TEARS आँसू

TEARS आँसू 
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj 
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They come out invariably. There may be pleasure or pain, happiness or sorrow, they just appear-roll out. There are moments, when one can't stop them. Some thing-dust-straw when fall, in the eyes brings out tears. Pollution-infection may cause tears.
Extreme pleasure and happiness is witnessed by one in his life time and again. Unexpected gains, success, meeting the lost-separated ones, after a long period of time rolls out tears. One can't stop-check weeping.
Having lost the dear ones, sorrow, unexpected heavy losses, do roll our tears in agony. Guilt over come-realized, penances also turn into tears.
Tyranny, obstinacy, cruelty, torture, harassment, undue punishment meted out to innocent bring out tears in their eyes.
When the tears roll out, while remembering the Almighty, they fill the vacuum, one has been experiencing all over his life. All sins vanish and the soul becomes ready to assimilate in the God.
Those who bring out tears in the eyes of innocent people, automatically get cursed and sow the seeds of their own down fall-destruction-turmoil.
There are few people, who can control-hold-contain tears, but not for long. Some times tears are misunderstood as a sign of weakness. Those people are lucky, who have some one to wipe out  tears-console.
Tear gas is widely used to disperse the demonstrators.
We do not expose our pains to others and always try to look normal. Our heart may be weeping-our soul might be hurt-our brain may be shadowed with the killer pain-worries, but we always try to hide tears.
TV सीरियल में नौ-नौ आँसू बहाने वाली बहु आज कैबिनेट मिनिस्टर है। अब तो आनन्द ही आनन्द है। [29.05.2014]
SHE HAS A DEGREE IN YELLING [from YALE]. She is unable to differentiate between an attendance certificate of 6 days and a degree. She yelled-screeched-screamed-wept in a TV serial for years, which was stopped, due to the confusion over her husband and how many husbands, she had?! She is suffering from inferiority complex. At one occasion she says that she has a degree in arts and at yet another occasion, she claims to be a graduate with commerce. One  can not acquire a degree in commerce, unless she passes class XII examination with commerce and that is too when she peruses studies at the school of correspondence courses-open university.[12.08.2014]
He-The Prime Minister designate, became sentimental, when his senior-mentor named him in his address-having tears in the eyes; tears rolled out of his eyes, as well. भावावेश में ऐसा ही होता है। 
Whenever one eat chilies, cut onions, has smoke in the house or the surroundings, air is polluted, tears roll out automatically.
अनिर्णय-अंतर्द्वंद-द्विधा की स्थिति जीवन में अक्सर बहुत परेशानी-नुकसान-बर्बादी-दुःख-सरदर्द  का कारण बन जाती है। इसकी वजह से भी आँखों में आँसू आ जाते हैं।  
One wept for hours, when his grandmother died and he skipped his lunch and took dinner only after a lot of consolation and persuasion by his colleagues. He never fail to remember his Grand Mother, Grand Father  & Grand Father's elder brother, his mother & father; whenever he perform prayers-two Sandhyas-morning & evening, prayers performed in temples & religious places, bathing in Ganga and pilgrimages. Tears role out of his eyes automatically, whenever, he remember his mother. Though he did not have good-cordial relations with her, yet he remembers her. He loved and respected his parents and they too reciprocated this, during the last years of their life. It was his mother who made him courageous-brave and it was only she who can get the credit for the higher education achieved by him. Had she not be there, he along with his siblings, would have been left in the village to struggle. There are the moments when he becomes sentimental and tears role out of his eyes, while watching some scene pertaining to the Almighty. He becomes sentimental when he watches the scenes over the TV-movies, torturing of old parents and expelling from the house built by them with their hard earned money, by the children. He does not let the tears be observed by any one sitting beside him. He could not control his tears, when his son was lured-be fooled by his female classmate at school. He again became sentimental when his son decided to go to US-UK. He wept bitterly, when he failed in all 5 subjects, in the half yearly examination of class X. He sobbed and recited Gayatri Mantr when his father was laid over the funeral pyre for cremation. 
Share market losses made millions wept and commit suicide in India a number of times. Farmers do commit suicide due to crop failure leading their families to weep for years. Families of gamblers, drug addicts weep continuously. Business losses lead to crime-Jail and tears for the families.
फ़िल्मी आँसुओं का तो कहना ही क्या वो तो कहानी के अनुसार ग्लिसरीन की मदद से कभी भी लाये जा सकते हैं। 


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