the body and loss of immunity. Humor and relaxation checks the growth of toxins in the body.
 7. LEMON: The liver produces more enzymes in response to warm water with lemon as compared to any other food. Vitamin C helps in the production of glutathione, which is essential for cleansing toxins from the liver; found in fresh fruits and vegetables helps in boosting the immune system and staving off colds and the flu.
8. PRANAYAM: Deep breathing is an excellent way to relax or relief stress, circulating oxygen throughout the body and enhancing detoxification through the skin, expiration, lymph, blood, kidneys, liver, etc.
9. TURMERIC: Another powerful spice with a long list of benefits, turmeric is said to not only protect the liver from damage, but also encourage regeneration of liver cells. In addition, it increases natural bile production and aids in keeping the body toxin-free.
 10. WATER: Drink at least 2-5 litres of water every day as it naturally flushes out chemicals, toxins, and impurities through urination, expiration, and sweating. Dehydration restricts the body’s ability to flush out toxins.
He is a doctor. He is supposed to save the lives of patients. Don't expect him to do so, as soon as his duty hours are over. He is habitual of seeing the patients die before him. He gets paid for every bit of job/duty performed. Don't expect him to do anything for free, to anyone. He has no inclination for charity, since he joined this profession to earn more money-more and more money.
You go to him for advice and he advises you to get numerous tests done, which prove to be useless more often. The aim is to extract as much as possible from the pocket of the patient. The cost of these tests comes out to be more than his advice-prescription. Later it comes out that he has prescribed banned drugs. He passes on the samples to patients, through the drug store/pharmacist, who sell stolen drugs from government hospitals along with expired ones. Duplicate drugs worth millions of rupees are found but the sellers are found to be immune from the clutches of law enforcing agencies.

There are numeral instances when, the doctors have been found to steal the internal organs of the patients for transplant. Nothing seems to desists-detract them from such heinous crimes/acts.


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