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WHAT IS THEIR RELIGION (1) इनका धर्म क्या है?

WHAT IS THEIR RELIGION(1) इनका धर्म क्या है?
CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj     DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HINDUS & MUSLIMS S.No. HINDU  MUSLIM   1. God is one. His different incarnations are worshipped to fulfil-attain different desires. God is one called Khuda or Allah.   2. There are infinite births depending over the  deeds, in different species till Moksh-salvation.  No faith in rebirth.   3. No ban on number of marriages, but abide  by the law of land by having only one wife.  Muslims may keep 4 wives. 4.  Hindu worship his saviour & the protector, nurturer the Almighty, symbolically as a statue, picture generally is standing or sitting posture. However, Bhagwan Vishnu's statues in relaxing postures in the oceans are als