POLITICS IN INDIA (2) भारतीय राजनीति (देश द्रोही)

POLITICS IN INDIA (2) भारतीय राजनीति (देश द्रोही)
By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj       
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Photoकश्मीर के ज्यादातर मुसलमान नेता या तो खुद आतंकवादी हैं या उनके सहयोगी।कश्मीर घाटी कांग्रेस पार्टी के राज में अराजकता, आतंकवाद, अपराध, देशद्रोह, मौत और कट्टरवाद  का प्रतीक बन गई। भारतीय जनता पार्टी ने इस पर लगाम लगाने की कोशिश की मगर गद्दारों पर बेवज़ह खरबों रूपये लुटाये। लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते। मुसलमान का हिंदुस्तान में क्या काम!? उनका कश्मीर से क्या लेना-देना पाकिस्तान-बांग्ला देश बना दिया, वहीं जाकर रहें। 
पी.डी.पी. के दो मंत्रियों और एक अन्य एक नेता के घर से आतंकवादी, कश्मीर पुलिस से बगैर उनकी शह के Ak 47 लेकर नहीं भाग सकते। ये हथियार चलाने के लिये थे दिखाने के लिये नहीं। इस सरकार ने फौजियों पर मुकदमे कायम किये, आतंकी बुरहान बानी के पिता-भाई को लाखों का मुआवजा दिया। हुर्रियत के सैयद अलीशाह गिलानी के दामाद को घर बैठे टूरिज़्म विभाग में एक लाख की नौकरी दे दी, 11 हज़ार पत्थरबाजों के खिलाफ मुकदमे वापस लेकर उन्हें शह दी, हज़ारों पत्थरबाजों, पूर्व आतंकियों को सरकारी नौकरियाँ तोहफे में दीं।
2 करोड़ आवादी वाले जम्मू कश्मीर में 22 करोड़ से ज़्यादा आवादी वाले उत्तरप्रदेश से ज़्यादा पुलिस वाले हैं, जिनके आतंकियों से सीधे या चोरी-छुपे सम्बन्ध कायम हैं। इनमें अनेकों ऐसे हैं, जो खाते हिन्दुस्तान का हैं और गाते पाकिस्तान की हैं। कश्मीर स्पेशल पुलिस में 2 नई महिला बटालियन बगैर ज़रूरत बनाई जा रही
KATHUA MURDER (1)-POLITICS OF RAPE-COURTESY MAHBOOBA MUFTI-THE GUARDIAN OF SEPARATISTS & TERRORISTS IN KASHMIR :: Since when asking for a CBI inquiry has become communal politics and shielding the ‘rapists’?
On 17 January 2018, the dead body of a child murdered was reported in the forest near Rasana village in district Kathua. Kathua is in Jammu province, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Generally, a dead body found anywhere in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, that too in a remote forest, far away from the hustle and bustle, and media, is no big deal. But, this was going to be a big deal.
Big deal, not because it was winter and the entire state government was in Jammu, the winter capital. Not even because the state Legislative Assembly was in session, in Jammu. The bigger reason was that the body was of an eight-year-old Asifa, adopted daughter of Mohammad Yusuf. She was reported missing a week ago, on 10 January. Mohammad Yusuf is a nomad tribal. In Jammu and Kashmir, they are called Bakerwals. For such tribes and other “settlers”, Mahbooba Mufti had passed a law called Roshni Act. Under this Act they could occupy government and forest land in the state, pretty much as they pleased. To her much embarrassment, this Act was challenged and a stay on the Act was granted by the state High Court. Kathua is one of the rare districts in the Muslim-majority state that still has an overwhelmingly Hindu population.
As soon as the Chief Minister, Mahbooba Mufti, gets to know of the murder, she dispatches two of her ministers, Mian Altaf and Zulfiqar Choudhry, to Rasana. Also went rushing to the area some sundry Hurriyat activists. Rasana is a small hamlet of barely 25 families, all Hindus. Suresh Gautam, the local SHO, Hira Nagar, had already registered a case and had begun investigations. The ministers and the Hurriyat activists begin to find out the names of the activists and mobilisers among this small population of Rasana and the surrounding region. They didn’t stop at just that. Now, Suresh Gautam started getting suggestions and leads on who to summon, who to question, who to detain and pretty much how to investigate. Meanwhile, the body of dead Asifa was sent to Kathua district hospital for autopsy.
In barely a week into the case, the investigation is taken away from the SHO Hira Nagar, Suresh Gautam. A Special Investigation Team is constituted under Additional SP Adil of Samba. Barely 10 days into the investigation, even this team is relieved of the case. Now the case is handed over to the Crime Branch to investigate. Curiously, it is not any of the Crime Branch from the three jurisdictions of Jammu, the region where the crime took place. This Crime Branch was imported from the Kashmir valley. Investigators comprised cops from even Laddakh. Only a lady from Jammu was part of the team. Even more surprising was the inclusion of ASI Irfan Wani in the investigations. 10 years ago, this gentleman was in jail for over a year. As in-charge of the Thatri police post in Doda, he was accused of a murder in his custody, and also of raping the sister of the man he murdered. Cleverly, Superintendent Ramesh Jhalla, a Kashmiri Hindu, is made the head as a cover for what was to follow.
Not just the investigating teams, the autopsy report too leaves much to be desired. There is no sign of rape or even a sexual assault. Dr Mukul, who conducted the postmortem, is under considerable pressure to look again, and again. Just a murder, even if of a girl barely eight years old, is not as macabre, perhaps. Imagine the revulsion it will evoke if a rape is added. And, what if it is a gang-rape!
The Crime Branch from Kashmir starts working to its mandate. The entire village is in their veritable siege. No home is spared. Every family is targeted. People are randomly picked. Third degree is the routine. Humiliation, torture and terror unleashed are of an unprecedented intensity. Within 15 days, the results begin to show. The entire village empties out. They took refuge in the Ram Lila grounds of the Kootah area. They were not spared there either. 150 of them were arrested by the Hira Nagar police. First the Prohibitory Orders were issued and then all were picked up for violating Section 144. This included the former Sarpanchas (village council head)—Kant Kumar and Bagh Mal Khajuria. They protest. The Chief Minister tweets to mock at the people carrying a Tricolour in support of the rapists. Almost a case-study kind of example in crime investigation was being evolved.
While all this is on, the Chief Minister, on 14 February, presides over a meeting of her Tribal Welfare Department. Among her several instructions is the one which says that the Jammu Kashmir police should not lend its assistance to help vacate the government or forest lands illegally occupied by the squatters and grabbers. This is notwithstanding the Roshni Act stayed by the High Court.
Now the charge-sheet is out. The scene of crime is a temple. This is where the poor baby was supposedly held captive for five days. This temple is a one-room structure with three windows, two of which are broken and completely expose the insides of the room. Never mind the fact that Asifa’s both parents were murdered over a property dispute. Never mind the fact that she herself had inherited a big estate and her own death had several potential beneficiaries. Never mind the fact that an over 60-year-old retired government revenue official is supposed to have asked his son, who is in the middle of his exams, at Meerut, to come home for a day to “satisfy his lust”. And, is it only incidental that this man has been persuading everyone around not to sell their lands to Muslims as a demographic invasion of the entire Jammu region was on? How dare he!? And how dare the accused SPOs be so active against bovine smugglers? They needed to be fixed too. Never mind that no medical records and reports were attached with the charge-sheet that churns out a gut wrenching story capturing every macabre detail.
While the carefully chosen Crime Branch busy putting together the charge-sheet, on 16 March, in nearby Nagrota, one Shahbeena Akhtar, another minor girl was raped and murdered by Moulvi Shah Nawaz of her own madrasa. No outpouring of outrage is witnessed. Nobody is willing to recall how a rape and murder was manufactured and pasted on security forces not too long ago, in Shopian. There the doctor who conducted the autopsy replaced her own vaginal swabs to concoct the evidence. But what will it take to stop our TV debate warriors from their swallow and vomit style journalism? And, since when, pray, asking for a CBI inquiry has become communal politics and shielding the “rapists”?[18.04.2018]
KATHUA MURDER (2) :: All those who made the image Asifa viral, deserve whole hearted condemnation. The CONGRESS, MEDIA AND THE WOMEN who made it a political issue too deserve to be condemned. The Hindu woman along with Muslim woman activists of JNU, who want the Hindu community should be ashamed of her act and seek apology.
The media in India is at its worst when it telecast the preplanned RAPE POLITICS. This sycophancy is the handiwork of those who talked of intolerance, who were behind return of awards-which they never deserved, who are Muslims in the grab of Hindus.
They never bothered about a 11 year old girl small girl who was brutally gang raped and burnt alive in her on home by Zakir Hussain and his two juvenile friends in Assam.
A 35 year old Hindu woman gang raped by 8 Muslims in front of her husband. 
In last 8 weeks 26 rapes of Hindu women in Assam. 
3,009 rapes of Hindu women since 2016 in Assam. 
There was no candle march by Rahul gang, Face Book display profiles, Justice for Rape victims, Hang those rapists, Castrate them, Shoot them type of outrage. 
Let alone BBC, CNN, New York times or Washington post, even NDTV or The Hindu did not care to publish about the news. 
No Bollywood liberal or Twitter intellectual feels sad or angry about it.
The Muslims feel proud of raping these Hindu women. 
Kathua rape case was pre planned, well crafted to snatch property of the brutally murdered girl who was not raped, by the relatives in association with the Rohingas living near by. No doubt the political HAND is also behind it.  Joining of hands by BJP with Mahbooba has proved suicidal just like the elevation of Maya to power. [20.04.2018]
मुआहिद-धिम्मी :: इस्लाम में धिम्मी, अरबी समूह में अह्ल अल-धिम्माह, ओटोमान तुर्की एवं उर्दू में जिम्मी, उस व्यक्ति या व्यक्तियों के समूह को कहते हैं जो मुसलमान नहीं है और शरियत कानून के अनुसार चलने वाले किसी राज्य की प्रजा है। इस्लाम के अनुसार इन्हें जीवित रहने के लिये कर, टैक्स-जजिया देना अनिवार्य है। धिम्मी को मुसलमानों की तुलना में बहुत कम सामाजिक और कानूनी अधिकार प्राप्त होते हैं। लेकिन यदि धिम्मी इस्लाम स्वीकार कर ले तो उसको लगभग पूरा अधिकार मिल जाता है।
Dhimmi means residence in return for taxes. All non-Muslims living in Islamic lands outside the sacred area surrounding Mecca, Saudi Arabia are Dhimmi for them.
जहाँ-जहाँ इस्लाम का राज है, उस-उस स्थान को दारुल-इस्लाम कहा जाता है और जहाँ-जहाँ इस्लाम के अतिरिक्त किसी अन्य का शासन है, उसे दारुल-हरब के नाम से जाना जाता है। इस्लामी क़ानून शरीयत कहलाता है। 
एक इस्लामी राज्य में मुस्लिमों के अलावा रहने वाले अन्य मतावलम्बियों को प्राथमिक रूप से काफ़िर कहकर सम्बोधित किया जाता है जिसका सीधा अर्थ है इनकार या अवमानना है। कुफ़्र का अर्थ है :- "अल्लाह एक है और वही इबादत के क़ाबिल है,"  को न मानना और  मोहम्मद अल्लाह का आख़िरी रसूल है। जो यह नहीं मानता वही काफ़िर है। ईश्वर एक है यह तो सही है मगर खुद को एक मात्र पैग़म्बर कहना गलत है। जो काफ़िर दारुल-इस्लाम में रहते हुए इस्लामी शासन द्वारा संरक्षण प्राप्त हैं उनके लिये अहदक़, रार या अनुबंध का इस्तेमाल हुआ है। जो काफ़िर दारुल-इस्लाम में रहते हुए मुस्लिमों से, अपने संरक्षण हेतु,अहद क़ायम करते हैं उन्हें मुआहिद कहा जाता है। 
इस्लाम में “क़ित्ताल-फ़ी-सबीलिल्लाह” का सिद्धांत है।  क़ुरआन ही की सूरा 9, आयत 5 में स्पष्ट आदेश है कि पाक महीने के ख़त्म होते ही काफ़िरों को जहाँ पाओ क़त्ल करो, यदि वे ईमान ले आयें और ज़कात दें तो उन्हें बख़्श दो।  
अतः यह व्यवस्था किसी गैर मुसलमान को अर्द्ध दास बनाना है जिसे अपनी कमाई का 50% से ज्यादा जज़िया देना होता है। सबसे पहले धिम्मी, यहूदियों को बनाया गया था, खैबर युद्ध के बाद।  उनकी औरतों और लड़कियों को छीन लिया गया। उन्हें खेती और कुछ व्यापार की अनुमति दी मगर सार्वजनिक पूजा करने की इजाज़त नहीं थी।
भारत में औरंगज़ेब ने जज़िया लगाया था, मगर वो खुद ही सुधर गया। कश्मीरी, जिनका ख़ैर ख़्वाह पाकिस्तान है, वो हिन्दुओं पर अमरनाथ या मानसरोवर यात्रा पर जज़िया लगाने की बात करते हैं, जबकि उनका कश्मीर में कुछ भी तो नहीं है। यही हाल भारतीय मुसलमानों का है, जो इस धरती पर रहकर वकालत पाकिस्तान और इस्लाम की करते हैं। वो इस मुल्क में रहते हुए भी यहाँ के सगे नहीं हैं। क्यों नहीं उन पर जज़िया लगा दिया जाये?[06.04.2018]
The day Muslims demanded Pakistan pretending two nation theory, they lost the right to live in Hindustan. They day Gandhi allowed Muslims to stay back in India, he lost his significance-importance, strength & morality. The day congress sought support from Muslims, it lost right to be there in power. The day a Muslim say Pakistan Jindabad, he looses right to stay, live or vote in India. The person or group which seek settlement of refugee Rohinga Muslims does great disservice to the country plagued with ever increasing population and ever shrinking resources. The political party which supports the infiltrators from Bangla Desh or Pakistan or any other country perform an anti national act and deserve to be banned and extradited. The group of people or political party which support Pakistan in any manner does not deserve to be there in India. Pakistan is Mahbooba's Mahboob. She files complaints against the Indian army time & again. Farookh do not hide his love for Pakistan. he too talks in the language of separatists. What are doing here?! If they find solace there let them shift there for ever.[11.02.2018]
INFILTRATION (2) :: Indian politicians are so shameless and disgraceful that they want to allow infiltrators in Inida and to risk the lives of millions of peace loving innocent people while there are strict rules on this accord.
Penalties on illegal crossing of boarders abroad ::
The North Korea :: 12 years hard labour in an isolated prison.
Afghanistan :: Shot dead.
Saudi Arabian :: Jailed for indefinite period.
China :: Kidnapped-jailed, brutally murdered and may be never heard of again.
Cuba :: Thrown into a political prison to rot.
Britain :: Arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison and be deported after serving sentence.
India :: The illegal migrants get (1). A Ration Card,  (2). A passport (even more than one - if you are a bit smart!), (3). A driver's license, (4). A voter identity card, (5). Credit cards, (6). Government housing on subsidised rent, (7). Loan to buy a house, (8). Free education, (9). Free health care, (10). And of-course voting rights to elect corrupt politicians! 
Its not enough, you can work for the political parties to spread terror, without being caught and never prosecuted, what to talk of being imprisoned.  There are several thousand illegal migrant indulged in smuggling of narcotics, human trafficking and prostitution. [25.09.2017]                     
ROHINGA-BANGLA DESHI  INFILTRATORS :: Muslims from Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Myanmar etc. are continuously infiltrating India illegally ever since India got freedom. The successive governments not only preferred to over look the issue, they issued Adhar cards, ration cards, voter ID cards and extended all facilities which they do not deserve, due to political reasons. They spoiled the atmosphere in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bangal, Bihar and several other states. Those who talk of humanitarians grounds are ignorant and unrealistic motivated people. If the UN is bothered about them it should carry them back to their native state, not India. If Amnesty International has pain in its stomach, it should feed them and take them away to a place where they may be of some use.
Pakistan (& Bangla Desh-east Pakistan) was created on the demand of the Muslims for separate state by propounding two nation theory as they said that they could not to live with Hindus even though they are intruders, looters, barbarians, uncivilised. So they made a choice and that choice is not something that can be undone. Hence they should not be taken as refugees. And their claim to refugee status must be seen with serious suspicion. Now some may say that their parents or ancestors who made that choice and not them. Their ancestors knew that it was an irrevocable decision. As such they have no right to seek asylum in India.
A similar narrative was created by Rohingya's in Maynamar. They wanted to join Pakistan. They failed in their attempt though they approached Jinah and and Sauhrawardy, the creator of Hindu Genocide in Bengal. Having failed in that they resorted to what all Jihadis do, in Maynamar. Rohinga's laid a reign of terror in Myanmar against the Buddhist and the peace loving Hindus. And now they are crying foul when retaliated. Criminality and terrorism is in their blood. The fact remains that Rohinga's are criminal minded people with the track record of crimes like that of Indian Muslims. They are notorious people like the sea pirates called Somalians.[14.09.2017]
Islam preach hate against others and orders genocide-mass murder of those who have no faith in Islam.  During the present era all terrorists are Muslims. Rohinga's are attending training camps establish by ISI of Pakistan and are joining IS and ISIS. These people created trouble in Bihar as soon as they reached here. Nitish Kumar used to be a supporter of Muslims and had visited Pakistan, as well. A Hindu from any nook or corner of the world has the right to return to his parent nation-roots or at least a safe place where he can practice Hinduism.

Image result for eknath khadse imagesKHADSE is a blot over BJP. BJP, Shiv Sena or RSS can not afford two separate yard sticks for Vadra and Khadse. He is exploiting the party for being OBC like the SC/ST who are sacred in Indian politics. After reaching this level their caste changes automatically according to Manu Smrati and the holy Hindu scriptures. This fellow has been in news for wrong reasons. (1). He Misused his official position to acquire land worth Rs. 90 crore, (2). He harassed officials, businessmen and (3). has contacts with the fugitive under world don Dawood Ibrahim.[03.06.2016]

MALDA ATTACK :: Malda attack over police station and burning of records was a preplanned & premeditated affair since such a large gathering of 3 Lakh Muslims could not be ensured in a short interval of time. Mamta's advocacy of the accused shows greed for Muslim votes at the cost of National interests. Malda is named for opium crops and narcotics in addition of circulating fake Indian currency. One can not deny the Bangla Desi's indulgence, who entered illegally in India. They have been able to obtain Adhar cards, voter cards and Ration Cards as well. The queen is still not out of the suspicion of Ponzi deals. Her tricks to remain in power needs through investigation and condemnation. Its obvious that the pseudo secularists do not mind inhabiting them in India.[12.01.2016]
A Muslim MP from JDU had delivered a speech instigating the crowds. It has come to light that pamphlets too were distributed. Police station was torched to burn the records pertaining to Muslim smugglers, drug paddlers, anti nationals and those involved in printing & circulating fake Indian currency, by those who belong to Mamta's TMC. Mamta has been seen in Muslim attire creating suspicion of her having close links with Muslims bent upon spoiling cultural-social harmony in Bangal.[13.01.2016]
CRUDE-CUNNING-IMPRUDENT CONGRESS :: Rahul and Sonia possess 36% each of the shares of National Herald. The government should investigate the source of Sonia's properties worth Rs.1,00,00,00,00,000/=as claimed by a website. She should be asked to reveal the source herself. The government should attach all these properties immediately.
(1). Congress is bent upon derailing the democracy and parliament simultaneously. Shailja labelled baseless allegations-accusations (-आरोप) against the priests, who inquired about her caste, when congress was in power. When ever a prayer is performed its customary to spell the caste-Varn and the lineage of the devotee. She is shy of the caste which has given her Lok Sabha seat and ministerial berths.
(2). Congress MPs are howling-crying-misbehaving in the parliament so that no work is carried out. They are spoiling the decorum of the house forgetting that it was BJP which helped it come out of intricate situations in the past.The real issue is corruption-fraud-crime committed by Sonia Gandhi and her son in National herald case.
(3). The accusation by the son of a Muslim & Christian woman, whose brother in law is a Christian, & he himself never adopted Hinduism, who forced his entry into a temple in Assam through the women folk who were performing prayers and singing Bhajans, needs to be assailed. But in stead of realizing his folly, he said that RSS prevented his entry into the temple, which has no concern with the temples.
(4). Congress made it a issue that shanties-jhuggies were razed near the railway track blocking the passage of trains, development work, defecating the whole area and housing criminals. It forgot the ruling of the Hon. Supreme Court of India which led to razing of ITO jhuggies. How long will the country bear this non sense?! First you encroach over some ones land and then you call him guilty. The high court should defer in passing remarks against the executive performing its work legally-loyally.[15.12.2015]
(5). राहुल गाँधी फिर से भौंदू-पप्पू-भोंपू साबित हो गया! केरल का मुख्यमंत्री खुद लिख के दे रहा है कि मोदीजी में आप के कार्यक्रम में में नही आ सकूंगा और पप्पू बोल रहा है कि मोदीजी ने केरल के मुख्यमंत्री को नही बुलाया!
Rahul stated in the parliament that Keral Chief minister was not invited to the function, while the chief minister himself said he was unable to attend the function.They raised the boggy of atrocities in parliament over Dalits, why did not they do it Punjab assembly? They observed atrocities over the Dalits but could not see what they did leading to revenge? Who prevented them to bring up the status of Dalits in 68 years of freedom, specially under their rule?![16.12,2015]
(6). Congress instigated the useless people, who in reality never deserved awards; to return them. OK. But what about the cost incurred over them. These intolerant must return the cost-expenditure accrued by the government to distribute them.These people should be black listed should not be invited in any public function-ceremony. They and their dependants should be deprived of all public benefits, immediately.
(7). The students of film institute were instigated to oppose the  appointment of their new director-an actor of epic serial Maha Bharat. 
(8). Company related with Congress stalwarts was allotted land in Noida for a Mall at the rate of merely Rs.1,250 per meter against the prevailing price of Rs.10-12 Lakh per square meter.The land allotted for national Herald is now used for building a Mall. National Herald assets have been digested-which is not corruption for them.Thousands of scams took place under their regime and money straight way went to the coffers of congreesies.
(9). Thousands riots took place under their regime and millions of people were killed still they claim to be non guilty.They patronized Bhindrawale-a terrorist and still claim innocent.
(10). Congressmen addressed the Pakistani terrorists with honor, they shouted for the release of terrorists of Batla House-Okhla and now a congress leader led the march favoring ISIS, in Rajasthan.[17.12.2015] 
(11). The Bandra property is valued at about Rs 300 crore on the basis of its commercial development potential of over one Lakh sq ft of office space, which was allotted to National herald three decades ago but remained un utilized and later the land use was changed fraudulently. Yet another property has surfaced in Bhopal was allotted to National Herald but was used to built a Mega Mall. Its a property in Haryana which was allotted to National herald for pea nuts by Hooda.[19.12.2015]
(12). An industrial plot measuring 3,360 sq. meters was allotted to National Herald just for Rs. 59 Lakh when the real market price was Rs. 22 crore, in Panchkula of Haryana under Hooda's tenure, as chief minister. Hooda handed over prime properties by changing land use to Wadra, Sonia's son in law. Sonia instigated Kirti Azad to make accusations in the parliament against Arun Jetly-BJP MP, who has joined hands against Jetly with AAP & Congress due to personal enmity. Kirti Azad the son of a former congress stalwart him self is not a Mr. clean.[22.12.2015]
(13). Rahul reached the striking students of film institute. He added himself with the so called Dalit suicide in Hyderabad by a university students. He reached Dadri and held BJP guilty of the well planned murder of a Muslim in the name of beef eating, though the state is ruled by Samaj Wadi Party and the main accused-culprit belongs to AAP. He motivated students when the RSS headquarter was attacked by so called students of JNU & Delhi university. He said that the students had the right to voice their concern in JNU (those who were voicing the so called concern was nothing but anti national slogans). He is blaming RSS for each & every event taking place in India these days. His nearness-new found love with the Marxist-communists-left is almost clear. In fact the Marxists are governed by foreign powers. They spoiled industry in Bangal and Keral in along with Congress. Congress did its best to ruin the country. The divisive forces are at work. Nitish call a terrorist his daughter. Lalu & congress supports him. A conclave constituting of Kejriwal, Nitish, Rahul, Mamta has sinister designs and they can go to any extreme to destabilise the country.
Image result for images of burning rohtak(14). There was no aggravated demand for reservation during congress rule in Rajasthan, Gujrat and Haryana. Now that BJP has assumed power in these 3 states the demand has peaked. The loot, destruction, vandalism, burning of private & the government property by the reservationists, speaks volumes about the conspiracy hatched by Congress. The loss of property is much more than Rs. 34,000 crore as per rough estimates. The government must arrest those who looted & burnt the property and see that they spend 10 to 20 years in jail. The secretary of the previous government's chief minister Mr. Hooda, had incited the mobs & the videos reveals- exposes all. 
Image result for images of burning rohtakThe worst possible thing is the inaction and unethical support by Mr. Khattar & his party for reservation. If the BJP thinks that it will come to power on the votes of the reservationists its nourishing an illusion. The general category public will sooner or later de-link it self with BJP. Both of these (Congress & BJP) deserve whole hearted condemnation. Kejriwal did not shy in supporting the agitationists. BJP has been playing in the hands of the reservationists, since the times of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Why are they bent upon destroying the social bonds by giving undue to non deserving. Can any one imaging the progress of the country by the incompetents?!
(15). Kapil Sibal had been a minister in UPA government and drawing huge perks, facilities and still working as a lawyer in the Supreme Court. He is drawing all benefits from the exchequer and still practicing! Does not the rules applicable to government servants apply over him?! He represented Kanhaeya Kumar, Hardik Patel, Rohinga Muslims found involved in terrorist activities in India, Muslims opposing Ram Temple, Love Jihad, Tripal Talaq and all sorts of anti Hindu, anti government cases. It clearly shows that the Congress and its members have anti Hindu mind set up.[22.02,2018]
EVOLUTION 4 DEITIES of BJP'ISM चार देवियाँ  :: हिन्दु धर्म में तीन देवियों की बहुत मान्यता है। परन्तु कलियुग में भाजपा में चार देवियों ने अवतरण किया है। स्मृति-मल्होत्रा-ईरानी-रुदाली, सुषमा, वसुन्धरा और पंकजा। पहली तो हर दिन एक ना एक नया विवाद खड़ा करे रहती है। कसूर उसका नहीं है वह तो महज कठपुतली है और शतरंज की बिसात पर मँजे है खिलाडियों के हाथ का एक मौहरा। जब भी चाहेंगे पिटवा लेंगे। उसका अस्तित्व ही क्या है?! दूसरी अडवाणी, मनोहर, यशवंत, शत्रु  की प्रतिनिधि है। वो जब चाहे जब चाहे कहीँ भी बाँसुरी बजा सकती है, वकालत कर सकती है, भले ही वो भोपाल हो या ललित जैसा खतरनाक अपराधी, जो एक हाथ से कांग्रेस से फायदा उठाता है तो दूसरी ओर बीजेपी वालों को फायदा पहुँचाने की फीस वसूलने से नहीं चूकता। विजया की दबंगई तो जग जाहिर है। बेटा केंद्र में मंत्री नहीं बनाया तो खूब लानत-फजीहत की। इस बात का पूरा डर है कि वो दूसरी येदु बनकर राजस्थान को कर्नाटक न बना दे। पंकजा का तो कहना ही क्या। बाली उमरिया में लग गया पॉलिटिक्स और कमाई का रोग। बेईमानी भी करो और आँख भी दिखाओ।-Where are the values-virtues-ethics-honesty?! 
Pankja Munde is such a person that she is ferried by a special train. Why-What for at tax payers expanse ?! She is not far behind Maya who sent a plane to Mumbai to bring a pair of chapples for her at state's expanse or Praful Patel's daughter who could divert Air India flights to any place-destination as per her own fancy or will.[03.06.2016]
QUALIFICATION OF ELECTED MEMBERS: Government of Rajasthan has introduced minimum qualification of Middle pass for gram Pradhans-Head of village local body, Panchayat (-village council in India) members. Its a right step in the right direction. It should make it mandatory to clear class 10th examination for council members and graduation for the MLA's. Qualification of MP should be at least a PG degree. To little too late.
MISUSE OF CYBER LAWS: The Supreme Court has expressed concern over the misuse of Information technology Act's section 66 A, which makes posting of offensive messages on social networking sites a crime, punishable with a jail term for 3 years, is offensive and is vague and highly subjective. It infringes over the freedom of speech & expression. Last week, UP government issued circulars to arrest and punish those, who post any thing derogatory, against its ministers, party members and the like. Earlier there were arrests, when some one said some thing, about Modi and Shiv Sena. The law is misused by politicians, bureaucrats, police and by the common man as well to settle scores. One can post any objectionable material over some one else's site by hacking it and framing the innocent opponents.[04.02.2015]
Government counsel's stand before the Supreme court is full of flaws. It admits that its draconian, but says that its essential when applied to religious sentiments. If its essential then why not add another paragraph modifying it! How ever, who so ever drafted it had malafied intentions while inserting it. How is it that the law can not be made full proof?! Why should a law have two or more interpretations!? One judge read it differently and another says something opposite to it and yet another judge/bench gives all together different interpretation.[05.02.2015] 
These laws have been framed to crush the opposition or any one who raises his voice against the misdeeds of the government.What ever may the case be, over all intentions are not good.[07.03.2015]
UP's minister AK sent a 17 year boy to jail for sharing a face book post. The case has been taken up by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. AK is well known for misusing power and government machinery as per his will for oppressing innocents.[17.03.2015]

THIS IS HOW THE CONGRESS BEHAVES-CHARACTER ASSASSINATION: It shows their broad mindedness in the true spirit of Hinduism. Hinduism never advocate conversion. India has more than 5,00,00,000 Bangala Deshi Muslims. They are infiltrators and associated all sorts of crimes like theft, dacoity, rape, loot, murder, abduction. successive governments utilized them as their vote banks. Those who are championing their conversion are misguided-disgruntled-criminal minded people, who probably do not know the basics-roots-meaning of Hinduism. The fact is that they are unwilling to know what Hinduism is? There had been hundreds of saints who took birth as Muslims, worshipped Krashn and never claimed to be a Hindu. There are millions of people who are born Christians. They too worship Krashn without calling-converting them selves as Hindus. Those who raise the boggy of conversions: both against and pro are desperate politicians, playing dirty politics. However time is ripe now to check conversions by Muslims or Christians Missionaries through the framing of strict laws. Let a Hindu die as a Hindu.[24.12.2014]
GOOD GOVERNANCE :: Fadnavis-the chief minister of Maha Rashtr first criticised the police commissioner Rakesh Maria, in the open and then he transferred him to scuttle the investigation of SHEENA BORA MURDER CASE. They crossed the limits of propriety and accused him of having relations with Peter Mukherjea. They accused him of having relations with Lalit Modi as well. A former police commissioner who kept the police accommodation occupied for years, even after joining BJP is said to be one of the pursuers for his unceremonious removal that is too when was to move just after 20 days after automatically. This is clearly insult of the upright officers. There are other reasons as well. He did not gave relief to the criminals close to the authority and he did not frame the innocent on their demand.[09.09.2015]
It has been reported that the money and property dispute involving 800 crore rupees was behind the murder of Sheena. While interrogating Peter Mukherjea Rakesh Maria came across evidence proving this angle involving a big business house. Money laundering and phony business deals have come out. He referred the matter to enforcement directorate and the income tax department inviting the wrath of Fadnavis who is under obligation of the said undisclosed business house leading to Maria's transfer. [10.09.2015]
Sheena was murdered probably because of her refusal to give the money (which is in some big crores as IPL black money) back that was kept in her account for safety and might be she was blackmailing all to reveal the truth. It is also believed that perhaps Indrani has become a problem to some. IPL has become a haven for illicit money generation, which is involving politicians across party line and other big businessmen.Truth behind Sunanda or Sheena murder case may never cone out since high and mighty are patterns behind such murders. No one knows how many more Sunandas and Sheenas will be murdered for the sake of IPL.[11.09.2015]
सारी खुदाई एक तरफ जोरू का भाई एक तरफ़। छत्तीस गढ़ के मुख्य मन्त्री का साला देखते ही देखते क्लास III से क्लास I एम्प्लोयी हो गया। चावल वाले बाबा ने उसे कुछ ज्यादा ही  दिये। लालू ने भी ऐसा ही किया था।  तो फिर उसका पड़ोसी पीछे कैसे रहे। [12.04.2015]
DD Gujarat official-assistant director, V.M. Vanol, 58, has been transferred to Andamans for airing Jashodaben's RTI news. Earlier the official investigating the drug scandal related Punjab's minister was shifted to Calcutta. [01.02.2015]
फिल्म सेंसर बोर्ड के 8 सदस्यों का इस्तीफ़ा एक साथ और वो भी MSG को लेकर दबाब के विरोध में। आखिर सुपोर्ट की कीमत भी तो चुकानी है। BJP एहसान फरामोश नहीं है। आमेर की हिन्दु देवी, देवताओं का अपमान करने वाली फिल्म PK को पास करना उनकी निगाह में कितना ठीक था, यह तो जग जाहिर है?! [18. 01.2015]
Leela Samson resigned along with 12 others as CBFC chief. It has been claimed that all the members of CBFC are political appointees. In fact one who is on the censor board must be an experienced person connected with film industry for 30-40 years. In competent and un qualified should not be placed not he board abruptly.[19.01.2015]
Director of IIT-Delhi has resigned under pressure from the Human Resource Ministry.He was compelled to allow Cricket Academy established by Sachin Tendulkar and make the payment of more than Rs.70 Lakhs to Subramanium Swami through out of court settlement. The Minister is a center of controversy due to her immature deals, since inception.The HRD has alleged that he was instrumental in setting up a Technology Institute in Mauritius.[29.12.2014]
Chronological sequence of events issued by the IIT-D clearly shows that he statements issued by the ministry of HRD are bundle of lies. It said that IITRA in no an extension campus of IIT-D. Final MoU was okayed by HRD. The ministry has adopted two yard sticks for dealing with the case of UGC's Tertiary Education Commission under Ved Prakash and IIT-D director Shevgaonkar. In fact the ministry under incompetent hands, is playing with the autonomy of these prestigeous institutions, spoiling their image world wide.[30.12.2014]
He resignation will not be accepted before 8th of this month so that he is unable to teach in the next semester. Over all this is a matter of the prestige of the HRD ministry.[03.01.2015]
New regime has increased the work load of all senior central government employees by asking them to monitor face book pages, report the content to their immediate bosses, who in turn will bring the contents to the notice of the ministers. Most of them reach their houses quite late at night. What is the purpose behind this? Let us observe.[03.08.2014]
Gobindachary a former RSS-BJP stalwart, sidelined systematically-close to saffron brigade, who had been an active member of think tank-policy makers during the regime of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has raised the issue of the utilization of face book and twitter in the high court. A brilliant person indeed, had been subjected to mental agony, due to his closeness to a sadhvi-turned politician and a cabinet minister, now.[05.08.2014]
Vankaiya Naidu inspected the offices under him, twice to find that more than 40% of the employees were absent, twice. Its a common feature in almost all Central Government, State Government, NDMC and the 3 MCDs offices, as well. The employees are not willing to move the file without getting some incentive. Some times they make such objections which reflect their state of mind. There is no concern for rules. With the single stroke of pen they can spoil ones future, as is the practice in the NDMC. there is no one to listen to the sufferer-even the CVC-CBI.
As the Head of School at Tilak Marg, (NDMC), New Delhi, a number of practical programs were suggested connected with computerization of files, their movement, attendance of staff at graded level. it was suggested that The Chairperson, secretary, Directors and the HOD should monitor the movement of file which is at the tip of their mouse. Rampant corruption in the office shelved the entire plan at the behest of those were dealing with it in the education department. Entire soft ware designing was available and still the in charge had his way.[09.08.2014]
Government has decided to remove the vigilance officer of AIIMS on flimsy grounds. In fact those who were under scanner were in touch with one of the now prominent members of ruling party. Sufficient proof is available to prove that the health minister was not only pressurized but told to appoint a favorite of the interested quarters. They were interested in having their person appointed, so that all the proofs are removed and the skin of the guilty is saved. Perhaps the interested quarters may too be involved in the entire affair.[24.09.2014]
POLITICS :: What a master stroke! First he made Harsh Vardhan to remove the Vigilance Officer for the sake of his corrupt IAS officer who was his AD during his stint as Health Minister. Did he want to prevent the officer from exposing his misdeeds? The episode shows his intentions from the very beginning. Vardhan has paid the price for hiding the reality from the PM. If you dig the ditch for others you too have a ditch waiting for you, isn't it?![10.11.2014]
Harsh Vardhan may be sent back to Delhi to manipulate the coming elections being a man with some what clean image. There after he may be retained as the chief minister of Delhi.[11.11.2014]
The Central Government is not willing to appoint Lok Pal. Achchhe Din Is Trh Nahin Aate.[23.08.2014]
Those who used to arrive at 11 AM are at 9 now. They used to disappear from the office by 4 are seen in the chair till 9 PM. Are they performing some specific development oriented job? No they are just sorting out face book comments with their entire team. Don't you see how the nation has been made to move?![02.09.2014]
ADR-Association for Democratic Reforms has asserted that 20 ministers in the present BJP-Modi cabinet are tainted. Agra MP Ramshankar Katheria has 21 cases related to attempt to murder, forgery, criminal intimidation and disturbing communal harmony, pending against him. Yalamanchili Satyanarayan Chowdhary of TDP is from Rajy Sabha. He has failed to repay huge loans nearly Rs.250/=crore, obtained from nationalized banks. Giriraj has links with banned Ranvir Sena. He is the one, who could not explain the booty of nearly Rs.1.25 crore recovered in cash from his residence. कहते हैं काँटे से काँटा निकलता है, जहर से जहर मरता है क्या ये लोग इसीलिये मन्त्री बनाये गए हैं?[11.11.2014] 
POLITICS OF BIHAR :: Bihar has proved yet again how it imparts education. Mass copying, cheating, forgery of marks sheets, bogus certificates-degrees-diplomas are quite common there. Nitish still talks of development, progress and good governance. Really a crude joke and identifying the word Bihari as an abuse becomes a reality. Shame on him and those who supports him and his government.[21.03.2015]
बिहार में हत्याओं, जबरन वसूली, फिरौती, आगज़नी का नया दौर शुरू हो गया है। क्या बिहारी यह नहीं जानता था कि लालू की कठपुतली नितीश एक नकारा होकर रह जायेगा?! बिहारी का मतलब अगर समझना है तो जयपुर के चौमू, मेरठ के बाबली-बड़ौत, बुलन्दशहर के शिकारपुर को भी जानना जरूरी है। ये सभी एक ही श्रेणी में आते हैं। अगर मोदी नितीश के हाथ में 1,50,000 करोड़ रूपये देते हैं, तो ऐसे समझो जैसे बन्दर के हाथ में उस्तरा और भैंस को चारा दे दिया हो। [31.12.2015-HAPPY NEW YEAR]
CLEANING DRIVE-स्वच्छता अभियान : When he talked of cleaning drive, the first thought which struck the mind was that he intends to clean up the political system. But it turned out to be a sweeping-scavenging drive. The ministers got themselves photographed with the broom and soon all will be over and out. The scavengers constitutes the vote bank and one can not be tough with them. The Municipal Corporations of Delhi are manifested with thousands of bogus sweepers-saphai karmcharies drawing their pay regularly. Its the seen all over the country.
Today is 2nd October. The sweepers came and left soon, there after. However some lime was used as a sign of marking their presence near the community center. If one has to clean-sweep the road in front of his house why do you pay salary to them, that is too when they are frequently absent.
Just a day after Swachchhta Abhiyan, piles of garbage are seen around the PM  house.[05.10.2014]
The government must motivate those who accept money for doing this job. In fact the government should hand over this job to contractual employees, since the permanent-regular-even muster role employees, fail to deliver. They take money come as per their will-work as per their will and disappear as and when they desire, since there is no one to look after. Take the case of erst while MCD which was full of ghost sweepers-scavengers. The NDMC had to adopt the contract mode. The situation deteriorated unless until Maya adopted the policy of daily wagers. Still one finds fake-ghost employees on the roles of health department. [27.10.2014]
The Congress has come out with a Supreme Court verdict asking the government not to induct the tainted into its basket of ministers. Though the Congress has found a stick to beat the government, yet the public too support this verdict. Cleaning does not mean show business as is being done the BJP leaders in Delhi to please the bosses, but to clean the parliament of the corrupt-wicked-sinners.[10.11.2014]
Delhi High Court has questioned the civic agencies for not terminating the 60,000 work force unwilling to perform cleaning-sweeping. The situation turns worst when these workers through garbage in front of the head quarters of the municipalities. Truck loads of garbage in front of NDMC by the safai karmcharies forced the officials to release 66%-Shiv Shankran scales to them which are being held till today in favor of the teachers.This time again, they used the tactics in East Delhi. [25.11.2014]
With the beginning of Swachchhta Abhiyan sweepers turn up thrice a week only . The field is full of garbage, filth and Malwa. Acknowledgement Message : Citizen Charter : Service Request No. 1419272326231 Submitted On Monday, December 22, 2014 to be delivered on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 for Service Complain Regarding Insanity Condition.
DRACONIAN IMPERIAL LAWS :: Repeal of IT section 66 A is not enough. So long as, imperial laws and mentality prevails, politicians like AK will continue misusing it and keep sending innocents to jail, though they them selves deserve to be in jail.
IPC Section 295 A, was indicted in 1923. During the year 1950 "the subjects of the the emperor" was replaced by "Indian citizens". It provides for arrest of the a person for writing, speaking, using  of audio visual aids or any other means to instigate religious sentiments-communal violence. This provision restricts freedom of speech against fundamental laws. Section 66A violated  article 19(1)(a). When UPA government was in power, BJP opposed it, but suddenly it used this provision to oppress people. Shiv Sena was not far behind. It tried to crush the innocents people, as is its habit, since inception; if they happen to be north Indians, forgetting the fact that Bombay was developed by them and not the goons of SS. One can still be imprisoned for 3 years without any fault on his side. Other provisions of draconian laws are section 153 A and 504, which need immediate review.
However, there should be no compromise with the sovereignty of the Nation.Those who play divisive politics must be in jail for the whole life. The separatists of Kashmir should be sent to Pakistan for ever, if they do not feel cosy in India. One who circulate, print Indian currency must be in jail or hanged till death. Those who fan hatred and terrorist can still be handled under Section 39(1)(a).[25.03.2015]
PSEUDO SECULARS काफ़िर :: देश में विभीषणों, जयचन्द, मेरे जाफ़रों की नई फसल में शारद यादव, लालू यादव, नितीश, ममता, कांग्रेस, मुल्ला मुलायम, माया जैसे असंख्य लोग शामिल हैं, जिनके लिये :: (1). देश का राष्ट्रपति, उप राष्ट्रपति, प्रधानमंत्री मुस्लिम (खुद को पंडित कहकर), सर्वोच्च न्यायालय मुख्य न्यायाधीश,  विदेश मंत्री, इंटेलिजेंस ब्यूरो का प्रमुख, महाकुंभ मेले का मंत्री, महाराष्ट्र के 90% हिन्दूओं का मुख्यमंत्री, मुस्लिम बने,  तो गौरव की बात; मगर, जम्मू कश्मीर का मुख्यमंत्री कोई हिन्दु बने तो भाजपा की सांम्प्रदायिकता और 10 लाख हिन्दूओं को बंदूक की नोक पर कश्मीर से भगाने वाले, हजारों कश्मीरी पंडितों को मारने वाली कांग्रेस, पीडीपी, एनसी धर्म निरपेक्ष हैं !! 
(2). "घूंघट" प्रथा को अभिशाप बोलने वाले, "बुर्के" पर मौन, 
(3). मंदिर से माइक उतारने वाले, मस्जिद के माइक पर मौन,
(4). महिलाओ के अधिकारों की बकालत करने वाले, तीन तलाक़ पर मौन
(5). वेश्यावृत्ति को दलदल कहने वाले, हलाला और मुतहा पर मौन
(6). कारसेवकों पर गोलियां चलवाने वाले, कश्मीरी पंडितों और सिखों के कत्लेआम पर मौन, 
(7). जलीकट्टू को पशु क्रूरता कहने वाले, बकरीद और गौ हत्या पर मौन
(8). याकूब मेमन, अफ़ज़ल गुरु की 'well deserving' फांसी को न्याय की हत्या कहने वाले, सरबजीत सिंह, चमेल सिंह, कृपाल सिंह की हत्या, और कुलभूषण जाधव पर मौन
(9). अखलाख की हत्या पे चीखने वाले, प्रशांत पुजारी और डॉ नारंग की नृशंस हत्याओं की हत्या पर मौन
(10). हिन्दू जातिओं को बिबादित कहने वाले, मुस्लिम जातिओं पर मौन
(11). हिन्दुओं के लिए "एक औरत" कि बकालत करने वाले मुस्लिमो की चार " चार बीबीओं",
(12). आरक्षण के नाम पर असंख्य सवर्णों पर अत्याचार पर मौन
PDP chief Mufti was the person for whom Vajpayee had to release the terrorist in lieu of his daughter's release and depute Adwani for her safety. महबूबा और मुफ़्ती का धर्म ईमान क्या है, इसी से जाहिर है।! रमज़ान की बात कहकर फौज से आतंकियों को नहीं मारने को कहती है नगर पत्थर बाजों की हिमायत भी करती है। पाकिस्तान ने रमज़ान में गोलाबारी की उसका क्या?! DOUBLE STANDARDS.[14.05.2018]

QUALIFICATION OF ELECTED MEMBERS :: The BJP Government in Rajasthan has introduced minimum qualification of Middle pass for gram Pradhans-Head of village local body, panchayat members. Its a right step in the right direction. It should make it mandatory to clear class 10th examination for council members and graduation for the MLA's. Qualification of MP should be at least a PG degree. To little too late.
अटल बिहारी बाजपेयी जी को,
 उनके 90 वें जन्म दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई और शत-शत प्रणाम। 
BJP was aware of its fate in Delhi elections since the very day the rally at Ram Lila Maidan at Delhi failed to attract the voters. They did every thing possible to win the elections but the disaster was bound to happen. Main reasons behind the debacle are:
(1) Nadda's interference in Health ministries day to day work and subsequently unceremonious removal of Dr. harsh Vardhan. Protection of the corrupt gave wrong signals to the populace of Delhi who watch the TV read the news papers and discuss politics at the place of work. The days of down ward filtration are over in Delhi. The public has started thing, analyzing and rationalizing the events independently.
Failure to remove the history sheeters from the cabinet.
(2) Removal of Dr. Harsh Vardhan from Delhi's politics, sidelining the grass root workers and taking over of the command of Delhi by the central leadership. Amit Shah is not necessarily correct in every affair.
Side lining of Adwani, Joshi, Sinha and other senior leaders.
(3) Imposition of Kiran Bedi who do not enjoy good relations-rapport with the people of Delhi. Her authoritarian style of talking and the police behaviour in normal talks over TV shows spoiled the curry.
(4) Irresponsible statements by motor mouths like Mohan Bhagwat, Sakshi, Sadhvi, Yogi and the VHP chief-Praveen Togdia. The youngsters of Delhi neither like not accept-give weightage to them. Continuation of Satish Upadhyay as Delhi BJP chief in spite of proven charges of the charges labelled against him for the supply of fast running electric meters to transco-discoms.
(5) Inability of BJP to come out of the shadow of RSS, unlike Atal Ji.
(6) Projection as an ideologue of Patel, Vivekanand, Gandhi and Atal, but there is no materialization in reality. Wasteful expenditure over statues in stead of development work like Maya Mahals, in Noida. Lack of firmness like Sardar, absence of the Raj Dharm of Atal and dedication-devotion of Naren are also to blame. Gandhi's policies are mismatch in present day world, even the congressmen do follow them.
(7) Change of costume too frequently like former home minister and wearing of coat costing over Rs.10,00,000.
(8) Wilful extension of  the date of elections in Delhi.
(9) Failure to asses the mood of voters as well workers. Distancing away from the trusted workers.
(10) Shifting of Congress voters to AK-AAP. Issue of fatwas by Imam Bukhari. Restlessness in the minds of Delhi's Muslim population. 
(11) Tightening of screws over the government employees. Talks of reducing the age of retirement. 
(12) Failure to check the unreasonable hike in the vegetable prices.
(13) Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan gave undue protection & voice to the sanitary workers who are never to carryout their work willingly. Its disastrous to employs them on regular-permanent basis.The Municipal Corporations in Delhi are not able to keep the city clean.
(14) Failure to implement the rent act protecting the property owners. Favour of the laws snatching the land of farmers forcibly at unreasonable rates. Regularisation of farmhouses, talk of providing house at the place of shanties-Jhuggi are the main contributory.
(15) Emperors cloths too had their impact over the mind of voters.
WARNING :: Loss of Delhi has almost changed the mood of voters in UP. It will have its impact over Bihar as well.
Flag of the Bharatiya Janata Party.png
One had the opportunity of listening to the speeches of Bharat Ratn Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji at Ajmer as a student of RCE, Ajmer (-Now RIE, NCERT, Ajmer). A comparison was drawn between the speeches of Late Smt. Indra Gandhi and him and he proved far-far superior to her. He is a great orator and statesman. As a Prime Minister of India he opened vast opportunities for the new generations. He did his best to resolve the differences between the neighbours.
Though, I never had the opportunity to meet him personally but when ever I was in need, he helped. I will remain obliged to him, till I survive.
NCP: What is more behind the scene is the ground reality. The voter has matured. It has solemnly rejected the corrupt regime of Congress and NCP. in fact its the NCP which is behind the rising-spiralling prices of sugar, eatables, food and vegetables.Sonia does not command respect in the Indian scenario. Her assets in Italy linked to Bofors are still in the minds of the people.This family is leading the disgruntled-corrupt-immoral people only. At least Modi has given the country a government headed by the Indians.
Shrad Pawar leader of NCP is not a reliable person. He nourished the illusion-ambition of being the PM, but  failed miserably. He was brought into politics by BJP-Jan Sangh. He is one who can go to any extreme for personal gains. His record as a cabinet minister is dismal. He has played a trump card by offering outside-unconditional support. Now he is claiming to be a family friend of Thakreys. His laughter is nothing but a mixture of cunningness-shrewdness. BJP seems to be running into a trap. Udhav too is playing dirty politics, due to his ego and personal ambitions. He sought support of NCP for seeking votes for his outfit SS's favor for contesting speakers post. SS has sought the post of opposition leader in the assembly. If BJP fails to muster support of 145 MLA's, the state is sure of experiencing a stint of President's rule till the assembly is dissolved, till then Fadnavis will continue as the CM consolidating the position of BJP and laying the burden of ditching over NCP+SS.[11.11.2014]
It was pre planed.  Trust vote through voice vote was obtained. Sounds-protests died in the din. SS walked out-for what?! NCP remained a silent spectator. 5 Congress MLA manhandled the speaker and got suspended for a period of 2 years. Now they are shouting on the road. Do the SS consider the electorate to be fool? ये पब्लिक है ये सब जानती है। जो हाल AAP का दिल्ली में हुआ वही अब SS का होना है महाराष्ट्र में !यह शतरंज का खेल है; अभी तो सिर्फ़ शह है और फिर मात ![14.11.2014]

M's of the Governance :: The political patriarchates/parties who's names have M in common are propagating regionalism/factionalism. One of these  parties provided all out support to LTTE and divisive forces in Shri Lanka, who hunted one of Indian Ex PM. Central government's cabinet Ministers at the center proved to be grossly inefficient and corrupt.  M will go down the History for heading the most ever corrupt Government. In fact his name is synonym to corruption. His supporters too are the most corrupt people.
Let us see who jumps the bandwagon-next?
His qualification to become PM : His faith-weakest among the weak-loyal-quietness, eagerness to shoulder the misdeeds of others, Yes Man-ship...     
दंगा-जन आक्रोश :- दंगा चाहे दिल्ली का हो या गुजरात का, जन आक्रोश फूटा। दोनों ही बार इससे पूर्व का घटना क्रम महत्व पूर्ण है। बे कसूर लोगों के साथ हत्या, लूटमार, आगजनी, बलात्कार, डकैती, जैसे जघन्य अपराध हुए मगर सरकार  हाथ पे हाथ धरे बैठी रही। धर्म स्थल साजिशों के गढ़ बने, आतंक वादियों के शरण स्थल बने। त्राहि-त्राहि मच गयी। ट्रेन की बोगी में सैकड़ों बेकसूर लोगों को जिन्दा जला दिया गया। बस की निहत्थी-बेक़सूर सवारियों की गोली मार कर निर्मम हत्या  कर दी गई। एक न एक दिन गुस्सा तो फूटना ही था-मगर जो भी मरा वो तो बेकसूर ही था। कसूर किसका नतीजा किसने भोगी। जगदीश-सज्जन-भगत-मोदी तो मात्र मोहरे भर हैं-खेल खलने वाला तो कोई और ही है और अभी भी बेफिक्र खेल रहा है। 
कसूरवार वो सरकर है जो हिंदुस्तान में न तो हिन्दू की हिफाजत ही कर सकती और न इसकी सीमा की।
कैसी सरकार  है ये जो आतकवादी पैदा करती है, पालती-पोसती है और जब वो इस पर ही झपट पड़ते हैं तो उन्हीं में से किसी को मंत्री तो किसी को प्रधान मंत्री बना देती है।
सज्जन कुमार व जगदीश टायटलर को बचने के लिए हर तरह की हेरा फेरी की गई है। सिखों का गुस्सा वाजिब ही है।  
सावधान : अब भी धार्मिक स्थलों का प्रयोग राजनैतिक लाभ के लिए हिदुओं के विरुद्ध हो रहा है।           
Political funding :- Political parties and their bosses are perturbed over the inclusion of their funds under right to information. They do not want to reveal the source of the funds, they receive. What a unity in diversity! Money obtained by them is definitely not through pious-virtuous means. It may come out that the money donated to them was earned through illegal-illegitimate-foul-corrupt-hawala means, by receiving undesirable favors. Though the AAM ADMI-common man, is aware of their resources, yet he is afraid of his own life. In fact majority of population is not aware of RTI. One knows for certain that the genuine information will never be divulged under any condition-circumstances. One may go for appeal and ultimately put facts before the information commissioner, still, in spite of the order, nothing worthwhile comes up. Now in the light of this order the government will definitely change rules, will active collaboration of the opposition. इसी को कहते हैं, "हमाम में सब नंगे"। 
What can one expect from a government, which is headed by the prime suspect-accused in many cases i.e., communication, coal, highways...
One will not be surprised, when he comes to know that the funds are utilized for terrorist-Nexalite-Maoist activities-funding. 
Demoralising Forces (I) :: The IB officers have rightly cautioned that the measures adopted by the CBI to fix the culpability of officials could imperil counter-terror operations in future. CBI-a puppet in the hands of the Central Government, read the PM and his boss; does not take into account either the operational requirements of the shadowy war against terrorism or their safety. They said that the IB would be wary to associate it selves with counter terror operations, if it's officers are to be prosecuted for murder. The way the Party in Power is after the blood of the Gujrat police officials, just to degrade-down grade, Narendr Modi will only lower the prestige of its leaders in the eyes of voters.
It's an irony-the CBI is readying it self to prosecute the IB officers, who carried out their duties honestly, on the basis of specific in puts pertaining to Ishr Demoralising Forces (II) at, who was a part of the group, behind the plan to murder Gujrat Chief Minister. The present government running on the support of clutches-whose involvement is  crystal clear by the instances of their support to terrorists, by virtue of their designs to withdraw cases in courts.  Doubts creep in the minds of common people that this government should have links with terrorist out fits, performing for it.
This government is after the blood of police officials, who could not curtail mob violence due to mob mentality, in Godhra but prefers to keep mum to the murders of the people-burnt alive by sprinkling kerosin oil over them and torching the train bogies, returning to their homes from Ayodhya. These police officials can name any one to protect their skin. One will not wonder if it comes out that these police men were acting under the patronage of top politicians in central Government.
Demoralising Forces (II) :- Its alleged by a former Home Ministry official that he was coerced by the CBI to implicate his seniors in Ishrat case pertaining to terrorism.The affidavit filed on 08.06.2009, clearly said that the four killed in the 15.06.2009 encounter were Lashkar-e Taiba terrorists and objected to a probe by the CBI.
This government provides Z+ security to terrorists and criminals at the cost of tax payer and the common man.  
MISUSE OF CYBER LAWS :- The Supreme Court has expressed concern over the misuse of Information technology Act's section 66 A, which makes posting of offensive messages on social networking sites a crime, punishable with a jail term for 3 years, is offensive and is vague and highly subjective. It infringes over the freedom of speech & expression. Last week, UP government issued circulars to arrest and punish those, who post any thing derogatory, against its ministers, party members and the like. Earlier there were arrests, when some one said some thing, about Modi and Shiv Sena. The law is misused by politicians, bureaucrats, police and by the common man as well to settle scores. One can post any objectionable material over some one else's site by hacking it and framing the innocent opponents.
Attack on Buddhist Temple :- IB and Delhi Police had cautioned Bihar well in advance, about the cower-dish attack on Buddhist temple in Gaya. The job  carried with immunity, raises questions, about the administration. Whole world knows that the CM is a sympathiser of Muslims. His visit to Pakistan and its specific need, do raises certain questions in the minds of the intelligentsia. Gaya has become the home of  Muslim community/villagers of 9 villages, who were forced to flee/desert their agricultural holdings to the goon ruling Bihar, at that time. Its a separate issue that they used to be the voters of the ruling party. Gaya was recognized as a hide out for the terrorists soon there after.
What is significant is that they retaliate the attack over Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar-Burma-Brahm Desh. Is it not because of their confidence that they will be protected, if caught. If they have courage they should show their might in Myanmar not in India. This is old technique to create communal unrest-frenzy-disturbance in India, without realizing the out come of it.

The Buddh (बुद्ध) is weeping-bleeding, the Buddha (बुड्ढ़ा/old man) is sleeping. 
Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar-Burma-Brahm Desh rehabilitated in India, are there only to invite dangers-trouble for the country men. आज पैर रखने को जगह चाहिये, फिर लेट जायेंगे; बाद में आरक्षण की मांग करेंगे और कोई आश्चर्य की बात नहीं कि  राजनातिक दल के मुखिया बन भारत पर राज करें-जैसे अब हो रहा है; देश की स्थिति बद से बदतर बनाने को। 
The security agency paid for the security of the Buddhist temple was not providing services for a number of hours in spite of receiving full payment.
Wirathu is the spiritual leader of the 969 campaign meant for the protection of his religion-Buddhism and the  race in Myanmar. They want to build their own fences against those who  are trying to intimidate and create problems for the Buddhist through jihad, extremism under foreign influence to the national security  and sovereignty of Myanmar. They are the same people who tried to take over the reins of Southern Thailand through undemocratic and violent means.
RULING BY PROXY :: Both the major political parties in the country are ruled by proxy. The government is dictated by only one person, while the major opposition party is ruled by a group of people.
Present  collision government  is the weakest government, so far. The entire cabinet consists of yes man-puppets, spineless, shameless, corrupt people. Those who are selected for the coveted jobs are the weakest people who do not have any following in the party. Some of them give stupid-vague-senseless statements, very frequently. They cross the decency lines while criticizing opposition leaders. Some of them have criminal cases pending against them. All of them have amassed large chunks of wealth in foreign banks. This is the government ruling the country through proxy, by a foreigner.
Price rise could be checked very easily had they not obtained hefty donations from traders businessman. They create artificial scarcity, though the commodities are available in abundance, take for example onions, milk, sugar. Huge commissions are pocketed without hitch. Funds are transferred to foreign banks with immunity.  
RETURNING AWARDS :-The strike by the students of film institute was called off after 149 days of frustration, engineered by the communal opposition like congress, communists etc. Now they have engineered another plot of returning awards. If one goes by the manner in which awards-honors are distributed clearly shows that most of the recipients are not deserving. They got these awards due to their closeness to the seat of power. They should have waited till the political party, which honored them returned to power, again.
The army personnel are bent upon black mailing the government and want entire revenue to be transferred to their pension accounts. They are insulting the nation by returning & burning the medals. This whole affair is politically motivated and has ulterior motives. The government has granted them more than they deserve. Their demand may develop debt trap like Greece. The main question is why revision of pension for army personnel only, why not the whole of service class, which gave its entire life for the service of nation!? [14.11.2015]
INTOLERANCE-असहिष्णुता :- The deep rooted conspiracy by the opposition led to loss of BJP in Bihar. Those who advocated tolerance are only the dark side of events. Lakhs of Hindu Brahmn were massacred-uprooted from JK. Hindu population in Bangla Desh has been reduced to merely 12% from earlier 15%. The situation is worst in Pakistan. Yusuf, Shah Rusk, Amer and Azam represent those who kept quite when the Hindus were killed. Temples are bombed in Bangla Desh and they are not wriggling their dirty black tongue. The ruling family (-Muslims after Indra Gandhi bearing Hindu names to bluff the masses) always favored Muslim at the cost of majority population. In fact they are the people who engineered attacks on Hindus to appease Muslims. Now they are grossly intolerant towards Modi. The ground reality is that Hindu is extremely tolerant. The day it wake up other will become silent for ever. Dadri incident was a handy work of the ruling party in UP and was fanned to create atmospher against BJP. The family has been awarded beyond limits. However BJP do not need enemies to attack. Its own cadre and RSS play enemy at all points of time.[07.12.2015]
Farooq Abdullah has said that the Kashmiri Pundits are not willing to return. Shah Rukh, Amer and some more from the film industry are also attacking Modi and the present government which is very effective, progressive and enthusiastic, forgetting the fact that they have been in lime light only due to the tolerance shown by Hindu who is basically disciplined baring a few exceptions. fundamentalists are there in each and every society. People like Karan Johar too have shown extremely vulgar shows, too talks of intolerance. Had these people been in Pakistan or Bangla Desh they would have been imprisoned and their properties confiscated. Still if they are not at ease here why  are they suffering here?! They have thousands of options all over the world.[24.01.2016]
समाजवाद RIOTS-दंगे :: दंगो की लम्बी कहानी है। पहले अंग्रेज करवाते थे, अब नेता करवाते हैं। मुज्जफर नगर में अब तक 43 से ज्यादा लोग मर चुके हैं। सब्जबाग पार्टी (SP) उनको बहकाती है, उनकी आका बनती है और दंगों में उनकी बली चढ़ती है। अब तक 100 से ज्यादा दंगे करवा चुकी है।सब दंगों में किसका हाथ है, 66 साल से ? सब जानते हैं। 
40,000से ज्यादा लोग बघेर हो गये हैं। उनमें जाट और परिवर्तित जाट-जटुऐ दोनों ही हैं। 
शासन तो कल्याण सिंह ने भी किया था। मजाल है, किसी भी मुसलमान को मरने दिया हो। क्या इसीलिए उसकी पार्टी को साम्प्रदायिक कहा जाता है ? सबने देखा और देख रहे हैं-सैंकड़ो मुसलमानों की हिफाजत की है हिन्दुओं ने अपनी जान पर खेल कर, इन दंगों में। 
Image may contain: 3 people, text
इस देश की सरकार मुसलमान बनाता है। हाथी-हाथ-हंसिया-हथौड़ा, साइकल, लालटेन सबको चाहिये मुसलमान का साथ। 
दिल्ली में 2500 से ज्यादा सरदार मरवाये, क्यों ? गुजरात में हिन्दुओं को ट्रेन में जिन्दा जलवा दिया क्यों ?
गुजरात की सरकार को बदनाम करने-जनतंत्र की हत्या करने में कोई कसर बाकि नहीं छोड़ी। 
अपने को धर्म निरपेक्ष कहते हैं, तो मुस्लिम लीग, नेशनल कांफ्रेंस के साथ क्यों हैं ?
देश भक्त हैं तो कश्मीर को भारत से अलग करने वालों के साथ क्यों हैं ?
सब्ज बाग पार्टी के दो नेता खुल कर आतंकवादियों के साथ हैं और उनके हिमायती हैं-इस सरकार को क्यों नहीं दीखता ?
इस मुल्क का प्रत्येक नागरिक भारतीय है। DNA-Test करवालो।वो कहीं बाहर से नहीं आया, यहीं का है। जहाँ इस्लाम पैदा हुआ वहाँ भी इतना मुसलमान नहीं है जितना कि भारत और इंडोनेशिया में है। आम बोओगे तो आम, कीकर बोओगे तो कीकर, शेर का बच्चा शेर और हाथी  का बच्चा हाथी ही तो होगा। कभी सुना है ? यह भैंस हिन्दु  है और वो मुसलमान है ? हिन्दु के खेत का गेंहू हिन्दु और मुसलमान के खेत का मुसलमान-कभी सुना है ?
मजहब की राजनीति करने वाला अपने बाप का सगा नहीं है, तुम्हारा तो क्या होगा ?
औलाद ने किसी परिस्थिति वश घर छोड़ा परन्तु उसे वापस आने की मनाहि नहीं है। जटुए, मेवले, चौहान: कोई रोकने वाला नहीं है, रास्ते खुले हैं, अपना घर है कहीं बैठो-कहीं उठो। बस धर्म के ठेके दारों से बच कर चलो-रहो।  
Its a well known fact that the consecutive governments in India have been formed by the tilt of Muslim votes in their favor, except once, both at the state level as well as at the central level. The Muslim community is aware of it , but the real beneficiary, are its self proclaimed leaders, who issue one or the other Fatwa every day, against the interest  of the members of their own community. Probably its really very difficult to educate them.
Unseating the Guilty Legislature  :: When ever it comes to save their own skin, all political parties come to the common platform/unite, be it the RTI (-right to information) connected with the disclose of the source-utility of their funds or the unseating of the legislature sentenced for two or more years of imprisonment, in one or the other case.
One will not be astonished/aghast to discover that more than 50% of legislatures are branded criminals, pushing ahead the sentence through writs/adjournment. No political party/group, should offer them tickets for elections and support their unseating in stead of enhancing the time period for appeal to 5 years. This will be fatal to any democracy, like the cancer of reservation for the society.
"Any one behind the bars will not be able to contest elections, any more" the decision of the supreme court has been welcomed by all except except SP and CPM. 
Only glitch here is the misuse of power by the government by putting the rivals custody just to avoid contest/elections. This issue came up earlier as well but instead of finding out reasonable solution, the legislators are busy finding ways and means to scuttle the Supreme Court verdict.
PSEUDO SECULARISM धर्म निरपेक्षता :: 
(1). हिन्दु को जन्म से ही सभी धर्मों का आदर करना सिखाया जाता है। चाहे कोई नास्तिक है, साकार या निराकार किसी को भी मानता हो, शैव है या वैष्णव, मुसलमान है या ईसाई, वह अपने मत के अनुसार पूजा करने को स्वतंत्र है। हिन्दु राजा-शाषक वर्ग सदैव इस नियम का पालन करता रहा है और आगे भी करते रहेगा।अगर कोई धर्म की आड़ में वार करता है तो उसका नाश अवश्य करना चाहिये। धर्म स्थल पूजा के लिए हैं न कि गुनहगारों को शरण देने के लिये।  
Those people who accepted bifurcation of India, into two countries on the lines of religion are claiming to be secular, now. They had the backing of Hindu Maha Sabha, all the time. One can find evidences of dual membership. One who became prime minister later said that it was the duty of Hindus to protect the Muslims. He miserably failed to protect the Hindus-sikhs, leaving them to their luck. The tyranny inflicted on innocent Hindus is still in the minds of some, who are still alive. The one titled as the father of nation, went on fast-hunger strikes, several times when Hindus started retaliating-protecting them selves, from the on slaught of Muslims. The history is very recent and available at full length in news papers-films-books-novels-videos. The same people are inciting communal violence even now. Some of their speeches are sufficient to languish them in prison for a long stint. All samajwadis-communists-congressis are made up of the same clay. They incite violence to seek votes. The public is sure to understand their designs sooner of later, lest its not too late.
Hindu is the only community on earth which does not seek-believe in conversions.
A Hindu king-ruler-emperor-do not distinguish-differentiate between the subjects-citizens on the basis of religion-region-caste-creed-more-language-nationality.
Former IAS officer M.K.K. Nair, quoted  Nehru in his book "The story of an era Told without ill will" calling Sardar Patel "You are a total communalist". He added Pundit to his name to secure the votes of devout Hindus.
(2). हिंदुस्तान में राजनीतिबाजों के द्वारा बुर्का पहनना महिला की व्यक्तिगत पसंद और घूँघट प्रतिगामी धर्म निरपेक्षता  कहा जाता है। लाखों रोहिंग्या और बंगला देशी मुस्लिम लगातार अपना देश छोड़कर केवल भारत में ही गैर कानूनी रूप से घुस आयें और यहाँ से जाने का नाम न लें तो भी इस देश में  मुस्लिम सुरक्षित नहीं हैं !? जब जुनैद की हत्या पर आपका दिल फूटकर रोने लगे और केरल में सैकड़ों राष्ट्रीय स्वयं सेवक संघ के कार्यकर्ताओं  की हत्या पर जरा भी फर्क न पड़े तो समझिये देश धर्म निरपेक्ष है। इस्लाम धर्म के नाम पर विश्व भर में हजारों बम धमाके और लाखों निर्दोष लोगों की हत्या करने के बाद भी राजनीतिबाज कहें कि आतंकी का कोई धर्म नहीं होता है और एक दो धमाके में निर्दोष हिन्दु को फँसाने पर भगवा या हिन्दु आतंकवाद का राग अलाप कर धर्म निरपेक्ष हो गए। बंग्लादेशी रोहिंगा घुसपैंठिये दिल में सहानुभूति उत्पन्न करते हों मगर अपने ही देश के कश्मीरी पंडित शरणार्थीओं पर दर्द पैदा न हो तो देश धर्म निरपेक्ष है। जब मकबूल हुसैन की देवी देवताओं के नग्न चित्र बनाये तो वह कलाकार की आजादी है मगर तसलीमा नसरीन और सलमान रुश्दी की किताब धार्मिक भावनाओं को ठेस पहुँचाने  वाली है। जब एक प्रधानमंत्री बोले की इस देश के संसाधन पर पहला हक मुसलमानों का है तो वह धर्म निरपेक्ष है। जब संविधान के तहत सबके लिए एक कानून की बात करें तो साप्रदायिक लगे मगर धर्म के नाम पर अलग अलग कानून की वकालत धर्म निरपेक्षता है। हिन्दुस्तान  खाकर-पीकर-डकारकर शाहरुख़, आमेर, यूसफ़ खान कहें कि भारत में संकीर्णता पैदा हो गई है तो वो यहाँ असुरक्षित हैं। हिन्दुओं की लड़कियों को बर्बाद करके भी वो केवल यहीं पर सुरक्षित हैं। 
(3). Political Parties are able to push the masses-majority community in India, to the wall due to their ignorance., on the support from the minorities and the scheduled castes-tribes. In fact till today India is ruled by the Muslims and the Europeans, though by proxy. They are supported by the Muslim League, national Conference, Samajwadi  Marxists, Janta Dali, Bahu Jan Samaj Party-all of whom win the elections on the strength of minorities and the scheduled castes-tribes, which hardly constitute-account for 33% of the voters. Muslim league and National Conference play divisive politics in the name of autonomy. Samaj Wadi's love for the people who live-eat-drink-survive-flourish in India ' but support the Un- Pakistanis across the border is not a secret. Un-Pakis  are recognized as the supporters of terrorism, Talibanism, brutality, arson, kidnapping, intrusion, invading, loot and what not, world over.
Hindu is a true secular person. He is the only one world over,  who is capable of tolerating and perpetuating even the most hostile-brutal-reckless rulers  and surviving thereafter.
(4). Hindus did not propound two nation theory. It was Jinnah who, wanted a separate state for Muslims. If the congressmen were secular, why did they concede to this demand. Britishers carved out a state for religious fanatics, not for the sober-secular-timid Hindus. They never knew that they producing a terrorist state, which will create trouble for the whole world one day or the other, in the name of Jihad (-acquiring power by be fooling in the name of God, through dubious means). They might be repenting their logic at that point of time. Neither the white nor the so called secular Indians, are still not ready to understand the gravity of the threat from them, to the entire mankind. Probably they do not understand the method/procedure of balance of power.
There are people in India who are grossly non secular and still prefer to be called secular. They are lured by their desire to bring Muslim voters to their fore. Take the case of Nitish Kumar, who has decided to part his company with the BJP. They have been together for a long period of time. It was Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee who gave him the opportunity to become a minister and control Indian Railways. It was the BJP which promoted him as the Chief Minister of Bihar. He did his job very well. He is intelligent, hard working and a good administrator.  He showed his tactics of winning Muslim votes by visiting Pakistan. He found an easy tool in Modi to appease the Muslims. Now that a time has come when Lalu-Congress-JD(U) are eager to poach-fish the Muslims with equal force, no one can be sure if scales may turn-tilt against all of them. Bihar too has a Modi and is respected as well. The game plan-strategy may be counter productive. There is no doubt that Modi has made his foot prints visible every where. Nitish must not forget that he enjoyed the backing of the forward because of the BJP only, not him self. Those who alienated them selves from Lalu and Congress, may not stand by him as well.
Let us hope that Nitish will not repent his decisions later.
The clash of egos has taken it's toll. Inevitable has happened. Now, its certain that JD(U) will never emerge as a party with absolute majority, as such Nitish may become a part of history.
He is an opportunist and knows, when to say what. He praised Modi as a railway minister in 2003 and asked  him to come out of Gujrat to the National politics. 
Now, when Modi is swinging to the center stage, he unilaterally broke the NDA, perhaps because he was looking to the opportunity of becoming the next prime minister on the shoulders of BJP. During the last few months, he has been close to the congress for having more funds and special status for Bihar. The people, who ditched George Fernandez-their mentor and NDA convener, can ditch any one, at any stage, for personal gains. Independently, they  are no where. 
He states that he is willing to accept Lal Krishan Adwani as the Prime Ministerial candidate, but who knows, he might be looking to some opportunity for more gains.
Nitish might be aware that millions of Biharis are still moving to other states in search of jobs and face continued insults, even at the hands of one time Biharis. The rivers still devastate thousands of acres of fertile land every year, in Bihar. Villages continue to drown in floods. He still talks of a better progress module. He talks of higher  minimum wages paid to the labours. He does not feel ashamed when he obtain support from those against whom Jai Prakash  Narayan formed Janta Dal. True, every thing is fare in love and war. 
RAW official Colonel RSN Singh exposed the intentions of Nitish Kumar’s visit to Pakistan in a summit organized by ‘India Behind The Lens’ media group. He indirectly pointed the outcome of the meeting, the shift of Indian Mujahideen to Bihar from UP. To add one more fact, the Kishanganj district of Bihar has been the biggest stronghold of around 5-6 Crores Bangladeshi infiltrators. What RSN Singh didn’t mention about the meeting is that special care was taken by the organizers to stop any team intending to take up the cause of justice for Rinkel Kumari, plight of Pakistani Hindus etc. Nitish met with Mohajir representatives who threw Hindu inhabitants of Sindh out of their homes in 1947.
May the God bless him with good sense and prudence!

(5).  Present government is bent upon declaring some Hindu ideologist groups as terrorists. Each and every effort has been made to brandish a few of them as terrorists organisations. NIA-National Investigation Agency tried hard to link Pragya Thakur and Swami Asima Nand with out success at the behest of this minority government which has been adopting foul-illegal tactics to frame innocent people. As a matter of fact Asima Nand objected to some people trying hard to convert innocent Hindus. Nothing worth while has come forward after 5 years of imprisonment and rigorous torture of these two.
Diplomatic Immunity राजनैयिक  संरक्षण  :: All are equal but some are more equal.The more equals live in glass houses and yet dare through stones over others. It has embassies in 171 countries, where it pays below one dollar to its local employees. One can find the family members of these embassies begging alms for subsistence by the roadside.
It has been inflicting insult over the high ups enjoying enjoying diplomatic amnesty-immunity, forgetting the fact that a number of its own employees not covered by diplomatic immunity having direct links with the spies indulging in espionage at the place of their posting, under radar-constant vigil. There were occasions in the past when such employees were allowed to leave the country without a scratch, though they were facing arrest and rigorous imprisonment.
In fact the big brother is willing to strip any one, howsoever high or important he is, in the name of security!Perhaps this is so because of lack of intelligence of its intelligence wing.
Some call him uncle Sam and the other call him big brother.
COMMUNAL PARTIES OF INDIA    भारत के साम्प्रदायिक राजनीतिक दल :: 
मुस्लिम लीग: नाम से ही जाहिर है। पाकिस्तान के गठन के बाद इसका भारत में  आस्तित्व खतरे से खाली नहीं है। Its main function is divisive politics. It instigate minority community against the majority community and the break up of Kashmir from India with the active support from Pakistan and terrorist groups.
Congress: This is a party which use to play Hindu card before Independence. After emergency it started talking of secularism seeking the support of Muslims. During its rule Muslims suffered the most. It acts against the majority community even if their is no fault on its side.
It has numerous corruption cases to her credit. Bofors, Nagar wala, 2G, Coal Blocks allotment, CWG. The list is long and this is just the tip of ice burg.
Smajwadi: Their sole motto is to persuade the Muslims to its fore for political support.The patrons have accumulated wealth to the tune of 50,000 crores. It is said that he has palatial houses in every city in India. Most of his deals are benami. Congress party survived in power due to his support made available by blocking the inquiry against him.Though from the dynasty of Bhagwan Shri Krishan he claims to be oppressed and poverty stricken.
RJD: A regional party is headed by one of the most corrupt persons in India connected with fodder scam. He be fools the Muslims before the elections for his personal and political gains. A big group of Muslims, who voted him to power were so much scared of his goons that they left their holding for him and settled in Gaya. Later some of the displaced were heard to have joined terrorist out fits.
JDU: It too draws it strength from the oppressed communities and the Muslims. Its heads ignore the terrorists, since they are from Muslim community. Its patriarchs are from the so called oppressed-back ward-suppressed communities.
BSP: It woos the down trodden-oppressed for its divisive (-creating differences among the majority community, at a time when the Indians are gradually over coming case barriers) politics. इसका नारा "तिलक, तराजू और तलवार; इनको मारो जूते  चार" She has smashed wealth to the tune of 5000 crore. She too supported the Congress government to save her self from the rigors of prison. She wasted a big chunk of money on statues. She could easily build 1,00,000 houses for the oppressed by utilizing this government money.
Shiromani Akali Dal: The name speaks volumes. Its leaders have big land holdings.This party plays divisive politics by creating factionalism amongest the Sikhs. Time and again hey show their real intentions by giving martyrdom to the terrorists killed in operation Blue Star. Its not all they glorify the killers of Indra Gandhi. Indirectly they support Khalistan which in reality exits in Pakistan.
Shiv Sena: It plays a dirty card by claiming Maharashtra for Maharashtrians, though its founders are from Bihar. It has nothing to do with Bhagwan Shiv. This party exploits the sentiments of people who admire Shivaji Maharaj.
माँझी बिहार का चीफ मिनिस्टर है। उसका कहना है कि सवर्ण  विदेशी-अभारतीय हैं। वो इसे एक ऐतिहासिक तथ्य कहता है। उसने कितना इतिहास पढ़ा है यह तो उसके इस कथन से ही स्पष्ट है। वो उन औरतों को बदचलन कहता है, जिनके पति बाहर गए हुए हैं। उसका लड़का होटलों में पुलिस वाली और अन्य लड़कियों  के साथ पकड़ा जाता है।  कोई दिन ऐसा होगा जब उसकी जुबान से उट-पटांग बात न निकलती हों ! धन्य है नितीश और उसका जनता दल ![14.11.2014]
OPPRESSED दलित :: Almost all political parties use this group of people for its political fortunes. Specially the Bahujan Samaj party and Jan Shakti. JDU is not far behind and even one step up as it seeks the support of minority communities having oppressed in them, as well. There are some political groups who earn their bread and butter by inciting these people. Oppressed are no more oppressed. They have gained substantial power to oppress others. BSP is using this group to traumatise the higher castes. New groups are emerging, crying-demanding for the reservation of seats in jobs. Jats, Gujjars are dominant amongest them. It amounts to the politics of vote-gimmick and has nothing to do with the welfare of one or the other community.
There is nothing like broken, torn, crushed, ground, trampled, oppressed as far as the as the so called Dalits are concerned, who have reached the high echelons of power in India. They are enjoying all that which is  rarely available, to the common man-who can not dream of it either, in India. This has been done by extending the period of reservation to scheduled castes-tribes, constitutionally. Some of them are amongest the richest.
They have been classified into three categories: (I) Scheduled Castes, (II) Scheduled tribes and the (III) Back wards. There is no reservation for the economically Bach wards-below poverty line. In spite of providing all facilities from the time of birth, there is no output. These people do not conform to family planning norms even after reaching the highest bracket of society, having  up to 9 children and even more; adding to the national population, mercilessly.
How can a person claim to be Dalit having reached the position of President, Speaker in Parliament, Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister, Chief Justice of India?!
How can a lady who make the upper caste people sit on earth, in front her chair, claim to be Dalit, having smashed wealth to the tune of 5000 crore!?
Rampant corruption-embezzlement have become synonym with them. Bribery, smashing wealth are common, with almost all of them, though a few of them are found to be honest. One should not expect efficiency from them under any circumstances.
Don't you see three generations of a family working over gazetted posts on the strength of reservation!?
Most intriguing aspect of these reservations is that these people have been promoted out of turn against the law. Supreme Court's three rulings have not made any impact over those who make/grant promotions. There is deep rooted corruption behind these promotions. Yet another worrying feature is that they blindly support their near and dears. Another dimension of these promotes is that they make false complaints to commissions which too do not mind torturing the general category employees. After promotion they tease-insult-degrade the upper class subordinates. There are several cases, when upper caste employees were left with no alternative, but to commit suicide.
There is another twist in the tail-a number of these people are found using surnames like Sharma, Bhaskar, Gautom, Verma, Chandel, Chaudhary, Punia, Chauhan; which are used by the higher caste people due to their lineage. This is there to camouflage/hide their real caste. They always hide their actual/real lineage and object to be called by their real lineage surname and make complaints along with dragging the innocent people to court and commissions of inquiry.
With the advent of Buddhism in India they started converting them selves, with the desire to have a respectable position in the society. They were lured to Islam, without significant gains. They still work as barbers, dhobis-washer man, carpenters, cobblers etc. Then came the turn of Christianity, which too lured them to  its fold and still no gains were there. With the arise of Sikhism there was a sweep to its fold, even from the side of those who had become Muslims earlier. It mainly happened in Punjab, now in Pakistan. Punjab was a region-province, where those communities resided which were the out come of the union between the Europeans and Hindus at the time of Chandr Gupt Maury. After the independence efforts of Mahatma Gandhi brought another opportunity to them and there was yet another stream of conversion to Buddhism again. Though they have converted them selves to Christianity or Buddhism still they do not mind obtaining-enjoying  the benefits of reservation, meant for Hindus only.
Manu Smrati (-स्मृति) and other epics-scriptures have used the word Shudr as a noun only without the intention of degrading or lowering the status of any community-caste-class-group-more. One finds is quite common in today's society that the people from higher caste are adopting professions like beauty parlour-dry cleaning-gardening-service etc. for the sake of more-higher earnings. In due course of time they will be recognized by these professions only not by the caste, they belonged to. One finds Brahmns from the highest lineage are moving to tradings-business, lowering their cast-status in Hindu hierarchy and they will be recognized by these professions later, as a section of Dalits, only.
Constitutional provision for reservation was made to uplift and eliminate the social differences-barriers, which might have existed at the time of freedom. In today's context they are out dated-irrelevant-meaningless. One finds that inter caste-inter religions-inter region marriages are taking places in almost all communities. Most wonderful aspect of these marriages is that the folk even after marrying to an upper caste person continues to claim reservation benefits. Relevance of reservation of seats in educational/professional institutions-jobs-legislature is questionable.
Help less upper caste youth is  suffering, at the hands-designs of the disgruntled politicians. Politicians are exploiting the society for their goals-benefits.
With the swearing in of Narendra Bhai Modi as the 15th Prime Minister of India 
a new era in diplomacy and  governance has begun. Let the Almighty give him 
strength to prove worthy of the confidence reposed in him by the masses in India.
जय हिन्द जय भारत 

नवाज शरीफ सावधान अब तुम्हें सबक सीखने वाले आ रहे हैं। 
The change that is expected at the center may be enough to contain the bigots of Pakistan and make Sharif a sharif man.
Rise of AAM ADMI PARTY is not a good indication for the nation.
Diggy is one of the three clowns of Indian politics: 1. Raj Narayan, 2. Lalu, 3. Diggy. His contribution for the defeat of Congress is praise worthy.One don't need foes with such friends. 
मोदी का चुनाव जीतना लगभग तय है। उस पर जितने आरोप लगाये गये, वो आज तक सिद्ध नहीं हो पाए हैं, क्योंकि वो निराधार-झूठे थे और गलत मंशा से लगायें गए थे। वो निश्चित रूप से एक साहसिक व्यक्ति है और उसमेँ दम भी है। उसने एक पिछड़े हुए राज्य को दुनियां के नक्शे में ला खड़ा किया। हर प्राकृतिक आपदा में लोगों को सहारा दिया। एक सूखे हुए रेगिस्तान को नखलिस्तान में तब्दील कर दिया। उसके न आस है न औलाद है वो किसके लिये करेगे सिवाय देश के ?! उसका तो जन्म ही सेवा के लिये हुआ है, अन्यथा कब का साधु बन गया होता। जात न पूछो साधु की पूछ लीजिये ज्ञान मोल करो तलवार का पड़ा रह्ने दो मयान। 
जय हिन्द जय भारत जय भारत माता। 
Its claimed that, it's not Modi's lahar-wave but anti Congress-UPA wave that is behind the possible victory of Modi.
US was quick enough to realize that change is imminent and it decided to appoint a new ambassador in India. 
Share market too realized that there must be a change by virtue of the current elections.
There was a marked change in the attitude of media, when it tested the lair Kejriwal-who turned hostile to it and duped the innocent voters.
Too heavy-voter turn out-which always predicts change, like the one comparable to post emergency era.
Mamta Banergig's rhetoric is enough to predict change. CPM's desire to support her is supporting this prediction.
Congress has already conceded its defeat. It allowed notorious gangsters and Lalu to be released from prison.
The congress which has been hitting hard at Gujrat model of development in its election speeches is praising it in black and white,
US, which is not ready to grant visa to Modi is forgetting that Gujrat Model of growth and development is taught in most of the universities in US.
During the last 12 years Gujrat faced drought, floods, earth quakes, epidemics and poverty and came out of all of them successfully under Modi. 
Staunch opponents of Modi too have conceded their defeat. In fact some of them changed sides as well. None of his predecessors could perform so well, as he did.
Not even a single confrontation between Hindus and Muslims took place in Gujrat during the last three terms of Modi as CM, post Godhra-which was a consequence of burning alive of hundreds of Hindus in train, returning from Ayodhya, by the Muslims after due planning. Those who have been fanning unrest against Modi are culprit of cheating people of their valuable property.
In fact the credit of Modi's victory might be given to Congress and its stalwarts, who leveled all sort so false-motivated accusations against him, all these years. The media too kept propagating the cooked stories, with the blessings of the government at the center.
Most of the TV channels in race to telecast Modi's interview with their anchors. Leading English dailies are not far behind . Modi has become their darling just because of expected poll results. Those who were after his blood too have fallen in line. Is it a miracle?! No. They all know what is expected or is there in the molding pot. These interviews have gone viral over YOU TUBE. Sen sex has crossed 23,000 mark-a psychological barrier.
PM and Chidambram along with 12 central ministers have started for vacating the official bungalows.[10.05.2014]
Image result for Modi and Amit Shah-pictures
Amit Shah has once again proved his mantle. His organisational power is far more than the opposition. His decisions taken with the consent of Modi are based on ground reality. He has vision and prudence. He has come up as a powerful man man next to Modi. BJP has proved that its admired by the people.
Shiv Sena is a group of disgruntled people headed by Udhav-a confused man; playing divisive politics of north Indians vs Maharashtrians. Thakreys are not basically Maharashtrians, yet they successfully exploited the sentiments of the natives. There is nothing like Shiv or Shiva Ji in them
उद्धव का विश्वास करना पार्टी को महँगा पड़ सकता है। इसका हाल वह है जो कहते है कि मुँह में राम बगल में छुरी। परन्तु ये उससे भी आगे बढ़ गए। इसके मुँह, जुबान और कलम सब में केवल छुरी है, ना तो राम ना ही शिव। BJP has almost garnered support to have its own chief minister and keep the SS at bay if it fails to behave. Uddhav might be rushing to Delhi to save the situation created by his out bursts against almost disciplined party.चुनाव के दौरान एक दूसरे पर कीचड़ उछालते हुए शिव सेना को हप्ता वसूली पार्टी और एन.सी.पी. को National Corrupt Party (नेशनल करप्ट पार्टी कहा गया)। क्या यही इनकी सही पहचान है ?शिव सेना में दो तरह के लोग हैं। पहले जो सत्ता के इक्छुक हैं और दूसरे जो विपक्ष में बैठना चाहते हैं। वैसे यह सब ड्रामा है आखिर 15 साल बाद सत्ता का मौंका मिल रहा है, अगर हाथ से जाने दिया तो ना मालूम पैंठ कब लगेगी। कहीं ऐसा ना हो कि आम आदमी पार्टी से भी बुरा हाल हो जाये! 
बकरी दूध देती तो है मगर मींगनी डालकर।  उद्धव भी शायद यही करे। Uddhav may act like the goat which yield milk only after passing stoolsदूसरी बात और है: मान मनाई खीर न खाई कड़छु चाटन आई। There is yet another saying revealing his true character: One refuses to accept pudding offered with request politely, but comes when its over to clean the vessels with his tongue.आधी छोड़ पूरी को धावे आधी मिले ना पूरी पावे। You rush to obtain the full instead of the half which is available to you, but loss the half as well.
Shiv Sena is demanding more than its due-it can chew-bite. Udhav is irrational-unrealistic and acting more like a black mailer. He do not command respect in the north Indians-though his ancestors-family had migrated to Maha Rashtr just a few generations ago. He do not leave an opportunity of raising the boggy of Vidarbh. All these things go against him. He is trying to present himself as a shrewd politicians, though in fact he does not know even the basics of bargaining-barter. Had the collision collapsed a few months ago he would have got just 25-30 seats. Modi is offering him 2 more births at the center. If he fails to realize the ground reality, he is sure to repent in future. The government should in fact ban the political organisations which use the word like Sena or Shiv and play divisive politics. Majority of Hindus do not wish them to be identified with these myopic people.[07.11.2014]
Udhav is sulking forgetting the ground realities. What, if those who want to be in power wish to detach and support BJP, both from SS-NCP!? He is bargaining too hard, beyond his capacity.Once the trust vote is won, BJP will not need it in the next 6 months. If it losses thereafter, it will prefer elections and the public will have a decisive hand then.
He is Bundal Baj (-बण्डल बाज)-Phaenku (-फैंकू)-congenital lair. His habit is to speak a lair 100 times so that it appears true to the common man-Aam Admi. He is expert in deviating the attention of public from key problems. His sins are accumulating day by day. Modi has introduced free wi-fi in many places in Delhi, but he failed to keep his promise. He did his best to implicate Arun Jetly in association with Congress, Keerti Azad and detractors in BJP. The committee appointed by him exonerated Jetly, but he is still bent upon leveling fake-false charges one after another, the same way he did with Sheila Dixit. THIS IS LESSON FOR THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TO DOWN GRADE THE DELHI ASSEMBLY TO JUST A COUNCIL LIKE NDMC WITH LIMITED POWERS.[30.12.2015]
CBI raids on two of his senior officials has unnerved Kejriwal. he is under the fear of being exposed.
Facts on Rajender Kumar: He too from IIT, Delhi like Kejriwal. Rajender Kumar, the principal secretary to the Chief Minister, has been accused of corruption in the purchase of computers. CBI has registered a case against him for alleged criminal conspiracy. The CBI claimed that it searched Rajender Kumar's next door room. CBI said that Rs. 13 Lakh cash was found in raids on Rajender Kumar and another person. Rs. 3 Lakh in foreign currency and Rs. 2.4 Lakh was allegedly found from Rajender Kumar's home.He is one of our most trusted & tainted favorite officer of Kejriwal. A complaint was filed against him by Ashish Joshi, who was sacked by Mr Kejriwal in May as member-secretary of the Delhi Dialogue Commission. Ashish Joshi's complaint said the CBI should investigate Rajender Kumar's dealings when he was with the departments of education, IT and health in the Delhi government. Kumar has been accused of setting up various companies to give work contracts without tenders, at a huge loss to the Delhi government. He allegedly formed a company that was em-paneled with Public Sector Units to get government work without tenders, the complaint alleged.[18.12.2015]
Kejriwal kicked off one of his ministers for accepting bribes. He him self is corrupt, his team is corrupt. where is the Lokayukt for which he cursed Congress?! Where is that 700 page charge sheet against Sheila Dixit he talked about?! What is wrong with his law ministers?! He accuses BJP & the center for troubles in Delhi?!What a fickle minded person?![10.10.2015]
Its not possible to educate the citizens of Delhi, who were fooled by this duo. He ditched Anna, kicked Ravi Shanker and Ram Dev. Parted off  company with Kiran Bedi & V.K. Singh. He expelled Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendr. He developed anonymity with Jung and declared JUNG-war with him. His ministers hold fake degrees. His MLA's are involved in beating the people-officers on duty. His 100 days tenure is a big flop show. He failed to provide water, electricity and Wi-Fi to the AAM-ADMI. What next?!He considers him self to the king of Delhi-elected by Delhites. He favors the auto-rikshawallahs who ditch common man almost every day. He goes to court with the sneezing of opponents. He is unable to bear criticism. What next?!दिल्ली में आम आदमी पार्टी की सरकार बनने के करीब चार महीने बाद भारतीय जनता पार्टी के प्रदेश अध्यक्ष सतीश उपाध्याय ने एक लिखित बयान जारी कर, आम आदमी पार्टी की मंगोलपुरी से विधायक राखी बिड़लान पर भ्रष्टाचार का आरोप लगाया है।एक आरटीआई के हवाले से दावा किया गया है कि है कि मंगोलपुरी इलाके में 15 हजार रुपये की सोलर स्ट्रीट लाइट को एक लाख रुपये में खरीद कर लगाई गई है और  10 हजार रुपये में लगने वाले सीसीटीवी कैमरे के लिए छह लाख रुपये का भुगतान किया गया है।उपाध्याय ने इसे हेराफेरी का मामला बताया है और कहा है कि बीजेपी इस मामले की प्राथमिकी दिल्ली पुलिस में दर्ज कराने पर गंभीरता से विचार कर रही है। विचार कैसा FIR करो यदि सबूत है तो! राखी ने अपनी सफाई में कहा कि जो भी खरीद हुई है, वह सरकारी दर पर हुई है। 
अब तक सरकार और सरकारी कर्मचारियों पर इसी तरह के आरोप लगाने वाली आम आदमी पार्टी और उनके शीर्ष नेता और दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल अब कार्रवाई करने में देरी क्यों कर रहे हैं?! His Law Minister-Tomar possessed fake degrees. He is behind bars. He may turn out to be the kingpin of a big fake degree racket.
His MLA from Karol Bagh-Vishesh Ravi, too has fake certificates. He did not pass an intermediate examination from UP. He never passed B.Com. from Meerut University. He Was never enrolled for B.A with IGNOU. He claimed that he passed 10th from IGNOU. Universities do not impart education at the secondary level. 
His MLA from Cantonment area-constituency-commando Surendr too has fake degrees.
His Law Minister-Mr. Som Nath in previous government, duped his wife and tortured her, demanded dowry. His atrocities took her to the women's cell for filing a complaint. His mother and brother too were involved in the turmoil-episode. 
His deputy's childhood friend-Kumar Vishwas, has no control over his tongue. Not only had he been making indecent comments against women, he is blamed for illicit relations as well.
He him self was blamed for concealing Rs. 8 lakh he had to return to the government. He is revengeful to the IAS, who might be his one time bosses. His daughter was found bribing the motor licencing authority personnel. He received around Rs. 200 crore by way of donations. where is that money? He wants the officers of his choice! Why can't he handle the affairs with the existing staff. Will he provide the subordinates of the choice of his senior officials. He is bent upon spoiling the carrier of many officials due to his personality defects, is not he?! The property earned by him, his wife and brother in law, needs thorough investigation by impartial officials.
What is the credibility of this government?! He committed free wi-fi, free water, cheap electricity, LOKAYUKT-where are these?! He is always at JUNG with the Lieutenant governor and the central government, Is this what for you voted him to power?
केजरीवाल ने चुन-चुन कर नमूने पाले है। कोई पत्नी पीटने में मास्टर डिग्री रखता है, तो किसी की मास्टर डिग्री ही फर्जी है कोई फर्जी डिग्री का कारोबार करता है, तो कोई फर्जी डिग्री वाले कॉलेज का प्रिन्सिपल है। कोई लिखता है 8वां पास, तो कोई 10वां कई तो शपथ पत्र भी नहीं पढ़ पते।कोई Spam किंग है, तो कई porn साइट का मालिक है। कोई आतंकवादी है तो कोई NGO के भेस में आतंकवाद फैलता है। कोई Greenpeace का सदस्य बन कर देश तोड़ता है, तो कोई Amnesty International का सदस्य बनकर सेना के खिलाफ आतंक फैलता है।कोई बलात्कारी है, तो कोई अवैध संबंध रखता है। कोई दारू का कारोबार करता है तो कोई जुआ का अड्डा चलाता है।कोई हत्यायारा है तो कोई हत्यारे को बचाने वाला है। इन 66 नमूनों का मालिक तो दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा झूठ बोलने वाला इंसान है जो इन सब बेइमानो को ईमानदारी का सर्टिफिकेट बाँटता है। 
He has 30 air conditioners in his house and the government pays Rs.1,25,000 per month for his electricity bills. He is spending Rs.2500 crore of the tax payers money, on the publicity of his party and still he claims to be a AAM AADMI. HE IS GETTING FREE PUBLICITY.
आप विधायक ने लगवाई 15 हजार की लाइट 1 लाख में, 10 हजार का सीसीटीवी 6 लाख में: बीजेपी
The Delhi Police on Wednesday began filing a charge sheet against 21 AAP MLAs, including the Delhi Chief Minister. Kejriwal has been named in the charge sheet being filed by the Delhi police.Delhi  He has been named in the charge sheet being filed by the Delhi police. He has been named in 6 cases out of 25 cases in which the police is filing the charge sheet. The police is also probing two other cases against Kejriwal. [19.06.2015]
Top sources in Delhi government revealed to AAP that Pioneer was given the multi-million publicity contract of AAP government recently. Pioneer Publicity is owned by Naresh and Sunil Vasudeva. The Vasudeva family is said to be close to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and other senior leaders of AAP. It was Pioneer which projected the PAANCH SAL KEJRIWAL in the NCT Delhi in the recent Assembly polls.
Would the Kejriwal government please clarify the following questions raised by India Samvad.
(1) What was the criteria of awarding the contract to Pioneer Publicity?
(2) Whether any tender was floated for this contract?
(3) If a tender was not floated then on what basis was such a massive contract running into millions given to a select company?
(4) If a company impaneled with the government can be obliged with a contract then why were the other publicity companies empanelled with the Delhi government ignored?
(5) Can only an art work be the criteria for awarding such a large contract?
(6) Will the government make public the work order given to Pioneer and sanctions for the publicity contract?
(7) Would AAP as a party, make public the amount and total work given to Pioneer Publicity in the elections? Please also clarify the rates given by the Pioneer for the work done for the party and the rates at which work is being done for the state government.
(8) Were the sites where hoardings were installed, duly approved by the concerned authorities?
(9) Would AAP also release the contract of the TV commercials?
(10) Would the entire money released for outdoor and visual/print advertisement till date would be released by the AAP Government?[24.06.2015]
6 MLA's of his party are accused of fake degrees-certificates. Manoj Kumar from Kondli has already been arrested for cheating-forgery.[11.07.2015]
Akhilesh Pati Tripathi-Model Town MLA of AAP is charged with assault and molestation. Bandana Kumari, yet another MLA;s husband threatened the principal of a government school of dire consequences, if he did not admit a child in class X directly against the rules. Kejri & Co. claims to give corruption free governance in Delhi. Now the big question is: Where is the Lokayukt to probes frauds-scams-misadventures of AAP?![12.07.2015]
He along with his party members is creating new standards in distorting the society playing the politics of confrontation at a time when he himself is holding a constitutional authority-ridiculous!Kumar Vishwas, one time associate of Modi, says that Kejiwal in not the only leader of the Aam Aadmi. He is equally competent. In fact, he is better equipped than Kejriwal. He is not only a good orator, but youthful and confident. He is there in AMETHI FOR MORE 4 MONTHS high lightening the bows of the common masses. A big team of volunteers is present there, along-with his father. He is confident of winning, barring rigging-booth capturing-mal practices, which is the real character of Congress.
Congress workers have too much fallen from grace. They lodged criminal complaints against Kumar Vishwas with the help of TV crew-sympathetic to congress.
Aam aadmi had understood the character-politics-game played by KEJRIWAL. Probably he is the Ist person  in India to have been assaulted-jeered by the public, so frequently. He has made a world record of being thrashed by THE AAM AADMI.वो कितना बेशर्म है आप खुद देख लो-एक नम्बर का धोखेबाज़ है ये। 
He is sure to loss hold over the voters in Delhi this time. Ar least the middle class educated, has alienated from his tricks.
मुल्क में ऐसी सियासत हो रही है जिसमें झूँठ बोलना, बहकाना, सब्ज बाग दिखाना, वायदे करना और उन्हें तोड़ना, इल्जाम लगाना आम बात है।आम आदमी को आज पाखंडी, झूठा, मक्कार आदि विशेषणों से नवाजा गया है -उसका क्या कसूर वो तो है ही ऐसा। 
"MANGO MAN" रावर्ट वाड्रा के इस्तेमाल किये गये लफ्जों "मैंगो मैन " को उसने ट्रांसलेशन करके अपना लिया और हो गया उसका फैन। व्ही आदर्श पुरुष हैं और व्ही आदर्श वाक्य है उसके लिये। 
स्कल कैप या चमड़े की फर दार टोपी पहनकर, मुसलमानों की जमात में बैठकर, ये अपना सेक्यूलर पना किसे जताता है, राम जाने !?जिस दिन इस मुल्क के हिन्दु को इस दोहरी नीति का अहसास हो जायेगा उस दिन देश की सैंकड़ों मुसीबतें खत्म हो जाएँगी। 
आम आदमी की बात करते हैं और उसी को गुमराह करते हैं। उसे मूर्ख-नासमझ मानते हैं-उल्लू बनाते हैं। काठ की हाँडी बार-बार नहीं चढ़ती, शायद वो ये भी जानते होंगे। 
मालूम था कि जादुई आंकड़ा उनके पास नहीं है फिर भी सरकार बनाई, वो भी ऐसे लोगों से मिलकर जिनके साथ कभी सम्बन्ध न रहने की कसम  खाई थी! बच्चों के सर पे हाथ रख कर। 
लोकपाल बिल बनाया, मगर उसमें वो बातें जान बूझकर वो बातें जोड़ीं, जिन्हें कोई भी अपने होश-हवास में न माने।
वैधानिक प्रक्रिया, जिसमें बिल को राज्य पाल के मार्फत, राष्ट्रपति को भेजा जाता है स्वीकृति के लिये, का ठीक उल्टा किया गया, जान बूझकर, ताकि सरकार गिरने का ठीकरा विपक्ष पर फोड़ा जा सके। 
हॉर्स ट्रेडिंग का इल्जाम लगाया मगर निकला क्या ?
मंत्री ऐसे जिनका रिकॉर्ड ही खराब है। 
अब अगर इन्हें कोई श्री 420 कहे, तो क्या गलत है। 
कहते हैं एक झूँठ 100 बार बोला जाये तो सच माना जाता है। 
कहते थे शीला के खिलाफ 700 पेज का प्रमाण है, अब वो कहाँ गया? 
जिन लोगों को कोर्ट ने वेकसूर माना। उन्हीं को कसूरबार का फतवा जारी कर दिया !
60000 से ज्यादा लोग मारे-मारे फिर रहे हैं, रैगुलर नौकरी के लिए। उन्हें वायदा तो दिया मगर पूरा नहीं किया। 
साथ लिया भी तो किसका !? ऑटो-रिक्शा वालों का, जिनका रिकॉर्ड है, दिल्ली की जनता को परेशान करने का। 
दावा किया गया कि इन्होंने मात्र 49 दिनों में भ्रष्टाचार 49% कम दिया और बाद में माफी माँग ली। 
जिन लोगों को ये दिन में प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में गालियाँ देते हैं, रात में उन्हीं लोगों के साथ स्टेज पर दीखते हैं।
49 दिन में 100 अफसरों के तबादले के पीछे इनकी मंशा क्या थी ? यह जानना जरूरी है। 
दावा किया था कि राजनीति सिखायेंगे, मगर दीखता है, स्वयं  को तो इसकी ABC...भी नहीं आती। पहले नीति सीखो-अनीति छोड़ो, फिर राजनीति सीखना, परन्तु , सिखाना तो भूल ही जाओ। 
पहले लात मारी अन्ना को, फिर छोड़ा उस आन्दोलन को, जिसमें भ्रष्टाचार का विरोध था, अपनी ख्वाइश पूरी  करने के लिए लोगों को इस्तेमाल किया और अपने पिछलग्गुओं को छोड़ दिया मझधार में। 
तीन मान हानि के केस इन पे हो चुके हैं और अभी और भी गुंजाईश है। 
बिजली के बिलों के मामले में हाई कोर्ट ने इनकी बात को नकारा है। 
Ann says that the AAM AADMI is eyeing the chair of Prime Minister. Kiran says that its quite easy to become hero-a political leader by arranging some protest marches, Dharna-pradarshan-demonstrations. Those who could not imagine of a ticket of some established political party, have got an opportunity to come to central stage and obstruct of government formation.
Law enacted to stop horse trading was left with many loop holes intentionally, to make use of it, in an hour of need, which the present government did repeatedly many times at will, with ease, which resulted in the formation of AAM AADMI PARTY, with the help of concocted-forged documents.
आम आदमी  के अनुसार अंबानी की एक जेब में BJP तो दूसरी जेब में कांग्रेस है।  उसकी कमीज में तो जेब है ही नहीं परन्तु पेंट में बेक पॉकेट जरुर है। क्या आम आदमी की नजर उस पर है ?बाड्रा 50 लाख से 500 करोड़ का हो गया  इसमें उसकी क्या गलती है ?आख़िरकार वो सरकारी जमाई है !हरियाणा का सीएम  प्रॉपर्टी डीलर है; ठीक है, पर इसमें उसकी क्या गलती जैसा देश वैसा वेश। जैसे उसके आका वैसा वो। आखिर वो वही तो करेगा ना ,जो उसकी  गॉड मदर चाहेगी। उसकी गलती यह कि उसने आम आदमी को जमीन नहीं दी। 
आख़िरकार उसे तो सड़क से संसद में पहुँचना-जनता का क्या है, उसे तो सभी निचुड़ने वाला आम समझते हैं। और झूठ सच क्या जबान तो चढ़े की फिसलती ही रहती है। 
आम आदमी  कहता है कि अम्बानी के ब्लैक मनी के खाते हैं, विदेशों में और अम्बानी मना करता है। अगर हम पब्लिक में कोई बात बोलते हैं, तो उसका प्रमाण भी प्रस्तुत करें जिसे कोर्ट भी मानने को बाध्य हो भले ही CBI न माने। 
आम आदमी का कहना है कि उसने RTI कार्य कर्ताओं को आर्थिक सहायता प्रदान की।  प्रश्न यह है  कि किसे, कब, कहाँ, कितनी, किसके सामने, क्या हिसाब है?
RTI से जुड़े 3500 कार्य कर्ता मारे जा चुके हैं। ज्यादातर को अपमान, तरक्की में अवरोध, नुकसान सहना पड़ा। जरा व्यौरा दें, इन्होंने किसके लिए क्या और कितना किया ?  
वो बोला सरकारी मकान नहीं लेगा, परन्तु सरकार बनाने का मौंका मिलते ही 10 कमरे वाले 2 मकान मांगे। बोला सरकारी गाड़ी नहीं लेगा, परन्तु बड़ी गाड़ी ली। बोला सिक्यूरिटी नहीं चाहिए, मगर  100 लोगों को लगाया गया, उसे बचाने के लिए। 
उसके जनता दरबार का फर्स्ट डे फर्स्ट शो ही फ्लॉप हो गया। 
ऊट-पटाँग, बगैर सोचे-समझे बोलना सीखना हो तो उसकी शागिर्दी करो। शर्म नाम की कोई चीज-चिड़िया होती भी या नहीं, उसे मालूम नहीं। झूठ बोलने में माहिर है, फ्री सिखाता है।
एक आम आदमी जो कि सुप्रीम कोर्ट का जाना-माना  वकील है, पर UP में देश द्रोह का मुकद्दमा दर्ज हुआ है।
आम आदमी ने कहा है कि देश में हुए 23,500  दंगों की जाँच SIT से करवायेगा। मगर जो आजादी से पहले और बाद में भी शासन चला रहे थे, उन्होंने क्या कोई प्रमाण छोड़ा है। ये तो भुस में सुई ढूढ़ने जैसा हुआ। 1984 के दंगों की जाँच ही करा दो सबूत जुटा दो काफी है। 1984 और 2002 के दंगों की तुलना करने से पहले तोलो फिर बोलो। 
Master of Accusations-AAP's Prashant Bhushan has alleged that Modi, MSY and Gulam Nabi Azad have joined hands for making efforts to bring back-patronizing, Ketan Desai-the corrupt big boss of Medical Council of India, by setting political ideology, aside. There is nothing like political ideology for one, who had been seen with BJP for a very long period of time, along with his father-law minister in NDA cabinet, who too was accused of corruption in buying selling land. [Delhi:01.03.2014]
CONTRACTUAL APPOINTMENTS: AAP's minority government headed by Arvind Kejriwal promised guest-contract teachers to regularize their appointments without giving it a thought and ignorant of the fact that a  service selection board also exist for such appointments and there are pending court cases as well. He has assured them to do the needful, but forgets that NDMC, New Delhi too has a large number of such teachers facing the dilemma, in spite of Honorable Delhi High Court's latest orders. He is member of NDMC as well and is capable of implementing the orders, issued by the court, recently. He failed to fulfill as promised by him. He do not deserve a second chance.
उद्धव जी ने फरमाया कि "राखी सावन्त  केजरीवाल से अच्छी  CM बन सकती है " और वो सचमुच पहुंच गई  BJP के पार्टी ऑफिस। 
एन्ना ने  केजरी के गुजरात में  ऊट-पटांग हरकतों को गलत ठहराया है। उसको अगर तरक्की ही देखनी है तो 15 साल पीछे जाना होगा, जो कि वो करना नहीं चाहता। वो कहता है गुजरात में विरोधियों को या तो खरीद लिया जाता है या मरवा दिया जाता है; तो क्या वो बिकने के लिए वहाँ गया है!?
आम आदमी ने BJP के दफ्तर के बाहर दंगा-फसाद, मार -पीट की वो भी आचार संहिता लागु होने के बाद। ये गुंडा गर्दी नहीं है तो क्या है -सुर्ख़ियों में बने रहने की तरकीब ?
हवाई जहाजों में घूमता है, फाइव स्टार होटल में खाता है, 5 कमरे के मकान में रहता है, करोड़ पतियों के साथ घूमता है और फिर भी कहता है कि वो आम आदमी है। उन मुसलमानों के साथ है, जो भारत तोड़ो में यकीन करते हैं; और वो फिर भी फिरका परस्त नहीं है-स्कुलर है ! भारत में आज भी 96% लोगों के सिर पर दो कमरों की पक्की छत नहीं है  और न ही कोई वाहन -फिर क्या वो आम आदमी नहीं -अमीर हैं !?
The Quitter on a Certifying Mission: Had Arvind Kejriwal not deliberately resigned from the Chief Minister's post, 5th March, 2014 would have been another day in his life as a CM of a state which has major issues of massive shortage of supply of power, water, housing and industrial infrastructure. Yet, instead of judiciously trying to use the five years at his disposal to solve the problems of Delhi and create an example of good governance, he chose the path of quitters.
Favorite Pass Time: Kejriwal has been busy with his favorite hobby of finding out faults and doling out certificates of dishonesty, impropriety and non-performance to others, his own lackluster performance of 49 days as a CM of Delhi notwithstanding. Ask him about alternate solutions to India's systemic and structural problems, he has none to give. Ask him about the issue of Jan Lok Pal Bill, in whose pretext he had actually resigned, one is greeted with gibberish logic devoid of logic. Ask him as to whether he would again fight for Delhi Assembly or Lok Sabha Elections, no concrete answers would be given. Last heard, AAP was waiting to see from where Narendra Modi would eventually fight the Lok Sabha elections and then would pit Kejriwal against Modi.
Gujrat Tour:  On the 5th of March, 2014, Arvind  favorite hobby convoy was questioned by Gujarat police. The contention of Gujarat Police was simple. Model code of conduct had come into effect because of the declaration of the general election dates. Kejriwal was asked if he had the requisite permissions for his rallies and movement with a large entourage. Such permissions are mandatory as per the directives of the Election Commission which are easily available in the Election Commission website. 
Defying Model Code of Conduct:  The party or candidate shall inform the local police authorities of the venue and time any proposed meeting well in time so as to enable the police to make necessary arrangements for controlling traffic and maintaining peace and order. 
It further states  that, ‘A Party or candidate organizing a procession shall decide before hand the time and place of the starting of the procession, the route to be followed and the time and place at which the procession will terminate. There shall ordinary be no deviation from the programme.' Very often political leaders on tour in various states are reminded by the local administration about the possible violations of Model Code of Conduct and party leaders are asked to take corrective measures.
Creating Flutter in Media: He and his AAP in Delhi did this for creating a media-covered raucous, stone pelting and siege of another party's headquarter. 
AYODHYA ISSUE:  Kejriwal has been attempting to find a pretext to make it Modi vs Kejriwal. During his Uttar Pradesh tour recently, Kejriwal had tried hard to rake up the Ayodhya issue and expected some rebuttal from the BJP but in vain. No one bothered to give any credence to his absurdities-utterings. 
GAS PRICING: He had deliberately tried to link Modi with the gas price hike even though the issue of gas price was a decision of the Central Government and not only it had nothing to do with Narendra Modi, on the contrary, Kejriwal's deliberate attempt to target Modi got exposed when it became evident that Modi's Government had opposed the doubling of the natural gas price hikeAVOIDANCE OF UPA's guilt: Incidentally Kejriwal has completely changed the discourse and has made sure that scams of UPA are not talked about much. Even as all this happened, Sheila Dikshit is set to become the Governor of Kerala thereby giving her complete immunity from any investigation. Much of the credit has to go to Arvind Kejriwal for making sure that the former CM of Delhi was not named in the FIR on CWG scam. The 49 day CM out to Judge a CM for 13 Years and use a Lame Pretext to Create a Planned Raucous. So the moot question is what is Kejriwal up to and why is he on a certifying mission in Gujarat? 
EXAMINER: Who is he to certify the work of a Government and a person who has been elected several times as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and has even won United Nation's award for governance? Why would a man who could not even run a state for 50 days even attempt to judge the performance of someone who, in spite of tremendous pressure, lack of cooperation from the Central Government, hounding by the media, continued with his work and made Gujarat, a state with very little resources of its own, a magnet and one of the most preferred destination of investments? 
EVALUATION OF KEJRIWAL'S WORK: Who Would Judge Kejriwal? Is he the one who would judge himself and also others? Why, instead of doing the certification work for others' work, did he not use the opportunity to provide world class governance in Delhi to showcase others? Is this the reason for which he resigned from Delhi Government? Is this more important than his original agenda of giving good governance to the state of Delhi? Kejriwal can spend a lifetime if he wants in judging and scrutinizing the work done in Gujarat. 
ANTI SECULARISM-FUNDING FROM ABROAD: Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay resigned from the party and made serious allegations about the party's inclusion of anti-national elements and funding and influence from abroad including funding by Ford Foundation and how over the last one decade more than Rs 4,000 crore has been distributed by Ford Foundation among those NGOs in India who either sympathisers with the Maoists or terrorists. He even went on to blame AAP for having compromised with all the principles with which it was formed and questioned the party's decision to give a Lok Sabha ticket to Khaled Pervez in Murada Bad-a man who is a bank defaulter involved in the business of bidi making and have several cases of use of child labor in his factories.
NATIONAL SECURITY: Has anyone ever heard Kejriwal engaging into a serious debate about such national security issues? Why does he not talk about the plight of the Indian farmers, several Lakhs of whom have committed suicide in the last one decade? Why doesn't he talk about the deteriorating law & order situation of West Bengal? Why he never mention the faltering economy and the worsening fiscal situation? Why is it that things which bother the whole nation does not bother Kejriwal? 
HIDDEN AGENDA:  Anarchy in India? 
मेरठ में पाकिस्तान जिंदाबाद के नारे लगाने वाले कश्मीरी छात्रों के प्रति हाफिज सईद ने हमदर्दी जताई है। हाफिज ने कहा कि इन स्टूडेंट्स पर पाकिस्तान को नाज है।  केजरीवाल इस हाफ़िज़ सईद से चंदा लेता है। 
Congress used to name-brandish-label the opponents as CIA agents for decades. It’s silence over the present sequence of events, which is curious!
ANTI INDIA STANCE: The prime reason for Pakistan’s love for Kejri and AAP is their anti-Indian stand on Kashmir. So far, at least 3 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA’s) of AAP have delivered anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani statements on Kashmir issue and this includes referendum in separatist strongholds, giving Kashmir to Pakistan, ‘freeing’ Kashmir, telling ‘tales’ of alleged Indian Army atrocities on Kashmir and certifying the terrorists killed in Kashmir as innocent boys etc. In this department the major role is played by a famous lawyer named Prashant Bhushan. Kejri never questioned-sacked anyone of them or at least talked against them. He lodged FIR's against the nationalist protesters, protesting anti national statements of AAP leaders. Kejri lodged charges of terrorism on those nationalist ‘terrorists’ who had ‘attacked’ flower vase of AAP office
ISI wants to play the same political game to Vulcanize India which CIA played against USSR. ISI wants to install mouthpieces in Delhi, which will bolster the political interests of Pakistan through propaganda supporting Pakistani interests in Kashmir.
RAJ MOHAN GANDHI: The grandson of MK Gandhi. Raj Mohan Gandhi who is a new entrant to AAP is the person who headed a campaign in America to free the ISI agent and lobbyist Mohammed Ghulam Nabi Fai, man who was running Pakistani projects to destabilize Kashmir through Kashmiri American Centers. Fai was arrested by FBI under the charge of being ISI agent.
PATRONISING TERRORISTS: AAP has several members, who had lobbied for the Indian parliament attacker terrorist named Mohammed Afzal Guru. Harbir Singh Nain, AAP leader from Chandigarh is the man, who was partner of a Canadian journalist in their efforts to malign an Indian social leader and Punjab Police.
COMMUNALIST: Second reason why Pakistan supports AAP is their one-eyed attitude towards Mullahs. AAP remained blind to mega-corruptions by Mullahs. Bukhari who hasn't paid multi-millions of electricity bills and used funds released by V. P. Singh government for the renovation of Jama Masjid; for renovating his own house, doesn’t fall in the definition of corruption by AAP. AAP leader who lectures that “communalism is worse than corruption” at Mullah’s hub Islamic India Center finds it secular to connive with rioter and crime-convicted Mullah Tauqeer Reza. 
पानी का बुलबुला फट गया है। उसकी-AAP औकात जनता-आम आदमी ने उसे बता दी है। भारतीय वोटर मैच्योर हो चुका है। जय भारत-मेरा भारत महान। 
AAP:: He is Don Quixote of India. He is trying to mimic Chanky who directly dashed into Maha Nand before conquering the small states around Patliputr. He considers himself above the law. But ultimately the life inside the jail and lack of support in addition to the rebuke by the Honorable Judge of Delhi Court to file him the bond.[30.05.2014]
He is expert in accusing others. He make two talks in the same breath. At one go he wants to dissolve the Delhi assembly, goes to Supreme Court, meets the president and make wild accusations against the BJP of buying his MLA's for 20 crore each and on the other hand he wants to form government in Delhi with the support of those, against whom he was given mandate!? How crude-crook-shrewd, he is?! He seems to be a maverick and deserve to be in isolation with the insane, in mental asylum.[05.07.2014]
देश द्रोही :: जो कोई भी देश को तोड़ने की बात करता है, वो देश द्रोही है। कुछ लोग जान बूझकर ऐसे बयान देते हैं, ताकि वो लाइम लाइट में रहें। बहुत साल पहले एक तथाकथित नेता और प्रधान मंत्री ने भी ऐसे ही बेतुके बयान बार-बार दिये और मारा गया। उसकी पार्टी आज भी उसके नाम पे कमा खा रही है । उसका परिवार देश को नोंच-खसोट रहा है। 
He is the chief minister of Kashmir and his father is a minister in the central government and still the duo talk of autonomy. His grand father did his best to break it away from India. His grand father clearly ordered Hindus either to convert to Islam or leave Kashmir. He is one of the worst chief ministers in India, who could not uplift the masses in spite of center's un conditional support. On the contrary, he is soft on the people, who want to destabilize India. This family is behind the exodus of Kashmiri Brahmns and Hindus from Kashmir, the TAPO BHUMI OF KASHYAP RISHI. In fact most of the inhabitants of Kashmir are the converts to Islam. They have been made to forget their DNA map.
His father has lost the election for the first time. Anti incumbency and corruption have hit him hard.[16.05.2014]
He considers JK to be his Jagir-Riyasat-empire. He tweeted that JK will not be with India in the absence of article 370. Had this been said by some common-ordinary person over tweeter or face book he must have been booked for treason.[30.05.2014]
Kashmiris broke the record of voting slapping the cheeks of terrorists-separatists and those who considered it to be their own property-Jagir. It resulted in their defeat and the desire to be associated with the mainstream. They deserve whole hearted praise for their courage.This is a lesson for the Pakistani Hukmaran.[24.12.2014]
धारा 370 कश्मीर :: शेख अब्दुल्लाह ने कश्मीर का विलय पाकिस्तान में कराने की पुर जोर कोशिश की थी; जिसके लिए शेख अब्दुल्लाह को जेल भी डाला गया।  5 साल तक शेख अब्दुल्लाह ने कश्मीर को पाकिस्तान में मिलाने के आरोप में जेल काटी। अर्थात देश से गद्दारी करने के आरोप में।  तो कश्मीर के मुख्यमंत्री पर कोई कितना कितना भरोसा कर सकता है !?[06 .06.2014]
This is a man made disaster. साठ साल बाद ऐसा सैलाब आया परन्तु तबाही पहले की अपेक्षा कई गुनी हुई। चेनाब के जल भराव क्षेत्र को पूरी तरह से अवरुद्ध कर दिया गया था। डल झील की सफाई नहीं की गई। कोई सरकारी अफसर मंत्री, विपक्षी दल का नुमाइन्दा मदद के लिए सामने नहीं आया।अलगाव वादियों ने हेलकॉप्टर पर पत्थर बाजी की। सेना ने और केद्रीय सरकार ने मदद का अभूत पूर्व उदाहरण पेश किया। कहाँ थी PDF ?!देश की खिलाफ भड़काओगे तुम और मदद बाहर वाले आकर करेंगे। इस मुसीबत की घड़ी में कहाँ गई पाकिस्तान की सरकार ? उसे केवल कश्मीर की जमीन चाहिये आबादी को बोझ भारत झेलेगा ?!लोगों ने खुला इल्जाम लगाया की अफसर, मंत्री लोग अपनी और अपने परिवार की जान बचाने की लिये दिल्ली भाग गये। 
खुले हाथ से मदद करो। यही है सही वक्त सबाब का। [14.09.2014]
उमर अब्दुल्ला कश्मीर में चुनाब से बचना चाहता है क्योंकि उसकी सरकार बाढ़ पीड़ितों की मदद करने में नाकाम रही। केंद्र से मिली मदद भी यह सरकार ठीक से इस्तेमाल नहीं कर पा रही। यह वही सरकार है जिसके मंत्री-संत्री-मिनिस्टर-अधिकारी लोग जान बचाने को दिल्ली भाग आए थे। अब किस मुँह से जनता के दरबार में जायें ?![15.10.2014]

FALL FROM GRACE पाप का फल :: She was a successful film star and equally successful chief minister as well. She has created a world record by becoming the first sitting chief minister & the first woman chief minister to have been convicted and sent to jail. Her image as Maan Parwati in Tamil films gave her success in politics as well. She preferred to be called Amman. She has been found guilty of corruption and high handedness, while in office.

The law is meant for her counter parts as well, both of whom are former chief ministers of Utter Pradesh. If one goes by the reports, they have amassed wealth, which is sufficient for next 7 generations. They will not be punished till the intelligence people are partisan and corrupt, as is the case at present, if one goes by the reports connected with 2 G & coal scam. The law should be strict with them and close all opportunities for their escape including all scams-tars during the last 3 decades.
She is a free bird again like Lalu, Munda and Choutala. She is free to connive to loot more than she can digest. What is surprising is that a section of people are still behind these culprits, like the Sena  and associates of Jarasandh, Duryodhan! The Supreme court preferred to over look the lawlessness generated by her party members during the course of her sentence. When ever these politicians are captured by the law they immediately complain of poor health.[19.10.2014]
This Swami is different from others. He is not saffron clad. He is a lawyer, parliamentarian, former finance minister and a scholar, former teacher at IIT-Delhi, till 1972.  He is the man who has paved the path of Jai Lalita to Jail. His forecast is "Soon Sonia and her son will be behind the bars." Here soon represents a period of 20 to 25 years. Had there been some more Swami's in India, like him, there would have been a halt to corruption! India needs Bhushans (-right man in wrong party, but he has a bad habit of leveling un founded allegations as well) and Swamis of this vigor-vitality.
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION :: Jai Lalita filed 5 defamation cases against Swami through public prosecutors by spending from the public exchequer, which is highly objectionable, inconceivable. Now that she has been penalized-convicted by the law, there is no apprehension-doubt left to prove that what Swami said was correct. The social media has given appropriate title of jail lalita. But it too little and too late. Granting of bail to her and the like is dangerous. She breached upon the sovereignty-freedom of expression granted under the Indian Penal Code under Section 499 and 500.  
The supreme Court observed that public opinion, public perception and public criticism are the fundamental pillars of democracy to guide and control executive action.
One should be very very clear that a chief minister-as a person and the government are two different things. He is a custodian of law, not the owner-master of the state. Even a king can not claim ownership.
There is a new trend these days. If one express his sentiments over face book or Googlehe is arrested by the police without examining the provisions of law. The policeman is equally guilty and deserved to be punished.[01.11.2014]
CONGRESS MUS-COT  :: Yogendr Saw is a former Agriculture Minister and sitting congress MLA. He is the kingpin of various Maoist-terrorist outfits. He is a brutal murderer, extortionist, rapist, arms supplier. He dreaded killer is behind many massacres in Jharkhand.[06.10.2014]
BURDWHAN BLAST :: The blast occurred at the offices of TMC-ruling party in Bangal. While two militants were killed on the spot, the women who fired at the police have been arrested. Local police tried to destroy the evidence successfully. Now that the links between the terrorists and the politicians are established, one has no way out but to reveal every thing to the voters. This is the party which is deeply involved in SARADHA SCAM-PONZI DEAL-SCANDALStill they will try to prove that they are innocent. They has become synonym with rape, torture, extortion, loot, frauds, vandalism etc.[06.10.2014]
It has come to light that a number of Madarsa's were operating in the area imparting training in terror to more than 40 girls. A number of people used to visit these Madarsa's wearing helmet-masks. The teachers as well as the trainees are gone-un traceable. The local police is doing its best to cover the case. Recently many Moulanas-Moulvies-Mufties, protested when a sitting member of parliament said that these Madarsa's are running training camps in terrorism. Now one has clinching proof-evidence.[09.10.2014]
Bengal Police were under orders no to raid Madarsas, which were used for imparting terrorist training. Enough time was given to the culprit to escape and vacate their hide outs.Sufficient proof is still available to implicate some TMC netas. Their links with Jammat-ul-Mujahideen and other Islamist terror groups like ISIS are under probe.What the queen has to say about this episode after Saradha Ponzi scam?![15.10.2014]
NIA has uncovered yet another terrorist hide out cum training center, run in close proximity of the Burdhwan Madarsa. The continued and intensive search will surely lead it to the seat of power in Bangal. Those who were closely linked to it, are absconding, might be they have either crossed the border or they are still hiding in the houses of TMC functionaries. DO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA NEED YET ANOTHER PROOF THAT THE MADARSAS ARE USED FOR NEFARIOUS-ANTI NATIONAL ACTIVITIES. THESE CHANCE FINDINGS ARE JUST THE TIPS OF ICE BURG.[19.10.2014]
NIA has exposed the local politicians who were hand in globe with the Bangla Deshi terrorist outfits in addition to the police man who helped them. These people not only helped them in obtaining driving licenses but other vital documents. At least one policeman has been suspended.[12.11.2014]
Bangla funds trail is leading to Tamil Nadu's 7 banks from where Rs.1 crore each had been transferred to Basirhat in Bangal. More than 50,000 Bangla Deshis have been identified so far, who are working as construction workers in Erode district of Tamil Nadu. Arrest Of Bangal Deshi Masud Billa led the police to Amir Ali. Police traced the 7 banks through the accounts of Amir Ali who has been granted bail.[2612.2014]
HAMID ANSARI :: Had he not been a Muslim and against the majority community the congress would never have appointed him the Vice President of India. On the eve of his relinquishing office, he said that Muslims are feeling insecure in India. He is Julaha-weaver by caste and a Hindu convert. Its only in India that such people reach high office.
हामिद अंसारी की हिन्दू धर्म और संस्कृति से नफरत जगजाहिर है, चाहे वो रामलीला मैदान में दशहरे पर सरेआम मंच पर भगवान राम की आरती से इंकार करने वाली घटना हो, वन्दे मातरम का विरोध या फिर 26 जनवरी को राष्ट्रध्वज को सलामी न देना हो। योग दिवस पर ‪Narendr Modi‬ सरकार द्वारा इस को आमंत्रित नही करने पर हँगामा करने वालों को अंसारी का अतीत जानना चाहिए।
RAW के साथ गद्दारी :- ये बात 1999 लगभग की है जब हामिद अंसारी ईरान में भारत के राजदूत हुआ करते थे। उस समय तेहरान मे पोस्टेड RAW के अधिकारी मिस्टर कपूर को तेहरान में किडनेप कर लिया गया था। इस युवा तेज़ तर्रार अधिकारी को लगातार 3 दिनों तक बुरी तरह टोर्चर किया गया, ड्रग्स के डोज दिये गए और आखिर में उसे तेहरान की सुनसान सड़क पर फेंक दिया गया; पर राजदूत हामिद अंसारी ने इस वाकये की पूरी जानकारी होने के बावजूद भी इस पर तनिक भी ध्यान नही दिया और न ही भारत सरकार को इस विषय कुछ खबर दी। जबकि इस मामले में भारतीय राजदूत होने के नाते RAW अधिकारीयों को डिप्लोमेटिक सपोर्ट देने की ज़िम्मेदारी हामिद अंसारी की थी।
इसी दौरान कश्मीर के कुछ ट्रेनी इमाम तेहरान के नजदीक कौम नामक Religious Center में  ट्रेनिंग के लिए इकट्ठा होते थे, जिस पर RAW ने नजर रखी हुई थी और इसकी पूरी जानकारी दिल्ली हेडक्वार्टर भेजी जा रही थी। RAW अधिकारी मिस्टर माथुर ने इस संगठन में अपने जासूस फिट किए हुए थे। इसी बीच अचानक मिस्टर माथुर का भी तेहरान में अपहरण हो गया। इस बात का पूरा-पूरा शक ईरान में भारत के राजदूत हामिद अंसारी पर गया, क्योंकि ये सारा प्रोजेक्ट हामिद अंसारी की जानकारी में ही हो रहा था और हामिद अंसारी के सिवा इसके बारे में किसी और को कोई भी खबर नहीं थी। बाद में ये स्पष्ट भी हो गया था कि हामिद अंसारी ने ही RAW की मुखबिरी करके ईरानी ख़ुफ़िया एजेंसी को RAW के अधिकारीयों की खबर लीक की थी। उस समय इज़राएल की खुफिया एजेंसी मोसाद भी ईरान में RAW के अधिकारीयों के साथ मिलकर काम कर रही थी। उसे इस बात की खबर मिली थी कि ईरान परमाणु बम बना रहा है। अतः मोसाद और RAW ने ईरान में एक बड़ा अन्दर कवर ऑपरेशन भी चलाया हुआ था। 
खैर, हामिद अंसारी की इस गद्दारी के बाद भारतीय इंटेलिजेस खेमा हरकत में आया और माथुर की तलाश ईरान मे शुरू हुई, पर राजदूत होते हुए भी अंसारी ने भारतीय अधिकारीयों की कोई मदद नही की। 2 दिन बाद इंटेलिजेंस ऑफिसर मिस्टर माथुर के बीबी-बच्चों ने अंसारी के घर के गेट पर प्रदर्शन करना शुरू किया। पर अंसारी ने मिस्टर माथुर के परिवार वालों तक से मिलने से इंकार कर दिया। 
मिस्टर माथुर की पत्नी ने अंसारी के केबिन में घुस कर उसे बुरी तरह लताड़ा। हामिद अंसारी से कोई मदद मिलती न देख कर हताश RAW अधिकारीयों ने अपने दिल्ली हेडक्वार्टर को इन्फॉर्म किया और भारत के तत्कालीन प्रधानमंत्री श्री अटल बिहारी वाजपेई जी से बात की। खबर मिलते ही भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री श्री अटल बिहारी वाजपेई जी ने हॉट लाइन पर ईरानी राष्ट्रपति मोहम्मद खतामी से बात की और फिर उनके दखल के बाद कुछ ही घंटे मे ईरानी अधिकारीयों ने मिस्टर माथुर को आजाद कर दिया। ईरानी अधिकारीयों ने मिस्टर माथुर को थर्ड डिग्री टॉर्चर किया मगर फिर भी उन्होंने तेहरान में स्थित अपने किसी भी जासूस या कोई भी सीक्रेट जानकारी नहीं दी। मगर हामिद अंसारी की इस हरकत के बाद ईरानी अधिकारीयों को इस सीक्रेट प्रोजेक्ट का पता लग चुका था और साथ ही ईरान स्थित दूसरे RAW एजेंट्स का मनोबल भी टूट चुका था, अतः दिल्ली मुख्यालय ने उनको उस प्रोजेक्ट को रद्द करके वापस भारत आने का निर्देश जारी कर दिया और इस प्रकार हामिद अंसारी की देश के साथ गद्दारी ने मिस्टर कपूर और इस प्रोजेक्ट को हमेशा-हमेशा के लिए गँवा दिया। [12.08.2017]
ANSARI EPISODE 2 :: नई दिल्ली : कांग्रेस पार्टी से जुड़े रहे हामिद अंसारी उपराष्ट्रपति पद से विदा हो रहे हैं. हालांकि जाते-जाते उन्होंने राजनीतिक फायदे के लिए मुसलमानों को डराने वाला बयान देकर मीडिया की सुर्खिया जरूर बटोर ली. उनके इस बयान के बाद से उन्हें लेकर कई ख़बरें सामने आ रही हैं. इनमे से एक खबर तो इतनी हैरतअंगेज और परेशान करने वाली है, जिसे देख सभी हैरान हैं.
क्या है राज्यसभा टीवी घोटाला?
हामिद अंसारी वो आखिरी कोंग्रेसी नेता थे, जो एक उच्च संवैधानिक पद पर विराजमान थे. उनसे पहले के सभी कोंग्रेसी नेता पहले ही गद्दी से उतारे जा चुके हैं. हामिद अंसारी को लेकर एक बड़ा खुलासा हुआ है. मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक़ उन्होंने उपराष्ट्रपति पद का दुरुपयोग किया है. आरोप हैं कि पद पर रहते हुए उन्होंने अपने अंडर आने वाले राज्यसभा टीवी में बड़े पैमाने पर घोटालों को होने दिया.
बताया जा रहा है कि हामिद अंसारी ने राज्यसभा टीवी के नाम पर अपने करीबियों को गलत तरीके से फायदा पहुंचाया है. ऐसे ही आरोपों के चलते अरविन्द केजरीवाल के कई मंत्रियों के खिलाफ भी सीबीआई जांच पहले से चल रही है. ख़बरों के मुताबिक़ केंद्र में मोदी सरकार के आने से पहले से ही राज्यसभा टीवी में यह कथित घोटाला चल रहा था.
तकनीकी तौर पर राज्यसभा से जुड़े सभी वित्तीय अधिकार उपराष्ट्रपति के तहत आते हैं. किसी भी फैसले को लेने के लिए उसे केंद्रीय कैबिनेट से इजाजत की जरुरत नहीं होती. राज्यसभा टीवी चैनल की शुरुआत 2011 में हुई. बताया जा रहा है कि शुरुआत से ही राज्यसभा टीवी चैनल घोटालों का अड्डा रहा है.
पद का दुरुपयोग कर करीबियों को बांटी नौकरियां ?
मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक़ सबसे पहले हामिद अंसारी ने अपने करीबी गुरदीप सप्पल को राज्यसभा टीवी का सीईओ बना दिया. चैनल के कामकाज की जानकारी रखने वाले एक व्यक्ति ने बताया कि, गुरदीप सप्पल ने योग्यता के आधार पर नहीं बल्कि कोंग्रेसी और कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी के निष्ठावान कार्यकर्ताओं को चैनल में नौकरी दी.
केवल दिखावे के लिए इंटरव्यू आयोजित किए गए, लेकिन इंटरव्यू देने आए योग्य और पेशेवर उम्मीदवारों को अपमानित करके भगा दिया जाता था. जिन कांग्रेसी चमचों और कम्युनिस्टों को नौकरी पर रखा गया, उन्हें तनख्वाह के तौर पर मोटा पैकेज दिया गया. नौकरी पर रखे ज्यादातर लोग अयोग्य व् अन्य जगहों में नौकरी से निकाले गए लोग थे. तनख्वाह भी ऐसी मोती दी गयी, जितनी बड़े-बड़े सरकारी अधिकारियों को भी नहीं मिलती.
जनता इसलिए देती है क्या टैक्स?
वैसे तो राज्यसभा टीवी का पहला काम होता है राज्यसभा की कार्यवाही का प्रसारण करना. हालांकि इसके अलावा चैनल संसदीय कार्य से जुड़े कार्यक्रम व् अन्य समसामयिक कार्यक्रम भी दिखा सकता है. लेकिन आरोप है कि चैनल पर लाखों रुपये खर्च करके ऐसे कार्यक्रम दिखाए जाते रहे, जिनका संसदीय लोकतंत्र से दूर-दूर तक कोई लेना-देना ही नहीं था.
सरकारी पैसों की सामूहिक लूट के लिए चैनल पर कांग्रेसी पत्रकारों को एक्सपर्ट दिखाकर बुलाया जाता रहा और उन्हें इसके लिए हर महीने मोटी रकम दी गई. कई अन्य कोंग्रेसी चापलूस पत्रकारों को गेस्ट एंकर की तरह रखा गया. छोटे-छोटे कार्यक्रम के लिए इन्हे हर महीने लाखों रुपये फीस दी जाती रही. इन संपादकों में द वायर के एमके वेणु, कैच के भारत भूषण, इंडियास्पेंड.कॉम के गोविंदराज इथिराज और उर्मिलेश जैसे नाम शामिल थे.
जनता के पैसों से हीरोइन बन गईं दिग्विजय सिंह की पत्नी ?
इन सभी को कांग्रेस की चापलूसी करने के लिए जाना जाता है. ऐसी जबरदस्त फिजूलखर्ची के चलते राज्यसभा टीवी का बजट लोकसभा टीवी के मुकाबले कई गुना अधिक हो गया था. हद तो तब हो गयी जब अपना कार्यकाल ख़त्म होने के वक़्त चैनल के सीईओ गुरदीप सप्पल ने रागदेश नाम से एक फिल्म बनवा डाली. कहा जा रहा है कि इन महाशय ने राज्यसभा टीवी के बजट से 14 करोड़ रुपये इस फिल्म को बनाने के लिए उड़ा दिए. इस फिल्म में दिग्विजय सिंह की पत्नी अमृता राय ने भी रोल किया है.
लूट का आलम तो देखिये कि इस फिल्म की प्रोडक्शन क्वालिटी इतनी बेकार है कि देखकर लगता ही नहीं कि इस पर 4-5 करोड़ से ज्यादा का खर्च आया होगा. बाकी बचे हुए पैसे किसकी जेब में गए? ये पूछने वाला कोई नहीं है, क्योंकि माननीय सुप्रीम कोर्ट और राष्ट्रपति व् उपराष्ट्रपति से इस देश में सवाल किया ही नहीं जा सकता वरना संवैधानिक पद का अपमान माना जाता है.
जनता की गाढ़ी कमाई की जमकर मची लूट ?
पिक्चर अभी ख़त्म नहीं हुई है, आगे देखिये कि फिल्म बनने के बाद इसके प्रमोशन के लिए भी 8 करोड़ रुपये का बजट दे दिया गया. जबकि इस पर ज्यादा से ज्यादा 2 करोड़ का खर्च ही बताया जा रहा है. यानी यहाँ भी सरकारी पैसों का गबन.
सभी हदें तब पार हो गयीं, जब संसद के मॉनसून सत्र के दौरान चैनल के सीईओ सप्पल राज्यसभा टीवी की पूरी टीम को लेकर फिल्म का प्रोमोशन करने के लिए मुंबई चले गए. इनमें एडमिन हेड चेतन दत्ता, हिंदी टीम के प्रमुख राजेश बादल, इंग्लिश टीम के हेड अनिल नायर, टेक्निकल हेड विनोद कौल, आउटपुट हेड अमृता राय (दिग्विजय की पत्नी), इनपुट हेड संजय कुमार समेत एडिटोरियल टीम के कम से कम 20 सदस्य शामिल थे.
फिल्म के प्रोमोशन के नाम पर सबने लगभग एक महीने तक पूरे देश में सैर-सपाटा किया. अभी तो केवल शुरुआत भर है. अभी तो कई और खुलासे होने बाकी हैं. चैनल को चलाने में आर्थिक हिसाब-किताब, भर्तियों में घोटाला, तनख्वाह और प्रोफेशनल फीस बांटने में भेदभाव जैसे काई मामलों की पूरी जांच कराई जाने की जरूरत है, ताकि देश की जनता को पता चल सके कि कोंग्रेसी जिस भी पद पर पहुंच जाए, वहीँ घोटाला करने से बाज नहीं आता.
राष्ट्रपति से ज्यादा उपराष्ट्रपति का बजट !
कहने को तो उपराष्ट्रपति का पद राष्ट्रपति के नीचे का होता है, लेकिन उनका बजट राष्ट्रपति के बजट से काफी ज्यादा होता है. यदि वर्तमान का बजट देखें तो राष्ट्रपति के लिए 66 करोड़ रुपए आवंटित किए गए हैं, वहीं उपराष्ट्रपति के लिए लगभग 6 गुना ज्यादा यानि 377.21 करोड़ रुपए आवंटित किये गए हैं.
उपराष्ट्रपति राज्यसभा का सभापति होता है. उसका अपना सचिवालय होता है, जिसमें 1500 से ज्यादा अधिकारी और कर्मचारी होते हैं. इसके अलावा राज्यसभा टीवी का मुखिया भी उपराष्ट्रपति ही होता है. ऐसे में हम सवाल उठा रहे हैं कि क्या इस घोटाले की जांच नहीं की जानी चाहिए? क्या संवैधानिक पद की गरिमा को देखते हुए भ्रष्टाचार करने वालों को छोड़ दिया जाना चाहिए?
घोटाले में यदि आरोप सच साबित होते हैं तो इसमें शामिल लोगों की संपत्ति जब्त करके उनसे जनता का लूटा हुआ पैसा नहीं वसूल किया जाना चाहिए? क्या संविधान की दुहाई देते हुए भ्रष्टाचारियों को सजा नहीं होनी चाहिए? मनमोहन सरकार के दौरान हुए घोटालों का बाहर आना जारी है, अभी तो कई अन्य चौंकाने वाले खुलासे होने है. [12.08.2017]


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