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(6). Rajeev Chauhan a constable in Delhi police has been arrested for sexually abusing a 17 years old girl of Kayan Puri in east Delhi, after administering sedatives and later threatening of framing her in false cases under sections 376 (Rape) & POCSO act.[20.01.2017]
(5.1). Delhi High Court has handed over investigation into the sting operation against the police personnel who were caught taking bribe from the Blue Line bus operators 9 years ago.The court noticed that many senior police officers were seen taking bribe openly. The police had been knowingly delaying the case.
(5.2). Sub-Inspector Sudhir Rathi, Ran Vijay, Ankur and Rohit have been arrested for bluffing  a businessman of Rs. 18 Lakh.[28.11.2016]
(4). 7 POLICEMEN DIGESTED 7 CRORE RUPEES IN 2013 :: The gangsters looted Rs. 7.5 crore from the operators of Hawala business and were caught. The special staff policemen constituting of a Sepoy, one inspector and yet another one an ACP from South-east district in Defence colony took Rs. 7 crore and allowed them to leave. One Virendr caught in Mahrauli loot case said that he was involved in the 2013 incident.[26.11.2016]
(3.1). Inspector Maha Beer, Constable Bal Kishan, Constable Surendr & Sepoy- Policeman (सिपाही) Rajesh Of Delhi Police have been transferred to lines for digesting the black money recovered by them at Rithala Metro station.
(3.2). SHO Naresh Kumar Jahan Giri Puri and two constables have been booked for embezzlement of Rs. one crore recovered from a scrap dealer.
(3.2). Traffic police constables from Adarsh Nagar in Delhi have been caught red handed taking Rs. 25,000 as bribe money in new currency notes of Rs, 2,000 denomination. They asked for Rs. 60,000 earlier. Kejriwal calls them thulla.[25.11.2016]
(2). Kehar Singh an inspector in Delhi police was nabbed with Rs. 3 Lakh, he had accepted as bribe for removing-waving off cases against Ashutosh an employee of textile ministry, who is an impostor & fraud. Rs. 40 Lakh have been recovered from Ashutosh's house. He has several flats in Noida and Mumbai. CBI raided 7 places belonging to him. His name is associated with the Uttra Khand government fall episode. (2). SHO Dinesh Kumar of Delhi Police who had instigated a women who was close to a criminal for abetting suicide, has been arrested.[03.05.2016]

Rs. One crore and 30 Lakh have been recovered from his houses so far. [04.05.2016]
(1). Uday Yadav-SO-In charge of the police station raped a girl for 2 years on the pretext of marriage though he is already married and has children. He had mercilessly beaten the girl in the police station in the presence of his family in Kanpur. Now he is absconding. (2). 2 police constables in PCR had been found extracting money from vegetable vendors, abusing and torturing them. They have been suspended.[01.05.2016]
Two separate benches of Allahabad High Court in UP-India at two different occasions said that the UP police is the organised gang of criminal in police uniform. It works in unison with the criminals, bureaucrats, politicians and mafia.
Three traffic cops were arrested for physically assaulting a man after he refused to pay the bribe to them at a traffic police station in north Delhi's Sabzi Mandi area. 
Image result for Amitabh in khaki imageDuring the last 2 months: 4 constables of Delhi police abducted a young man and tried to sodomize him while video graphing him simultaneously for black mailing, have been suspended. 3 constables of Delhi police abducted a young man and tried to video graph him in compromising postures with women in league with them. The racket is exposed and they were arrested.[30.04.2016]
An Inspector of Delhi Police and his wife have been convicted by a Special CBI court here for amassing disproportionate assets to the tune of Rs 31.55 Lakh, 11 years after he was booked by CBI.
The CCB, Bengaluru recently busted a racket involving three police personnel who were involved in laying honey traps and allegedly blackmailing people. Sources say that this is not a racket restricted to Bengaluru alone, but similar incidents have taken place in various other parts of the state.
A Quick Mobile constable of Patna police along with his three associates was arrested on Thursday for allegedly kidnapping a travel agent for ransom. He had asked for Rs. 5.70 Lakh ransom money from the victim's family. [PATNA : 12.06.2015]

Sunil Kumar Upadhyay, owner of a travel agency, received a call from the constable, Deepak Kumar, on June 6. He had asked Sunil to meet him near Sipara bridge to collect the details of some train tickets. Sunil told police that Deepak came on his bike along with three others whom he did not know. Deepak told Sunil they had to interrogate him regarding some transaction. They first put him in the house of Amit Pratap Singh at Yarpur and then called his family members to pay Rs. 5.70 Lakh as ransom.


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