Saturday, August 8, 2015


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PATTERNS OF TERRORISTS IN INDIA :: Patterns of terrorism in India are shedding tears over the killing of terrorists in Madhy Pradesh who had escaped the jail. 4 of them had fled the jail earlier as well. Human rights commission, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi, Nitish Kumar, Digvijay Singh, Kejriwal, Maya Wati, Mulayam, Azam Khan, Farukh Abdulla & his son Umar have been advocating the terrirsts voriforously (चीखते हुए, screamingly, शोर के साथ) earleir as well. They are consoling-mourning their death this time as well. It was Sonia who shed tears over Batala House encounters in Jamia. Why?![02.11.2016]
Where are they sleeping! The girls are sold, thousands of people are killed, cities are destroyed-ransacked, yet they do not utter a single word. But should speak, they should act and silence the ISIS-HAMAS-BOKO HARAM and various terrorist out fits. when the government act against them in Shri Lanka, Kashmir they shout a lot-aloud. Where are you Amnesty international ?!
PhotoThis organisation is fanning anti India sentiments. Its presence in JNU, Hedra Bad and Bangluru is indicative of its designs.Its headed by the daughter of Oscar Fernandes-a Congress leader, which is sufficient to show that congress is using it, to gain power again.
They turn their back when bombs explode in Germany, Bangla Desh, Turkey. They criticise the respective governments who try to contain violence. This organisation should be treated at par with the terrorists.[23.08.2016]
Why is it not ready to raise the issue of the atrocities, torture, insult inflicted over the Baluchs, Mujahirs and residents of Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) by the Pakistani government?! Its blind to the cause of Syrians! Why it do not cry against the Muslims butchered by IS, ISI, ISIS, HAMAS, BOKO HARAM ?! What makes it quite when Yazidi women are raped & sold like goats?! Why its eyes become blind to the cause of Tibetans?! Why it did not shout when thousands of students were crushed under tanks at Tina-man square, by the Chinese government?! Who is funding it and what for?! Its designs are sinister against India and the world as a whole.[25.08.2016]


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