SATI SYSTEM & WIDOW REMARRIAGE सती प्रथा और विधवा विवाह

 सती प्रथा और विधवा विवाह  
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj     
Sati system is an ancient practice in Hinduism which is purely voluntary and shows deep attachment for the husband on the part of the wife and lack of desire by the wife to survive in his absence. Its considered to be a means of Liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Sati means entering the flames of the funeral pyre of the husband by the wife to immolate her self. This word Sati comes from the incarnation of Maa Bhagwati in the form of Sati the daughter of Daksh Prajapati, who was married to Bhagwan Shiv and immolated herself through he Yogic divine fire-flames in protest of her fathers prejudice and insult of the destructor-destroyer Bhagwan Shiv.
उदीर्ष्व नार्यभि जीवलोकं गतासुमेतमुप शेष एहि। 
हस्तग्राभस्य दिधिषोस्तवेदं पत्युर्जनित्वमभि सम्बभूथ।।
Udirshv Narybhi Jeevlokam Gatasumetmup Shesh Ehi;
Hastghrabhasy Didhishostvedam Patyurjnitvambhi Sambbhuth.
O! The pious woman come out of the funeral pyre of your husband, who is lifeless-dead. You have completed the period of your journey with him-one who loved you, as a wife.
Image result for images of sati systemA woman is protected by the father as a child, thereafter by the husband and in the old age both by the husband and the son. Even the grand children may look after her. In their absence she becomes helpless. When she is young and helpless every one tries to exploit her. People are there who may turn her into a whore-prostitute-concubine for want of security. As long as the society is male dominated this will continue as has been the practice since ages.  In such a situation, if the widow is allowed to marry again its good-beneficial for the society as a whole.
When the Rig Veda itself, not only allows, but also encourages widow remarriage.
धनुर्हस्तादाददानो मर्तस्यास्मे कषत्राय वर्चसेबलाय। 
अत्रैव तवमिह वयं सुवीरा विश्वा सप्र्धोभिमातीर्जयेम॥  
Dhanurhastadaddano Martsyasme Kastray Varchseblay; 
Atraiv Tvamih Vayam Suvieea Vishwa Saprdhobhimatirjyem.
The bows which were taken by her at the time of marriage to be by her husbands side in all conditions-circumstances-situations stand null and void. Now she is free to decide about her future action. From his dead hand I take the bow be carried, that it may be our power and might and glory. She should over come all adversities in the course of her future action. [Rig Ved  10-18]
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