By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj 
DUTIES OF A GOVERNMENT SCHOOL TEACHER IN INDIA :: The school faces continuous shortage of teachers in government schools due to unlimited duties imposed upon him. He may be kept out of the school for the whole session & still the department wants to stress upon over his results. His annual confidential report is grossly biased and there is no check over it. He is denied his due rights, time and again, like the Shiv Shankran scales in the NDMC. He is denied promotions time and again. He is always under stress while discharging his duties. (1). Routine teaching of classes, up to 48 periods a week. (2). Maintenance of Attendance records, (3). Preparation of defaulter lists, (4). Official-Administrative-clerical  work, (5). Social work, (6). Counselling to students at the time of admission, (7). Revaluation, (8). Practical exams, (9). External and Internal examiner, (10). magazine & newsletter, (11). NAAC accreditation, (12). NSS/NCC/Scout guide activities, (13). Student projects, (14). Paper presentations, (15). Intra school events, (16). Seminars, (17). Organising conferences, (18). Attending conferences, Workshops, (19). Short term training programs, (20). Faculty Development programs, (21). Admission Round duty, (22). Submissions, Assignments, (23). Term work, (24). Invigilation, (25). Paper Checking, (26). Paper setting, (27). Result analysis, (28). Remedial classes, (29). Planners, (30). Discipline, (31). Hospitality, (32). Exhibitions, (33). Student Clubs, (34). Guest lectures, (35). Annual sports, (36). Traditional day, (37). Annual gathering, (38). Freshers party, (39). Farewell party, (40). Youth festival, (41). Inter Collegiate & Inter Univ. (42). Sports competitions, (43). Parents meet, (44). Publishing Books, (45). API score calculation, (46). Training & Placement, (47). Organising Alumni meet, (48). Staff meetings, (49). Conducting Bridge courses, (50). Documentation for various inspection Committees, (51). Internal marks calculation, (52). Creating Syllabus & Curriculum scheme, (53). Board of Studies meetings, (54). Other university meetings, (55). Other school meetings, (56). Academic council meetings, (57). Examination committee meetings, (58). 2 to 8 hrs per week stay after working hrs, (59). Lok Sabha election duty, (60). Assembly election duty, (61). NMC,  (62). election duty, (63). Census duty, (60). Keep the principal happy & Still TEACHING IS AN EASY JOB.

TEACHER'S MURDER :: Mukesh Kumar, a  teacher in Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School on Sultan Puri Road in West Delhi's Nangloi, was stabbed thrice in front of the entire class, yesterday evening.The teacher had been smothered for preventing them from absenteeism. 
Delhi Police has cracked the murder case of a government school teacher in Nangloi with the arrest of two students today from nearby Begam Pur area. One of the accused is a class 12 student while another is his classmate, who was rusticated from the school some time ago due to poor attendance. A knife and blood-stained clothes have been seized.
The GSTA (Government School Teachers association) has  organised condolence meeting for Kumar at the evening-shift Government Boys Senior Secondary School, SP Road, Nangloi. Delhi's various areas saw protests and candle marches organised by the harassed school teachers. The GSTA demands  better security in the schools, the availability of a beat constable of Delhi Police. This was a gruesome planned murder, they say and want implementation of Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property Act in all Delhi schools. teachers & the GSTA want the Delhi Government's programme, Chunauti 2018 to be scrapped and the powers of school management committees, that include parents and community members, to be scraped.
Manish Sisodia son of a teacher in Pilkhuwa, Hapur, Ghaziabad,UP is Dy. Cm.of Delhi. He should have been aware of the problems faced by the teachers in day-to-day working. He has been visiting the school and punishing those who are regular and hard working, instead of those who are corrupt, irregular, skip classes, late and leave the school early. Such teachers keep on buttering the principal and higher officials. Those teachers who come to Delhi from distant places are generally late by an hour or so. They leave the school as per the time table of their shuttle-train. You do not expect them to teach of justify the receipt of their salary. Incidentally Kumar Vishwas his companion in AAM ADMI PARTY, is also the son of a teacher. 
Teachers are over burdened by forcing them to do census work, election duties, mid-day meals distribution etc. They are asked to visit the colony and find out the drop outs and bring them back to school. Really ridiculous. You are forcing one to do the toughest job in the world, studies! You know the Delhi schools cater to the town trodden, Jhuggi Jhonpari (झुग्गी-झोंपड़ी) dwellers, weaker sections of society and the domestic servants. Jhuggi Jhonpari are the nurseries of criminals of all hue, protected by the politicians, criminals, bureaucrats and the police for the sake of votes, Hafta, sex-trade, narcotics sale and women trafficking etc. There are some serious students as well, but they are rare. The schools are compelled to admit those who are over age. Married women are accommodated with the small innocent girls.Those who are already spoiled are allowed to entice more and more to their fold.It has been established during the last 40 years beyond doubt that promotion of incompetent-non serious is hazardous to the health of the education system. These politicians are continuously bluffing the whole world by manipulating records about literacy in India.Its really a shameful affair.[28.09.2016]
India is a vast country with 29 states and 7 Union Territories. Its population is more than 1,267,401,849. Several agencies are imparting education at various levels including, central government, state government, municipal corporations, cantonment boards, government aided institutions, private schools, public schools etc. The central government is running, Central Schools, Navoday Vidyalay, Military schools etc. International schools are also operating. These schools are generally day schools. Day boarding and residential schools are also functioning. Some NGO's are also running schools.

Please refer to IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION शिक्षा सुधार  and NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION (DOE) नई दिल्ली  नगर पालिका परिषद (शिक्षा विभाग
Private and public schools generally have a manager, governing body, trustees, chairman etc. as per its constitutions.These schools are registered under societies act 1882 and manage their funds through charity, donations, government grants and money transfers from abroad.
Various levels of school administration include an education secretary, director of education, joint directors, deputy directors, assistant directors, education officers, deputy education officers, assistant education officers and the principal. The senior secondary school has one or two vice principals. One of the vice principals work as a bursar. The bursar looks after the accounts and official-ministerial staff.
Schools have various categories of teachers like lecturers, PGT's-Post graduate Teachers, TGT's-trained graduate teachers, PRT's-Primary School Teachers. Librarians, PET's-Physical education teachers, Yog teachers, librarians etc. Special category teachers for physically-mentally impaired do work in these schools. Some schools have social workers, in its fold. Some schools having large buildings have a care taker as well. Schools have canteens which provide eatables and drinks as per need. Some schools which have a number of PGT's teaching one subject have a head of the department as well, without additional remuneration. Book shop and extension counters of banks are added features.Most of the government schools have a PTA-Parents Teachers Association, as well. Teachers are generally recruited through interview and written tests. Those who are appointed in primary, middle or secondary schools are promoted to higher posts on the basis of their seniority and recommendation. They may reach the top slot of the principal, as well. Principals are appointed on the basis of interview through direct recruitment on the basis of their length of service, experience and higher qualification.
The school has laboratory assistants-attendants, gardeners, peon, counselors, drivers-cleaners-conductors for running the fleet of buses and cars, maids, guards-watchmen as well. 
PRINCIPAL: He must be a post graduate with graduation teaching i.e., M.A., B.Ed. Some categories of teachers like music, home science, physical education, dance etc. are found unsuitable for this job. For direct recruitment he should posses at least 15 years experience. One with Ph.D. degree are given preference. Personality and attitude counts a lot in administering a school. 
He is supposed to be on duty at least half an hour before the day begins. He has to look to the cleanliness of the premises. Generally the job is entrusted to some teacher, house on duty, prefects, class monitors. In fact the job has to be looked after by the Superintendent-Section Officer., who appoints the junior most clerk ensure the job done properly efficiently.The principal purchase all materials for sweeping, cleaning, scavenging, toilets like cleaning powder, soap, brooms, buckets, taps etc. etc. He gets more than 10,000 rupees for this job per month in addition to a number grants from Eco. club, PTA etc. When ever an examination is conducted in the school premises by UPSC, Banks, LIC, SSB etc a lot of money pours in; which can be utilized to keep the floor, toilets, premises glittering-shinning.
He has to be present during the prayers in the morning and address the students and teachers. Its an opportunity to provide a piece of moral education and issue general instructions to teachers and students. Some principals asks one of the students to read news or  address the assembly. The prayer follows Yogabhyas or PT drill having 8-10 exercises for 10 minutes, in both sitting and standing postures.
He is supposed to teach at least 9 periods per week. He has to to supervise the classroom teaching of the teachers and maintain a supervision diary. He has to sign the teachers diary as well. Its his duty to collect the home work note books of students, at least once a month and sign them. In real practice one would never find a principal going to teach in a class. He never deliver model lessons, as well. He do not visit the class rooms to supervise the teaching by the teachers.
He has to circulate orders received from the higher ups and ensure their compliance.
He has to conduct school examinations and keep the question papers in safe custody. He has an examination in charge under the Vice Principal to carry out the job efficiently. Records of all examinations has to maintained and preserved. Answer books are preserved at least for 6 months.
The principal has to built report with the management and the department of education and board officials. Some times he is merely a puppet-tool in the hands of the management and keep dancing to their tunes. Management generally prefers to appoint women or weak candidates and expect them to be obedient and down to earth. He is supposed to hide the guilt of the management as well. Management sacrifices him for its guilt. He is expected to be diplomatic, while dealing with the parents, teachers and his superiors. He is merely a curtain, behind which nefarious activities of the management grow.
Dealing with the department officials and the board officials is quite easy. He has to handle the teachers and the students together. The time table has to be prepared with great care. Generally a PGT-Lecturer has to take 27 periods a week. But if there is only one PGT teaching a specific subject, he will have to take 32 periods per week. Some times a PGT has to teach two subjects simultaneously like Accountancy and Business Studies. Some times he has to teach those subjects he never studied. There are cases when a person was promoted just because he had a M.Com. degree. But he never studied Accountancy. A teacher in the NDMC was promoted to teach history with a degree in History of Drawing & Painting.
The principal shy away from teaching or delivering model lessons. He manipulates his own 9 periods. For this purpose a parallel time table is prepared. The teacher in charge of the time table too substitute his periods with those of others by increasing their burden, through the parallel time table. The teachers who are asked to take care of mid day meals, cultural programs etc, too are obliged through this technique. There are cases where the teacher do not turn up at all, in the school and yet he is shown taking his classes regularly. Attendance register is signed by him with the permission of the principal. Credit of the good work of others goes to his account.
Principal is the head of the PTA. PTA is generally held just to misuse-regularize the money-funds collected from the students, in government schools.The principal will not allow it to dominate him or his school teachers. Some PTA members create disorder-unruly scenes in the schools and expect undue favors from the principal.They lodge baseless complaints against the principal and the teachers to harass them.

He should have a pleasing personality. He should posses sufficient experience and qualification.He should posses leadership qualities and traits. His service record should be clean. He should be impartial and away from group-ism, politics in the school.
TEACHER'S AWARDS: The awards generally go the worst chamcha type teacher, who seldom visit classes. There are the principals who recommend their own name and get it in spite of showing chronically poor results. There is no standard evaluation system for the awards. Teacher's punctuality, hard work, correction of copies, interaction with the colleagues, parents, students, examination results, evaluation, manners, way of talking, cleanliness, discipline, method of teaching-explaining-planning-orientation etc. matters a lot. But don't expect all these criteria in the case of GNCT, Delhi, NDMC, MCD schools. One who is close to the boss, political leaders, high ranking officials is sure to get even the presidents award-medal. The teacher who concentrate over his work instead of pleasing the principal will never get the award. His CR may not reflect his real result. There are the principals who never send the CR's of those with whom they are jealous or acquire enmity, to hinder-stop their promotions.
(1). The deputy CM-Manish Sisodia-son of a teacher, has ordered suspension of Deputy Director Education (District-NW), Education Officer; termination of Principal of Govt Boys School, Ali Pur., visited by him on 18.09.2015. The school is very-very close to the Old Secretariat and office of the director of education, GNCT, Delhi. He found it in horrific condition, filth in school, classes were in disorderly condition, found many irregularities. Shocked at condition of school; Deputy Director Education hadn’t visited school in 5 years! How can one allow such an officer to remain? Teachers’ cars were parked in empty classrooms and children sitting in broken down rooms. This is unacceptable! School was filthy, rooms locked, children stuffed into hall – is this how a Principal runs a school? Children never entered Chemistry lab as Lab Assistant never comes to school. It has been ordered that he should be retired compulsorily. 
This just confirms the results of the study done by one as a student of the CIE, Delhi University way back in 1975 for which he was given just 51 marks out of 100 for exposing the truth, as punishment.[19.09.2015]
CORRUPTION: Veer Singh became school principal by virtue of illegal reservations in promotions. He used to admit students from those areas which were not allotted to the school like Mahipal Pur and Palam. It was discovered that the certificates and marks sheets of those admitted were bogus. He used to prepare fake certificates, him self for Rs. 18,000. These certificates were green in color. Government schools had stopped using these files from Amar Book Depot, after the department stated issuing on line certificates. The worst thing was that the school from which the certificates were issued did not exist at all.
EVALUATION: It has become a core of the education system all over the world. Certificates, degrees are awarded only after evaluation. In fact evaluation has turned into a joke as far as UP and Bihar are concerned. Situation in Delhi too was not that good. Members of examination committee were found to be involved in opening the packets much before examination schedule, copied, solved and sold them in the market. The owner-manager of a school in Noida used to charge money for first, second and third division, from the students for copying. The papers of CBSC were found with the coaching centers. UPSC examinations are not spared by the copying mafia-mania.During the year 1977-78 primary teachers from a centre in Darya Ganj for the examination conducted by the MCD copied an mass and made it to the teachers post.The principal has to ask teachers to frame papers for the terminals as well as main examination. In fact 2 to 3 papers should be collected and one of them printed, after examining it thoroughly. The examination in charge is normally the vice principal. Some times the job is assigned to some one who trusted by the principal.Some of the teachers in the government schools of Delhi, who shirk work, are careless and negligent, solve the whole paper on the board, much before the examination.There are others who pass on the paper in the form of important questions.Generally the principal adopt go easy approach, since he will be troubled by the politicians, seniors, department officer to promote the students through unfair and foul means. The worst possible lot, who rarely attends classes are supported by local goons, say politicians to pass the students or be ready to being thrashed. The worst possible thing is the motive of making money by the printing of papers, copies, distribution of pens.Government is not willing to improve the quality of education and teaching standards in its schools.
CASE (I). Lovely public school Geeta Colony was evaluation center for marking the answer sheets of class XII history papers. The lady principal was the head examiner. She was supposed to recheck at least one paper out of every 10 papers checked by the examiner. A lady teacher from some government school used to mark 40-60 papers each day within 3-4 hours, which is impossible, specially for history. The head examiner never checked even a single copy. She was reminded of this and asked to reevaluate the answer sheets, marked by that women lecturer of the government school. Startling variation in marks was found. Though the quantum of answer books given to her was reduced to just 20; the copies marked earlier by her were not touched. 
CASE (II). History papers were evaluated at DPS Mathura Road under Hussein-principal, as head examiner. A student scored 97 marks out of 100. Hussein insisted upon reducing the marks to 91 or 92. It was denied. So, he called some one from the CBSC to compel the examiner. This time too the directive was denied and both of them were asked to make the change with their pen. The marks were awarded exactly according to the scoring key supplied by the CBSC. They could not justify the reduction in marks suggested by them.
CASE (III). CBSC allows revaluation of answer sheets. One was asked to reevaluate the answer sheets. The situation  was really grim-astonishing when one found that an examine, who had got 64 in English paper over the answer sheet had just 14 marks in the report card. In another case a child had 98 marks in Maths paper but was awarded 18 only over the report card. Most of those who were invited to reevaluate the answers sheets were either retired teachers or school principals, who managed to obtain the job through links on commission basis. The coordinator Mr. Kalia paid for 300 copies only though 372 copies were evaluated. It was discovered that the procedure was used to enhance the marks of some, through corrupt practices. The booty was shared up to the top level as was evident.
CASE (IV). It was March, 1968, when one was preparing for class XI Physics paper to be written next day, at Government Higher Secondary School, Moti Bagh., New Delhi. Two-three boys from one's school at R.K. Puram, New Delhi, approached at 10 PM and gave clue to some important questions in the next day's paper. They just wanted to help one. Thanks to them yet again. Though one was fully prepared; these questions were revised again. It was a great surprise, when these questions were found in the paper in the same sequence-order. It happened again on the eve of Mechanical Drawing paper, when the best student of the school Sharad Saxena, asked for solving some questions, he found difficult knowing well that one was best in this particular subject. And the next surprise was that all those questions were present in the paper. Now at this stage after retirement as an Administrator-Principal, it is quite clear that questions papers in the CBSC are leaked for money.
CASE (V). The school is located at Mandir Marg in New Delhi. It was an examination center of the CBSC. The packet containing question papers was opened in the morning, solved and photo copies were sold at the book shop at Gole Market, New Delhi. The complaint led to cancellation of the examination center, but the culprits were never apprehended due to political influence.


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