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SOLUTION समस्या का समाधान-निवारण

SOLUTION समस्या का समाधान-निवारण 
CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj IFCN :: The reserve bank should ensure that the ATMs which issue the currency notes should put its invisible mark in the form of indelible ink to stay over either the front or the back of the note, for ever. This can be done thousands of times without harming-destroying the notes, horizontally, vertically or at various angles and then it will become impossible to circulate FAKE CURRENCY NOTES, since the bank will at once find the fake currency notes.[17.11.2016]
UNDER PASS :: New Okhla industrial Development Authority is struggling with the problems like parking space. It has built under passes at Rajni Gandha Chowk adjacent to Metro Secto…