By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj     
शादी करके पत्नी से अलग हो गया। सन्यास भी लिया, मगर भाग निकला। 56 इंच की छाती किसकी बताई थी, यह लोगों को आज तक पता नहीं है। सफाई अभियान ऐसा चलाया कि गली-मोहल्लों में सफाई ही बंद हो गई। नॉट बंदी ऐसी की कि लाखों लोगों की नौकरियाँ चली गईं। स्विस बैंक में जमा काले धन वाले 2,500 लोगों को आज तक नहीं पकड़ा। नोट बंदी से कितना फायदा हुआ, उसका कोई विश्वस्त आँकड़ा नहीं है। आजादी के 67 साल बाद भी नौकरियों में आरक्षण जारी है। वादे और दावे ऐसे कि खोदा पहाड़ निकली चुहिया ! धन्य है हमारा मोदी। [29.09.2017]
मोदी को वो लोग पसन्द हैं, जो चटुकारिता में माहिर हैं। एक ब्राह्मण परिवार से आया हुआ व्यक्ति, यदि उसकी कुर्सी उठाकर रखेगा तो उसकी अर्थ व्यवस्था में कमी कैसे दिखेगी !? स्वामी और यशवन्त दुराग्रही हैं। उनको मौंका मिला था; परन्तु वे दोनों ही अर्थव्यवस्था को उचित दिशा नहीं दिखा सके। उसके मंत्री मण्डल में स्त्रियाँ अपनी काबलियत से नहीं; अपितु अपनी जी-हजूरी की वजह से हैं। मनोहर जैसे आदमी के लिये केन्द्र में जगह इसीलिये नहीं है। सुशील मोदी को इसीलिये बिहार के मुख्य मंत्री पद के लिये सामने नहीं आने दिया गया। खट्टर जैसे नाकाबिल मुख्यमंत्री और विज जैसे मंत्री इस बात की पुष्टि करते हैं। प्रभु जी बुरी तरह नाकामयाब हुए। नड्डा भ्रष्टाचार के आरोपों के बावजूद मंत्री है। डाक्टर हर्ष वर्धन को इसीलिये दिल्ली के मुख्य मंत्री पद के लिये सामने नहीं आने दिया गया। 100 रुपये किलो टमाटर, 200 रुपये किलो दाल और मँहगाई भत्ता महज एक प्रतिशत ?! जिन लोगों ने अपनी पूरी जिन्दगी RSS-BJP की सेवा में लगा दी, जो इंतजार करते रहे ही कब अपनी सरकार बने और कब उनके साथ हुए अन्याय का निराकरण हो, ये मोदी के राज में तो संभव नहीं है। उसे तो सहानुभूति प्रकट करने का भी समय नहीं है। [28.09.2017]
Adwani was right, when he said that Modi has won the elections over anti congress sentiments and not over Modi's popularity. had he not made this utterance he would have president!
Petrol was selling at the price of Rs. 71 when the international price was 91 $. Now when the international price is 52 $ its selling at Rs. 70.
Safai Abhiyan-Cleanliness drive has failed miserably. The sweepers seldom worked before, now they refuse to work, but get full pay.
GST on gold biscuits 3% and eatable biscuits 18%.
RBI spent Rs. 21.000 on printing of new currency notes but collected only Rs.16,000. Trouble-tension extra, transport charges, labour charges not included.
Promised to equalise the value of dollars and Indian rupees, but nothing worthwhile has happened so far.
Prices of tomatoes and apples hae been brought at par. Pulses were allowed to be sold at Rs.150-200. Onions sell at 50 paise per kg in Nasik Mandi but in Noida the price varies from Rs. 20 to Rs.50 per kg.
He opposed 14% GST but recommended 28% now.
GDP has come down to 5.7% from 7.9%.
GST on luxury cars is 6% while it is 12% on the tractors used by the farmers.
Statue of Sardar Patel to be imported from China at a price of Rs.300 crore, as if India has no craftsmen-sculpturers.
Reliance is allowed to import cheap quality mobile phones from China worth Rs. 300 crore.
Panama papers unseated Sharif in Pakistan but here Amitabh and Rahul are roaming freely.
In spite of identifying more than 2000 depositors of black money in Swiss banks nothing worth while has happened.
Vijay Mallaya and Lalit Modi are enjoying life in London.
5 cores Bangal Deshi Muslims have not been deported so far. Millions of Pakistanis are still hiding in India, who came to India through legal means but preferred to stay here and create nuisance for Hindus.
Muslims and Christians continue to enjoy subsidies for religious purposes while the money is paid by Hindus.
Anti nationals in Kashmir continue to enjoy security over government expanses.
Rohinga Muslims have not been extradited to Myanmar so far.[17.09.2017]
ADWANI :: He is the man who steered BJP to power. He had been a journalist and primary school teacher for a brief period before becoming a full time politician. He became the Home Minister as well. He was expelled from BJP. He did not help the NDMC teachers get their rightful Shiv Shankaran scales, and he lost as MP of New Delhi constituency. He brought Modi to lime light, Modi tries to show that he respect him. A lobby is against him. The case against him was opened just before filing of nomination to the high office of the President of the country. The reason was that he said that Modi had won the general elections due to anti congress wave. He never hesitated in criticising Modi's tail waggers.[26.07.2017]
ATAL-ADWANI & MODI ::  One wrote to Hon. Shri Atal and the needful was done. One met Adwani and the needful was done, every time he met. One never sought personal favour-gains from Hon. Shri Adwani. One sacrificed his whole life for promoting Hindu-RSS-BJP ideology, did a lot of work in Noida to help BJP win elections. He was repeatedly harassed by the officials, his promotions were curtailed, in spite of being the best. He wrote to Modi and Modi did not care to sympathise, what to talk of help-favour or actions against guilty officials. नींव के पत्थर तो दब कर ही रह जाते हैं, यह इसका प्रमाण है। [25.07.2017]
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मोदी ने मन-मोहन और कांग्रेस के बारे में सीधी-सच्ची-साफ बातें कहीँ। [10.02.2017]
What Modi has said in the parliament is not enough, the public should have known it all much before the elections. Modi gave Rs. 72,000 crore to UP out of which only Rs. 300 crore was spent. The move was to check the ACHCHHE DIN promised by Modi. Kejriwal too is not far behind. He is sitting over Rs. 1200 given to Delhi for ACHCHHE DIN.[08.02.2017]
MODI'S MISADVENTURES :: In  spite of good intentions Mote Bandi is grossly painful-torturous-mismanaged-mishandled. Modi would not have dreamt of such a large scale bungling of new currency notes by the banks-hawala dealers-hoarders and the corrupt holding black money. One day or the other the government has to scrap Rs. 2,000 notes as well but with proper planning. His cleanliness drive too filed to yield results.[18.12.2016]
aModi has the desire and will power to route out corruption. He is making efforts to bring out money from tax heavens to India. He has stopped currency notes of Rs. 500 & 1,000 denomination. He took right steps to the sale & purchase of jewellery. He carried out surgical strike at the terrorist training camps in Pakistan.He asked for the return of Mallya & Lalit Modi to India to the British prime minister.this is definitely going to affect the elections in UP since Samaj Wadis have big chunks of black illicit money in their coffers.Let him take steps against hoarders, since Ram Vilas Paswan is grossly incompetent-incapable and corrupt.He should keep a close watch over people like Adani and Ram Dev as well, since they are opportunists and grossly corrupt.[09.11.2016]
BATTLE OF UP :: BJP committed blunders in Delhi & Bihar by not choosing the existing well known stalwarts for chief minister ship. It dumped Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Shusheel Modi, well known and popular faces. Now again it is sure to commit the same mistake in Uttar Pradesh. It shifted Kalyan Singh to Jaipur. It took away Raj Nath Singh to Delhi. It is not considering Kal Raj Mishra. Then who? Mahesh Sharma or some one new/else?! Mahesh has no following in Noida what to talk of UP. During the Lok Sabha elections anti congress sentiment played the decisive game. Now what?! It has already alienated the Brahmns from it. Its true that Maya has no chance in UP at present, but Akhilesh still has his goons under the commander ship of his veteran Chambal return uncles to his backing. Mulayam too can not be discarded. He is a crooked and shrewd politician. He knows how to balance Ajam Khan and Amar Singh. Road shows may not work. How will it counter the lap top and smart phone strategy of Samajwadis at government expenditure! It has immature persons like Mohan Bhagwat who do not under stand the abc... of politics and give useless harmful statements at the time of elections. New entrants or Keshaw might turn to be liability in longer run & useless presently, except for few votes. BJP-MODI should do proper thinking and home work before jumping into the fray.[08.11.2016]
Pakistan badly needed a dose of Indian might. SAARC has been boycotted. Strong replies have been given to Pakistan In UNO. Baluchistan has been favoured. Sindh issue has been raised. Uri's revenge has been taken. Now, preparation are there for a war. The limits of toleration have been crossed by Hell Hole Pakistan. Pathan Kot revenge too is essential. But caution too is essential. Let us make graphics depicting Pakistan's all sensitive spots including nuclear installations, aeroplane bases, assembly etc. and then attack with precision of one millimetre. All major sites operating through Pakistan should be controlled by India at the time of attack and don't let one be spared. Initially all areas under POK be captured. [30.09.2016]

Atal Bihari Vajpayee took the initiative to improve relations with China and Pakistan and Modi too followed his foot prints, perhaps for the best forgetting that these two countries understands the language of punishment only. You can not straighten the tail of a dog, howsoever hard you may try. Both of them might be lured by the desire for Noble peace prize. Its time now to counter act these two with selective trading and allowing essential imports only. Chines companies should not be given any assignment in future. [25.06.2016]70% Indians want Modi to be Prime Minister for the next term as well.[01.05.2016]
Modi has achieved a mile stone by dropping at Lahore to felicitate Sharif. It will surely and certainly generate goodwill and improved environment for further mutual cooperation and progress. Congress had been mishandling relations with Pakistan for 6 decades. Let us hope for the best. His policy of cane and carrot may yield desired results. Signing of pact for missiles with Russia and dropping at Lahore are the two faces of the same coin. Make in India too helps us in scoring over Pakistan's foreign policy.[26.12.2015]
FLOP SHOW: स्वच्छता अभियान तक नौयडा में सफाई की व्यवस्था संतोषजनक थी; अच्छी नहीं। परन्तु उसके बाद तो सफाई कर्मचरियों को शह मिल गई। अब वो हफ्ते में ज्यादा से ज्यादा 2 -3 दिन आते हैं और चले जाते हैं। मन में आया तो सफाई कर दी नहीं तो नहीं। घर से सामने से कूड़ा-कर्कट स्वयं इकट्ठा करके कूड़ेदान में फैंकना पड़ता है। अथॉरिटी ने कहा था कि 2 अक्टूबर 2015 से घर-घर जाकर कूड़ा इकट्ठा किया जायेगा। परन्तु कुछ नहीं हुआ। [14.10.2015]
PUBLIC OPINION-ALERT :: Modi has not been able to protect the general public suffering due to reservations. Mohan Bhagwat speaks too much and irrelevantly occasionally without caring for the out come and the opportunity. Modi has failed to rein such leaders of RSS.[22.09.2015]
Adhar card should have been made mandatory-compulsory for all services, i.e., income tax, bank accounts, driving licenses, service record, railway-aero plane tickets, sales tax numbers, gas, voter Id Card, pass port etc.[16.09.2015]
Prospects of winning Bihar elections by BJP are very bright, under Modi. Masses are grossly dissatisfied with the Lalu-Nitish-Sonia's immoral combine. Mulla Mulayam is sure to play his caste card. Manjhi has no reputation and Paswan had never been a credible person through out his carrier.As a central minister he always brought disrepute to the government.[10.09.2105]
The retired army personnel got their demands fulfilled after a gap of 42 years. Modi government did this. Manohar Parikar too deserve appreciation. But why did they prefer to forget that there are other employees as well, who deserve one rank one pension. Did they not serve the country?!अकेला चना भाड़ नहीं फोड़ सकता। उसके मन्त्री दक्ष और योग्य नहीं हैं और अन्हें अफसरों से काम करवाना भी नहीं आता। मंत्रियों के पास समुचित ज्ञान-विद्या का घोर अभाव तो है ही, वो अति गंभीर विषयों को मामूली मानकर चलते हैं। शिक्षा मंत्री की इमेज बहुत खराब है। 
जिस काले धन को वापस लाने को कहा था वो तो दूर-दूर तक आता नहीं दिखाई देता। काले धन पर रोक लगाने को कहा था तो कोई कारगर उपाय नज़र नहीं आता। डॉलर का मूल्य 66 रूपये को लाँघ गया है। दाल-प्याज बेवजह मँहगे हैं। शेयर मार्किट धड़ाम से नीचे गिरा है। पेट्रोल और डीज़ल के दाम कम होने पर भी दूध, यातायात-किराये-भाड़े कम नहीं हुए। थोक मूल्य सूचकांक नकारात्मक होने पर भी खुदरा मूल्यों में गिरावट नहीं आई। विकास दर आधा प्रतिशत कम आँकी गई है। लब्बो-लबाब यह है कि मँहगाई मुँह बाएं खड़ी है। चौहान और सिंधिया के खिलाफ शक पैदा करने को पर्याप्त वजह है। सुषमा पूर्ण रूप से अपनी स्थित साफ करने में नाकाम रही है। मुंडे के खिलाफ पर्याप्त सबूत मौजूद हैं। 
अगर देश को तरक्की के रास्ते पर ले जाना है तो आरक्षण पूर्णतया बन्द  होगा। अकार्यकुशल अफसरों, कर्मचारियों को हटाना होगा। मेहनती ईमानदार को प्रोत्साहित करना होगा। SC/ST/MINORITY COMMISSIONS को खत्म करना होगा। सबको बराबर अवसर देने होंगे। संविधान सबको बराबरी का हक-अधिकार देता है, तो सामान्य व्यक्ति को अधिक अंक पाकर, ज्यादा मेहनत करके भी अवसर क्यों नहीं?!है इतनी हिम्मत ?!क्यों नहीं कदम उठाकर बाजपेयी की भूल सुधारते ?!
शत्रुधन शत्रु जैसा व्यवहार कर रहा है और उसकी विरोधियों से साँठ-गाँठ जारी है। वैसे भी जनता विलेन को विलेन की दृष्टि से ही देखती है। 
भगवा वस्त्र धारियों को संघ-घर-समाज से दूर ही रहना चाहिए, सत्ता में नहीं। 
प्रवीन, साध्वियां, योगी ढोंगी और दल के लिए खतरे की घण्टी हैं। 
संघ से रिश्ते ठीक हैं परन्तु उससे आदेश लेना गलत है। उसके पदाधिकारियों का दखल, जरूरत से ज्यादा बोलना खतरनाक है। मुसलमानों के खिलाफ वगैर-बेजरूरी बयानबाजी मुसीबत खड़ी कर सकती है। 
बेईमान विरोधियों यथा ममता, लालू, यादव, ललिता के साथ ढुलमुल नीति के बजाय सटीक-सतर्क नीति की जरूरत है। 
बादल और उसका पूरा परिवार मौंका परस्त है। उससे अत्यधिक सावधानी बरतना जरूरी है। 
अगर समय रहते सरकार ने उद्योगियों को किसान की कीमत पर खुश रखने की नीति नहीं बदली तो सरकार अगला कार्यकाल मुश्किल से ही सकेगी। पिछले 100 इतिहास यही शिक्षा देता है। 
The moment Modi announced his commitment to protect reservations at all cost, he antagonised the Swarn-Upper Castes, whose children are facing loss of hope & Justice and living in despair. He had already antagonised the public in Delhi and the government employees equally earlier. He sidelined the senior party leaders and the party workers we well. He side lines Shatrughan Sinha in election campaign in Bihar. One of the oldest members of BJP was not only denied birth in cabinet but discarded as well. His intimacy with Nitish helped Nitish-Lalu-Rahul combine. The result clearly speaks volumes about the fall out. Presence of Paswan in the cabinet affected the BJP exactly like Maya's impact in UP. Paswan was the patriarch of Mandal during V.P Singh and Atal Ji's regime. People are watching Maggie and Pulses-Dal episode curiously. Where is the need to give sensitive departments to this fellow, who can not give positive results?! Other than this Manjhi sunk BJP's boat. Modi's motor mouths including Mohan Bhagwat spoiled the curry. He selected inappropriate moment for condemning reservations. Dadri incident, Hardik Patel's movement his favor by Nitish and Kejriwal added fire. Entry of Obessi into Bihar elections too proved detrimental. Return of awards is not merely incidental. Rise in the prices of pulses is not a coincidence. These events prove to be premeditated and well hatched, well planned. One can recollect the events of the rise in prices of onions 20 years ago and compare. Modi must have under stood the diplomacy: "पहले घर पीछे बाहर". It might be easy affair to manage Gujrat where all MLA's were from the same clan. But Delhi is proving to be too tough for him. Too much reliance over Amit Shah may prove to be fatal in future as well. [09.11.2015]
Lok Sabha poll results reflected the anger in the common man towards congress. Results of Delhi elections showed anguish for appointing corrupt & inefficient ministers including degradation of Harsh Vardhan. Elevation of Kiran Bedi too was not appreciated by the masses. This Bihar result is a clear signal which shows that BJP has failed to convince the masses with its working. Over dependence and patronizing of Amit Shah too has shown adverse results. Some credence may be attributed to the hiring of Prashant Kishore by JDU-RJD-CONGRESS combine. He had earlier piloted the Modi campaign for Lok Sabha elections in 2014.He had innovated electioneering, which was not seen earlier. Modi's soft attitude towards Mamta in Ponzy deals and Mulayam in Yadav Singh's case are not hidden from the public perception.[13.11.2015]
There is no doubt that Atal was the best prime minister India ever produced. He showed new strides-avenues-paths to the democratic form of government. He did a lot of work which deserve whole hearted appreciation. Beyond that he is an excellent human being. He was always ready to help one in need. He told Modi to adopt to Raj Dharm, which Modi is doing till today, without ambiguity. In fact Modi is trying to do, what Atal could not do for want of majority. Modi is also handicapped due to low presence in Rajy Sabha.
Image result for atal bihari vajpayeeDuring his tenure due to compulsion, Atal Ji had to do a number of things, which do not deserve applaud-appreciation-approval.
(1). BJP's association with BSP-Maya proved to be counter productive. His association with Paswan led to the fall of the government. The worst thing was grant of reservations to the OBC's and extension of reservations to the SC/ST categories, which is harming a big segment of the society and its deserving candidates.
(2). He brought hire and fire scheme in employment for the private, public and the government sector, which is worst in deed. Teachers are recruited in schools on contract basis harming the basis cause of education.All those who are employed on ad hoc-contract basis do not find them selves associated with the roots-cause. In the mean while, the age for a regular job is lost, leading to fear-resentment-hopelessness-guilt-insecurity and dark future.
(3) He abolished pension to the employees, but allowed it to continue for the legislators-MP's, MLA's.
(4). He reduced the interest rates over the savings bank deposits.
(5). He released the terrorists, which increased their confidence (-courage-boldness-हिम्मत). The grounded plane should have been stopped there it self, without refuelling. 
(6). He did not pursue the cases against Indra Gandhi for emergency crimes, Nagar Wala episode, Anderson and Ottavio Quattrocchi.
(7). He allowed RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal to poke their noses in administration. He should have preserved the supremacy of the BJP.
(8). He should have nailed Ex BJP president Bangaru Laxman before he was about to take reins of BJP. Later choices of Naidu and Gadkari too for the post of party President, though both of them are good administrators and loyal to the party, were detrimental for BJP.
(9). He could not materialise the good work of his government into votes for creating a pro industrialist image. However Modi too is in his foot steps, these days creating a pro industrialist and anti farmer image.
(10). Failure to implement rent act. Madan Lal Khurana openly sided with the tenants paying negligible rents for multi crore properties. The property owners are begging on the streets and the tenants are minting money. Delhi's land lords have not forgotten this so far. BJP is paying for this sin dearly, even today.
(11). Hon. CAT in New Delhi sent its report to the 4th Pay Commission pertaining to the grades of schools teachers to remove anomalies, but the Atal government preferred to ignore it.
(12) .NDMC teachers made several representations and even felicitated Shri Lal Krashn Adwani with the hope that the orders pertaining  to Shiv Shankran scales issued by High, Court, Labour Court will be implemented with regards to the teachers but his government did not support-help them.
(13) The Hon. supreme court of India rules against reservations in promotions but the Atal government preferred to ignore the orders with regards to central government, Delhi government, NDMC and MCD, leaving the general category employees suffer at the hands of the reserved categories. the torture and harassment was truly unbearable.
(14). He nad later Modi did their best to maintain harmonious relations with China nad Pakistan though both of them are bent upon spoiling India.


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